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4 i h r
AU mhxti nN
° 1 IPAJtc 41 t d D OrW8YILLE r17IIUtlf November 27 1909
Ii PAt iE 2 IL
I r UN L = =
Hero U moms my boy to K < J down to
the store
Oomo burn hcs of crackers to buy
And rockvtx and pinwheels and maybo
JTor toriHvows till Fourth of July
And the crackers will bang with a beau
tlfUl luiro
And the io kets will 1rt Ivclvad
And fall In a glorious fnurilalii of lire
Or B tins of blue yellow and red
You can get some torpe < li > o 10 > M to the
And porJiir a toy ptttni as woll
With plenty of cartridges Hunks to be
Tho enniii and the racket to swell
And do nut foii t on your way to stop In
At th ilmi Store and td a supply
Of arpl < i coint plater lotions and lint
For t1TOW the Fourth of July
1lInna I vini hi LipplncottH Migrazlne
Of No Further Use
tr I J
A Passensor Ere Whou Theres
Jin old bl > l i fell off the bus
The totidiKtor Uri right sonny
Es pa ill is fIleSkllf
For Ways That Are Dark
The iu his cyi < vr the casun
SissortKiiiit f cigars ii the case at the
end of tu inir Ho was a stranger t >
all of 1 Ill brands
Hows that two for a quarter over
In the left hand corner he asked
Thais a clainly boss said the col
ored guiin who was Itt datlng as
bartew r Its the kind I always
This soutidetl like a dubious recom
mendation until he added When you
want to get the best cigar in the house
just ask the bartender which cigar he
smokes when the boss is nutXew
York limes
What do you think related the
pretty waitress at the summer hotel
That handsome young man came up
when I wasnt looking last night and
stole a is
I ai surprised exclaimed her
chum Dont you know the head
xvaltre said that any girl allowing
a your man to kiss her would be sue
pcndc lf
11 was suspended
Sn > ended Y
Yet I was in a hammock at tu
liun1 Pack
Keep on Trying
A litle girl who bad n live bantam
presented to her was disappointed at
the smallness of the first egg laid by
the bird Her ideal egg was that of
the ostrKh a specimen of which was
on a tattle in the drawing room One
day the ostrichs egg was missing from
its accustomed place It was subse
quently found near the spot where the
bantam nested and on It was stuck a
piece of paper with the words Some
thing like this please Keep on try
Ing Dundee Advertiser
Deeply Interested
Said 11 > Ob Im Just awfully In
terested in baseball I have a cousin
who belnsjrs to a college bunch
Said hi Indeed Aud what position
does he pliiyV
Said KLo Well I forget Just now 1
whether hes a knocker or a stopper
St Louis Republic
Fathers Mistake
Thnt young man who has been call
ing on you for some time seems to
lack ambition remarked Papa Got
Theres where you go lame papa
rejoined his only daughter He is am
bitcto tl7 meChi lCo Nee
A Simple System
How did Bllggius come to be so
highly esteemed as a weather proph
u +
wBy his tintlralsiB When there is a
drought he keeps predicting ruin and
when its mining he says it is going I
to cur on Washington star
Given Without the Asking
Tkf A k TTr A ll U w 1 six iV 1 yiu uric
sir by telling Mrs Torkors husband
you never a < k my advice about any
TTonpeeke Well iiarift I dont You
dont wait to be asked New York
Not Convincing <
Hero arc n number of witnesses to
prove that tho plaintiff was assaulted
by your goat Have you any rebutting
wltnease l
Only the gout He did all tho ro
Initting Daltimoro American
Tho Summer Boarder
Your beds aro atrocious sir I
couldnt sleep a wink
Good That must havo enabled you
I to rise early and tako In one of
cur magnificent sunrisoe Cleveland
3lain Dealer
As Poets Advlso
I Im trying to train that pup youI
made me n present of I
Thats rlzht Make tho most of tbt
living presenf Kansas City Times
Brother Stlmmerjolin and the Watch
That Failed to Keep Time
Uhloogy yuh rudder Srrcdd dw e
loopy ynh etch peevishly began mis
used Brother Stlmuierjohu When
yo sold me dls watch dls yuh detri
mental ho count confounded wntch
right yuhHlidnt yo giiynhiitoe dnt
Id find it dc moat reeliable watch I
ever owned Didnt yo sale Well
don dews let me Infnwm yo dat de pit
o tawineiit nui full < littler halts den
yo is Dlt watch nni slow lias to
Wind It three times fi day to keep It
goln atnll and still its slowslow
nil de time What klnduh way am dot
to trent n plllnh In de church and c
brudder in do lodge Loogy yuh nnw
+ brndder In do lodge an lfah1C yo
don t gltnntp balk tIe two dollnhs I
paid yo for his yuh reellnble wntch IV
gwino to hop yo nnd hop yo hnhd
Now doss hot on hell yo Bits tto
fats Brudder StinnnorJohnS inter
jected tho culprit Never fawrn yo
i pinions twell yo has tIe fncs 1 done
cuynhutced do watch to be reollnble
I So tis Yo can alias dcpou on dnt
watch allus find it slow It nlnt one
o dcm excitable watches nUns In u
high fever its slow nn stays tInt uh
way Well sob 1 must be trudgln
Oh dew dnr two dollnhs Done lost
em at de rafllo An if yo still mcdl
cater on hoppin me now dnt yo know
de facs hyar am one udder fac for
your ramificationgot molt razxah wit
me and n rock In each pocket But
dess to show yo dnt I predates unlit
lodge flllenuions come wid me nn IT
bep yo saw dot reellnblo watch off on
to a new come ynllah man rum Turn
linsville dnt nlnt been yuh long noup
to git wisdom y1tTolU 1 Morgan in
No Help For It
The young benedict was experienc
sakL is so exceedingly nervous at
night that she scarcely sleeps Bur
rlarsr queried the old married man
Yes Well you have to expect that
My wife was that way Every Umo
she heard a noise downstairs shed
rout me out nnd chase me down to
investigate After a time however
convinced her that if n burglar ever
did get into the house ho wouldn
make any noise at all Clever ox
clniuud the young one Ill try that
Dont do it pleaded tho old one for
If your wifes anything like mine shell
turn right about and worry every
time she doesnt hear n noise dowu
stairs Catholic Standard and Times
Cause For Worry
We are going to consult a specialist
about our boy says the father
About your boy echoes the friend
Why be seems to be a perfectly
healthy rugged lad
I know but we have asked him
time and aGain what be wants to be
when be grows up and he never has
aid that be wants to be a railway en
rineerXew York Life
English Joke
Londoner Bah Jove Yes over in
our country the upper classes are
much attached to a fish called the sole
Bloouihig fine fish too
American How funny That sound
like A shoemakers retort
Londoner What my dear man
American Why the uppers are at
tached to the sole Chicago News
The Monster
dreNewlywedYesterday I got a
lovely parchment diploma from the
cooking college and heres what Ive
cooked for you Now guess what it is
Mr Newlywed with slab of omelet
between his teeth The diploma New
Orleans TimesDemocrat
Hie Difficulty
Jinks seems to be having a hard
pull to get along
Ills hard null is just the rOfti Oll he
cant get on
How do you make that out
Because hes a dentist Baltimore
A Sad Similarity
Do you take exercise enough in
quired the friend
Im afraid not answered Miss Cay
I enne Taking exercise is like taking
good advice it is always what some
I one else ought to do Washington
IThings Theatrical
First Actor I have Just signed fl
aoutract fur the SWIKUU at n salary uf
600 n week
Second Actor Thats nothing
have an offer of Sio a notblngI
None chable
WtIlIS V t ii of the It
detit Hi 1 houOlr
Lawyer it mul where wire y n
Witness Sir Bunion Transcript
ffopldfisville Market
Corrected Friday Sept 24 1909I
Country lard good color and clean
IGc per pound
Country bacon IGc per pound
Blackeyed peas 275 per bushel
Country shoulders 14c per pound
Country hams 20c per pound
Northern seed Rose potatooa 100
per bushel
Northern eating Burbank pota
toes 100 per bushel
Northern eating Rural potatoes
100 per buBhe
Yellow eating onions 1 20 per
Red eating onions100 per bushe
Dried Navy beans 840 per
Tennessee cabbagein crates125
Dried Lima behns5 34c per pound
I Country dried apples lOc per
Country dried peaches lOc per
Daisy cream cheese 25c per
i pound
Full cream brick cheese 25c per
Full cream Limberger cheese 25c
per pound
Popcorndried on ear2c per pound
i Sweet potatoes 150 per bushel
Choice lots fresh wellworked
country butter in pound prints SOc
Lemons 25c per dozen
Navel Oranges 50c per doz
Bananas 20 to 25c doz
New York State apples 500 to
650 per barrel
I barrelZ7ew
New Vegetables
String Beans lOc gal
Potatoes Irish 25c peck
Spring umckens au to Inc
Dressed hens 13 to 15c per pound
Jressed cocks 6 to lOc per pound
live hens 9c per pound live cocks
5c pound live turkeys 12 to 15c per
Dressed geese lie per pound for
ciiuice tuta
Fresh country eggs 20 cents per
A crnorl demand pxiofs for dre spd
I chickens turkeys geese and choice
lots of fresh country butter
Young dressed shoat 7c a r ound J
j Hay and Grain
Choice timothy hay12 R13
No1 timothy hays 11 to 12
No2 timothy hay 1050
Choice clover hay 1100
No1 clover hay 1000
No2 clover hay 800
Clean bright strtw hay 400J
Alfalfa hay 1600
White seed oats 50c
Black seed oats 45u
Mixed seed oats 40c
No2 white corn 75c
No2 mixed corn 78c
Winter wheat bran 2400
I Chops3400
Prices paid by wholesale dealers to
buthers and farmers
RootsSouthern ginseng 600 lb
Golden Seal yellow root 140 Ib
Mayapple 4c pink root 12c and 13c
Tallow No 1 4c No2 3Jc
WoolBurry lOc to 21c Clear I
Grease 25c medium tub washed
j 33c to 35c coarse dingytubwashed
18c to 23c
I FeathersPrime white goose 32c
dark and mixed old goose 15c to 30c
gay mixed 15c to 30c white duck
22c to 35c new
I Hides and SkinsThese quotations
are for Kentucky hides Southern
green hides 91c We quote assortec
eta dry flint 12c to 14c 910 bet
ter demand
1 Vintt T Uiin Rales
Aberdeen Miss I 1535
Durant Miss 1535
Hammond La 2295
Jackson Miss 1775
McComh Miss 2080
I The above rates apply from Hop
kinsvillf Kv nn snip daily Nnvpm
ber 1st to April 30th 1910 via Illi
nois Central Rv
T L Morrow Agent
tluilowoiis patent vane extractor
for remownt gane w ms from the
windpipe of young chickens for
r i inee ul It cell is ettcu
See J lit Dagg f < > r contracting
building and general j pair work of
nil kmrN Ihone476 I
We Are Here to
Do Your Printing
We Have a Larae Assortment
of Type Ready to Serve You
Vi1iat You Want
The Way You Want It
And When YGU Want It
The Hat
Ybti y Want I
Waiting a i
for You
We have the kind of millinery that suits and
pleases A becoming hat vthe necessary finishing
touch to a well dressed lady We can please you be
cause we have the assortment with which to do it
Let us show you Prices satisfactory i
Miss Fannie B Rogers
210 S ou 1h IV a I n S r e e t
nom v b
We are going to send twenty young wo
men between the ages of 16 and 50
white of good character on a two
months tour to the Mediterranean The
Azores Madeira Gibraltar Morocco
0 0 Southern France and Italy We will pay
all expenses of every kind for a thorough
enjoyable trip
The Tour Will Be Personally Conducted
Write to the Tour Department The Herald
Loulsvilfe Ky For Full Information
= =
low fiare
On the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each monthvery
low fare round trip tickets will be sold via the Cotton
Belt Route to points in Arkansas Louisiana Texas
and Oklahoma Take advantage of these low fares and
investigate the wonderful opportunites now open in the
Southwest The 25 day return limit gives you ample
time and you can stop over both going and returning
The Direct Line to Texas
The Gotten Belt is the direct line from Memphis
to the Soiivhvvcsr through Arkansas It operate
two daily trains carrying through sleepers chair
cars and parlorcafe cars Trains from all point
make direct connection at Memphis with Cotton
Belt trains for the Southwest
Do not delay your trip to the Southwest until
the big opportunities are gonc writc me today
where you want to go and I will show you how 1
cheap you can make the trip and give you complete
schedule etc I will also send you free our books on
1 C BAKKr Traveling Passenger Agent
83 Todd Building
Louisville Ky
1 TAy BE PQtrr Tn
< HE waters are world wide in the celebrity The Hotel with a ca
T pacity to take cure of 200 people is situated on the Kentucky
Division of the I C R R about 200 feet from the railroad station
surrounded by a beautiful maple grove The old chalybeate well is in the
yard and the celebrated salts well about 100 yards from the Hotel The
wells arc owned by the Hotel Arcadia and the guests of the Hotel MveIi
free access to them Music is furnished by a String Band during the
entire season 1
200 per Day 1000 per Week 3500 per Month
Children 10 Years and Under 55 00 per Week
Nurses and Maids 1 00 per Day
For further particulars apply to
N MMQLEftAfu CO5 Hotel Arcadia
Dawson Springs Kentucky
sprinx XentuokYI
iI f 0 j 0

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