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TJ XJlEJt 31 1910 IIOImsmLl DNTUCJaAN 5
II A 11 uu LItc
> tConttnucrt tromFtnt tastt
tk io the hignest and best bidder a
r ° J f rancfcise to erect maintain anj
1f 5 opera t a telep one exchange in said
tr city for a period of twenty years
from and after its acceptance
f i The person or persons company
P 2 Or corporation becoming the pur
chaser of said franchise when Bold
h after said sale shall have been con
f firmed by this council shall have
r6t granted to him them or ita f ran
> ichUe giving him them or it his
n their or its successors assigns or
l 1i lleeeeea the following privileges and
p4 imposing upon him them or it his
pV their or its successors assigns or
yfolesees the following restrictions
< jpfc Sec 1 That there is hereby cre
ated and established a franchise or
i privilege to erect operate ana main
hjPI taro a telephone exchange embruc
fejng central office telephone poles
f fixtures cables and wires
alongf I
f through over and under the streets
sidewalks and alleys of said city of
f Hopkinsville Kentucky
tth T Sec 2 The said franchise or
> privilege shall continue fora period
Vfr of twenty years from and after the
r Mime the same shall take effect and
o1C be subject to transfer or assignment
1 C Sec 3 Said polesfixtures cables
vi and wires shall be erected and main
tained in a substantial and workman
like manner said poles shall be lo
i6cated so as not to interfere with the
r legitimate entrance of any adjacent
I h
property nor to obstruct the free
< use of said streets sidewalks anc
Valleys for the purpose of public
I fJ V travelt
J Sec 4 The purchaser of said
i franchiseor privilege his succes
sors or assigns pall properly replace
t any paving 1 macadam that may
be disturbed by said purchaser in
setting said poles and shall also at
said purchesers own expense re
jf 100 move all dirt and debris that mayI
f QKilate in making excavations I
that purpose All work of setI
+ 109 poles shall be done under the
supervision of the street committee
and it shall be the duty of said com
mittee to see that the provisions ofI
this ordinance are faithfully comII
plied with
Sec 5 The city of Hopkinsville I
Kentucky shall have the right to
4 ApJaS int Ul4luiJ qpe ate its firs
end police alarnt wires upon poles of
gid purchaserwithin the corporate I
i imfts of said city free of charge I
jJTprovided said wires shall be located I
f i upon said poles in such a way as 1
i not to interfere with the wires of I
D said purchaser I
Y cessora and assigns shall indemnify
Fsaid city from any and all damage
1 v > that may arise from the presence of
Said poles fixtures cables and wires
upon along or under said streets
sidewalks and alleys or from its 1
failure to comply with the provi I
lions of this ordinance 1
v Sec 7 If said purchaser his sucJ
V V censors or assigns shall fail to per I
h t
form any one of the above named
nance said city of Hopkinsville
through and by its council mayI
after giving said purchaser his suc
cessors and assigns reasonable notice
not remedied revoke all rights and
privileges herein granted andcause
all poles wires and apparatus erect
ed under this ordinance to be remov
ed Nothing in this franchise shall
be construed so as to give the pur
chaser his successors or assigns any
exclusive right rn the privilege
granted in section No1 privilegaI
franchise his successors or assigns j
shall not charge and collect for the
rental of telephones in the city of I
Hopkinsville Kentucky exceeding
the following rates I
Long distance lines per month
each 360
Professional long distance lines
per month each 300
Long distance business 2 party
plin per month each 2 60
Professional long distance 2
party lines per month each 200
parties additional 50
Direct long distance lines per
month each 200
Long distance 2 party lines per
month each 150
No more than two parties to be
ot f
li miles of the exchange
at HQipkinsville Wandsaid pur
chaser its successors or lessees
hereby agree to maintain the cen
tral energy of common battery sys
tern during the life of this franchise
or other services equally as good and
agrees at all times to give to its
patrons within said city an improved
and uptodate service during the
life of its franchise within ten days
after the approval and publication
of this ordinrnce it shou d be the
duty of the said Citycouncil through
the clerk of the Board of council o f
the city of Hopkinsville to advertise
by posting printed or written notices
in at least four public places in the
city of Hopkinsville Kentucky or
dy advertising same in some news
paper of general circulation publish
ed in said city for a period ofat
least 20 days that bids will be re
ceiYOpat pgbiie putcfY for the be
fore mentioned franchise or privi
lege of said clerk shall state in said
advertisement the time and place
Said place to be in front of city
court room within said city of Hop
kinsville said sale to be on the 19th
day of January1911 when said bids
shall be received and said clerk shall
according to such receive bids and
reportjsame to said city council at a
regular meeting of said council to
1911 at 730 oclock pP m and said
city council shall award such fran
chise or privilege to the highest and
best bidder but said city council I t
hereby reserves the right to reject r
any and all bids made at the sale ofI
r rm
1 y
1o J
1 o u
I i
r s
rp tits ll I
Royal is theJ
only baking
powder made
from Royal
Grape Cream
of Tartar
Highest in
Hot Breads
this fraticnise and said advertise
ment shall resume the right to reject
any and all bids
The bidder to whom said franchise A I
or privelege shall be awarded shall
pay tfte amount of such bids in cast
or by duly certified check to the
treasurer of said city of theI
ville Ky within five days after
said franchise is sojd as herein pro
vided and it is further ordained
tHat the minimum price for which
this franchise shall be sold ia an
amount equal to the cost of adver
using this ordinance and all Clrdii
nances in connection therewith and v
said purchaser its successors and
assigns shall during the life of this
franchise furnish telephone service
free of rental to the said city of
Hopkinsville for the official business
of the city eleven telephones and
one extension set to be located in
s id city as the council may from
time to time direct
Eachofficer of said city having such
telephones to be listed separately in
telephone directory where more than
one officer uses same telephone and
thq service to be long distance single
line and equal to that furnished any
citizen of Hopkinsville So long as
it remains the policy of the purchas
er in Kentucky to give free county
service the same will be accorded
to its Hopkinsville patrons
Another ordinance was passed
prohibiting the use of slot machines
in the city until they have been in
spected and a permit obtained from
the Mayor The penalty is a fine of
10 a day
Of Pembroke Passed Away
This Week
Columbus Eddins died at his home
in Pembroke Wednesday night af
ter an illness of several months of 1
consumption He was 77 years old
and a well known farmer and promi
nent citizen
Mr Eddins was a member of the
Baptist church
His funeral services were conduct
ed by Rev W E Mitchell yesterday
and the interment took place in the
Eddins burying ground near Fair
Death Of Mrs Payne
Mrs Mary Payne died Thursday
night at her home in the Larkin
neighborhood after an illness ofE
several months of a complication oft
diseases She was about 65 years t
oldThe e
The interment took place yester
day afternoon in the Payne burying
Martin Season
W B Martin merchant at Kelly
and Mrs Sarah Beason of Empire 1
were married at the home of the
bride Thursday night Rev Teague
performed the ceremony The groom
is 62 years old and this is his fourth
matrimonial venture and the third
for his bride t
For Internal and External Pains
The Faou2EO 1 t I
Gives the Best Light at Any Price <
When you pay more than the Rayo
price for a lamp you are paying for extra
decorations that cannot add to the quality
of the light You cant pay for a better >
light because there is none An oil light
has the least effect on the human eye anf
the Rayo Lamp is the best oil lamp made
though low in price You can pay 5 1Q rt1
or 20 for some other lamps and although vi <
you get a more costly lamp you cant I
get a better light than the white melld v V 4
diffused unflickering light of the low
priced Rayo 1 >
Has a strong durable shadebolder This sea
sons burner adds to the strength and appearance
Once a Rayo User Always One
Dtahrs Evt rytpht rt II not a I YOU unit 01 ducrlptfJ i
circular to thi marts agtncy of the 7
Standard Incorporated Oil Company
And Twentyfive Tons Hay
A hay shed belonging to Mr
Howard Brame near Bell and con
taining about twentyfive tons of
hay was consumed by fire Tuesday 1
It is not known how the fire origii
nated The loss is probably 500
with no insurance
Value of Insurance
Fires originate in unexpected d
places and from unknown causes
Doubtless some one who reads this
article will sustain the next loss 1
Are YOU insured and have you the
best insurance your money can buy r
The Giant Insurance Agency
Incorporated settles their losses
promptly and equitably and guaran
tees to sell their policies at as low
rate as any company doing business
Office in First National Bank build
ing Both phones
Ninth St Christian Church
Services will be held tomorrow as
Bible school at 930 a m The
ay t
1045 a m Preaching and song
of f
the morning serviee Why tarriest
thou orsiifes delays The night
sermon The patience of God with
sinners i All are cordially invited
to these services
Dr Bells PineTarHoney
For Coughs and Colds
When you want fire RING
tornadolife or bonduo
insurnace in the
eOldest and Strongest
Companies see
office up stairs over
Anderson FowlerOffice oo = l
Office 395
Ninth and Main or Residence 644
i Tobacco News I
j ttHt frtrsift fr JJrlJr t
> Mt
The new year starts out with Ue >
long looked for tobacco season and p
Hopkinsville will experience the
busiest January in its history
Much of the crop has been sod
privately at prices ranging from 8
to 1125 round and this will result
in bringing to market several mi on
pounds of tobacco as soon asit can
be handled In addition to this whole
sale movement the three loose floors
will soon be overrun with business
1 from the territory within a radius of
50 miles
It is estimated that 30000 000
pounds of tobacco was sold here dur
sing 1910and 1911 is expected to cX
ceed all records
V r
As a tobacco market Hopkinsville
has no successful rival in the Dark
District Hopkinsville occupies the
unique position of having maintain
ed the market without serious inter
ruption throughout the tobacco war
and much territory was opened up
tp the city dealers while other mark
ets were inactive
Practically all of the old territory
is again patronizing the marke
the planters showing a delayed ap
preciation of the blessings Hopkins
tvine conferred upon them by main
taining a permanent market for their
products Net only is the crop this
season better and larger but the
prices are higher and the demand
The outlook is indeed bright
Dividend Notice
The City Bank Trust Co has
this day declared a 5 per cent semi
annual dividend out of the earnings
of the past six months payable Jan
2 1911
5Checks will be mailed
Dec 30 1910 Cashierl
7l r
t During the Holidays and closing days of the year remember that we can supply you
t + with whatever you need in our various lines Make known your wants
j I i 0 I e S Co
1 1 ti I
t y
p 1 II 11 1 1t l 1 jj 1 F r Ale ii it t t r n
t o
1 ii

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