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The Magic L
A Thanksgiving Siory II
Copyright 1903 by American press
Association pressj
IThe committee on repairs walked
down the nlsle and wagged dlsapprov
1 fll each pew
i it never struck me in fore how un
astoful It was to have every pew car
ted different wheezed Miss Lee Ini
jortanlly They look just like oiks
MURCB Jeremiah Llttlee la got n piece
f hili parlor carpet spread On 0 jjpd
kU It needs is n basket of wax flowers
fO make you think youre pitting In bin
Font room at n funeral
Ibc other members of the committee
Last surreptitious glances at their see
iral pews each with its gayly covered
door and fat carpeted hassocks Then
hey looked nt Sarah Lees own pew
vlt1 Its meat red floor covering that
sactly mUlched the carpet In the aisle
I We nlnt all agents for a carpet
itcre remarked Hannah Smith dlj ly
C miss Ice reddened Thats neither
We nor there she said hurriedly
The facts are these Daniel Merton
pas sent us 1000 for the church re
e5alrs Dr Long says J500 will be 1
seeded for repairs to the building and
clfry The other SOO Is to be used
1y the Indies of the committee to re
Icconite the Inside and for a new car
etct to cover all the pews
She looked narrowly nt Serena Webb
n the background i
My pew will remain as It is said
terena calmly i
to The committee drew a unanimous j
ireatb of dismay j
rbals the old Morton pew pro
proaested j
1 1 know LeeI
h I should think that when a man
I ares enough for the old church be was
Mptized in to send 1000 for repairs
t would be a delicate attention on the
earl of the committee to refurnish his
Id family pew said Dr Longs wife
Vltterly I
S Perhaps Mr Merton would prefer
o see the old church restored rnther
titan redecorated lie must have ten
tier recollections of the old pew with
His mothers carpet on the floor and
jhe same old hassocks he knelt on
then a boy I am sure he would rath j
f1 see the chancel restored to its old
Jme beauty rather than done over in
the latest fashion said Serena Webb
iflgorly j
s Rubbish sneered Sarah Lee A
loan as smart as Dan Merton a mnn
Vho left Redbush a poor young man
and Is today a millionaire must be up I
P date He aint no back number
be ended with n triumphant relapse I
ito slang Iled admire to see his
noneys been put to some good pur
II The other Indies nodded approval of
Isis sllltelOCnl all Serena Webb I
UC7 t > I f ll ill V IJ 1 41 1 save fcjt I UilU IV I UU
7 fho was gazing wistfully nt the dim
nd faded frescoes In the chancel
So you see Miss Webb Dan Mer
3D would be pleased enough to have >
jls old family pew done over new
Vere planning to have tall done by
hanksglvlng and then Invite him
own and have n regular thanksgiving
ver the hull thing said Miss Lei
My pew will remain as It Is said
cretin firmly as she turned toward the
por I have pith for Jt
4Very well rciunud the other bit
jgly 1 shall take care to let Dan
lerton know that n stranger has
one to rtvdbush who aint grateful
hough for his generosity to try to
t lough
lease him 1 shall let him know
Serena Webb merely bowed politely
pd passed through the door
Once within the gate of her quiet
1d fashioned garden her straight
aim tlgure relaxed Into a rustic sent
abe clasped her white hands behind
pr sunny brown head and surveyed
mplatlve eyes
rrhe Morton homestead and the
erton pew are the possessions of an
centric spinster she mused whim
cally First Daniel Merton presl
nt of the cordage trust writes an 1
immands that I sell him his old
> me pr an absurdly high price
bleji I refused because the house
suits me and I am tired of wan
rIng Again he sends a gift to his
arch and they demand that I tear
it the charming old fashioned furnl I
re of the Merton pew and trans
rm it for him I am selfish enough I
like it as it Isand to believe ho I
til like it best too But I am afraM I
that Daniel Merton a man who has i I
Sen to such eminence as he must
isscsd a strength of purpose that will
last prevail upon mo to part with
is charming place I
With a little sighing laugh she wfOntI
to the house the quiet house whichI
o occupied with her servants andI
r pets Her kinsfolk wore awaiting I
r In another distant country Sere I
was young yet Sho was thirty
e and she was lonely j
For wooI s after that September dayI
j Ilcdbush church was closed for I
pairs Heavy canvas covered the f
Merlon pew and protected It from I
pavers of lime and plaster and later t
Mm the dripping bnishcs of painter
d decorators I
jViUUc by little the old church took I
n new appearance Shaky timbers I
ire strengthened the great belfry
s r
WitS repaired and the bell retiring
Gray paint restored the building to
Quakerllko respectability The fur
price was mended and the organ was
Indoocs the wnrln glow of the old
red carpet watt replaced by sober
brown pile and the newly varnltthed
pows were carpeted with the same ma
terial Wooden foot rests talk the
place of the discarded hiissoilin and
polished seats were uupplled instead
bf the comfortable cushions
The faint pinks and rOOK of the old
decoration gave way to sea green walls
and chancel It was nil very new and
very hideous and extremely uncom
The minister was Joyful and the con
grcgatlou was gratified at the splendor
of the shabby old church The com
mittee on repairs proudly sent in their
report on the Sunday before Thanks
giving day At the same time the
minister read a letter from Daniel
Merton saying that he would gladly
accept their invitation to attend the
special services on Thanksgiving day
Cold nnd crisp the day dawned and
tho usual fpfllJrltlw of the day were
pushed forward that italic f104 misx
There was a rustle of expectation af
the people gathered In the redecorated
edifice Up in the front pew on limo
right of the aisle in the old Merton
pew with its still gorgeous turkey
carpet and hassocks wit Serena Webb
conscious that her scat wan a blot on
the fulr scene
In the front left hand pew sat Dr
Long and his wife nervously awaiting
the arrival of Daniel Merton for it
was understood that the great man
was to be ushered into the good doc
tors sober brown pew
The last bell was ringing the choir
was rustling the pages of their book
and the organ was growling a low
voluntary when there was the Insist
eat blast of a horn and then the soft
cbug chug of a motorcar It stopped
at the church the door opened and
thyn Redbusb drew n long breath as
Daniel Merton walked up the aisle
and was ushered into Dr Longs scat
For several moments he knelt in
prayer and then be aroso and looked
about him as the service began
Be saw a strange church and strange
people Be had borne in his minds
eye for years past a quaint old church
with warm red carpet and many pews
each furnished according to Its own
ers fancy There was nothing here to I
remind him of the past and his boy
hood save the seat across the aisle
aisleI with
Its ancient turkey carpeted floor and
fat hassocks sat a slender woman
with sweet serious face bent above
her book That was what Daniel Mer
ton saw in the old pew where be had
knelt when a boy
boyj Rodhush saw a tall
thin man with a handsome face lined
with care a man plainly dressed as
one of themselves and those who had
known him when a boy traced in his
countenance a vague likeness to tin
ambitious lad of twentytlve years be
Then they snw him look about the
church with Impassive face which did
not change until it reached the old
Merton pew They saw Is been eyes
rest on Serena Webbs face and on the
old time furnishings before they turn
ed to cast n sweeping glance up and
down the aisle at the brown carpet
Then they saw him leave his seat
and deliberately cross the aisle and
sit down beside Serena Webb Serena
blushed and shared her hymn book I
with him
The service was long for the good
people of Itcdhusb were very grateful
to their bcuellcent townsman and the
minister must express their gratitude
in sonorous sentences that a million
acre might appreciate
A year afterward Sarah Lee survey
ed the church In high disJnln Work
men had completed Its restoration to
UK original decorative scheme and the j
florists men were banking palms about I
the chancel
To think Serena Webb should mar
ry Dan Mertou after all never saw
him In her life till that Thanksgiving
day murmured Mrs Long in Sarahs
That there old turkey carpet did
it sniffed Sarah Lee Just to think
of him insisting that everybody must
carpet their own pew to suit them
selves Even old ilulda Jones has
made her a braided mat for hers ned
bush Is behind the times
In the meantime Daniel Merton was
whispering to Serena in the garden of
his old home It was the combina
tion of you and the old pew set In the
midst of that hideously decorated
church It was you sweetheart that
broke through this crust of money
getting and made me again in heart
like the boy I used to be
111m so glad murmured Serena i
happily Let us always keep the old
turkey carpet Dan It carried yo
back to yoir boyhood It brought you
across the Isle to me and it has ear
ned us both to happiness It Is a
magic carpet Indeed
Knowledge and Culture
A great memory does not make a
philosopher any more than a diction
ary can be called a grammar There
are men who embrace in their mInd
a vast multitude of Ideas but with
little sensibility about their r < al rela
tions toward each other These may
be antiquarians annalists naturalists
they may be learned In the law they
may be versed In statistics they are I
most useful In their own place 1
should shrink from speaking disre
spectfully of them Still hero Is noth
ing In such attainments to guarantee
tho absence of narrowness of mind
It they are nothing more than well
read men or men of Information they
have not what specially deserves the
same of culture of mind or fulllllH the
type of liberal education Newman
Hopkiflsville Market
Corrected Friday Sept 24 1909
Country lardgood color and clean
I6c per pound
Country bacon IGc per pound r
Black yed penn 2 75 per bushel
Country shoulders 14c per pound
Country hams 20c per pound
Northern seed Rose potatocs100
per bushel
Northern eating Burbank pota
toes 100 per bushel
Northern eating Rural potatoes
100 per bushei
Yellow eating onions 120 per
Red eating onions100 per hushe
Dried Navy beans 340 per
Tennessee cabbage in crates125
Dried Lima beans5 3 4c per pound
Country dried apples 10c per
Country dried peaches lOc per
Daisy cream cheese 25c per
Full cream brick cheese 25c per
Full cream Limberger cheese 25c
per pound
Popcorndried on ear2c per pound
Sweet potatoes 150 per bushel
Choice lots fresh wellworked
country butter in pound prints 30c
Lemons 25e per dozen
Navel Oranges 50c per doz
Bananas 20 to 25c doz
New York State apples 500 to
650 per barrel
New Vegetable
String Beans lOc gal
Spring Chickens 30 to 35c
Dressed hens 13 to 16c per pound
iressed cocks 6 to lOc per pound
live hens 9c per pound live cocks
tic pound live turkeys 12 to ls per
Dressed geese lie per pound for
choice lots
Fresh country eggs 0 cents per
A rood demand exists for dressed
chickens turkeys geese and choice I
lets of fresh country butter
Young dressed shoats 7c a pound
Kay and Grain
Choice timothy hay 12 g13
No 1 timothy hay 11 to 12
No2 timothy hay 1050
Choice clover hay 1100
No1 clover hay 1000
No2 clover hay 800
Clean bright strew hay 4001
Alfalfa hay 1600
White seed oats 50e
Black seed oats 45c
Mixed seed oats 40c
No2 white corn 75c
No2 mixed corn 73c
Winter wheat bran 2400
Chops 34 00
Prices paid by wholesale dealers to j
buthers and farmers
RootsSouthern ginseng 600 Irr
Golden Seal yellow root 140 lb
Mayapple 4c pink root 12c and 13c
TallowNo 1 4c No2 3ic
WoolBurry lOc to 21c Clear
Grease 25c medium tub washed
33c to 35c coarse dingy tub washed
18c to 23c
FeathersPrime white goose 32c
dark and mixed old goose 15c to 30c
gray mixed 15c to 30c white duck
22c to 35c new
Hides and Skins These quotations
are for Kentucky hides Southern
green hides 9ic We quote assortec
ots dry flint 12c to 14c 910 bet
ter demand
Winter Tourist Rates
Aberdeen Miss 1535
Durant Miss1535
Hammond La 2295
Jackson Miss 1775
McComb Miss 20 80
New Orleans La 2500
The above rates apply from Hop
kinsville Ky on sale daily Novem
ber 1st to April 30th 1910 via Illi
nois Central Ry
T L Morrow Agent
Hallowells patent gape extractor
for removing Bane worms from the
windpipes of young chickens for
sale at this office at 10 cents each
See J H Dagg for contracting
building and general repair work of
all kinds Phone 476
We Are Here to
Do Your Printing
We Have a Large Assortment
of Type Ready to Serve You
What You Want
The Way You Want It
And When You Want It
1f r You want
is Waiting
For You
We have the kind of millinery that suits arid I
pleases A becoming hat is the necessary finishingI
touch to a well dressed lady We can please you be
cause we have the assortment with which to do it
Let show Prices satisfactory x
ILet us your t
II Miss Fannie B Rogersj
I 210 South Main SCret3t
We are going to send twenty young wo I
men between the ages of 16 and 50
white of good character on a twp r I 1
months tour to the Mediterranean The
I Azores Madeira Gibraltar Morocco
Southern France and Italy We will pay
all expenses of every kind for a thorough
enjoyable trip
The Tour Will Be Personally ConductedI
Write to the Tour Department The Herald
Louisville Ky For Full Information
l d
low f re
On the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month very
low fare round trip tickets will be sold via the Cotton
Belt Route to points in Arkansas Louisiana Texase
and Oklahoma Take advantage of these low fares and
investigate the wonderful opportunites now open in the J
Southwest The 25 day return limit gives you ample J
time and you can stop over both going and returning I 11
The Direct Line to TexasII
The Cotton Belt is the direct line from Memphis
to the bcuthwest through Arkansas It operates
two daily trains carrying through sleepers chair
cars and parlorcafe cars Trains from all points
make direct connection at Memphis with Cotton
Belt trains for the Southwest r
Do not delay your trip to the Southwest until
the big opportunities are gonewrite me today
where you want to go and I will show you hoT
cheap you can make the trip and give you complete
KolpIe etc I w1 JIM > send you free our books on
IUL alaIrkmlot itt County map in colors
L C LARRY Traveling Passenger Agent
1 Z Todd Building
1 Jio Ky
f r
HE waters are world wide in the celebrity The Hotel With a ca
pacity to take care of 200 people is situated on the Kentucky
Division of the I C R R about 200 feet from the railroad station
surrounded by a beautiful maple grove The old chalybeate well is in the
yard and the celebrated salts well about 100 yards from the Hotel TKe
wells are owned by the Hotel Arcadia and the guests of the Hotel have 1
free access to them Music is furnished by a String Band during the
entire season
200 per Bay 1000 per Week 3500 per Month
Children 10 Years and Under 5 00 per Week
Nurses and Maids 100 per Day
For further particulars apply to
N M HOLEMAN CO Hotel Arcadia r
Daw aon Sprlrirg M
r r Kentucky >

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