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W a f 1 c t ASP hxA Af
PA GK TWO ilOPJINSVIttJ ttlt b4TUcX1A1V JULff n l oh
Alter eating persons of a bilious habit
will derive great benefit by taking one
c ° of these pills If you have been
Jthcy will promptly relieve the nausea
alldnervousnesswhlch fottows restore
the appetite and remove gloomy feel
fogs Elegantly sugar coated
Take No Substitute
l R
FrwnWin county farmer raised 680
pound porker
= lCured a Chum of Cholera Morbus and
Saved His Life
SS While returning from the Grand
Army Encampment at Washington
rCity a comrade from Elgin 111
was lateen with cholera morbus and
lwas in a critical condition says
Mr J E Houghland of Eldon la
41 gave him Chamberlains Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and
believe it saved his life I have been
t engaged for ten years in immigra
tion work and conducted many par
ties to thesouth and west I always
cany this remedy and have used it
successfully on many occasions No
person travelingor at home should
be without this remedy For sale
by L L Elgin and Anderson Fow
ler the tiptodate druggists at Hop
C MnsvUle
Fayette millers plan to have their
S own elevator
Your Liver
is out of orfler You go to bed in a
Id humor and get up with a bad
taste in your mouth You want
t soTftethinpr to stimulate your liver
Just try Herbine the liver regular
A positive cure for constipation
dyspepsia and all liver complaints
Mrs F Ft Worth Texas writes
Have used Herbine in my family
Sor years Words cant express what
llthlnk about it Everybody in my
household are happy and well and
we owe itto Herbine Sold by Cook
Ogden college Bowling Green
lias new factory I
A Modern Miracle
r < Truly miraculous seemed the re
covery of Mrs Mollie Holt of this
place writes J 0 R Hooper
Woodford Tenn she was so wast t
ed by coughing up puss from her
r lungs Drs declared her end so
near ihat her family had watched by
Tier bedside fortyeight hours when
at my urgent request Dr Kings
New Discovery was given her with
the astonishing remIt that improve
i ascent began and continued until she
finally completely recovered and is a
healthy woman today Guaranteed
cure for coughs and colds 50c and
100 at R C Hardwicks drugstore
Trial bottle free I
A M Sa ok wealthy farmer of
t Shelbycounty iedfrom sunstroke
The Smile
that wont come off appears nba
bys if ace after one bottle of Whites
+ Crease Vermifuge the great worm
rmwHeine Why not keep that smile
on babys face If you keep this
medicine on hand you will never see
anything else but smiles on his face
Mrs S Blackwell Okla writes
My baby was peevish and fretful
Wowki not eat and I feared he would
die I used a bottle of Whites
Cream Vermifuge and he has not 1
had a sick day since Sold by Cook
Sc Higgins cookl
Henry county has new milling
company with 40000
All the World
knows that Ballards Snow Liniment
bas no superior for rheumatism stiff
joints cutssprains lumbago and all
pains Buy it try it and you will
always use it Anybody who has
used Ballards Snow Liniment is a
Hiving proof of what it does All we
szsk of you is to get a trial bottle
Price 25c 50c and 1 sold by Cook
Higgins i
Three prisoners escaped from jail
t at Carlisle
r CarlisleDo
Do Not Neglect Your Bowels
i Many serious diseases arise from
neglect of the bowels Chamber
Iains Stomach and Liver Tablets are
a pleasant and agreeable laxative
They invigorate the liver and reg
ulate the bowels For sale by L L
Elgin and Anderson Fowler the
uptodate druggists at Hopkinsville
General N B Hays addressed a
large crowd at Carlisle
A little life may be sacrificed t o
an hours delay Cholera infant m
ir dysentery diarrhoaa come suddenly
1 5iOnly safe plan is to have Dr Fow
l > lers Extract of Wild Strawberry
always on hand
i Jefferson county woman died of
grief over husbands death
Ir7Cablets Druggists refund money
t J jZf it fails to cure E W GROVES
signature is on each box 25c
d q
r fTteli i j v
= = =
v r i
Copyright by 1we h D Bowie
There nab a time when none would
peAk of the horror which cams > upon
the world but now that three yours
have passed men talk about It apatHy
and ask one another what It was and
how It happened
It was on the afternoon OC tIrt
twentysecond of June IDBO I was
hurrying down Broadway It was a
hot bright day aiiu I was shading my
eyes to look across the street when
suddenly the sun went out
I thought was smitten with blind
ness and flung up my arms and gave
a grtwu cry I heard the beginning of
it Then all sound stopped The
rumble of vehicles the scurry of feet
the cries of the street venders the
shouts of the newspaper boys all the
hum of life ceased In an Instant
I thought at first that I had died
but I could feel my limbs feel my
lips moving as I cried for help feel
the vibration of the traffic that I could
not hear
I am blind I shouted Blind
And doflfl Hold me some oneSome
one I
I hoard no call and no answer I
groped wildly in the darkness and
met other hands that wore groping too
t selaed some one by the shoiilder and
others seized me Their hands twitched
convulsively They were crying out
as I was I knew by touching their
open mouths and faces contorted
with fright
It is possible that I fainted but was
held tip on my feet by the pressure or
the crowd for I seemed to lose myself
for a time and to come back to myself
in a swaying clutching mass of un
seen unheard people I felt sick and
almost suffocated and tried vainly to
push my way out till the crowd was
scattered by a plunging horse which
brushed against me as it passed I
took n few hurried steps and found I
myself somewherealone I was m reI
afraid of the loneliness than I hadI
been of the crowd
Presently when I had gone some way
two hands clutched my legs TheyI
were such small hands that I did not
fear them greatly I stooped downI
and felt a small child lying on the lap
of a woman The womans hair wasi
loose and hanging over her face 1
thought she was young She shivered I
at my touch but I sat down beside her
She laid my hand on the child as if she
appealed to me for help I felt its
mouth moving as if it cried for some
thing I Invented an alphabet and spelt
out a message with taps upon her
shoulder one tap for A two for B
and so on but she put my hand to her
head to feel that she shook it I could
tell by the way she held my hand that
she did not mean to refuse my friend
ship but to show that she could not
understand my signs
come with me and she came She was
scarcely able to stand so I took the
child from her and carried It
She felt the texture of my clothing
carefully and my scarf and watch
chain and even my hankerchlef She
evidently wanted to know what man
ner of man I was Apparently she was
satisfied for sho held gently to my
sleeve when she had finished her in
After a few minutes I took her hand
and tried my alphabet again and this
time she understood and answered
This was the conversation spelt out
slowly letter for letter
I Fricnd
She Friend
I John Carter Fr1end
She Yes FrIend A1ice
Thorn What 1s it
I Dont know i
She Sha11 we dIe
I Dont know
She What sha11 we do
I Find your home
ffwe met some policemen who under
stood our new language One of them
1took us to an eatinghouse I offered
him money but he refused
I Nouse he tapped End oI
I world We had a good meal and lay down to
sleep in an inner room
I In the morning if If Were morning °
Iwhen we awoke we found a basket
1 whenit
filled it with food and bottles of water
and started again
I am happy now Alice spoil
ed out I began to spell out an answer
but the letters would not come quick
ly enough for her and suddenly she
caught at me and wrote with her tin
ger on my cheek 1 could read the
writing easily and it was much quick
er than the taps We were so pleased
with our quicker conversation that
we stood still writing on one anothers
faces as fast as our fingers would
move We always used this way after
We discussed at length the calamity
which had come upon the world and
perhaps I concluded It 13 8 sdrt of
fog over New York Shall wb try to
reach the country
I will do whatever you toll me
she wrote back
Tall me just what you are Ilko I
wrote What is the colorof yo it hair
How old are your
I shall not tell you she wrote
because if you like me now per
haps you would not then If the sun
never rises again I can look Just aa
you HUo me to look and bo just as old
as you wish Now shall wo go on 1
We walked on for a long time and I
at last we came to some railings As
we felt our way by them we met a
woman coming along in the other di
rection JJfe felt one another with bur
hands and accepted acquaintance she
1 l II
It S iV d too 1 n THl r Vrn WTS only
it i tf + Aetur ilv vu then tm
ant 1 mr I o s v d mt Had kf
been a wi yni > m m w WII hrx T
bocnine siuidmiy inmu discovered
sOTtiejjbing of great luiere i in another
direct fon and quickly waikwl away
AS It vns he was not ws land had
little tfjtparfence la the way b1 women
and bMides wns very glad indeed to
set BIg little playmate niriin 80 lien
startJUl Mnvnrl with both hands dftt
stret teao greet her
fwtha he cried exnottfM still
WpuMjrtm to him as In days tpjxti by
Wilt 8SV drow back attiJ gar Mfy her
linuTl very formally with stiff t nila of
ttfalcoino which sounded uhtbftljS har
IIllsrafter they had both made tv > toW
commonplace remarks n long and un
comfortable silence followed The key
to tile situation appeared to be nites
ing and Philip at any rate was at a
loss to understand what was Die mnt
tor This was indeed Cecilia looking
too mncTi the same as on tfttf day he
loft only a great deal taller and yet
there was a difference amf a very
great one He couldnt disguise fronu
himself that he wasbittnriy dlsap >
pointed it WAS so unlike what he had
expected ajati pictured to himself Yet
he hardly know after all what he had
expected Ho bad no claim on her
was not even any relation and seven
years IS a long Hmoa girl makes oth
er friends She would not meet hip
look aa in the old days but kept hm
eyes bent on the ground He couldnt
remember lust what color they wire
and wondered how it was that such
an important point had never Inter
ested him before He could SEW In
deed that the eyes wore fringed with
ong dark lashes and the outline of
he face which wasso carefully turned
from him was perfect her figure was
tall and straight her head erect and
shapely croNvned with masses of dark
curling hair which fell below her
waist Sho was decidedly the most
oaautiful girl he had ever seen and
vhe moment he realized this fact a per
fect fury of jealousy took possession
of him He understood everything
nowIt was clear as daylight Cecilia
had a lover and did not want his
I lendshlp any more
At last the girl broke the silence
My father will be so pleased tb See
you she said but If you will excuse
me now I will just finish cutting some
oses and be with you presently
She began to cut roses feverishly
not seeing or caring where she stepped
till the thorny branches laid holdM
her long loose hair and held her fast
almost as though they knew what they
were about and determined to make
her prisoner
In her struggles she stepped at last
on a loose mound of earth which
gave way suddenly beneath her and
In a moment myriads of tiny brpwn
insects each carrying a precious egg
almost as large as Itself were swarm
Ing about her feet and ankles
She had stumbled Into an ants nest
The young man was just disappear
ing Into the house but at the first cry
he turned and with two or three
bounds which would have done credit
to an active 4capga rpo was by her side
and had talcaiiIutthe situation It Is
to his eyjBrJaeUng credit that he did
not laugh but treated the affair with
the seriousness it deserved Fortun
ately be carried his machetes with
him that usefu If rather dangerous
knife without which a Mexican seldom
rides abrpad and with p few strokes
of the sharp blade he freed the girl
Mod hastily into the middle of the
path and commenced to stamp and
shake her skirts vigorously long after
every insect had tnlen hlmself off in a
greater fright than her own
Then the branches which still clung
to her hair had to be dlsentangledoh
30 gently Such glorious hair too the
looked up and their eyes met and sud
Jenly the disappointment and misery
which had seemed so real a few min
utes ago all melted away and they
Oh Phil I am so thankful you
name was all she said but she gave
from his gaze by shaking her mane
about her blushing lace buy he took
her hand and drew nor to him
Dp you know i have hod such a
terrible fright he said I thought
Jh yQU cant think how Wretched W
made 11I1that some one had stolan
you from me but it lent true Cecilia
tell me it Isnt true
And I thought hoW nnsweyod
avading his question that the girls i
In New York
There are no girls In New York
the young mnn gravely Interrupted
hr Thoro is only one girl in the
wljole world and she is right hero
In my arms
A neat appearance counts for a great
deal Dont let a dirty collar lose you
a good stroke of business
111 11 A m L I I lL ttJt J I 1IIIVt IJI J r JtIIJhJ i
i Wheat res in < Y
I Season is H i ikl tnd We Havef
1 < 11
> t1 vvi <
Agency fQr tti Cekbratea
rK 1IFvT
If Ypl1r01d Rig Wont Last Through This Season
We Can Fit You Q1p a Compete Outfit i ia
f <
I 1 Few Hours
I Can also give you an awful lose price on bags for your yj eat We
I als carry a most complete lie of Oil 0il Cans Wrenches
W f + > Belting and Tools of every description
vi <
HayMlur Yards the Best Steam Coal jnfe City
q1 fc Royal Steam Coal at 9e per < BusheL r
I t IBe5eeeiiGJier
fjMe manufacture and sell the best wagon that cant be
befo1 I
t i I
Already have te up a lot of l ayra nes s for both
narrowamid bl ad gauge wagons i
We haV t very large Tine of Saddles anMrnesI in stock
When needing a pytliitg you can conle very n rf
finding i here
Kentucky Fair DatesI
Harrodsburg August 74 days
Lancaster July 188 days
Cynthiana August 14 days
Danville August l3 days
Guthrie August 288 days
Florence August 294 days >
Paris September 45 days
Hustonville July 258 dayse
Vanceburg August 154 days
Columbia August 214 days
Madisonville July 815 days
Fern Creek August 244 days
Springfield August 283 days
Bardstown August 294 days
Shelbyville August284 days
Glasgow September 214 daysI
Nicholasville August 28s days I
Monticello September 114 days
Falmouth September 2Git days
Shephersyille August 214 days
Sebree September 185days
Owensboro October 25 days
Washington Side Trips Free
On Philadelphia or New York
Firstclass Tickets
Via Pennsylvania Short Lines
Ten days atop overs at Philadel
phia Baltimore Washington
Through trains to the East leave
Louisville 830 a m 100 p m
3 30 pm 4 20 p m daily For
further information inquire of C H
Hagerty District Passenger Agt
Louisville Ky
Hot Springs 1530
Until further notice the L N
railroad will sell round trip tickets
to Hot Springs Ark for 1530
good until Oct 31st
J C HaDE Agent
A test case to settle the constitu
tionality of the dog tax has been
brought at Frankfort
The State co legeof Kent cky + f
The Agricultural and Mechanical State College of Kentucky offers
the following1 coursesuf studyviz Agricultural Horticultural Chem
ical Biological Mathematical Physical Llll mal School Classical
Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Civn Engineering
god Mining Engineering each of which extends over four years and
leads to a degree Post graduate studies are also provided leading toz
a masters degree Each course of study is organized under a separate
faculty The general faculty number nearly fifty professors and in
County appointee receive free tuition room rent in the dormitories
uel and light and if they remain ten months traveling expenses
The laboratories and museums are large well equipped compre
hensive and modern
Graduates from the several course of study readily find excellent
positions and liberal remuneration The demand is largely in excess
ot the ability of the College to supply The matriculation for the list
year was including Summer school 815a
Specialists with the necessary number of assistants have charge ofv
each department of natural science Summer schools are provided for
pedagogy engineering instruction in science and in artss
The State College 6f Kentucky though bearing hitherto the tttjKof
college is the only institution in the Commonwealth doing inWny
proper sense university work
The completion of the College home for young women provides fa
cilities for good board and lodging It is equipped with with all modern
conveniences including bath rooms and room for physical culture It ia
heated by steam and lighted by electricity s
An opportunity is thus afforded to young women of obtaining a
thorough education in classics modern langurge literature science
mathematics logic metaphysics history and political economyF
No other institution in the State offers advantages tor education of
women at all comparable to those offered by the State Collegeof Ken
The Normal Department will be on a better footing than ever hereto i
fore Last years largely increased attendance with the l1nplecedel tedS
growth of the Summer Normal School both indicate that an era ofltptds
perity surpassing that of all previous years has opened for the Normal
Department of the State College
55 ti For catalogues method of obtaining appointments information reo
larding courses of study and terms of admission apply to
or to D C FRAZEE Business Agent Lexington Ky
Fall Term Begins Sept 13 1906
To Cure a Cold in OJe Day IB Cores TWo Grip Days
Take LaxatitpJI > omo Quinine Tablets A 11L ca vw
Seven MBkmk fi 12 months This Signature tQ rc YWL bOX 2tSC
i >

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