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1907 PAGE
i UJ 1 ao tL d II Jll l S
j aEaD o t3
Bob Hampton
of Placer
When Wilderness Was King
flMy Eatydf the North His
toric Illinois Etc
Copyright 1906 By A G McClurg 4 Co
Continued From Last Issue >
As toe workea toe thought raptaiy
He comprehended the extreme des
peratioptbcir present situation
While the revolver blow might post
bly restore Murphy to a degree of san
ity It was far more probable that he
W uld awaken violent Yet ho could
not deliberately leave this man to
r meet a fate of horror in the VUder
Hess That which would have been
quickly decided had he been alone be
came a most serious problem when
4 0 considered in connection with the in
sane helpless scout Then there were
the dispatches They must be of vital
importance to have required the send
ing of Murphy forth on so dangerous
a ride other lives ay the result of
the entire campaign might depend
upon their early delivery Hampton
had been a soldier the spirit of the
service was still with him and that
thought brought him to final decision
Unless they were halted by Sioux bul
Ir lets they would push on toward the
Big Horn and Custer should have the
He knelt down beside Murphy un
buckled the leather dispatch bag and
rebuckled It across his own shoulder
Then he set to work to revive the
prostrate man The eyes when open
ed stared up at him wild and glaring
the ugly face bore the expression of
abject fear The man was no longer
violent he had become a child fright
ened at the dark
Securely strapping Murphy to his
saddle and packing all their remain
lug store of provisions upon one horse
leaving the other to follow or remain
behind as It pleased he advanced di
rectly into the hills steering by aid
pf the stars his left hand ever on
Murphys bridle rein his low voice of
expostulation seeking to calm the oth
ers wild fancies and to curb his vio
r lent speech
At dawn they were in a narrow
gorge among the hills a dark and
gloomy hole yet a peculiarly safe spot
In which to hide having steep rocky
L Exposition
Norfolk Va
q5 Illinois Central R Ri
Going via Chicago Detroit Buffalo
New York Baltimore Philadel
phia and Washington
and return via direct routes Liberal
stopovers at various points enroute
TICKETSAbove rates good via Boat
Other Rates and
Via Louisville or Nashville
10day Coach Tickets 1660
15 day Excursion Tickets 2300
60 lf 2800
Season 3100
Via Louisville or Nashville New
York and Steamer returning any
direct route
t 60day Limit 3325
Season 8990
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J B Mallon Agent
No 52St Louis Express 1011 a m
So 54StL Fst Mail 1005 p m
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neetl at Guthrie to polntl East and west K o
93 will not carry total pUfODllers for poln aNorte
I olNashvlUe Tenn
i ledges on either aide with sufficient
grass for the horses Leaving Murphy
I bound Hampton clambered up the
front of tho rock to Whero he ware
able to look out All was ullent and
I i andhln
11 brown aterllo hills stretching tj > the
jhorlion having merely narrow gulches
i of rock and sand between the heer
nakedness of the picture unrelieved
I by green shnib or any Hvlrig thing
Then almost despairing ho slid back
stretched himself out amid the soft
grass and Bank Into the slumber of ei
hau8 lon his conscious memory the
incoherent babbling of his Insane
H awoKo shortly after noon tooling
refreshed and renewed In boUt Wdy
and mind Murphy was sleeping when
he first turned to look at him but he
awoke In season to be fed and ac
cepted the proffered food with all the
Apparent delight of a child While lie
reefed their remaining pack animal
had strayed and Hampton was com
pel ed to go on with only the two
horses strapping the depleted store
of provisions behind his own saddle
Then he carefully hoisted Murphy Into
place and bound his feet beneath the
animals belly Then ho resumed the
Journey down one of those sand
strewn depressions pointing toward
the Rosebud pressing the refreshed
ponies into a canter confident now
that their greatest measure of safety
It was already becoming dusk when
they swept down Into a little nest of
green trees and grass It appeared so
suddenly and was such an unexpected
oasis amid that surrounding wilder
ness that Hampton gave vent to a
sudden exclamation of delight But
that was all Instantly Ho percajved
numerous dark forms leaping from
out the shrubbery and he wheeled his
horses to the left lashing them into a
rapid run It was all over in a mo
menta sputtering of rifles a wild
medley of cries a glimpse of savage
figures and the two were tearing
down the rocks the din of pursuit
away behind them The band were
evidently all on foot yet Hampton con
tinued to press his mount at a swift
pace taking turn after turn about the
sharp hills confident that the hard
earth would leave no trace of their
Then suddenly the hbrso he rode
sank like a log but his tight grip upon
the rein of the other landed him on
his feet A stray Sioux bullet had
found its mark but the gallant animal
had struggled on until it dropped life
less and the bravo man it had borne
so long and so well bent down and
stroked tenderly the unconscious
head Then he shifted the provisions
to the back of the other horse grasped
the loose rein once more in his left
hand and started forward on foot
On the Little Big Horn s
N troop guarding much to their em
phatically expressed disgust the more
slowly moving pack train were follow
In Custers advancing column of
horsemen down the right bank of the
Little Big Horn The troopers car
bines at knee sitting erect in their
saddles their faces browned by the
hot winds of the plains were riding
steadily northward Beside them
mounted upon a rangy chestnut Brant
kept his watchful eyes on those scat
tered flankers dotting the summit of
the nearby bluff Suddenly one of
these waved his hand eagerly and the
lieutenant went dashing up the sharp
What is It now Lane
Somethin movln out yonder sir
and the trooper pointed Into the south
east Theyre down In a coulee now
I reckon but will be Up on a ridge
agin in a minute I got sight of em
twice afore I waved
The officer gazed earnestly In the
direction indicated and was almost
immediately rewarded by the glimpse
of some indistinct dark figures dimly
showing against the lighter back
ground of sky
White men he announced short
ly Come with me
At a brisk trot they rode out the
trooper lagging a pace to the rear the
watchful eyes of both men sweeping
suspiciously across the prairie The
two parties met suddenly upon the
summit of a sharp ridge and Brant
drew In his horse with an exclamation
of astonishment It was a pathetic
spectacle he stared ata horse scarce
ly able to stagger forward on his back
with feet strapped securely beneath
and hands bound to the high pommel
the lips grinning ferociously perched
u misahapeu creature clothed as a
man Beside these hatless his shoes
barely holding together a man of
slender figure and sunburnt face hold
the bridlerein An Instant they gazed
at each other the young officers eyes
filled with sympathetic horror the
other staring apathetically at his res
cuer My God Can this be you Hamp
ton What does it mean Why are
you here
Hampton leaning against the trem
bling horse to keep erect slowly lifted
his hand In a semblance of military
salute Dispatches from Cheyenne
This is Murphywent crazy out yon
der For Gods sakewater food
Your canteen Lane exclaimed
Brant Now hold this cup and he
dashed into it a liberal supply of
brandy from a pocket Qask Drink
that all downHampton
The man did mechanically as he
was ordered his hand never relaxing
its grasp of the rein Then a gleam
of reawakened intelligence Appeared
In his eyes he glanced up into the
leering countenance of Murphy and
then back at those others Give me
another for him
Brant handed to him the filled cup
i noting as he did so the strange stead
I ness of the hand which accepted it
Hampton lifted the tin to tho figure In
> <
I Drink it be commanded curtly
every drop
For an instant the maniac glared
back at him sullenly then he appear
ed to shrink In terror and drank
We can make the rest of the way
now Hampton announced quietly
Lord but this haajbeen a trlpl
Lane dismounted at Brants order
and assisted Hampton to climb into
the vacated saddle Then tho trooper
grasped the rein t > f Murphys 110 s
and tho little party started towarjl
where the packtrain was hidden In
the valley
is Custerhere paid Hampton
INo that is not with my party We
are guarding thdJpacKHraln > The ob
enrare dhead ° and Custer wlttf flSp
la somewhere amdng those ridges
back of the bluff I
Tho man turned and looked where
the officer pointed shading his eyes
with his hand
Can you give mo a fresh horse ft
That Man Could Tell But He Has
Gone Mad l
bite to eat and a cup of coffee down
there he asked anxiously You
see Ive got to go on
Go on Good God man do you
realize what you are saying Why
you can hardly sit the saddle You
carry dispatches you say Well
there are plenty of good men in my
troop who will volunteer to take them
on You need rest
Not much said Hampton Im
fit enough or shall be as soon as I get
food Good Lord boy I am not done
up yet by a long way Its the cursed
loneliness out yonder he swept his
hand toward the horizon and the
having to care for him that has broken
my heart Ho went that way clear
back on the Powder and its been a
fight between us ever since Ill be
all right now if you lads will only look
after him This is going to reach Cus
ter and Ill take it He flung back
his ragged coat his hand on the dis
patchbag Ive earned the right
Brant reached forth his hand cor
dially Thats true you have Whats
more If youre able to make the trip
there Is no one here who will attempt
to stop you But now tell me how this
thing happened I want to know the
story before we got in
For a moment Hampton remained
silent his thoughtful gaze on the near
by vldettes his hands leaning heavily
upon the saddle pommel Perhaps he
did not remember clearly possibly he
could not instantly decide just how
much of that story to tell Brant sus
pected this last to be his difficulty
and he spoke impulsively
Hampton there has been trouble
an4 misunderstanding between us but
thats all past and gone now I sin
cerely believe in your purpose of
right and I ask you to trust mo
Either of us would give his life It need
were to be of real service to a little
girl back yonder in the hills I dont
know what you are to her I dont
ask I know she has every confidence
In you and that Is enough Now I
want to do what Is right with both of
you and If you have a word to say to
me regarding this matter Ill treat it
confidentially This trip with Murphy
has some bearing upon Naida Gillis
has It not
Will you tell mo the story
The thoughtful gray eyes looked at
him long and searchingly Brant do
you love that girl
Just as unwaveringly the blue eyes
returned the look I do I have
asked her to become my wife
Andher answer
She said nOi that a dead man was
between us
jis that all you knowI
The younger man bent his head his
face grave and perplexed Practical
ly all
Hampton wet his dry lips with his
tongue his breath quickening
And in that she was right he
said at last his eyes lowered to the
ground I will tell you why It was i
the father of Nalda Gillis who was
convicted of the murder of MaJ
Oh my father Is she Capt No
lans daughter But you say convict
ed Was there ever any doubt Do
you question his being guilty
Hampton pointed in silence to the
hideous creature behind them That
man could tell but he has gone mad
Brant endeavored to speak but the
words would not come his brain
seemed paralyzed Hampton held him
self under better control
I have confidence Lieut Brant In
your honestyne began gravely and
I believe you will strive to do what
ever is best for bar If anything should
happen to nje out yonder But for the
possibility of my being knocked out I
wouIdXt talk about this not oven to
you Tho affair is a long way from
being straightened out so as to make
a pleasant story but 111 give you all
you actually require to know In order
to make It clear to her provided I
shouldnt come back You see she
doesnt know very much more than
you doonly what 1 Will obliged to
tell to keep her from getting too close
ly entangled with you Maybe I ought
to have given her the full story before
I started on tills trip Ive since
wished I had but you see I never
dreamed it wall going to end here on
the Big Horn besides I didnt have
You see Brant r feel that i simply
them to Custer niyself because of tho
trouble Ive had Idgetting them herp
i Cut perhaps J may apt como back
and In that casoy there wpulflnt o
anyone living to tell her the truth It
seems ante that J there Is going to be
a big fight Bomtiwhere in these hills
before long SdI + want to leave these
private papers with you until 1 condo
back It will relieve my mind to know
they are sate If I dont come then I
want you to open them and do what
ever you decide is best for the little
girl You will do that wont your
He handed over a long manUs en
velope securely sealed and tho young
or man accepted it noticing that ItI
was unaddressed before depositing it
safely in an Inner pocket of his fatigue
Certainly Hampton be said Is
that all
All except what I am going to toll
you now regarding Murphy There is
no use my attempting to explain ex
actly how I chanced to find out all
these things for they came to me little
by little during several years I knew
Nolan and I knew your father and I
had reason to doubt the guilt of tho
captain Jn spite of the verdict of the
Jury that condemned him In fact I
knew at the time although It was not
in my power to prove it that the two
principal witnesses against Nolan liedI
I thought I could guess why but weI I
drifted apart and finally I lost all I
track of every one connected with the
affair Then I happened to pick up
that girl down In the canyon beyond
the Bear Water and pulled her out
alive just because she chanced to be
of that sex and I couldnt stand to see
her fall Into Indian clutches I didnt
feel any special Interest In her at thei
time supposing she belonged to Old
Gillis but she somehow grew on me
shes that kind you know and
when I discovered purely by accident
that she was Capt Nolans girl but
that It all had been kept from her I
just naturally made up my mind Id
dig out tho truth If I possibly could
for her sake The fact Is I began to
think a lot about hernot the way
you do you understand Im getting
too old for that and have known too
much about womenbut maybe some
what as a father might feel Anyhow
I wanted to give her a chance a
square deal so that she wouldnt be
ashamed of her own name If ever she
found out what it was
About that time I fell foul of Mur
phy and Slavin there in Glencald I
nover got my eyes on Murphy you
know and Slavin was so changed by
that big red beard that I failed to rec
ognize him But their actions aroused
my suspicions and I went after them
good and hard I wanted to find out
what they knew and why those lies
were told on Nolan at the trial I had
an idea they could tell me So for a
starter I tackled Slavln supposing we
were alone and I was pumping the
facts out of him successfully by bold
ing a gun under his nose and occa
sian all jogging his memory when
this fellow Murphy got excited and
chasseed into tho game but happened
to nip his partner instead of me In
the courso of our little scuffle I
chanced to catch a glimpse of the fel
lows right hand and it had a scar on
the back of It that looked mighty fa
miliar I had seen it before and I
wanted to see it again So when I
got out of that scrape and the doctor
had dug a stray bullet out of my
anatomy there didnt seem to be any
one left for me to chase excepting
Murphy for Slavln was dead I wasnt
exactly sure he was the owner of that
scar but I bad my suspicions and
wanted to verify them Having struck
his trail I reached Cheyenne just
about four hours after ho left there
With these dispatches for the Big Horn
1 caught up with the fellow on the
south hank of the Belle Fourche and
being well aware that no threat or
gun play would ever forco him to con
tees the truth I undertook to frighten
him by trickery I brought along
some drawingpaper and drew your fa
thers picture In phosphorus and gavo
him the benefit in the dark That
caught Murphy all right and every
thing was coming my way He threw
up his hand and even agreed to come
in here with me and toll the whole
story but the poor fellows brain
couldnt stand the strain of the scare
I had given him He went raving mad
on the Pcvder he Jumped on me I
While I was asleep and since then
every mile has been a little hell
Thats the whole of it to date
They wore up with the pack trafn
by now and the cavalrymen gazed
with interest at the now arrivals
Several among them seemed to recog
nize Murphy and crowded about his
horse with rcuh expressions of sym
pathy Brant scarcely glanced ut
them his grave eyes on Hamptons I
stern face
And what is it you wish me to do
Take care of Murphy Dont let
him remain alcio for a minute It bo
has any return of reason compel him
to talk He knows you and will be as
greatly frightened at your presence
and knowledge as at mine Besides
you have fully as much at stake as
anyone for in no other way can the
existing barrier between Naida and
yourself ba brcKen down
Insisting that MOST he felt perfectly
fit for any seal e the impatient
Hampton was quickly supplied with
the necessary f I and clothing while
Murphy grown J ently abusive was
strapped on a Utter between two
mules a gnarl n either side Brant
I rode with the to Ulan on a sharp trot I
> > >
o =
as tar as the head of Ute packtrain
endeavoring to the very last to per
evade the wearied man to relinquish
this work to another
Foster bo said to the sergeant In
command of the advance did you
chance to notice just what coulee Cus
ter turned into when his column
swung to the right j
I think it must have been the sec
and yonder sir Where you see that
bunch of trees We was along ways
back but I could see the boys plain
enough as they come otlt on the bluff
dp there Somo ofenl waved their
hats back at us Is this man gain
after them s1rt v
Yes he has dispatches from Chey
Well he Ought ter haVe nd trouble
flndln the trail It ought ter be bout
plain as a road back in Gods country
sir fer there were more than 200
horses and theyd leave a good mark
even on hard ground
Brant held out his hand Ill cer
thinly do all in my power Hampton
to bring this out right You can rely
on that and I will be faithful to the
little girl
The two men clasped hands their
eyes filled with mutual confidence
Then Hampton touched spurs to his
horse and galloped swiftly forward
Continued in Next Issue
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