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Time Card No. 124
Effective Sunday April 30. 1911
o. 93 C. & N 0. Lim. 11:56 p
N 51 St. L. Express 5:35 t .
No. 95. Dixie Flyer, 9:01 . n
uu, 6G Hopkins villa Ac. 7:05 a. .
Jf o. 53 St. L. F&3t Mail 5:83 a.
No. 920. & St. L. Lira., 5:25 a. -Nt.
52 St. Louis Express, 9:53 a u
Ne. 94. Dixie Flyer, 6:27 p. rr.
No. 56 Hopkinsville Ac. 8:55 p. t
No. 54 St. L. Fist Mail, 10:20 p.
Noe. 95 and 94 will make Nos. 90
and 91's Btopa except 94 will not stop
t Mannington and No. 95 will
Mt Btop at Mannington or Empire
Ho. 52 And 54 connect at St. LoaU and otlis
fWisU west.
Ho. 51 connects at Gutnne tor Memphis II d
retata Ixi south as Erin and toe Loalrrl
CJadnnatl and e Kaat.
No. 53 And 55 JiaVe direct conn at Out
rl tor Louisville, Cincinanti and all point
ort and east toerojl. No. U155U6 ten
MCtlor MeoiptW JndwiV umint.
o. 92 rana throngn to Chicago and will ot
crj Dwengsr to poiat ;oitc ' Kymipi.
Xo. 93 through sleepers to Atlanta, Macrn
JTixksoavUle, St.AugusUne an Tampa, PH.
Vfco Pullman aleeoera to New Orleans. Oua
acts at Guthrie for ,"oints Kaat and West.
53 wll not carry ;al pseot3M rr potts Homo
.JtaahrUu let
J C. HOOE. Agt.
Tennessee Central
JIme Table No, 4 Taking Effect
Sunday. March 10. 1912.
Tfo. 12 Leave Hopkinsville 6.30 a m.
Arrive Nashville... 9:45 a m
No. 14 Leave Hopkinsville 4:00 p.rr
Arrive Nashville...7:15 p. ru.
No. U Leave Nashville 8:05 a.r,
Arrive Hopkinsville 11:20 a rx
TiNfl.113 leave Nashville 5:00 p.r.
Arrive Hopkinsville 8:15 p.rr,
T 0 'JORROW, Asren.,.
When you come to Ifowr
bring the family and let
them see the show.
Matinee Daily 2 O'clock to 520
EVENING 7 TO 10:201
Admission - -Children
- - -
10 Cts
5 Cts
Averitt's Bed
Bug Paste
The new exterminator for
Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ants and
alhother insects. Not only
kills and devours the bugs
buf 'prevents the eggs frorr
hatching. Is convenient to
use. Does not run or spread
fills the cracks. A posi
tive exterminator and pre
venative. Made by the
ALcferson-Fo wler
Sold by Druggistsfand Groc
ers at 25c per bt. with Brush
for applying.
IIMH iTn j
Leaf Blight Causes Spots on Leave
and Wakenji Plantn Remedy
for Leaf Roller.
Leaf blight Iso disease whloh causes
spots on strawberry leaves. With
Eorao varieties It very seriously wcul;-
etls tho plants. Vnrletles llko Aroma
and Gaudy very largely resist It.
Spray with Bordeaux mixture after
the crop Is harvested, probably after
renewing has been done, and give
three or four sprayings at. intervals of
two weeks. On badly lnfosted beds
after the crop is off, mow everything
down and let it dry and burn off when
there is a brisk wind, then follow with
a spraying.
The strawberry leaf roller la a moth
that appears in the Bpring, depositing
eggs on tho leaves. When the egga
hatch, tho larvue feed upon the leaves,
folding tho. leaves over and fastening
them by means of a silken thread.
They thus eat only on the Inner side
or this folded leaf. They sometimes
seriously injure the plants, causing
them to dry up. There aro two broods
a year. The second brood appears ;
Bhortly after .the strawberries have
been gathered.
Tho surest remedy for this insect is
to mow down the plants and weeda
nnd burn the bed off shortly after the
strawberries have been picked. Spray
ing when the berries are about oue
half grown with arsenical poison will
kill the Insect, but It Is difficult to
spray strawberries as they are so soon
ripe after they set. The burning off
process recommended does not seem
to be entirely harmless to the straw
berry field, as occasionally some
plants Will be killed and it will
thus be more difficult to secure a good
row for the next year. ;
The white grub that bothers us in
the garden sometimes may be a fairly
troublesome Insect in the strawberry
field. The Insect feeds upon the roots
t some plants, especially grasses.
Leaf Showing Injury
When the field Is plowed up, If they
are numerous they may feed upon the
strawberry root and do considerable j
harm. -i
The remedy Is to grow Bome other !
crop than grass or strawberries on the I
land until they are starved out.
The Crown Borer Is a beetle some
what similar to the Plum Curcullo.
They deposit their eggs In June or
early July. The eggs hatch into larvae
that eat their way into tho crown and
there in feeding, mine out the crown
more or less.
These beetles do not migrate very
badly, so the best remedy Is to rotate
the crop, putting no strawberries on
land that has been In strawberries
during the previous few years, pro
vided these insects are serious.
For Tree Planting.
If you intend to plant a few choice
trees next spring dig large holes for
them this fall, fill them with manure,
removing it next spring and filling in
up to the desired depth for the tree.
Most small fruits form their fruit
buds In the spring.
The quickest growing tree for a
shelter belt Is the willow.
Remember that the wood ashes
aro the best kind of fertilizer for the
orchard, lawn or garden.
The city dealer profits by the lazi
ness of the grower by grading and re
packing his badly assorted fruit.
Young fruit trees that were plant
ed In the autumn of last year, or In
th6 spring of this year, should be ex
amined carefully.
That corky old apple, tho Ben Davis,
still holds a high place In the city
markets because its fine appearance
deceives the ignorant buyer.
In very dry weather fruit buds are
formed quite early and "In case of a
wet fall immature fruit buds some
times change into loaf buds.
Unless rotten apjdes are promptly
removed from the orchard,' fruit peytg
will aavo an Ideal place; In -,whlch to
hibernate during the wlntor months.
After the raspberries are through
fruiting, tho old canes aro taken out
The canes made this year will pro
duce the fruit nxt year. Burn the
Cantaloupes ibould nPt ha grown
near squash, pumpkin of cucumber
vines, as the pollen will mix, giving
the cantaloupes a flavor of the squash,
or cucumber.
.Spray the applos twice with Bor
deaux mixture to provont injury from
bitter rot. Put arsenate ,. of lend In it
to destroy late-hatched insects, such
as tho fall web worm.
Spraying with keroieno emulsion Is
one of tho hast remedies for the rose
loaf hopper. Make the first applica
tion as the pest first appears and re
peat as often as Is necessary.
Strawberry plants that have bcn
grown all summer In pots and net th'f
n u ih v III 1h jr next spring. Ir80 i
J U .1 i e tf d s .vro la- prepare
, t&G &r and, o pisuro a gopfl crop.
mmmm.-.'mmmmm' 'i 111 11111 'IP
Hm Carved Flfure of Himself In
Wood Which Appears to le .Identi
cal With Original.
I One of the most marvelous work
men in the world is Hantinu'ma Ma
3akichi of Tokio, Japan, who lias
carved a flguro in wood, so like hint
3elf, that when the two are placed
together, side by side, it is said to bo
also impossible to tell which lives
and which docs not.
JBy several connosseurs in art this
wooden figure is .pronounced the
most perfect and human imago of
man ever made. Masakichr has faith
fully reproduced every scar, vein
and wrinklo to bo seen on his own
body. Tho figure is composed of
two thousand pieces of wood, dove
tailed and jointed with such wonder
ful skill, that no seams can be de
tected. Tho Japanese artist posed be
tween two mirrors while modeling
this figure, and for some time after
its completion, he posed frequently
beside it, to the confusion of spec
tators, who were often entirely at a
ossas to which was the artist. The
figure stands with a little mask in
one hand, and an instrument for
carving in the other; the lifelike
eyes are apparently gazing at the
mask, and tile face wears a look of
intense absorption.
Lazy It says in dis paper, dat
Mars is 38,000,000 miles from de
earth, pardner.
Hazy Great hobos 1 Think of
tramping dat distance an'- den get
ting chased by de old Dog star.
It Looks Like A Crime
to feparatu a boy from a box of
Uuirkicii'o Atiiie-i Salve. His pim
D'es.bn'li, scratches; knocks, sprains
ar.u un i.s.'S demand it, and its quick
" "ief for burns. . CdlJs, or cuts it-
lid riyht, Kt'ep it handy for boys,
ils- ci.U. Hfais everything heal-
-",.ti und Cos it quick. Unequaled
o- v'.'.s. Only 25 cents at All
Advertiieme t.
n. O. Wright J. C. Johnson
iuocial Utention Given Farm
Mellow as moon-
fWi lirht. nure as sun- m
" n o - -
!LB light, rich as gold.
An honest whisky
intention, method
of making, aging
and bottling.
OrlfiMl bottllnr
Nashville, Tcun.
Gpo A. Dickel &
H nkirsvii'e, K
K Sib.
Henry . ftryimt Will Visit Part 'ef
La4rdr Never Penetrated by
White Men.
Henry Q. Bryant, president of
tho Philadelphia Geographical soci
ety, has left on an expedition for
the exploration and mapping of the
St. Augustine river, entering the
Gulf of St. Lawrence at St. Augustine-,
Labrador, and traversing a
country never yet penetrated by
: white men. .
I Mr. Bryant intends to iflake a
thorough reconnaissance of the river
and its adjacent country on either
side, from its mouth to its source,
crossing the divide of high land and
descending a tributary of Hie Grand
river and thence to Hamilton inlet
and the Hudson Bay staHon on its
shore, a task which is likely to oc
cupy the greater part of the summer.
Enssell V. Porter of Greenland,
Alaskan.and Franz Joseph Land ex
periences, accompanies Mr. Brynnt
83 topographer, and two Newfound
land boatmen and two Indian pack
ers make up the party, which is fully
provided with supplies and equip
ment. Mr. Bryant is fatniliah with
Labrador work, having attained the
Grand Falls of the Hamilton river
many' years ago, he being the first
white man to measure and photo
graph this great cataract.
Nation's Treatment of tlje Jews De
clared to Be a Blot on-Modern
new book by Lucien Wolf ex
plains the precise status of the Rus
sian Jew. The abomination of deso
lation that it portrays need not be
enlarged upon here, but there is one
point that may be quoted as an illus
tration of the whole stinking mass.
Only one class of Jew is allowed full
liberty of motion. Prostitutes may
live where they please, and a certi
ficate of prostitution is a passport
everywhere. Jewesses, anxious to
attend the universities, have been
known to apply to. the police for
these certificates and they have then
been prosecuted for their failure r.
pursue the indicated trade. Hithci
they must be prostitutes or Mk-v
must return to the pale. It soi-m;-
strange that a divine power that wn
comparatively so stringent in ihi
days of Sodom and Gomorrah 4ioi'!'
now le so complacent in the case -.
Holy ltussia. -San Francisco Anjc
The beautiful actress was taking
her morning lounge. The maid en
tered and approached the presence.
"Muss Footlites."
"What is it, Lucilp?"
"A reporter wants to know if it is
true that you are engaged to the
duke of CenterfieM?"
"Tell him I don't know the duke,
and give him a photo of myself in
street costume. State that I have
never met the duke, and give him a
photo of myself on horseback. State
also that I wouldn't marry the duke
if I did know him and give the re
porter a photo of myself holding
Fido. And this above all, Lucile."
"Yes, Miss."
"TeU him I am wedded to my
Advertisement by footprints is the
latest device of the Paris boulevard
publicity inventor.
The operator, who prints adver
tisements as ho walks, wears shoes
with immense soles of india rubber,
which leave impressions of his an
nouncements on the pavements. Tho
"pads" are "reinked" by means of
water, contained-in a reservoir on
the man's baok, which flows to his
feet through Utile pipes concealed
beneath hfs 48S'
"At la$j linve gotten rid of that
party boil'lM'said thq patniotflo- citi
zen. , ' ,,' .
"Yes," ropliod SeuatojiiSgEKhnm
"But you'll have to jitto:nr oyda
open juqt tho same. You don't usu
ally gekWid of one bgsa untiL an
other boss comos along wljo is big
enough tpput him out of business.'"
"A man can't be great unless, lie
is fulL of egotism' 6ad the yqujttr
"So I have, often hoard, but du''
let that theory oarso you to bcv'mix'
convinced that -n can become j . .t
withput doin0' a lot of hurd work. '
I One of the Nlimbcf of Metcalfe'
This is a cut of Metcalfe's neW Prosperity Shaper, which i3 going
such a long: way in decreasing the irt cation of men folks' necks and tem
rrs. by letting all fold collars be s ironed that tie slide well in collar,
if n collara are iven nice, smooth, nv. J edge. It is utterly impoaeibl for
a collar to crtick or break in our launderihg.proceas. Our bhirt department
one which we fefcl proud of; not only iaVork done right, but the shirts
- t ut. in Sanitary Covers. Our Dry Cleaning department is in the hands
f ekitied workmen ' .
We have fbiwers for all occasions. Remember that if you buy or con
tract for $10 worth of coupon books, said take one during August and an
nthnr when th Avalon is finished, the profits from the ( busineaj, and
Tore, ir into the Avalon, a place of pleasure for Hopkinsville and.aur
rounding country people.
; . '
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist
t a a l.i. n
Onict Infirmary and bhoemi? Fortte
8 h. t viain and Water Sts.
85X PhX. 127.
Niiiht Phone Home, 1479.
Removed with MOLESOSF, wtihout pain or danger,jno
matter how large or how far raised above the surface of
the skin. ADd they will never return and no trace or
scar win be left. MOLESOFtf is applied directly to the
MOLE or WART, which entirely disappears in about six
yskilhng thr germ and leaving the skin smooth and
iv-OLESOFF i put up only in Oneg Dollar bottles.
Each bottle is forwarda 1 postpaid on receipt of price. Is neatly packed In a plain case,
aee rnpanled by f ull directions, and onUlns enough remedy to remove eight or ten ordinary
M LE? or WAHT3. Wo soil MOLESOFP iindara positive GUARANTEE If Itfallj to remove
your MOLE OR WAUT. we will promptly refund the dollar. Letters from personages we al
k tow. together wlch much Valuables Information, will be mailed free uponlrequest.
Guaranteed by th Florida, Distributing Co. undcrj the Food and Drugs Act. June 30
1906. Serial No. 45633. ,;
Picas- mention this paper,) Florida Distributing Company
wheti answering Pensacola, Florida.
Res. Phone 494.
tiobnix Building 1 CVJJt J- 1 HO Hopkinsville.
Offlce Phone 703
on Application First Class Orchestra
Special rates to those coming early in the season, 1 The mineral
waters of Dawson are second to none in regard to their curative
powers. TF Special rates on the I. C. Railroad, Tf The New Cen
tury Hotel is equipped with electric lights and is steam-heated.
An up-to-date Hotel in all respects.. If J.V.Hayton & Co. .Proprietors.
Roy L. Threlkeld. Manager.
The Wilson Campaign Fund
The Kentuckian will publish the
names ot an sunscriDers to tne na
tional Democratic campaign fund as
the money is received. It will be
transmitted, to the National Treas
urer, Rolla" Welfs, who will send
each contributor a handsomely litho
graphed receipt.
Address, ajl subscriptions to the
"Wilson. Campaign Fund," care of
this pape'r. Make cheques payable
tctha.t fund. Smd in your subscrip
To The Editor Op The Kentuckian: J
As a believer in the progressive idea's of government representecr
in the candidacy of Woodrow Wilson for president of the United
States, and to tho end :hat he may take the office free-handed, un
trmmele,d, and obligated to none bufcthe people of the country, I
wbh to contribute hrougli you, to be forwarded to Rolla Wells,
Treasurer, the sum of. ;. toward the expenses of the
campaign. ,
Treat3 B diseases f domesticated
animals scientifically and performs
. t. , t . T
a I operations known tothe Veteri-
nary profession. Special attention
iven t0 the shoeiD 0f h0r83 With
diseased feet.
Res. Phone 511.
tion at once, no matter how large or
how small.
The Democratic national campaign
for the ejection of Governor Wood
row Wilson as President and Gov
ernor Thomas R. Marshall as Vice
President of the United States is the
people's campaign. . (,
The Finance Committee ask you to
aid them in their plan of raising
n : ,3 i... i
uuiupuiKu lufiuauy pupuiar supfcriEK

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