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Hopkinsville Kentuckian. (Hopkinsville, Ky.) 1889-1918, November 27, 1909, Image 6

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s r UiWii f + wz vu = I A 1Cj JI t ovenit 1060 1 i
04 A c wrww He
er4 e rw nr wu l w ywr nw + 1N Nr < t u a ma N + nu It Nah ui0urniiJfretItrkMYKkIP1MtM9Mm irNpW1MS IiuotiM Y UJIQ 1 it16 ti 3b1W at1tS C tWrhPMA fwI Py1 wi wwa + NwWr aW
Tho Preiant Popular Ones ofCoi
P rati < Iy Recent Origin
Till I nliii iu tliiios lilic othi
idilOits 11 f iiuiitiMiv Two liuudn
yearn lIi t tin daiiroji mont In Yoga
were the gavot allemande ocumi
bourroo pi van sarabande minuet nth
or 1iwi only the last two survive at
JIC1 seu mid the minuet although one
or tlio uiiJt graceful null pldu1lSUe
Of ilaiii i4 very Seldom essayed ox
refit on nliiiinnlous occasions The
daupft inn ti fashion originated in
different < aifries nod at diffciOt
UrncH dliiiu tItrt two ccnttUIe
but uin tly luring tin nineteenth
Tin iivMi if all the dances is un
qaoHtiunnlily the waltz Prance bas of
ten liill Inn to the honor but it
OCt jllll I ns OIK the I Jerniau peasant
fa 1 1 ic MiiUrenth ar eighteenth cei
fury 4 s tty danced It It was the
alow vM 7 illnd the Inndler
litci the Vienna umslcjnns took it
101 1111 the puce and by thlr
Invply luiisi al settings of tills dance
rtiytnni liihllahod the reign of tlw
Walt Uin > utliout the world It iu noti
trirtliv tit the composers of the ftlltt
dJm in 1Vtl fee ever WIitterrSu
licit W liii1 Hocthoven JSrau4 > Lan
w r Iilitky and Wnklteufel vir I
aft Viisna rata It Is properly IftIIlI
cry 111 whether slow cr fast Tw
ill i t Iiz I rent Itltetnih
111 I niInIL
lI wall I r f i
ONII p Ill iijIIIIL 11 I
40 IJ Ol > lhoi1 11 1
pt I I y pup1i I j tlftir step d I
drij i ij 1 > inlin pea so
tll < I 111 t l < doVl I 1jl
1 I i I tripllt also Holic tutun
6I Ill
ofI L irrrl th I itauetrtliie
yotih iI 1 Ultll4i ami the fnrnn
uie I nlI lIu fdltl1f61 111
Origr l J ill Iv Mvrui paws or hose
SVWUl nuul Itvle Magazine I
The Big Tr c3
let di > dmcriM national forest
Mprr > jtic two trovtw of Mg trefs III
tip nottI iriovi ill CaUverftM rouuiy 1
tlcr III an ITIIIII eaeh havtng jC rt
awur C i Myflvt feet or over I
I1rt roar then seVegty luivitig ft W
aopliT tildJlI between flt > eiiaht I
liTPrifjHv rt The tree called tltli
father of t lot forexts which now
lit on the Krotiiid Is estiuuited U > have
the a height of 15 < feet and a tlill 11I
itr at the ground of more bin fotI
tott The bark on these trea ruin
team six Inches to two feet lu thick
arr lie + ldes the giant Hequoins there I
art lnmdrccls of sugar pine ft1 dd
Iciw pines from eight to ton feet lit dK
nutclir and fanylng to 275 feet In
htfght Yontir 4 oinpnnion
Bostons Homtleto Children I
Rhe Henry Vatson Childreirii Aid
jexUHy of UuMioti baa adopted n new i
syrfoui of caring teinporarllj tov ehll
dren committed to Its charge Heivto
Csn I he chiklron have been ar 41 foil I
at the KOciotys haute Under the new
pitn the chilclrcn arc to be boarded IU I
private fumilles until permanent homo
arc found for them by the society
Tbta Idea was first tried in Ifostoii juui
fotmd to be satisfactory by the lioaton j
Obildrcnii Aid society and the ISoston I
mission two of the foremost societies
la childrens relief work In the CUIlIII
try Since the adoption of the ynu m
in Boston MassarhiHetts bus aboiisb > < l I
Its fnstitutlons for the care of home
less children placing them lu family
liouios New York TrlbulleI
Numbering the People In China
Chinn ii preparing to take a census
at her 400000000 people The census
is to be a thorough one and after U 14
done the facts and figures are to lie
kept protty well up to date One pro
vision of the regulations for olllcluls
rciulw After the completion of this
census all births deaths marriages
and adoptions must be reported by till
bead of the family to the local census
office or police station The records of
families must be revised every two
pmtlft lUll recorda of individuals cv
era six months and reports must be
mauVatinmtlly to the board of the hI
trior by the directors general of the
census from the various provinces
Jfuwu Globe
An Indian Memorial
Air Itodman Vnnamaker of New
forge at a recent dinner advanced the
retie tbftVU massive statue of an lu
cttnii placed Itt the gateway to the new
world would Iw the most fitting me
morial to the race which played such
a prqminent part In our early history
Colonel Cody General Nelson A 11
idles Major General Leonard A Wood
And General Iloractf Porter each of
whom has had more than a pictorial
acquaintance with our picturesque
nredecessoru and each of whom spoke
at the dinner grew enthusiastic on
tie spot and declared that the Idea had
their heartiest indorsement
The Magnetic Poles
Later Information on the results of
rJcute ant Shackletous expedition to
tife antarctic revealed much that teas
vt discussed in the preliminary dis
patches It Is now brought out plain
Ijf that tho south magnetic pole like
the north magnetic pole shifts Its po
silos The discovery will enable
geographers to revise the magnetic
charts and this will render navigation
Municipal Ownership of Cemeteries
Viennas newest project In the field
of municipal ownership Is a decidedly
picturesque and Interesting one a cem
etery In tho forest Every effort will
I Do rondo to preserve tho sylvan char
acter of tho spot The city council will
insist that all tho gravestones nnd
monuments shall bo of artistic design
to bo approved by the director of the
tesactery Poll Mall Gazette
Various Scientific Opinions as to How
It Will Came
The urrlble tutastrnpho In Italj
whlab caused the InbaHiiuits nf I ho 111
fated city or Messina io luliove thai
the end of the world hud come is only
11 foretaste on a small scale of what
many eminent scientists believe will
bo tho eiid of the world That eternal
problem of how the world will end Is
In the opinion of many a matter for
scientific Investigation and U Is curl
OUR that the majority believe that the
earth will open asp and lly to pieces In
the must gigantic earthquake Over
known an earthquake that will wipe
ail life from the globe before the no
lung destruction of the ourth Is com
pleteViie late Grunt Allen firmly believed I
Unit HIP world wuuld end by the crust
ut the earth eventually giving way blI
heath the colossal weight above it and
Abbe Unpin one of the greatest scien
tilts of France believes that dooms
day will begin with a war that will en I
velop the greatest nations in Europe
tills being followed by a plague the
IlUe of which has never keen known
culminating with nn earthquake ttatI
will practically shnle the world to
I pIc S
II G Wells whose scientific prophe
Ill > are well known is however of a
different opinion The world will IUIt
ho declares 11 is iiccoming entirely I
Iriirii over It is well known fact 1
thai every year more Ice accumulates
around the pole In abort many tuUt
Hour of tons of ice in excess of that of
the your previous settle shout tlUI
earths extremities each year and
Mr Wells opinion 1hly will grndunI
iXdiid nni tio whole world Is tro i
nver n1t eery living thing Is tilltsI
troyed 11
troyedSeveral t t
Several scientists remark n writer
u rassel s Sunday Journal are or
opinion that wo shall perish by tire I
and this old world of ours with usI
Sikola Tesla is convinced that the titIt
nosphcre of tho world hclncr Cln nllvn
iharged with electricity HIP ro nlt will j t
he a gigantic explosion by spontano j
OUS combustion when HIP world will she
he entirely encircled with 1nnn n filth I
In the spnoe of n few seconds will tllI
troy all life fI
Two of the worlds irrcnest seven
ists firmly nver thin HIP rug of the
porkl will be hrnlli11I about by as
ronomlcal conditions Take irofcss J
or Marlenlierir ttip noted Aeatrntd stu I
lent In nis opinion Hit earth will t
I y from Ittllhll and come in contact
with one ot tilt othef planets that may 0
huiice 10 t e In a direct line The c
itrth lining coiiipnratlvely small will II
o U course get the worst of it and split Ii
of course direcity the earth swerved S
Iianti such un enrtlniUHKe inky PUtIUI
II s would completely put tin Ipilian I t
utastrophe In the send >
Just as interesting is the progiiosli
Alton of M CiUiutle Klamtuuriou one
of the greatest llviujj scientists After s
niny years of study he tins arrived at I
IIII uoiiflusiuii Unit the world rlit in i
the twentyfifth cHutury emma tuross 1
t u path of the comet Uelin which 1
Tossed our Hue u few years ago Un
thl occasion However n collision will I
ike place and IJella being Infinitely
renter than the uutth a shock may be
U cpccted which be calculates will be
8u1 times greater than the stork mus t
NJ by the colli lon between two trains I
icb traveling at sixtylive miles an I
hOIl 1I
The iip Situation In Berlin
Things have come to such a pass in I
merlin that it Is suggested the police
hl called upon to regulate the gratul 1
tIes one shall give in a restaurant t
1111 Berlin Waiters yssoclatiou is cot
idcring a proposal to tix a scale that I
ball set 1J per ceijt as the tips for
rders under 75 cents and 10 pet cent
011 orders for more than that amount I
Il1e newspapers are lu a fever of ells I
usslon with the prevailing opinion I
that the public must be reconciled to
resent conditions Incidents arc re
i ted in which restaurant patrons who
hl1e given small tips have had the 1
touey flung In their faces or have 1
ben made tho object of abusive lun
iiuge from the voracious waiters The 1
roprletors are accused of fostering
the tip bungrynoss and of collecting r
It percentage of the waiters tip rt
New British lalardI
Off the northwest coast of Australia I
there is tin Island which till recently I
I elonged to no one it Is not u onI
irgfe Island In tact It measures only 4
385 yards by iJO yards It bus bow 1
vcr u good anchorage and for that
casoti Its possession may at some tIm
IIe valuable The BritIsh government
bus therefore annexed the Island and
to official notification of the fact re i
ently reached the commonwealth min
Ister for external affairs The new
British possession Is known us Cattier
jlaud and Is almost surrounded by
oral reefs Westminster Gazette
Stair Climbing Horse
In a famous llerlln street the other
lay u huge crowd collected In order to
rltness the unusual spectacle of u
orse In a window on the fourth story
tita house bowing and smiling at the
people below It was the result of a
wager between utiEnglLsh sportsman
noel tho owner of a musical horse The
animal climbed the stairs two at a
tIme reached the top In less than two
ilnuted but took three to descend
Some dozen photographers Immortal
Ized tho horses laughs
The Sultans Waistcoats
Abdul Hamlds 2000 waistcoats and
the hundreds of boxes gf shirts and
vests found In YJdlz kiosk recplf the
posthumous sale of King George IVs
wardrobe which realized 15000Lon
Son Chronlclo
House Completed Furnished and 00
4 cupied In TvyelVo Houra
In the Wide Worm Mngnalno Hnroi
j Shopstono dcTiUo n most roimiri
able building font Which was roeentl
ncfMiipIlshod In St Loulsvlx tli
complete erection rind occupation of n
house In n single doIt was tllr
brides ardently oXl1r ed wlaht
have a homo to gtt i to thiit citiswl IIn
bulkier to attempt It mid hI KIUW
cd Twelve hours before the t11I111
meal was served the plot of him
whore the house tins to alutid hovn
hot the slightest > lsn of luimnn mtlv
Its Hajrwoed nud goldenrod gtwU
the sunshine and the scene WitS ahsn
lutely Innmonr of n stick of timber 11
piece of tone lifick fir other namtvral
Hut wluii 1111 7 oclock vlilstUs biiV
on tilt morning In question fiowovft
there wilt n concertod movement of
men and wagons toward the lot
In the erection of the dwelling 7300f
waits were unod 11000 feet of timber
cut mind fitted 12000 alllngles put 011
the roof UCOl laths usftl to make the
walls 8f yards of plnetor spread amid
several gallows of paint Used
Twentyfive carpenters wore employ
ed on the job of whom eighteen work
ed ten hours and tho remaining seven
eleven bourn each USvclve lather
and twelve plasterers did the lain
lug stud plastering in tlim > hours Two
men bulk the chimney IB four hours
fortyf u minutes Four JaNI put ilv
roof mi in three hours While two tact
did the plumbing and gasflUips in five
hours I e iiiin did the electric vlr
lug in one and n half hours while four
men did the iMewwry painting in five
The buiklovs had hardly cleared away
before n larro furniture van arrived
toget iiii n caterers cart The
furniture van contained the owners
goods and willing hands quickly trans
ferred them to their rightful places In
the record Lullt home In just under
an hour the newly married couple nnd
their frIend who had meanwhile
come upon the scene sat down to a
sumptuous uiuner Twelve hours pre
viously 11 already stated not n brick
or a stone WAS to be seen on the site
of the dwelling
Tho Moci Ancient Man
The average reader docs not see
much difference In age between human
remains found in the beds of the pleis
oceiii and the pliftceno but to the
fiooloclst the difference Is very great
only be cannot express it in years or
centuries Until recently1 the oldest re
mutes mm known dated back to the
mhhHI fil tot woe Among these are
time rwlirarot rUts from Neanderthal
Spy IDIIn a lt > r places But In October
Ui07 a IOHr human jaw way found In
lUpositM attributed to the early pleis
to cane or ivt > n the late pliocene Tlii
would Kir > it si renter antiquity than
any I ate fathers und entitle it to be
onjwlrhc eldest remains ofthe human
Bpwlos The teeth nn > vell preserved
The nest remarkable feature of the
Hw is lIlt It bs nv tf of a chin The ca
nine teeth an not unduly prominent
iptl the dimensions of the teeth are
within time Mmtts of variation in livIng
Installment Plan Dressing
Clotlltol for the year furnished on
till instalteiint plan is the novel offer
about to tw made It IB said to the wo
men ciisrntners of a smart London
house The plan of the shopkeeper is
10 agree with a client upon a sum
which shall tovep that cllents expend
iture fw dress for the next twelvemonths
mouths The customer binds herself to
buy everything from that shop and
the shop undertakes to supply her
with whet 4he requires Tht payments
iliv to lit > made monthly in advance
9lils ilea was ovolved not out of a dt
siro to sate the women customers tron
bit but because the tirm bad begun to
despair of ever gettIng them to pRY
thet bills
A Great Horse
gumbo a horse owned by a Savin
liock shipbuilder is said to be the
largest horsy in Connecticut nut it
would no doubt bo safe to say the
largest in New England He Is nearly
siVa feet high and weighs 1700
pound He Is n most powerful nnl
mal and has dragged with apparent
case a two ton load With the chil
dren he Is a great favorite It costs
i good deal to feed him as be has the
almost Incredible quantity of eight
pecks of oats at each meal and makes
away with over 200 pounds of bay
every week His shoes are of un
usual size and weigh four pounds each
Boston Budget
The Price of Peace
The announcement that France is
going to spend three milliards of
francs for new ships of warthat Is
to say for peace reminds us how
prices have gone up since 1871 In
that year France bought peace of Bis
marck for one milliard And a mil
lard furthermore was deemed in that
day n fairly stiff = figurethe thrifty
French more than Jhlhted that Bis
mnrck had driven n sharp bargain
whereas on the occasion of the pren
ant purchase tho nation Is reported as
quite In a glow of delightlSjok1
0 Vulcan
Vulcan was discovered In 1850 only
to be effectively obllteratcd from the
planetary system fifty years later
Leverrler who acted as godfather ti
the now aHItlon calculated a path
and found hat the planet revolved
around the sun In about twenty day
Yet other observers failed ever to sen
the planet and now Professor Camp
bell nnnouncs that the eclipse observa
tlons of recent years prove almost con
elusively that time existence of such a
body isa practical Impossibility Ar
it ahd f i tiM CC j a i
j rhnlb l ivl II lgptcmls l
uwn + warNwwnwwwrrwrwro + wwwbWUrwrwnwurrr I 1
AT i
Reduced Prlces
haltrn and leadst o Wear Hats Fancy
FeaThers Plumes Notions
Mourning Goods
t Etc
The Palace Millinery Co
203 SobthS ain Mrs E P Fears Itt2gr
l ul11 n 1 r rf
A = = = =
oat Le5s y or < c f izii1e J
i for the thinking mail for i professional manj
for the busy business mand his
I I family in short it ror You i
Jr 25 cents
per copy
I 1 The ReVie or u BVICWS J f
l i hrt because it is A nccen y lc is
j dIp rule in magasane buiiJ ct A
cricas inlellactual arisiaaic is
1 iaJijnsabic l > the by bui
i tn who mt bc7 r i <
< vcs becat 2 it C5V3 h 0
1 pratas of the Jy ui ct 1
i hrrri it ia bvzbri J 1Hj
in I
1ead trr4 draws his awe oDcUnOrJI
1 bcciu it gives him just plain
straight fads I
lit is helpful to the whole family 1
In it you will find a monthly picture
cf rca ar J affairs by Dr Albert
Z = w in hij comprehensive cdhcrid
II Procrcj cf the World II a clever
Cdrtoon lustcry of the month book
rcy i rv ll2 pit of the best whichi
03 appeared in the other magazines I
I isd rcwspapcra of the world pithy
i jaraclcr sketches i and interesting
crJiclca en the allimportant topics of
the day Authoritative nonpartisan
fcsly andvery much to the point
r fti a liberal education is the way
s rijcrfjera express ft
f OUR 190910 aATALOGDE
Iof111 American magasncs it a money avr You cant afford to order for next
I year without first seeing it If you orcktc superior agency service ahd demand
1 nasinium magazine value for tho fewett djiari write for ittoday Its free to YOU
The Review of Review Company New York
The Perfect Corset for Large Women
It places overdeveloped women on the lame basis as their
I slender sisters It toper off the bust flatten the abdomen and abso
lutely reduces the hips from I to 5 inches Not a harnessnote
cumbersome affair ao torturing straps but the most scientific example
freedom of movement
eoualN Horse i Reduto No 770 f fio1tmgsadee women Made ofT te
couliL HOle womenIait
Price 300
Nw Wf B RJuao No 772 for lure short women u the tIIIUNo
770 erupt tinQ the ltuat eomewbal lower Alld Made whilItCDllti
HOle IUpporter flOat aDd dda Also mat D bal Sizes 20 Do 36
Price 300
Aile any doJd as were 10 how you the New W D Hipsuhdsiaj
models from JOO to 300 per pair
I i
a year j
yearI F
< OS
Only A Chance
To show you is all we ask We are
displaying for Fall and Winter Suits
some new Specials in Greys which
we feel sure you will be interested in
Suits made to your measure for
1800 to 3000
Only one pattern of a kind sold
Nobody will have a suit like yours if
you wish
Dont forget the PANTS always
= = = 298 i
Irving Roseborough Ck
oath Main INCORPORATED Cumbo Phone 6
I = J 1011
it1 L14Va7aE
Sewing Machine
runalilitcr than
i run any
CSb otlierlasts
lasts longer than any 7
6f outerismorebcauiifulthan 1 1
is more beautiful than 1
e FlmEE
has leas vibration
than any other
is easier to operate
than any other
be 1FREEm
makes a more erfc5o
stitch than any othelr o
I is the best of all com
bined in one
leach Furniture Coj
Kopkincvill Ky
TtntT 4 bh
No 56
Taking effect 1000 oclock p m
Sunday Nov l4th 1909
No 332 Evanavjlle Accom
modation H GO a n <
No 302 Evansville Mattoon
Express Jl S a in
No 910 Princeton m xwi 115 p m I
No 341 Hopkiii villn In7NNn915am
No 321 Evanwv > ltHop if
vilh maul v 340 p 111
No 301Evun lie1Iopkins
ville Express 635pm
Train N0 332 > necfa at Prince
ton for Paducah St Louis and way
stations also runs through to Evans
vine Train No 302 connects Jit Prince
ton for Louisville Cincinnati way
stations andall points Eisr also
runs through to Evansville
Train No 340 lucal train between
Hopkinsville and Princeton
Tennessee Central
No 12 Clarksville and Nash
ville Mail leaves 630 u m
No 14 Clarksville and Nash
ville Mail leaves400p m
No 11 Clarksville and Hop
kinsville mail arrives 1120 a m
No 18 Clarksville and Hop
kinsville mail arrives 815 p m
Were You
to take Cardul for your female
troubles because we are sure It
will help you Remember that
this great female remedy
has brought relief to thousands
other sick women so why noli
you For headache backaJ
periodical pains female wf
ness many have said it iss
best medicine tt take Tifcr
Sold In This CItyVi
i Li
Eiit LT

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