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Little Crackers
fLove hath Its victories and also
What Is tho oldest game known tg
roan < Kte game of hearts I y
man1tIgame > I
Perhaps tho yellow newspaper 13 yel
low because It sfiould not be read I
The splendor falls on oastlo walls
Tho newspaper prints a muokrako
The trust magnate t g roasted brown
p And shorn of joy vUiE all y trig glory I
The collar butto trust has been
busted This will vknccflc warts will
It not
airIf tb strawberry plant withers dig
f it up 4nd go fishing with the white
grubs on the roots
The man who shaves himself may
cut his chin but he doesnt have to
i listen to the barbers
I wonder how large a mattress could
ibo made of the locks of hair loaned
during loves young dream
I want to hear tho old old songs
It you dont mInd the bother
The old old songsl Sing everyone
Except tho one of Father
Thomas Jefferson Meek a veteran
newspaper man raconteur and rail
ti road man denies the report printed
In a St Louis paper that he is dead
Seems to me Meek ought to be the best
A California newspaper wants the
married man to wear a wedding ring
k rthat the public may know he is mar
+ red Whats the matter with the
f editor anyhow Cant he see the
marital yoke
Alas for him who never sees
Tho love light through his cypress trees
Who single whiles his time away
Who eats his meals at clubs each day
And with his kldlots never can play
Who hath not known of family bliss
t A lifo Is naught but sacrifice
That newer paid for coal or Ice
o An ajbbrlty l says To kill bugs
lay shingles near your squash plants
4 and squash em every morning
Those having woodticks or chig
gers may dispense with the use of
v i
sa Tl < 5re was a girl In our town
A she was wondrous wise
SKSnttOught a pair of stockings
Of long and ample size
Then straightway did the maiden
Pi Cut off tho silken feet
And now with gloves long wrlsted
She looks almighty sweet
A Sign of Destiny
Little boy said the wise philoso
phor upon the bank watching the lads
water of the old swlmmin hole lit
tle boy come here
Watjerwant queried Nicky Fass
binder ceasing in his mad endeavor
to pick n clpmshqjl from the bottom of
the river with his toes whats eatln
the observer come to me 1 see on
your body the sign of destiny Look
playmates S gllght there under
the Arabs as the omen of a great des
Little Nicky looked where tho wise
philosopher indicated on his gleaming
dripping skin and blurted
I Aw go on oldwhlsl era Whasse
matter wad you Dats where m lit
tle brudder Bill hit me wid a ax
See I
And the wise philosopher sighing
hold his peace
Chronological j
If you want to know what mean
time is just attend one of those
strictly informal functions in your
working clothes
That was funny about the failure
of the Sisterhood of Soclety Women In
New York city wasnt It
Broke up eh 1
Y ptlisbanded You see they passed
a resolution to wear a badge of the so
clety over the heart as a symbol of tha
association and Its earnest cause I
Yes r
And when the society women found
they couldnt wear those cute little In
signias over the heart the bubble
R burst
I see but why couldnt they wear
the badges next their hearts
Why Nothln to pin em to of
course I
Quinine and Plum Pudding
We have spoke about the bottle of
hair restorer made of rum and quinind
sent iHtejfecently by a good Samaritan
vrhicnvwo have been using as a bever
age We now keep a bottle of it In
tho house all the time and last Sun
day we had sOme friends to dinner
and the cook poured about half a bot
tle of the hair promoter on the plum
pudding and sot It afire Our guests
oat It all up but when they got
through their faces was all Crinkled
up and they looked 03 If they had
swallowed tho bitter pill of adversity
rIiardeman < Tenn Free Press
L Hew Pants for the Band
A subscription has been started to
purchase a new pair of green pants for
Iour band Hehaa been plowing in the
prwnt pair Grindstone 8 D Bee
jf4t tv o
A t
Vineless Potato a Complete
Success <
A half bushel of sawdust a dash
of chetnical solution and fifteen po
tatoes carefully enveloped with the
sawdust will enable the average
householder to grow a bushel of
tubers on his housetop or in his
eel ar within sixty days This pro
cess has been discovered and elabor
ated by W D Dart of Great Falls
Mont Moreover the grower will
have no potato bugsto contend with
he will have no turning but of the
soil at certain intervals and there
will be no contest with grubworms
The product of Mr Darsts process
is termed the viheless potato from
the fact that grown under these
apparently unnatural conditions
there is no surface vegetation Be
cause of this each potato in the saw
dust is enabled to produce at least
At the Oakland Plaza in the rear
of the Oakland hotel in Chicago
Mr Darst disclosed the methods of
growing potatoes by his system
Operating on the theory that the
presence of surface vegetation was
only a method of securing nourish
ment and in reality sapped the vital
ity of the tuber Mr Darst experi
mented more than six years and
found he could overcome this seem
ingly natural course on the part of
the plant by supplying it artificially
with its needs
By employing sawdust peat
straw or any other i earth product
that would permit of the circulation
of air moisture and heat and the
application of solutions of various
salts he discovered that a single po
tato would multiply itself by attach
ing to itself from twelve to sixteen
other potatoes of approximately the
same dimensions without throwing
off any of its energy above ground
Packed in loosely arranged bins
permitting the free access of air and
arranging in rows six inches above
each other with an allowance of one
cubic foot of sawdust to the seed
ling Mr Darst has demonstrated
the rapidity of growth and the pro
portions that the potatoes may at
tain by showing that within sixty
days fifteen potatoes will produce a
bushel In the character of his
experiments and the success that has
attended upon them Mr Darst has
the indorsement of Luther Burbank
the eminent horticulturist and bo
tanist Exchange
Patient in the Asylum Takes
His Own Life
W C Kuykendall a patient at the
Western Asylum 59 years old com
mitted suicide Thursday night by
hanging himself in his room with a
rope made from pieces of the sheet
from his bed It was tied to the
transom over the do rHe Was
found by the night watch but life
was extinct He had never shown
symptoms of suicidal mania before
He was from Warren county
Get acquainted with
and you are strangers we will send
you the magazine three months
free that you may get acquainted
q SMITHS is the biggest illus
trated magazine in the wortd170
pages of reading matter and pic
tures the same size page as the big
standard magazines like Harpers
and Century
fJ SMITHS is made up of the
> best of everything betf stories
that can be obtained best illustra
tions that clever artists can draw
and the best special articles written
by writers who know their subject
thoroughly and write as entertain
ingly as they are instructive
g SMITHS also prints every month a
beautiful women Taken all in all there
iV no better magazine than SMITHS
in fact norm neatly as good no matter
what the cost
q Write today A postal will do
Address Dept F Smiths Magazine
85 Seventh Avenue JNovr York City
Jour Pattern Department r
Patterns Nosi 6376 and 5373The
Norfolk suit hail always been a favor
ite for boys and bids fair to be very
popular this season The knicker
bockers aro of the usual shaping and
allow for fly op side closing The low
er part Is finished by clastic bands In
sorted in a casing The jacket is
shaped by underarm and shoulder
seams and stitched bands are applied
to fronts and back through which the
belt Is passed A rolling collar fin
ishes the neck Dark blue serge is a
good material for general wear but
other materials are suitable such as
English tweed corduroy and cheviot
Themedlum size requires one and five
eighths yards of 54inch material for
the jacket and seveneighths yards for
the knickerbockers Boys Norfolk
Jacket No 6376 Sizes for 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 and 12 spars Boys Knicker
bockers No 5373 Sizes for 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 and 12 years The above I
Illustration calls for two separate pat
terns The price is ten cents for the
jacket and ten cents for the knicker
This pattern will be Rent to you on
receipt of 10 cents Address all orders
to the Pattern Department of this paper
Be sure to give size and number of pat
tern wanted For convenience write
your order on the following coupon
No 5376 AND 5373
Our Pattern Department
Pattern No 6552 Shirrlng still con
tinues to be very popular and is shown
to good advantage in this pretty da
sign The waist closes In the back and
the shirring is arranged on each side
of tho front to about yoke depth the
fullness thus produced being gathered a
into the belt Hand embroidery was
effectively employed in the decorations
but lace motifs could be used equally
as well Crepe de chine voile al
batross pongee and batiste would all
develop well by this pattern The
medium size requires two and one
quarter yards of 36inch material for
the making Sizes for 32 34 36 38 40
and 42 inches bust measure
This pattern will be Rent to you on
receipt of 10 cents Address all orders i
to the Pattern Department of this paper
Bo sure to give aize and number of pat
torn wanted For convenience write
your order on the following coupon
No 5552
Helpless Childhood
They couldnt for the life of them
agree on the name for the newest boy
baby They didnt disagreenot that
they just couldnt decide on a nllmeI
At lorgth somebody suggested that
they compromise so thatno possibility
of n name that had ever been used
a secondhand appeilati 11should by
chance be chosen it was suggested
that the letters of the alphabet be put
In the hat and drawn out one by one
till a collection was drawn with vow
els and consonants sufficient to man I i
ufacture a fcrandnew name It was
done and to this day he bears theI
nawp of Dwteh The n IXt boy In
jtttt wdUy tMNUra thf use d4c44 1
upon l r Wtk sums DaaDDOt Ito71t t
s w ft yirWh
7141 a
m 1 jtJii if
1 i I
French Supreme Court Ren
ders Final Decision In
< ry
Famous Case
v > >
i t <
r v
After Much Suffering He Is
Acquitted and Restitu
tion Will Follow
Paris July 12Alfred Dreyfus
was today completely acquitted of
the charges on which he waS con
demned asa traitor dismissed from
the army and imprisoned on Devils
ItIsland and regarding which France
has been torn for years by the most
bitter political and racial agitation
His vindication is twofold the Su
1 preme Court first announcing a de
cision establishing the entire inno
cenceof the accused man and the
Ministry later deciding to present
an urgent bill in Parliament re
storing Dreyfus to the army with
advanced rank and otherwise giving
The decision of the court was a
foregone conclusion Exhaustive in
quiries had completely demolished
the i accusation against Dreyfus
showing that the real culprit was
9Major Count Esterhazey The de i
cisioir therefore annulled the con 1
demnation of the Rennes court 1
martial and ordered that the ac
quittal Be posted and published
throughout France
Tonight the ministers held a pro i
tract dspecial session
special at the Elysee I
Palace under President Fallieres andJ
determined on the Governments
course Two bills were formulated i
which will be introduced in the
Chamber of Deputies tomorrow
conceding respectively Dreyfus and
Col IJicquart The object is to ro
store both to the ranks they would j
have held if they had served con
tinuously in the army Dreyfus I
consequently will be nominated at
Major with eventual early promo
tion to Lieutenant Colonelship I
Picquart will immediately become
Brigadier General Dreyfus name i
also will be inscribed for the list of 4
the Legion of Honor but he will
not be directly nominated to that
distinctionBOLD 1 4
Convicts Nervy and Success
ful Break for Liberty
Clarksville Tenn July 12A
white prisoner named Barnes who
was doing time on the county chain <
gang for assault and battery on a
man named Jarmon made his escape r
yesterday in rather a bold and nervy
way Guard Smith and Robert
Powers are said to have left the
gang in charge of Marvin Sanders
and Walter Maxey to go after a 12
yearold boy who had runaway
During Smiths absence Barnes is
said to have slipped up behind Max
ey and grabbed his pistol from his
pocket He is said to have drawn
the gun on Maxey and while thus
guarded with the aid of a chisel
unfastened the ball and chain which
was locked around h > s leg He then
made his escape and has not let
been captured Officers were out
looking for him yesterday afternoon
but he was not located Barnes is
said to be a dangerous man Recent
ly he was put in jail for assault and
upon another occasion was jailed for
a similar offense but was given his
liberty upon promise to leave the
State > Jc
Lightning Hit It i
The new concrete smokestack at
the asylum power house completed J
last year was struck by lightning f
Wednesday and a large crack made f
in it The damage can be repaired E
The smokestack is 134 feet high
5 Fine
All persons who fail to destroy
thistles and noxious weeds on their t
lots within the city by July 15th willt
be fined 5 for each offense Weeds t
and grass of all kinds on pavements I
to the curb line must be cut without
delay Dog days are coming and
the city must be cleaned up this
is the last notice
4 EJLLIS ROPER Chief of Police
Has r Broken Loose Out In the
Wild West 0
dmaha July HMrs John Un
dorwood of New York who has
been camping with her husband in
the Black Hills owes her life to
songs which saved her from a moun
tain lion which attacked her last
night The animal leaped on the
woman knocked her down and stood
with its forefeet on her breast Mrs
Underwood screamed but suddenly
remembered that ferocious beasts
sometimes are tamed by music and
began to sing As long as she sang
the animal stood harmless but when
ever she ceased it growled and ap
peared as if about to kill her All
night long she kept up her song and
in the morning when she was almost
overcome by exhaustion she was
found by her husband with the lion
standing over her Mr Underwood
shot the animal >
Painted Rock to be Rid of
Crowds it Drew
WashingtonPa July 13flPaint
ed Rock a historic bowlder which
stood on the top of a hill overlooking
the Monongahela River near Mills
boro was blown up yesterday by
dynamite by Joseph Horner upon
whose farm the stone was located
Horner destroyed the rock because
he was annoyed by the thousands of
persons which it attracted to his
farm each year The bowlder was
in the shape of an altar and had
been carved by the Indians with fig
ures of men bears wolves snakes
and strangest of all a kangaroo
For more than a hundred years it
has been considered one of the most
important remains ot the written
characters of the North American
Indians Columns have been pub
lished about it from the pens of em
inent scientists and historians
Educational Notes
The largest body of students that
assembled in any one place in the
South last year was at Bowling
Green Ky attending the Bowling
Green Business University
The graduates of the Bowling
Green Business University are recog
nized by the business and commerc
ial world as being thoroughly train
ed earnest energetic and reliable
Many of the largest firms through
out the South and West get all their
bookkeepers stenographers and
clerks from the Bowling Green
Business University Bowling Green
Ky The graduates of this school I
are in great demand Write forI
BlankenshipHowton I
W S Blankenship of near Mace
donia and Mrs Mary Howton of
Dawson were married Monday
They will reside in this county
Hot weather does not seem ta
have any effect on the attendance at
the skating rink
IThe great advantage of concrete
pavements over brick walks is that
the weeds cant grow on them
Monday is circus day but Only
what is absolutely necessary will btu
unloaded and but a few small tents
ewill be put up on Sunday
The man behind the hoe has
been already and will be the balance
of the week very much in evidence
The order to clean up will be en
forced Monday
Thus far mosquitoes have been
rather scarce but house flies are
plentiful and the insect like the
collector will be around with his
little bill in due time Dont you
give him out
A carnival was held in the spring
another has been going on here this 4
weekand it is said ihat things are
to be made lively by another in the
fall We are certainly getting
The excruciating noise of the fly
ing jinny on the lot adjoining the
Episcopal church which is supposed
to be music is stopped at 10 oclock
at night much to the relief of those
of the neighborhood who Jove to
turn in at about that hour i4
Some men may not like the job
of having to cut the grass off their
pavements but appearances to say
nothing of the health of their own
and their neighbors families ought
to prompt them to put in an hour or
more at early morn to comply with
the rules of health if not with the
ordinance made a law by the city
council If we have the best streets
and sidewalks in the State5why not
have the cleanest streets
Leprosy Cured By Prayer
One of the most romantic storiea
in the history of modern missions
concerns how a young Ohio girl
Mary Reed discovered when on s
furlough in this country that she
was afflicted with leprosy Without
telling the news to her family until
she had sailed she went back to her
field in India and took up her work
amoug the lepers After a time her
disease which eminent physicians in
London and India had pronounced
leprosy ceased to develop and now
following a number of years work
among the lepers in the Himalayas
the doctors report that sheis abso
lutely well again The cure is at
tributed by Miss Reed and her
friends directly to pray rEx
Cool Shot Saves Passengers
Charlotte N CA panic was
caused in a crowded car of an ex
cursion train near here when John
Elliston of Autreyville arose and
announced his intention of killingr
everybody in the car A passenger
named Bledsoe of Stedman at once
fired killing Elliston instantly El
listons revolvers were found to be
loaded and between his feet was a
jug of whisky
ExecUIorsSaleof t
Of Farm Property
Wednesday Aug 8th
At 10 Oclock AM
According to the directions of the will of
y > svp
Mrs Martha U Cook decd I will offer for lH i
sale to the Highest and Best Bidder or + r
Bidders at Public Auction Wednesday
August 8th 1906 at 10 oclock a m all thejY
farm property of deceased situated on the
South side of Fairview Pike near the West
ern Asylum
This is fine farm property and all persons
desiring good land should attend this sale
which will begin promptly at 10 oclock at
the corner nearest town directly opposite °
the residence of W L Parker Esq Eor
plat terms etc call on r1
JAMES 0e COOK Ex ttaf ti
t t4
Corer 9th and Clay Strt U lVIMky < iJ
I 11
n i

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