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Covered Whole Head and Neck After
an Attack of Measles Hair All
Came Out Doctors Treatment
1 Had No Effect Suffered 6 Months
After having tho measles my whole
head and heck were covered with scaly
sores about oa large as a penny Thoy
were just as thick as they could boo My
hair all came out 1 let the trouble run
along taking the doctors blood rem
edies and rubbing on salve but it did
not seem to gat any better It stayed
that way for about six months then I
got a set of tho Cuticura Remodios
and in about a week I noticed a big
j difference and in three weeks 14 was
powell entirely and I havo not had tho
I trouble any more and as this was seven
years ago I consider myself cured I
used one bottle of Cuticura Resolvent
one box of Cuticura Ointment and two
L fr oakes of Cttticura Soap I think It 0
splendid medicine and I recommend It
Acne Eczema Ringworm
Speedily Cured by
Vform baths with CuUcura Soap and
le of
I n ve applications of Cutleurapfinntdr
mont the great
Skin Cure speedily
euro in the majority
of caaea torturing
disfiguring facial
and other humors
of infants children
and adults when
seemingly incurable
by all other reme
trontnht u
men so puro
so sweet and so speedily effective for
proeerving purifying and beautifying
the skin scalp hair and hands as wofl
as for all tho purposes of the toilet bath
and nursery Guaranteed absolutely pure
and may be used from the hour of birth
Complete External nod Interim Treatment tar
Every humor of Inklms CI1IWrea and Adults
valeta 01 Cutlcurn Soap 2 cto Cleanse tho BllIO
1 urn Ointment OS ln theorm Skin IInd
llats oeoltPllis
E throughout the world otter Drug do Chem
Eale Trope Boston ass
e cd Free crow to Cure Skin numors
t x County Committee of the
r Association Hobs Meeting
ommittee Appointed to
i r
Draft Resolutions For Law
and Order
The county committee of the To
bacco Association met yesterday
with ChairmanW W Radford in
the chair and only part of the pre
cincts represented
Reports from all districts were en
couraging and no trouble of any
r kind was reported
Upon motion of Judge W T
f A Fowler Mr C F Jarrett was recom
mended as the choice of the county
for one of the threo places on the
new advisory board Mr Jarrett
who is the present excellent local
salesman was endorsed by a rising
A committee was appointed to
draft resolutions calling upon Gov
Beckham to use the full power of
his office to apprehend and convict
those guilty of night riding and acts
e of violence Messrs W T Fowler
RobE McGnughey and W A Glass
were appointed to prepare the redo
I lutions
Just before the adjournment Rev
B F Hyde was introduced for a
speech and after expressing his sym
pathy for the farmers and treating
as a jest the outrages committed
he turned his attention to the city of
l Ii + 1 q Hopkinsville He boldly advocated
a boycott of business men and be
rated the newspapers for publishing
the acts of night riders Proceeding
he said the association would not be
responsible for what might happen
to Hojxin vllc some night if the e
things wont on At this point Mayor
I Meachnm who was present arose
nd called the attention of Chairman
Radford to the fact that Mr Hyde
4Radford threatening and unlaw
ful and that he couM not proceed I
l aluhgI I line Iy > lo CUKVM I
J q the t f hid wand
Fr 1jIFfJw r HV 1
ar j t I
i i 11 I 1tl IL f tlNi I
c j i
9Quar vt H r I
gervnl 0Jh 1
Are Too Often Considered as of Little
most ornery way of washing stack
lags using tho rinsing Water left after
tho wklto clothes whfoh
gives them a
disreputable These things ought not
so to be
Th first essential In washing stock
Ings Is to have an absolutely clear
clean Hap solution In tepid water
Shake tke stojjkiage to remove all the
dust possible put to right side out
rub woH turn and
rub on the wrong
the feet first then tho legs so as not
to leave long In the water Rinse
thoroughly wring dry and hang from
the tons of the stockings so that If
the watw settled leaving a little dis
oolpnatloa It witt bo In the toe Instead
of the leg
The black stockings now aro usually
fast If the colored stockings show
signs of running Glr fading they may
be set with alum er salt romemberlns
however that alum sets dirt as Well
as colOr
SHk stockings should be washed
and rinsed In lukewarm water and
wrung between towete Iron stockings
from the toe following up to the heel
then fold the leg with the seam In the
middle leaving the foot uncreased
Only Way If One Would Retain Dell
cate F < a roV
Few housewives understand the art
of broiling and consequently chops
and steaks are often robbed of their
delicate flavor by toying In a pan
A steak or chop properly broiled
should have a thin well browneci
crust Beyond this crust the meat
should be red and juicy hardly a
shade less done In the middle than
near the surface
If the broiling be done on a range
havo tlo fire very bright and clear
Open every dvatt that smoke and
flame may be drawn up the chimney
Place the piece of meat In the double
broiler and hold It as near the coals
as possible until the surface Is Grown
turning frequently It will take three
or four minutes for this Now raise
the boiler several Inches above thr
bed of coals and continue the cook
Ing until the meat is done
The boiler must be turned often
A good rule Is to count ten slowly
then turn the broiler A steak 01
chop out a little more than an inoV
thick Tjlll cook rilcejy in ten minutes
If IBred well done it should be cook
3Stf 5r12 minutes r
Stewed Rhubarb N
Sawad rhubarb for breakfast or
luncheon must not faH when it is the
cheapest and best thing of the vege
table world on the market Cut up
tho rbubarb pour boiling water over
It and then drain in a colander and
cool Pack the pieces tightly in
quart cans fill the cans to overflow i
Ing with water that has been boiled
strained and cooled in ice Seal
quickly when the can is overflowing
and tighten with the can wrench In
vert and put immediately In a cool
dry place When opened for winter
use drain off all the water and let
the fruit stand in fresh cold water
half an hour This is by far the
best manner of preserving this fruit
for winter pies or where it is used
like the fresh variety Strawberries
cherles not pitted and red currants
are canned ip this way but the other
methods are better The fruit is not
scalded first
New In Blano Mange
Let us never forget the good old
fashioned blancmange It Is said that
Irish moss is coming in style It is a
JjHdotta dessert for invalids Stir one
tablespoonful of cornstarch wet with
two tablespoonfuls of cold mIlk into
onehalf eupful of scalded mfik cell
son l with a little salt and sugar
ook in double boiler until it stlffea
then fold in the stiffly beaten white of
one egg one teaspoonful vanilla ex
tract and pour into crystal or dainty
china cups seton ice t0 become
chilled Whoa serving placo oa to
top of each a marschlno or French
candied cherry surrounded with an
other one cut into seotiona to tOro
Bqnt petals of a flower If preferred
the blancmange can be unmolded onto
at saucer and surrounded with plain
Cheap Raised Cake
Into a pint of lukewarm sweet milk
put a cup of sugar a wellbeaten egg
0 tablespoonful of butter half a dozen
oordamom seeds which have been
pounded fine a little salt half a yeast
cake which has been dissolved in a
Ittlo warm water and flour enough to
make a moderately stiff batter Let
this rise over night and in the morn
Ing work it the same as bread put it
In preadpana let it rise a short time
In thqjian and bjrfco In a medium
oven This will mako a deep loaf and
jhouldbe cut in slices It la also tie
Mow to1 BarttlwlcbaS when spread
wish some of the fancy cheeses which
have beeli made smooth with milk
Ironing of Flannels
After drying the flannel may be
Iniahed by folding evenly or if Are I
oired by ironing with cool Iro I
This without doubt tlvra rill i
nut k jJlc I Iill 4 c rlii
nh ff Cv l i f <
ttnt m itrff wocly < urw > u jI
a Pity Ie1QUlls Uof tftla by Iron in
CTt I iy li l < > JO Of f injlfUii tiiii I i
a 1L i i
Irohi iI O nof film H
41 la lJIV ftrt Jnsrond bL <
beanoo dJ yuLiM i ii I V ttVXV V Mt i
ii h k 4L to
Relieved Quickly By
First Aid to the Injured
Paracamph Soap will keep your Skin Clear and Cool
And ratified the Deal Open
ing Means Avenue
The council met Friday night with
six of the seven members present
Several minor matters of unfinished
business were disposed of Com
mittees were appointed to look afc
ter some street matters and report
at the next meeting The report of
the committee on the Means Avenue
matter was received and its action
in contracting for the street was
Return From a Weeks De
lightful Outing
MrT E Bartley returned Sun
day night from Jamestown with
Misses Maybel Dillman Maude
Shanklin Lois Adcock and Marion
Burris the Kentuckians contest
winners who spent last week at the
exposition The young ladies all re
turned in the best of health and
and greatly enjoyed the outing A
stopover of half a day in Richmond
Saturday added to the pleasure of
the trip
Umphrey Lee
Dont miss this opportunity to
I hear The Boy Orator at the
Tabernacle next Thursday night the i
22nd inst This is doubtless the I
most remarkable 14 year old boy in
America as an orator Some of onr
Hopkinsville people have heard him
and they say the hope every fath
er mother boy and girl in the city
and vicinity will make use of this
rare opportunity to see and hear
No admittance will be charged
but a free will offering will be taken
at the door and after you have heard
him you would be willing to give
mere thsrj Icibb ycur cffcring
Mr W E Shanklin former
Chief of Police spent yesterday il
the city Mr Shanklin has been on
guard duty for the L N railroad
lit Howoll Ind for the past two
Bonds for Sale
For conservative Investors Par
ticulars on application
Financial Insurance Agents
No Change in Local Situation
Inquiry at the offices of the I
Western Union and Postal Telegraph I
offices yesterday elicited the infor
mation that the conditions are the I
° ame as hnv e hfen iiv1 fhr atrilr
of the different telegraph operators
unions went into effect at operatorsI
to Iqrt Wednesday Both offices are
receiving messages for transmission I
subject to delay I
The strike is i1Uht by I
r il I t i I
1 C 1
pES bHur eVlJmlr Wait it s
1ht rnc
Cll i 1 f i
1 1 r i r fJ
I TI Irl
1 t
> i V
1 Y >
Kentucky Board Shows Con
I fidence In Improved Con
rf ditions
v 4
i q
fvTpe Kentucky Board of Fire In
jsurime Underwriters through their
jlaoai Inspector Herbert Chitenden
i have Announced a reduction in
i preinuim of 25 cents on each hun
dred dollars valuation of risks on
tobacco which is stored in regularly
accepted storage houses This re
duction applies to the entire State
r All of the storage houses of Hop
kinsville are accepted as such as the
insurance people have confidence in
the conditions in this city The re
duction will be a considerable saving
to tobacco growers and buyers
Neighbors Got Fooled
s FooledI
n was literally coughing myself to
death and had become too weak to
leave my bedand neighbors pre
dicted that I would never leave it
alive but they got fooled for thanks
be to God I was induced to try Dr
Kings New Discovey It took just
four one dollar bottles to complete
ly cure the cough and restore me to
good sound health writes Mrs
Eva Uncapher of Grovertown Stark
Co Ind This King of cough and
cold cures and healer of throat and
lungs is guaranteed by R C HARD
WICK Druggist 50c and 100
Trial bottle free
Farmers in the Northwest
Seek Vainly for Harvest
Minneapolis Aug 14Farmers
all over the Northwest are in des
pair over the inability to get labor
ers to harvest their grain Wheat
cutting has begun in many Sections
arid would be general were it not
for the scarcity of labor In many
places it is said to be spoiling in the
fields because no one can be hired to
cut it The railroads are doing al
in their power to relieve the situa
tion and several gangs of railroad
laborer have been loaned to the
farmery temporarily
Rising From the Grave
A prominent manufacturer Wm
A Fertwell of Lucuma N Y re
lates a most remarkable experience
He says After taking less than
three bottles of Electric Bitten I
feel like one rising from the grave
My trouble is Brightsjdisease in the
Diabetes stage I fully believe
Electric Bitters will cure me per
manently for it has already stopped
the liver and bladder complications
which have troubled me for yeans
Guaranteed at R C Hardwicks
u fly gWt Price 5uc
TreBr iaks Mans Leg
Cz Ky Aug lfiN C Temper
a porninent citizen of Tri rjr Fur
v v tiii county iiac r r vtun
I k LiilI IH
k I r
Wilt tot sass < 1ftJt r 1I lc lJE
I I1rih nlll
I I t I I
lt > < >
f 1 1
I For Crap Shooting Near Pem
Lincoln Morrison constable of the
Pembroke district has the reputa
I tion Of not being afraid of anything
that gets auout on two legshe is a
I whole police force by himself He
has been in close quarters time and
time again but by his courage has
always managed to come out all
right His latest adventure was to
arrest eight negroes engaged in
crap shooting under a railroad tres
tle at Pembroke He corraled the
whole bunch and brought seven of
them to the city Saturday morning
One of them was released as he
was able to put up the required
bond The others were put in jail
until their cases could be taken up
in the court
Arrests for Various Offens
ses Made Saturday
The police had the busiest day
Saturday they have experienced for
months They made twelve arrests
for the following charges
Drunkeness threefast driving two
using profane language four ped
ding without license one disorderly
conduct one loitering one
In Good Christian County
310 acres near Pee Dee good dwell
ing tobacco barn to hold 20 acres
large stable three cabins and other
outbuildings This is good produc
tive land and a splendid bargain for
somebody Price 2500 per acre
7112 acres well improved in
Church Hill neighborhood which
means something Choice and can
be had for the small sum of 2000
1 7 room modern house on south
Virginia street Large lot and close
down town Dont let somebody
else beat you to it
2 up to date houses at less than
they can be built forjon Walnut St
Also some beautifulbuilding lots
well located and pricesjto suit
525 acres 4J miles south east of
Hopkinsville fine improvements
about 76 acres in good timber well
watered with plenty of grass and
clover an ideal stock farm and will
raise wheat corn and tobacco on
every acre of it The farm can be
sold as a whole or as two farms of
about equal size Everything in
first class condition If you are in
terested in a good farm close to
Hopkinsville dont miss this one
Price 6000 per acre
122 14 AcresSmiles west on the
Princeton road just across from I
Sinking Fork Post Office close to
good Fchoola n < 1 churches DweI1
ing stable tobacco barn to hold 10
acres Dont miss this bargain
Price only 1200I c
If you want to buy anything we
have got it and ifyou have any thing
to sell we can help you
FOR SALE 418 Acres only J
miles from Roaring Springswell im
proved and good land Three to
bacco barns 4 Tenant houses
Good Icehouse Meat house Hen
houses etc If taken soon can
be bought at a GREAT BARGAIN
FOR SALE366 acres right at
Garrettsburg 50 acres in fine tim
ber 60 acres in clover 3 barns and
stable well watered and nearly all
fine land 2800 per acre
frOR SALL 111 uv JAcrcb u niles
South of Hopkinsville on Palmyra
pike well improved with good house
barn stable granary cabins buggy
house stc fir eI vatr spry
thing in CI d11tlI and > vn be
lOUt Ct VA I Ill UA
OPt f t c t I Lahr M Hs iI
H 1
abi 11 1
I j
fl yip I 1
tl1lr lJ yetirs iy wu
> T > i
l r
< 1
Women asWelas Men Are Mafe
11WOI Miserable by Kidney and
Bladder Trouble 2
Kidney trouble preys upon the ntitid 1
discourages aud lessen H nmbitioii beauty
uJ t
vigor and cheerfaht
ness soon disappear
when the kidneys aps
out of order or dims
eased Kidney trouble Bait
become so prevalent
that it is not uncom
mon for a child to boyr4
born afflicted witle
weak kidneys If the
child Urinates too often if the urine scalds i
the flesh or if when the child reaches JUT
age when it should be able to control the
passage it is yet afflicted with bedwet
ting depend upon it the cause of the dUn
culty is kidney trouble and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition o
the kidneys and bladder and not to a
habit as most people suppose
Women as well as men are made miser
able with kidney and bladder trouble
and both need the same great remedy
The mild and the immediate effect of
SwamD Root is soon realized It is sold
by druggists in fifty
cent and onedollar
size bottles You may I
have a sample bottle
by mail free also a Horns ot BWMBPROOI
pamphlet telling all about Swamp Root
including many of the thousands of testi
monial letters received from sufferers
cured In writipg Dr Kilmer Co
BinghamtonN Y be sure and mention
this paper Dont make any mistake
but remember the name SwampRoot
Dr Kilmers SwampRoot and the ad
dress Binghamton N Y on every
bottle a
Paris fireefiN 5
is what you will
need for
Have Your Wants Supplied
With the Highest Grade
Article at the Low
est Price ate
Cook Druggists Diggins
The Leonard
Dry Air
The best on earth All flues
movable for cleanliness
Doors furnished with air
tight locks Shelves of Sol
id galvanized iron Eight
walls to preserve the ice
We have them in pprcelain
lined and also the bestgrade
off zinc t
I I 111
i r rm t SEt
The Mastin
Kipp Force
Feed +
is what you need
o n your Engine
Save timc trouble
and dollars
i t SEES
I h f
I t c H
r ujjf c r rR t
I r i
S e
1 + rl
j 1

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