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SS tmj
It Ai LI J114
It = = =
In soma sense he was afraid That sho I
accepted But abo hesitated to believe
that ho ti afraid In the commas
sense that ho was either lacking In
nerve or qVerburdened with humanity
that he eitljer feared fighting or wottM
shrink from a salutary severity In re
pressing tumult If ho feared he fear
ed tumher for his own skin nor fqr the
Jr flklrtpf Bothers Ho feared for his policy
or his ambition
These things were nothing to her
e was for the prince for his polley
Jfd his ambition Were they the same
as Stenovlcs Even a novice at the
game could see that this by no means
followed of necessity The king was
elderly and went afishlng The prince
wag young and a martinet In age Ste
novlcs was between the twonearly
twenty years younger than the king a
dozen or so older than the prince Un
der the present regime he had matters
almost entirely his own way At first
light there was oCa certainty no rea
son whyf his ambitions should coincide
precisely with those of the prince Fif
tynine fortyone twentyeight the
ages of the three men in themselves Il
luminated the situation that Istt
fortyone could manage flftynlnelbnt
4 < V XiY
7 l1
had no such power over twentyeight
New to such meditations yet with a
Ihad J pleasure in iJemJqt into fee
troubled waters as though born a Swim
mer Sophy thought and watched and
looked about As to her own part Bho
was clear Whether Rastatz was right
Whether that most vivid and indelible
memory of hers was wrong were ques
tions which awaited the sole determi
nation of the Prince of Slavna I
Her attitude would have been un
changed but her knowledge much in
creased could she have been present
at a certain meeting on the terrace of
the Hotel de Paris that same evening
Markart was there and little Rastatz
whose timely flight and accommodating
memory rendered him today not only a
tree man but a personage of value But
neither did more than wait on the
iWords of the third member of the party
rthat Colonel Stafnltz of the hussars
Who had an old feud with Mlstltch for
Jhom Mistitch had mistaken the
prince of Slavna A most magnani
mous forgiving gentleman apparently J
this spare slim built man with thought
ful eyes His whole concern was to
get Mlstltch out of the mess The feud
1 seemed to remember not at all It
Was a feud of convenience a feud to
swear to at the court martial He waD
D ready to accommodate Stenovics
nth the use of his name as Rastatz
J fc to offer the requisite modifications
Qf his memory But there with that
supply of a convenient fiction his pli
ability stopped He spoke to Markart
using him as a conduit pipethe words
could flow through to General Ste i
novics I
IIIf the general doesnt want to see
me nowand I can understand that heI
mustnt be caught confabbing with any I
supposed parties to the affair you I
must make it plain to him how matters
stand Somehow and by some means
but dear Hercules must be saved Her
cules is an ass but so are most of the
J men and all the rowdies of Slavna
Whey love their Hercules and they
wont let him die without a fight and
a very big fight In that fight what
might happen to his royal highness the
commandant And if anything did
happen to him what might happen to
General Stenovlcs I dont know that I
either but It seems to me that hed b e I
in an awkward place The king I
ouldnt be pleased with him and we I
here in Slavna are we going to trouble i
Ourselves about the man who couldnt
save our Hercules
Vf Round faced Markart nodded in a
perplexed fashion Stafnltz clapped i
him on the shoulder with a laugh
t For heavens sake dont think about
r1t or youll get it all mixed Just try to
remember it Your only business is to
report what I say to the general
Rastatz sniggered shrilly When the
Wine was not in him ho was ay cunning
Uttlo roguea useful tool In tiny mat 1
tar which did not ask for courage I
ii If Id been here Mlstltch wouldnt I
have dono the thing at nllor done it j
better But whats done is done and
WA e = neet the general to stand by US
If ho wont we
must act for
ourselves for
therell be no
bearing our
dear command
ant if we sit
down under the
death > of Mrs
titcb In short
the men wont
XeU Mm rtgt to p1ClI tnnwllit Be I
arm The I
> a gt t
neral musforeleaetfTinto1 us Barab
basi ijt
The man easy self confidence his
air of authtirity w surjfrlse neither of
his companictEiB It there Were a good
soldIer besides thoftcoinnjandant in
Slavna Staf nits was tho Jq nIt there i
were a head In Kravon1 cooler than I
Stenovlcs Jt lefts oihthbl fchdulders otI
BtafnlfeaOETe was thot lain to Mis I
Btaflt 1r the lulnn6ici7lnd CaptaIn
tIer p loud yoletkrawny fist
liT 1 hl ifiwtto plnY his big stale on I
t bad handy 1ti1J1d you tell him that
His blgflstako colonel asked Mark
ut < Wha f 11 understand by that
Nothtnffmhaiyou werent meant to
But tell BteggvKsholl understand
Baetatz lluwcd his rickety giggle
Bastatz d pPltbat to make you think
ho understands better than you do Bo
comforted bo doesnt Rastatzs
l nW b V ar + v vut aSawi alit LOW ft cw
and uneasy And the girl who knock
ed Sterk9ff out of timoI wish ebod
killed the stupid brute trbat about her
Io Mac art t1
BheSrer a very remarkable per
eon colonel
44 Eris she I must make her ac
qualntanco Qoodby Markart
Markart had meant to stay for half
nn hx > urt but ho went
Goodby ilastatz
BhBtntz bad just ordered another
liqueur but without waiting to drink
it be too went Stnfultz say on alone
smoking his cigar There11 were n6
signs of cafe on his fore Though not
gay It was calm and smooth No
xyjrlulclcs witnessed to worry nor marred
the comely remains of youth which had
survived his five arid thirty yearS
1 Chapter
TENOVICS watt Indeed in a quan
STENO Mlstltch had precipitated
an unwelcome and premature
Crisis The ministers deliberate
slow moving game was brought to a
sudden issue which he was not ready
to face It had been an essential fea
ture t ft governing prule Qf his campaign
totQ avoid ando i2 conatckwith the
Prince of SlaVna until an occasion
then f
king would be on his side The king
was a power not merely by reason of
his cheaply won popularity but also
because he was while ho lived the
only man who could crown Stenovics
operations with the consummation to
Which the minister and his ally Count
ess Ellenburg looked forward + lth dis <
tant yet sanguine hope The army was
with him now but the other factdr
was lacking The kings pride as well
1as his affection > was enlisted in his
cons Interest Moreover this occasion
Mlstitch wits no tetter than an as
U sassln To take up arms on his behalf
Igracefulone which would make sure
cess very difficult and smirch It forever
1 and beyond remedy even If it came It
was no cause in which to fight both
prince and king That would be play
ing the big stake on a bad hand as
Stafnltz put It
Yet the alternative Stafnitz agaliJ
had put that clearly The armywould
have no more to do with the man who
could not help itat the pinch whp
could not save its favorite who could
not release Barabbas
I The prince seemed to be in big mOEt
unyielding moodthe Bourbon in him
was peeping
out for the
honor of the
royal house and
for the sake of
discipline Mls
titch must die
He had packed
his court mar
tial with the
few truatworthy
friends he bad
among the of
ficers using tho
which jury
packers always
use and some
The square of St Mich times have He
act was full of life had no fear of
and bustle thc center the verdict and
north wall
He knew the dangerstenovlcs made
I no secret about that but said plainly
that ho would sooner be beaten by a
I mutiny than yield to the threat of oney
The first meant for him defeat perj
haps death but not dishonor IRIg
nominy The more Stenovics prophej
sled or threatened a revolt < 6r the
i troops i the more the commandantfeint
Meanwhile Slavna waited in omi
wnpus7uleh utet and the atmosphere
1 was SO stormy that King Alexis had
no heart for fishing
IOn Friday morning tho day before
that appointed for Mlstitchs trial the
names of the members of the court
were published The list met with the
reception which was to doubt antlclj
nated even by the prince himself The
fbtjegta fcsgaflto fill jyith loltqrers talk1
ors and watchers barrack rooms were
mifeYouswltii grumbilng and with
ways at his heels was busy with
many interviews Stenovics sat in his
room moodily staring before him seek
Ing a road out of his blind alley and a
carriage drew up before tho sign of the
Sllvpr Cock as tho cathedral l bells
calmed noon It was empty Inside but
by the driver sat Peter Yasslp tho
princes personal attendant wearing
the sheepskin coat leather breeches
and high boots that the men of the
hills wore His business was to sum
mon Sophy fo SuTeimans tower
The square Of 8t Michael was full
of life and bustle The Golden Lion
did a fine trade BUt the center of In
tcrest was on the north wall and tho
Suleimans tower Within those walls
were the two protagonists Thence tho
prince Issued his orders Thither Mls
titch had been secretly conveyed the
night before by a party of the princes
own guard trustworthy Volsenians
A crowd of citizens and soldiers was
chattering and staring at the tower
when Sophys carriage drew up at the
entrance of the bridge which crossing
the North river gave access to tho
fort The mouth of tho bridge was
guarded by fifty fit those same Volse
SldnS They 1 1 hafl but to retreat ana
ralsothe bridge behind them andMla
tltch was safe in the trap Onlyand
tho crowd was quick enough to under
nd K lai onti Jrlt1OU r III t 11 j J
could be made a snare for his jailor
too Unless provisions could be ob
tained from tho country around it
would be impossible to bold the tower
for long against an enemy controlling
the butchers and bakers shops of
filavna Yet it could be help long
enough to settle tho business of Cap
lain Hercules
Bophy entered the time worn walls of
r Buleimans tower with a tUrljl ot mpns
uro and followed Peter Vasslpijp tile
narrow stair with a delighted curl
oslty Tho prince received her in thE
large round room which constituted
the first floor of the central tower Its
furniture was simple almost rude its
massive walls quite bare save fdr soiflc
pieces of ancient armor Narrow hilts
j deep set In the masonry Boiveli fOr
windows and gave u view Of the city
and of the country around On every
sIde They showed the seething throng
On the north wall and on the qtiays
The distant sound of a thousand voice
struck the car
Zerkovltch and his wife were with
the prince seated over a simple meal i
I at which Sophy joined them Marta
had watched Sophys entrance and the 1
princes greeting closely She marked 11
Sophys excitement betrayed in the fa
miliar signal on her cheek But the
journalist was too excited on hiO ti
account to notice other people Hp dst
talking feverishly throwing hist lehii
body about and dashing his hand up
and down He hardly paused to wel
II come the newcomer He had n thoM
I sand plans by which the prince was to1
overcome and hold down Slabnbl Otis
and all they had the
same defect They Sup
posed the absence of
the danger which they
were contrived to meet
They assumed that the
soldiers would obey the
commandant even
with the soUnd of the
rifles which had shot
MIstitch fresh in their
P was talkAt last the prince pat
I no c1JerfshlJted ZerkovltchV shoul
der Indulgently
IndulgentlyI d not to fear he said
We didnt fear the other night Mlle
de Gruche and I and all ended well I
j Ended Marie murmured half uhF
der her breath
I The prince laughed You shant
make me afraid he told her any
more than ZerkovItch shall make me
trust Colonel Stafnitz I cant say
I more than that He turned to Sophy
I Ulthink youd better stay here till we
see whats going to happen tonight
and our friends here will do the same
If alls quiet you can go home to sleep
If not we can give you quarters
i rough ones Im afraid He rose
from the table and went to a window
i The crowds thinner Theyve gone
off td eat and drink We shall have
one auiet hour at all eV DbL
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