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lAnd the New Professor In the
Womans College
ICojpyrlght 1J03 by American Press A ae o
elation 1
Theyll never think of looking for I
us bore In the grove at this time >
Sally Purdou looked anxiously over i
her shoulder with less confidence than I
her words Implied
But what If they dont Und us
asked Julia breathlessly trying to keep
pace with her companion If we
trcut able to get back to tho vlllqgo
in timo for the dinner that wont
help us very much
Well manage to get back nil right
said Sally looking critically through
the trees at the fading light of tho
ftutunm sun It Will be dark enough
noon for us to wake n dash out through
the other end of the grove through 11
ono df tho farms and from there wo
can get to tho village from tho upper
end The sophomores wont expect us
in that direction
Quick I Sally had suddenly changed
the tone of her voice and wan crouch
ing with an arm around her companion
y behind vn cjtimp of laurel bushes
Theyre In the grove slip whispered
Lie flat nnd dont breathe
Oh dear whispered Julia as the
I sharp twigs scratched her face but
Sallys palm clapped suddenly over
her mouth cut her complaints short
j The puud of hurried footsteps on
the du3d leaves and whispering voices
eame nearer Theyre In here some
where said one We must got Sally
anyway The footsteps suddenly
ceased within n few feet of the
urouchlng freshmen
Sally with one hand still held firmly
over her companions mouth waited
with every sense alert
Theyve clrqled us whispered oneI
and the sound of the crumpling leaves
announced at least a temporary relief
for the freshman When the sounds
< were lost In the distance Sally crawled
carefully from the bushes dragging
her friend limp and distracted with
her 1
I cant move a step Julia begged
Im so dreadfully frIghten IdI
Fiddlesticks Julia said Sally with
acorn Why If the girls bud known
yon > Vere such a baby they would I
never bare elected you vice presldlntI
Oh I wIsh they hadnt Its dread
Ju Do they steal Just the olllcers
Of course Just me and you and
the treasurer nnd the secretary Sally
explained You ought to be proud to
be wortb stealing Lets make a dash
jior the farm now before they come
back Argument having failed Sally
tried to carry her friend by main torcei
Quick she urged Theyre coming
The returning footsteps only made
the timid vice president more stolid
M cant move she moaned
Suddenly the figure of a sophomore
apjaing from behind the shadows of
Jbo trees Julia started to scream
Silence commanded tho sopho
more In mock solemnity
The plucky little freshman president
I lot go her hold on her helpless friend
dodged the attempted grasp of a sec
ond sophomore who had appeared on
the steno nnd ran with a sure foot and
d n steady pulse through tho dark grovo
toward the farm and the open country
Beyond Sho leaped skillfully over a
leiice dashed down a country lane
crept under a hedge and found herself
en tho open highway that led to tho
It was now about 0 oclock and she
rind half an hour to make hor way
through the ranks and trap of tho
YlgUant sophomores to hOI expectant
lassroatc3 awaiting hor In gala attire
at one of the village tea rooms Fresh
men presidents had evaded sophomores
Ibcforo and reached their class ban
nacts but they had ben disguised as
teeddlcra or smuggled In tied up In
laundry bags or wrapped In burlaps
frncl delivered from caterers wagons
jiotirs beforo tho banquet
Ill Just have to trust to luck and
own muscle thought Sally with
Indttnnted nerve as she walked along
Itlio country road
e nut when aa she rounded tho last
worner nnd turned Into tho village
Street ego heard tho sound of quick
jfootateps behind tho hedge at her side
tibo felt a fatiguing sense of detent
Tbero silo Is she heard some ono
I nart 1
adrrk =
call and Sally mode a sudden cut
across the street and dashed through
I the campus gate into the protecting
shadow of one of the college build
Ings Safe for a moment she crouched
along the wall to tho corner of the
building Then with bend bent for
ward she made nuothcr quick turn
nnd rushed headlong into
With a quick setiso of relief it came
wcao r
j overcoats It was only a professor
IExcuse me sho said trying to
speak ns if butting head first Into pro
fossors was an everyday occurrence
motnenn t
the plucky freshman president lust her
pluck and forgot all about the pursuing
sophomores and the expectant class
Stephen Dray she gasped bow
could you
flow cquld I what Didnt you
know I was here The man stood be
fore her In bewilderment
Flow could I Why I didnt even
know that you knew I was here she
stammered trying to make herself
clear Oh you are the most unreason
11able man In tho world Did you come
Come today Sally Why Im a pro
fessorhere I thought Id try to bury
myself here with my books and for
Oh said Sally In surprise and I
came here to get my degree She
wrung her hands with Impatience
Stephen you are so Inconsiderate
You ought to have known that Id want
to come here to college And I was
having such a nice time and now
youre going to spoil It all Why will
you be so persistent
You can Jolly well change your
mind about my persistence Sally
Whhe clutched hIs hands helpless
ly at his sidewby Sally II shant
even speak to youonly of course as
an Instructor
An Instructor Stephen are you
really an Instructor Sally laughed a
funny little laugh that made Stephen
wince Well Im sure 1 beg your par
don Mr Instructor for milling Into
yoii A
The sound of the exasperating soph
omores urged Sally on Goodby Ste
phen she said but Stephen detained
her with an outstretched hand
Just once Sally he began Do
you want me to chuck the whole thing
and get away 1
Why no of course note she assur
ed him preoccupied with the sound of
the approaching voices She hurried
past I him and crouched down Then
with a sudden determination she whis
pered Stephen
H turned and came back
Help me Stephen Sally whisper I
ed rising to her feet Theyre after
me the sophomores Youre not an In
structor now youre Just Stephen
Pleaseher hands clutched his arm
convulsively please get me to the
banquet and TIT
Stephen mindful of his own not far
dlstapt college days caught the sltua
tlpaln a flash Get down be com
manded Lie as flat as you can
Sally obeyed and Stephen threw his
ampleovercoat over ber Then bend
Ing down be began jo examine the
bark of a tree a few feet away
The sophomores completely mysti
fied by the sudden disappearance of
their prey and not daring to make
known the object of tbelr quest to a
professor hurried by I thought be
was the new English Instructor
Stephen beard one of the sophomores
exclaim but be seems to bo doing
botany experiments
Two minutes Inter Stephen left the
tree and came cautiously over to Sally
I guess I can dash down to tbe tea
room now suggested Sally from be
neatb tbe coat
Stephen had other plans Here
he ordered lifting ber up and tucking
her bands Into tbe sleeves of the over
coat Can you tie your hair down
so that It will go Into my hatV And
while Sally worked with sure augers
pinning down ber disheveled hair the
Instructor began unlacing his heavy
The coat Is long enough to cover
your dress and tbe collar turned up
will come to your ears and tbe bat
pulled down will cover your forebead
Sit down a second while 1 fasten these
over your shoes You can walk a little
way with the two pairs I fancy
Tbe shoes fastened and tbe hat
drawn down Sally Jumped to ber feet
with a thrill of victory nnd without
stopping to consider tbe plight of the
bootless Stephen hurried bravely on
to the banquet and slouched past the
exasperated sophomores like some I
weary tramp
The next day curiosity was rife
How on earth did SullY Iurdon
evade the sophomores asked the up
per class men and the freshmen know
ing the manner of her disguise asked
In vain for the name of the one who
furnished her forth so gonaroiwly It
was n miracle Sally told them with I
a twinkle In ber eye that only In i
creased tholr cUlluiltI
Two days Inter Sully encountered
Stephan In the campus
Stephen sho exclaimed It was
the biggest Irosbmnn triumph In
yours She laughed with enthusiasm
and gratitude Rut I dont just know
how to get your things back again
Perhaps I could drop thorn out of my I
window somo night and
Oh never mind that Interrupted
Stephen disregarding tbo tact that
ho was wearing n borrowed bat an dI
shivering for tho want of n coat
What I want to know Is what you
started to say youd do It I saw you
through Ob gasped Sally In nlarm Didnt I
you know And maybe you wouldnt
baN done It If you bad known
Sally Purdon Stephen nukci nl
most severely will you mnrry mo or
wont you
Stephen Pray said Pali n > in ti
Imitate his tone I will
rl z
He Had a Hal Life In the Early Days
When a boy entered the unval
Irservice of the United States in the
1clnjs following the war of the Rev
olution the highest rank obtainable
was that of captain and he had
to pass through what R Macdon
ougli in the Life of Commodore
Thomas Mucdonough U S Navy
describes as eta laborious and dan
gerous minority or apprenticeship
before securing the coveted prize
In those days our midshipmens
lines were not cnst in pleasant
plncps nor were their paths tho
pathsof peace Although Uthe
wards and children of the public
is they called themselves little or
iio attention scorns to have been
paid to their physical mental or
moral welfare
They picked up on board ship as
lest they could the technical edu
cation necessary to fit them for their
profession A Although ship school
masters were mentioned in connec
tion with the service there were few
of them There was no exacting eti
quette no rigid courtesy Instead
there was the rude discipline of the
merchantman transferred to a man
nCwllra discipline often enforced
by intemperate nnd abusive lan
guage and occasionally by blows
So great were the exactions
wrote Admiral Porter in his Me
moirs of Commodore David Porter
and so unceasing the strain on a
boys nervous temperament that
only the most rugged and deter
mined could remain in the service
for any great length of time
In 1800 when Midshipman Mac
donough afterward the hero and
commander of the naval force on
Lake Champlain at the beginning of
the war of 1812 entered the serv
ice he drew 19 a month in pay und
was entitled to one ration a day
This on Sunday consisted of a
pound ana half of beef and half
a pint of rice on Monday a pound
of pork half a pint of beans or peas
four ounces of cheese Tuesday a
pound and a half of beef a pound
of potatoes or turnips pudding
Wednesday two ounces of butter or
six ounces of molasses four ounces
of cheese half u pint of rice Thurs
aya pound of pork halfa pint of
peas or beans Friday a pound of
salt fish two ounces of butter or
one gill of oila pound of orI
Saturday a pound of pork half a
pintof peas or beans four ounces of I
cheese and every day a pound of
The value of this ration was 28
cents It was changed later by act
of congress March 3 1801 to a ra
tion of a value of 20 cents
When Midshipman Macdonough
he was sixteen when he entered the
service appeared in full dress uni
form he wore a coat of blue cloth
with short lapels faced with the
same and ornamented with six but
tons standing collar with a dia
mond formed of gold lace on each
side not exceeding two inches
square slashed sleeves with small
buttons all buttonholes worked with
gold thread single breasted blue
vest with flaps no buttons to the
pockets blue or white breeches
gold laced cocked hat shoes with
buckles and a hanger
When in undress uniform he wore
a short blue coat without worked
buttonholes and having n standing
collar with a button and a slip of
gold lace on each side Dirks were
not to be worn on shore by any of
ficer This was the uniform prescribed
by the navy department under Rob I
ert Smith secretary of the navy
from 1801 to 1809
The Value of Charcoal
Charcoal has great value as an
antiseptic Smoked ham will keep
for years packed in charcoal A few
lumps of it in a cistern will keep
tho water pure and sweet A quan
tity of it in a cellar will absorb the
odors and n small lump boiled with
cabbage or onions will do the same
Butter put into small vessels com
pletely surrounded with charcoal
will keep sweet a long time A
paste of powdered charcoal and
honey makes n good dentifrice It
not only cleans the teeth but dis
infects them and sweetens the
breath Taken inwardly it is good
for the digestion and relieves con
stipntion National Magazine
Uncalled For Remarks
A city man wrote to the editor of
a horticultural paper asking what
plants would be suitable additions
dr1ho ments editor replied
Acroclinium A album Gom
phrena globoso and Groseum glo
uosa carnea
When tho man read this ho fairly
boiled over with rage and immedi
ately sent n noto ordering his paper I
to bo discontinued Ho said that an
editor who swore in that way just
because he was asked n simple nucs
tion about hero no support from
DLondon Standard
z k >
dK L
> i
Fads for Weak Women
Nino tenths of all tho sickness of women is due to some dornngo lOt or di
case of the organs distinctly feminine Such sickness can be ouredIs cured
every day by
Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription
Sick Women Well
IIt acts directly on tho organs affected and is at tho same time a general restora
dye tonic for the whole system It cures female complaint right in the privaoy
of home It makes unnecessary the disagreeable questioning examinations and
local treatment so universally insisted upon by doctors and to abhorrent to
every modest woman
We shall not particularize here as to the symptoms of
those peculiar affections incident to women but those
wanting full information as to their symptoms and
means of positive cure are referred to the Peoples Com
mon Sense Medical Adviser 1003 pages newly revised
arid uptodato Edition sent free on receipt of 21 one
cent stamps to cover cost of mailing only or in cloth
binding for 31 stamps
Address Dr R V Pierce Buffalo NY
00 lasaaai 0 iasasssa OO
o Jack Daniels
o Jr 0
Made nt gibe lold time distillery Lynchburg Tennessee the
home of pare whiskey for a century
Gold Medals and Diplomas Awarded at St
Louis 1904Liege Belgium 1905
oAt the Club or at Home S
R Jack Daniels No7 is the peer of whiskey It II
V satisfies Its mellow flavor brings delight to the 1 1
palate Straight or highball cocktail for toddy
its the whiskey used by those who really know
o Its absolute purity and ripe maturity make 0
it delicious in health necessary in illness 1 8
4 Quarts No7 500
12 Quarts No 7 1275
o All mail orders carefully and promptly attended to Addreu 0
o 0Cr
n Cor Virginia and 7th Sto HopUnirillo xnuokyn
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Either of the Above
The Daily Evening Post for three monthsFOl1
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mopolitan your time will be extended This offer for a
limited time only Address all orders to
When You Visit Nashville
Thg most centrally located hotel in the city on Sixth Ave North near
corner of Church street All cars fromjUnion station pass within two
d doors of the house Delightful Rooms Splendid Table and all the
it comforts of home No better place for shoppers Fine double
< rooms for convention parties Within 2 blocks of capitol
Special Rates to Parties of Four or More
When we get your wireless call for HELP
we will come to the rescue with good old
I fI1I
Now the time To locate for
lands will soon double In
value Adds for further
JurrlHrinformtion v
Nuts Raisins Can
dies Figs Dates Fire
Works Oranges Ap
ples In fact every
thing good for the
Holiday Demand
W P Quails
Time Table
No 56
Sunday Nov 14th 1909
No 332 Evansville Accom
modation 600am
No 302Evnnaville Mattoon
Express ll 30 a m
No 340 Princeton mixed 4 i 15 p m
No 341 Hopkinsville mixed
915am J t
No 321 EvansvilleHopkins I
No 301 EvansvilleHopkins
ville Express 635p m
Train No 332 connects at Prince
ton for Paducah St Louis and way
stations also runs through to Evans
Train No 302 connects at Prince
ton for Louisville Cincinnati way
stations and all points East also
runs through to Evansville
Train No 340 local train between
Hopkinsville and Princeton
Anyone lending a sketch and description my
quickly ascertain our opinion froo whether an
itwenttnn U probably patenUhU Communlca
tloniitrlctlycontlilotitfftl HANDBOOK on latent
lent freo Ultlest agency for eocurlii patents
IAtents taken through Munn t Co receive
tficlatnotlee without cunrgo lathe
ScWrf ic RIIIQIkaus
A IUlal10n hand ojciy of nor Illustrated iriontlUo journal Y rmst3 a
rmr four moTtheIt Bold by all now i1 alv
IUN CO361Drosdway Now Yolk
liranch OfD o G2N V St W blnaou U Co
Gilt Edge Bondsl
Bank Stook

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