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t I rction
Charging the Enemy
011 Gib Hzoll went swinging nOd
Stamping upon his crutches down the
Street and up the steps of his store It
was tin Mujrest store In town though
t not flit smartest Joe Beenam who
r t had IiiiMi up the spring before just
across the street was running old Glb
haril In groceries and hardware and
Y lsviii4 him out of sSubt when 1t cnme
t to knieUknncks or dry goods pure and
A man who balf knew looked after
old Gib then across nt the sign of his
tv il young rival and murmured half to him
self What a pity I Anothor man
who knew also looked listened to the
exclamation and answered It sticking
cut his chin as he spoke Boater say
3Vhat a shamel
4 lWhats a shame doc a third said
coming up behind them Dr Waters
Bmlled half grimly Im not quite
t cure It seems to bo the hitch In the
course of a true love he answered
Low Bayne the man who had spo
ken first shook his head energetically
I meant that poor old fellows logs i
f ho said I suppose doc Its certain
tdbe11 never walk again certainI
Now youve got me the doctor
protested Id risk my professional
reputation that fall lie got on the sleety
pavement did no worse harm to his
shrunken shanks than bark them up
pretty generally There were bruises
r of course and on the shoulder and side
ns well I told him hed be out and
about In plenty of time for the Christ
runs trade but from the first he stood
me up and down that hed never take
another steady step and so far Im
bound to admit bE was right Theres
nothing on earth the matter with his
legsnothing at least that I or the oth
er doctors can see Against that there
Is the fact that the minute he tries to
stand on them they do the Joint rule
act double under him as though they
hadnt strength to bear up a spider
The trouble must lie In the nerves If
thats what you meant I agree with
you that Its a pity 1 thought you
had reference to the trick hes played
on Joe Beenam
tpWhat is It asked Merton the
third of the group You know Ive
been away six months Tell me all
about It
Not much to tell Dr Waters said
You know Florrle Ezell
I ought to considering she sent me
away Merton broke In ruefully
You dont mean Joe Is gone on her
like the rest of us I thought
Youve hit It the doctor said Joe
r did stand out mighty well against the
prevailing Infection but a man never
knows whats coming to him until It
bite him square In the face
Lord To think of Joe the bomb
proof we called him Merton chuc
i kled How did It happen Tell me
all about it
Merton a newly evolved drummer
bad given what he would have called
a comprehensive order Dr Waters
also choctlxl as be answered nodding I
Ills bead by way of emphasizing his
r > tot > Ten you see its this WRYI
n bear struck for Joe when he saw i
Fliwtf Elei swirling around a blue
cmtatui angel hi a waltz with Bob
a juvm at tile Pattens party Florrles I
i a pretty girl anyway you see her
DIll Bight sbe was particularly fetch I
lag But that wasnt the thing I In
sist Jof time bad come He knew It I
toga a the waltz was over he froze
to FlorTie didnt get a yard away
c from her all tbe evening
j alt was a freezing time as I remem
r lr ° Iewaene interrupted with a
laigh Indian summer up to dusk
then a cold raiu that turned to sleet
in short ttpsjfr Say didat oU Gib get
Ids fall Al very night
Tin cWnjj to that if jriwll wait
the doajfs r 1on 1 tell you that was
a lees Tffeinjeinber Joe of course
wf uiantrli fiorrle walk bomethougu
the CzH bo tte is only six blocks from
the PatUms 10 slree lie telephoned
for the quest rig at tbe liver stable
and bundled all that blue tarlatan in
it aa snug as yon please I heard Flor
rte protesting that she ought really to
wait for papa but we all persuaded
tier papa wouldnt tblnk of risking
himself upon pavement like glass We
ought to have known hotter Old Gib
always does the thing that any other
man would lot alone
Bet a hat be came Merton said
chuckling more than ever
You winfrom yourself Dr Wa I
ters answered He came he didnt
BOO his daughter he went back swenr
ing like a trooper though he Is a dea
con and he fell right before Master
roes fine rig coming back from leav
ing Miss Florrle safe at the gate Of
course Joe picked him up and carried
him home Equally of course old Gib
hates him for doing It By the time I
got to him next morning he was fully
persuaded Joe was nt the bottom of
his fall with Florrle as accessory said
they ran away and left him hoping
hed break his neck so Joe could have
both his daughter and his store You
know he didnt take overkjndly to
t y competition arfyway1
That be didnt I Why be even wrote
to our credit maq to keep a peeled eye
on Joe Merton Interrupted
Thats like him Dr Waters said
t1iIII tell you boys nature must work
r along a certain line of compensation
Via pure she slapped into old Gib all
The small meannesses due to two gen
erations of Ezeilplt may even be I
three His father was a fine man and
his daughter Is just as good a oman
us over Was rondo
About Joe now Morton queried
Dr Waters frowned
Joe courted Florrlo with such i L
rush that In a week they were en
gaged Then he went right In to old
Gib and hud It out with him told him
all about himself and his business Ir
and out Up and down but the sub
stance of It was he wanted Florrlo foi
tils wife and would do whatever old
Gib sail If only ho could got her And I
then the old crocodllo pretended tc
cry raid Florrle was all he had to lift
for be hoped Joe wouldnt press him
for an answer then nor Indeed talk
of an engagement until he was either
dend or himself again You know how
soft henrted old Joe Is and bow he
hangs on to his word one he posses
It Of course Iio promised never mis
trusting the old wretch was playing
him So there you are Florries wor
rying and losing color because Joe
only speaks wbeu they pass by but
doesnt come to the house Joes about
desperate and old Gib Is fattening and
i getting ten years youngeron spito
I and crutches What tho end Is to bo
nobody can guess
Can old Gib be shamming Merton
asked Dr Waters shook his bend I
thought so at firstu be said But It
he Is It beats anything In the books
Theres certainly nothing wrong with
I his legs except that theyre a bit flab
by Its equally as certain he cant
f walk on them I think sometimes he
has hypnotized himself If It was Just
I deceit and what I call cussedness I
I would have been able before this to
take him off his guard 1
I Well I can at least goover and
condole with Joe Morton said stop
i ping across the street And maybe
sympathy will be worth an order he
called back over his shoulder as heI
struck the store steps J
III e e f e e
Although It was late March It was
still nipping cold A red flre roared In
the base burner Inside old Gibs storeI
Old Gib hiuwelf sat closo beside It his
eye ranging all the miscellaneous mer
chandIse which crowded shelves and
floor His three clerks had been on
the Jump all morning but toward nOOn
there came a lull He was about toa
send two of them off to dinner when
the door opened wide and Merton I
came through with Joe Beenam In his
wake and Dr Waters and Lew Bayne
marching solemnly behind Joes face
was white his eyes brilliant his figure
tense In every line Indeed he looked E
desperate and his voice rang hard nsE
be said stopping short three feet
away Mr Ezell I have come to ask you
here In the presence of these witnesses
to release me from my promise You
know well how It was givenwith a I
total misapprehension of the truthc
You mean you want to take my I
laughter as well as my trade and leave
me a cripple to starve old GlbI
Joe set his teeth I mean nothing
of the sort he said Give me your
daughter and our home shall be yours I
I will serve and care for you as I
would for my own father
You wont get the chance old Gib
Joe half turned to his friends and
whispered sepulchrally Go away C
Going to murder me hey old GlbI
Joe stood very straight The others
hId slunk toward the door with the
awed clerks huddling after They
heard Joe shout
It is not murder I shall give my J
life to free Florrie from your intolera A
ble tyranny Intolornjl
Then they saw him fling wide the
stove door and dash Into lt what
seemed like several pounds of gun
Old Gib saw it too Wlthone wild
looping yell ho leaped from his chair
regardless of crutches of everything
but flight rushed madly for the door
darted through It and did not pauiYa
until he came panting and trembling
to his own gate As he clung there
the others overtook him as breathless
as himself betwixt running and laugh
Dr Water made a low bow If I
bad thought three pound of black
bare bad you well long ago be ttM
Merton dragged Joe forward lt
you want to kick anybody kick nw
be said to old Gib I put this ladi
patting Joes shoulder up to playing
you that trick
Humph I knew he djdnt have the
brains for It himself old Gib snorted
But though he had found his legs he
was none the less old Gib The fact
was proved by his letting Joe and
lorrlo marry almost out of hand and
presenting them with both his store
and his blessing
Water Vapor on Mars
The much debated question of the
existence of water vapor In the atmos
phere of Mars appears to have been
settled In tho affirmative by the obser
ations of V M SlIpher corroborated
by those of Dr F W Very who esti
mates that Mars has In Its atmosphere
about 75 per cent more water vapor
than exists In the air over Flagstaff
Ariz In the month of January Mr
llipher concludes that these observa
ions favor the view that the white
caps about Mars poles are composed
of snow rather than of hoarfrost The
iretyalent conditions on Mars says
Dr Very are those of a mild but des
ert climate such ns Professor Perclvul
Lowell has asserted exists there
I A Simpler Way
Of course shell break his will 1
No lie didnt make any
That rfght She got all the stuff
a way ffom him before he dledI
Cleveland Plain pealer
> J >
hJ JIi
fI f n
We are authorized to announce
as a candidate for Councilman In thoScond Ward
of the City of Hapkine old subject to the action
1of the Democratic party
We are authorized to announce
as a candldntejfor the nomination ngCouncllrn
from Sovel1th Watd subject to thllcaCltlon ot the
Democratic party IrTn ary Junp S i
We are authorized to annotmes
0110 6s RAN > UJI
as a candidate for CnwefliMn from the Sixth
ward subject to the action of the Ownocratic Pri
mary June 81
We are authorlirt to announce
M a candidate for City Couaoiltrfan In the Fou r th
Ward subject to tlw action of the Democratic
We are antkelud to announce
nS a candidate for Magistrate in thd Fifth magis
tonal district HoWell and Lafayette subject to jl
the action of the Democratleparjfy
ei15RIPlti °
Weare authorized tq announce
L n pA VIS vi
a candidate for sheriff of CtuHtlan county son
jectto the action of the Ref dI1Icah party
We are authorised to aniftJii <
0 It OLAhK
as a candidate for circuit ccurt cferic of Christian
county subject to the action of the Republican
We are authorized to announce
as a candidate fsr jailer of Christian county sub
ject to theeifon of the Rapjibllatin party
We are HQtborlwd to announce
as a candidate for County Court Cleric of Christ
lien county euhjoct to tho action of the Republi
can party
We are authorised to announce
as a candidate for county judge of 1 Christian
County subject to the action of the Republican
We are authorized to anpounce
as a candidate for the Legislature subject to the
action of the Republican party
We are authorized to announce
B a candidate for reelection to the office of Su
perintendent of County schools ofj Christian
county suBJect to the action of the Republican
French Lick and West Baden
Springs Ind
Now reached by direct line of tbs
Southern Railway
Leave Evansville 786 am 150 pm 600 pm
Rockport 730 am
II Cannelton 715 am
U Tell City 725 am
IITroy 735 am
Arrive French Lick 1025 am 450 pm 905 pm
Arrive West Baden 100 am 4W pm 910 pm
Evansville to French Lick 316
IIto West Baden 320
Rockport to French Lick 252
to West Baden 256
Cannelton to FrenchLick 272 1
to West Baden 276
Tell City o French Lick 260
Co to West Baden 264
Troy to French LICK 2 44
I toWetB den 243
0 St Louis Mo
Evansville iAj
L Na < 4
No 52St Louis Express 1005a mJ
No E4 StL Fist Mail 1023 pw
No 920 St L Lim 606Ikm
No 56 Hopkinsville Ac 855 Po
No 94Dixie Flyer 553 p m
Mo 51t L Express 532 p a
Na 58St L Fast Mail 535 a r
No OSC N 0 Lim 1150 p n
Mo 55 Hopkinsville Ac 705 a rr
No n and 54 connect at St Louis and other
picots No 51 connect at Quiurit for Memphis La
p mts at Jar south as Erin and for LOUIT e
C clnnltl and the East
No 53 and 51 mate direct connection at Got
aoth Louisville CIndnnatt and al poln t
doth and east thereof No 53 and 55 alas con
nect for Memphis andwav points
So 92 runt through to Chicago and will tot
carry passenger to point Soutn of ETan li eo
Also carries through sleepers to St Louis
No 93 through sleepers to Atlanta Nacon
Jacksonville St Augustine and Tampa Fla
A so Pullman sleepers to New Orleans Don
t eta at Guthrie for points East and West r 0
93 will not carry local passengers for potts Nnr t
KashTllle Tenn
Ham Sacks Here
Big shipment of ham sacks two I
sizes just received and for sale t1
this office
= Sidewalks
E have been laying Concrete
Sidewalks in Hopkinsville forI
four years Our name plate in
your work is a guarantee TheI
largest and most important jpbs I
in Hopkinsville have been done by
WHEN you have work to do drppi
us a card or phone us and our rep
resentative will call on you
I Our Prices Always the Lowest
Oonilitont VWh Best Quality I
Meacham Contracting Co
I I Phone 1208 Office Cooper Bldg
c 1 W J
We Ask You
to take Cardul for your female
troubles because we are sure it
will help you Remember that
this gteat female remedy
has brought reHef to thousands of
other sick women so why not to
you For headache backache
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ness many have said it Is the
bc medicine to take Try it i
Sold in This City FS
Suits tb Order 2000 and up
Overcoats < 2000 and u
Pants 4Place I
Place orders now for spring de
liveries and avoid the rush
I I r 111 r JI w
When Yon Visit Nashville
The most centrally located hotel in the city on Sixth Ave North near
corner of Church street All cars from Union station pass within two
doors Of the house Delightful Rooms Splendid Table and all the
comforts of home No better place for shoppers Fine double j
rooms for convention parties Within 2 blocks of capitolt
Special Rates to Parties of Four or Morei
Own Your ko Home
t And FarmI
Now is the time to buy real estate in
44 Hopkinsville and Christian county
I With the high prices of WHEAT CORN TOBACCO CATTLE and HOGS
in fact everything a farmer raises the price of land is sure to adV altce so why
l not invest in a good farm before the RAISE COMES
r Nothing is safer than a GOOD LAND INVESTMENT in Christian county
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We also have some very desirable homes and vacant lots for sale at prices
that will interest you X
Below we submit some of the bargains we have to offer YOU
310 acres near Pee Dee sixroom house two
barns stable and cabin 10 acres of good timber
and a nice young orchard price 2500 per acre
115 acres even miles from Hopkinsville on Brad
shaw pike 4 room cottage barn and stable two
cabins nine acres in timber land all first class
price 40 00 per acre
2303acres just outside of Pembroke 6room
house and all other necessary outbuildings most
of the land in clover and timothy all in a very
high state of cultivation price 5000 per acre
226 acres near Howell Ky large 7room house
with good barn and stable and all out buildings in
good repair well watered I1tfd everything up in
good h pe price 4006 per ae
225 acres near Herndblj > Ity CJ r JmhOU8 2
tobacco barns nub o b1n stftbltj aouUl orchard
price 525000
500 acres 10 miles south asfJop niville Clarks
ville pike 8room house 4 tot it burns one sta
ble one hay barn 8 cabins Windmill and all im
provements right uptodate 140 acres of fine tim
aer no better farm anywhert Price per acre 60
200 acres near Julleu Ky small cottage stable
cabins has spring branch running through farm a
A splendid business and a beautiful home with it
at Casky Ky Trice 5000001 r >
127foot lot on Walnut street with dwelling on
one sidi of property price 3QQQO
A new modern up todate house on South Vir
ginia street price 400000
One of the most attractive libmes on East Ninth
street price 4000 00 f
A house and lot on Jesup avenue one of the
most desirable corners in that part of town price
House and lot on corner of VlrBinj and Six
teenth Tbis is one of the most attractive cottages
in the city price 3000 00
cheap place at the price 40 00
316 acres 12 miles south of Hopkinsville Ky
6room house good barns and good stableand
all other improvements necessary 40 acresaf good
timber this place is well watered and a splendid
tract of land price 3500 per acre
80 acres 4 miles north of town on the Greenville
road price 100000
225 acres 5 miles east of town on the Russellville
pike large modern house of 11 rooms with all
conveniences out buildings all in firstclass condi
tion 30 acres of splendid timber qnverat fine
springs and one of the best stock atilgrain farms
in the county Price 5000 per acre = ° J
210 acres 5 miles south of town 7 fpdrn house
two good barns stable 3 cabins gjnn ry and all
necessary out buildings fences in gjijod repair 30
acres of timber land in high state if cultivation
i price only 35 00 per acre
60 acres south of town right on the pike This is
one of the choicest little homes in the county with
a brand new house place neawly fenced well fa
teredi and all in fine stand of grays Price only
House and lot on East Eigh eenth nice 5room
cottage built only a short t m and > 1JjI prov
ed Price 180000
A very desirable cottage on East Seventh price
A very choice vacant lot on McPherson avenue
right back of West Side School price only 25000
A modern and convenient 7room cottage and
out buildings on South Campbell street water
gas and electricity Especially swell corstructed
house comparatively new Lot 86 x 200 extending
back to 85 foot street Goodvalue for 350010
Desirable vacant lot in good neighborhood on
South Walnut street corner lot 190 feet deep
price if sold ot once 67500
PlantersBankd l Trust Co I

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