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hBon N. Camden of , Woodford
, chairman of thoDemocratlc
campaign committee, In his
hr address to the conference of
fs of tho Democratic press of,
licky, at Louisville On Saturday,
28th, spoke as follows:
tlomen of the Domocratlc Press
(feel extremely honored In having
as aay guests today and want to
Ira you of my appreciation of the
pllraent that you have pld us In
i&S your homes and business and
jm here today to attend this con
ce. Tho occasion that brings us
ither for mutual counsel and do-
auon is, m my judgment, as
hiraakjng as any evont ln'tho his-
of oHr state.
he Democratic party the party
the people, of which you gentlemen
t, la a way, the eyes the ears and
Kalnly the mouthpiece, is on trial
tore tho world for Its existence,
incident with tho life of the Demo
fitlo party aro our free institutions,
b perpetuity of .our. form of govern
ent and the equal" opportunity in life
overy child born under our flag,
pon-careful thought and analysis I
Mnk you will agree that this Is not
h. exaggerated statement, and that
fate of the two, the nation and
he Democratic party, aro Inseparably
led together.
"I am equally confident that poster
ity will accord to you gentlemen of
the Democratic press of Kentucky a
place In the Hall of Fame, If not in
bronze, at least In grateful memory
j for the patriotic service that you will
.render to your state and. country.
Corporate Contributions Deadly.
"Through your agency our times
have changed and are changing with
incredible rapidity. It has a .direct
..bearing upon our environment and
'he 'conditions that mould our dally
JUfe. The majority of the men and
"fyomen of our land see clearly now
what was only dimly outlined to them
a few years ago, and to which we
paid little heed. We did not realize
then as we do now that every cam
paign financed by the incorporated in
terests was in effect a deadly blow to
the development of patriotism in tho
American people.
"The Republican. party Is responsl
ble for this condition, for It has been
r vast commercial body out for reve
nue only, and those interests which
.contrlbuted most liberally to its sue-
JRess received in return the largest
measure of protection through the
provisions of its tariff laws. I can
hardly believe that the corporations
themselves foresaw, the results of
their liberal contributions, for I am
sure that no set of men could be
found who with that end in view
could be such deliberate traitors to
their country.
Charity and Philanthropy.
"You know, gentlemen, In the light
of the present time, even ,the applica
tion of that sweet word 'charity' Is
put on a different basis and is now
r-called philanthropy. It is recognized
by all that the mere giving hurts and
cripples the recipient Instead of
helping and strengthening, it weakens
and destroys character.
"Philanthropy is the science of help
ing the unfortunate to help them
selves. It is an odious thought to the
American people to take away an In
dividual's self-respect. When the na
tional mind comes to the low level of
tolerating that thqught wo will have
' lost our magnificent manhood, which
is the crowning triumph of this cen
tury and of our country.
"' Democracy Not 'Charity.
" "When wo now comer to think about
..''it, tho Democratic party does not
&want its campaign financed either on
a charitable or on a phllanthropical
basis. Yen, gentlemen of the press
can make it easier for the district,
county and precinct chnlrmen if you
will raalto It plain and insplro tho De
jVmocracy with tho thought that thoro
".wlll bo no monoy furnished from
headquarters to pay men to voo, or,
politely translated, thore will be no
monoy for tho purpose of seeing
that 'the vote Is gotten out' or 'for
taking caro of the floaters;' that the
Democrats aro expected to vote be
causo thay uollove in the prlnojplos
of thilr partybecause they lovo It,
bodause they bellsvo it to bo thq sof ost
and best expression of govgrnraent
for our country.
"Let us hope that the shifting of
the responsibility of financing tho
f campaign from the Interests to tho
fioulders of tho pooplo will sound the
knell of 'peanut politics.'
p' People Are Awakened.
Y "Tho American people have been so
busy developing our national ro-
Bources, opening mines, laying out
towns and cities, building railways
and factories, and subjugating tho
forests-aiff?nther great agenoies nec
essary to promote modern civiliza
tion, they are JuBt waking up to tho
fact that our political parties have
been carrying on a charitable busl
ness, so"far as our citizenship has
been concerned, which, If persisted
In, will een'udil em-'u and en
slave tlio w 'I Qf t ic i i imtt -a
bt vSu ct, o h. iM.r
Deltas Address to Editors ot
V the Democratic Press
ot Kentucky.
terlng and. coercing funds to run their
campaigns, .which tho individual citi
zen should take pride In furnishing
thomsolvcs, and which thej should
Jealously guard as thejr special per
sonal prerogative and prlvilgo.
Must Face Situation,
"It la said that tho Amrlcan people
lovo fair play, and I believe It. It Is
also said that wo aro a courageous
nation. I bellove that also, for ono
of theso conditions can not exist with
out the other. Now, no ono ever ac
cuses us, aa a people, of bolng thick
headed ana a nation of fools. Then
let us, as a people, drop pretense,- bo
honest with ourselves and look tho
situation now confronting us squarely
and frankly In the face.
Tribute to Woodrow, Wilson.
"Wo havo chosen as, our standard-
bearer a man of tho highest Intellec
tual and moral perception and dovel
opmont, which Is only matched by his
high courage. Ho tells us positively
that he has not and 'will not accept
campaign money from incorporated
"Every one knows that it takes a
good sum of money to conduct nation
al campaigns. Wo know also that
Woodrow Wilson and his Immediate
associates ought not and perhaps can
not pay those bills.. Now having ellm
lnated tho corporations and trusts
from contributing to the campaign
fund,a if the rank and file do not dis
charge their obligation to themselves
and their party by contributing to
this fund, what has the national com
mlttee .left to look to there Is only
one class left, that is, tho rich.
People Should Contribute.
"Now I warn you in. all earnestness
that if those campaign expenses are
left to be paid by .a limited number
ot- rich people instead of by all the
people, the country will not be im
proved to any great extent. There
will simply- bo a shifting of the scenes.
The demagogues will hold forth and
Inflame the masses against the rich,
and you know, gentlemen of the press.
that would not be fair play.
Must Not Breed Discontent.
"We do not want to take a step that
would breed hate and discontent be-
tween the rich and poor throughout
the land. Also It is" manifestly clear
that If tho few pay this debt they will
be depriving the many of the unusual
and rare opportunity of further deep
ening and broadening their natures
and Increasing their love ot country.
If there Is not love of country in a
man's heart, something of an oppo
site feeling will creep in and take its
place; indifference to or hate of coun
try, which Is another word for anar
chy. It Is only by service that we can
Increase our love for home, for man
kind or for country.
- Service Increases Love.
"We know that the person who
helps and serves -his friends, loves
them. Also that the man who gives
loving caro and thought for his family
has his nature enriched and blessed
by a strong and deep love for home.
So, that man who serves his party and
country by actually contributing to
Its support and giving to it his per
sonal service will experience a new
lovo of party and of country which
in turn will prove the bulwark and
stability of our form of government
"As the incorporated Interests wore
censured in tho past for contributing
to campaign fuida, does-not fair, play
now demand that the people them
selves All the breach and contribute
to this fund?
Kentucky Should Respond.
vif, however, Kentucky -is delinquent
and does not rise tq the occasion and
raise the sum expected of her by the
national finance committee, and the
few men who now And themselves out
clally In charge, should decide to raise
the money amongst themselves In or
der to uphold Kentucky's fair name
abroad; what would be the result?
Will these men then and therefore bo
charged with bosslsm and domination
of the state by money and Its control
by an oligarchy?
"Fair play is a Jewel. I hope you,
gentlemen of tho Kentucky press, will
reflect upon this a little.
"Woodrow Wilson stands before tho
nation as n magnificent oxample of pa
trlotlsm and exalted courage. Lot us
on our part uphold him with equal
energy, courago and efllclenoy, and
soe that ho -Is-not loft to the humilia
tion of asking his personal frlt'nds
to pay our candidate out of debt.
Test of Patriotism,
"The seasoned politicians laugh at
tho idea ot the successful fruition ot
popular subscription. Ten years ago
wo would have agreed with them, but,
gentlemen of the press of Kentucky,
tho Democratlo party calls on you to
make It as clear as the noon day sun to
the people that this popular subscrip
tion is a tost of the enlightened and
patriotic manhood of the country. By
that test It will be known if the people
aro really ready and desirous of tak
ing chargo ot their own government.
Creators of Thought
"I am minded to compare you gou
tlemen of tho press with an Instru
ment that lmprossed mo deeply i
went not long ago with a friend to
see tho operation of the wireless tel
egraphy. Theso Instruments tkat
send and receive tho message have
first to be attuned to each other.
The Instruments themsolves are
placed In rooms on top of the high
est buildings, o that their rib ra
tions upon the waves of ether would
meet with no .obstruction, and their
message bo deflected.
"In this Instance, you gentlemen ot
the press, aro the oporators In tho
high towers of creatlvo thought and
Influence, which guides and makes.
that irresistablo powef public opin
ion. Some minds will not bo attuned
to receive your message. But rest an
Mired that the good you do will not
die with this campaign.
Service For Humanity.
"I say now to you, gentlemen of tho
Democratic press of Kentucky, that In
responding to the lmporlous summons
laid upon you by our great party and
y our farseelng and courageous can
didate, who will not tako tho easy
road to the White Hods, you will be
performing as heroic a service for hu
manity as did tho men who. died for
their convictions.
"We can thank God that this will
bo a bloodless battle, but we must
fully realize that It Is second to none
of the great struggles of the past for
tho betterment ot mankind.
Government by the People.
"Thus far , I have spoken to you
about tho national campaign and the
obligations of the people to finance It
bo that when the Democratic adminis
tration takes hold of tho reins of gov
ernment, It will bo unhampered by
obligations to anyono but the great
body of tho American people, free to
choose from among them the best
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reality a government of tho people, by
the, people.'
"What I havo said about financing
the national campaign, of course, ap
plies with equal force to the, state
campaign, but fortunatolytho-cost of
running tho state campaign vrill bo
comparatively small. Under our plan
of orgaanlzatldn I feel that tho
amount necessary will bo raised with
out much dlfllculty in tho various
counties, as tho people seem to appro- r
clato tho importance and necessity of
contributing to this fund and aro do
ing jso liberally and cheorfully.
,"I think wo will all agreo that tho
work to bo done In Kentucky Is to Im
press tho people with tho Importanco (
of this election and tho great oppor-,
tunlty of perpetuating Democratic
principles, and to this ond to discour
age In every way possible apathy and
Object of Meeting,
"inhere Is no agency and no body
.of men In Kentucky better equipped
- .and- qualified for this splendid service
than you gentlemen of the press, and
for the purpose of discussing and dis
covering the best ways and means to
accomplish these ends we havo met
today. I trust that you will speak
your mind freely on this occasion and
lot us have the benoflt of your experi
ence and thought"
Adopted by Editors of the Demo
, cratio Press of Kentucky, at a
s Conference Held. Sej)t.,.28J:b. In
that look
3 dti'h'.)V3,L
that wear
The O. Ge Sprouse
Louisville, Or'ganUTrfg i "Denv
ocratlo Editorial Association of
"Whereas, Thcro has been In
tho past no organization ot the
editors of Democratic papers In
Kontucky similar to those exist
ing In neighboring states; and,
"Whereas, Tho opportunity for
such an organisation has boea af
forded by tho action of State
Chairman Johnson N. Camden, in
calling together tho members of
tho Democratic press of Kentucky,
and tho needs and advantago of,
such an organization has long been
felt In this stato; therefore, bo it
"Resolved, That an organiza
tion of the Domocratlc press of
Kentucky bo, and la, hereby made,
at this meeting today, under tho
name of tho Democratic Editorial
Association of Kentucky; be It
"Resolved, That we appreciate
the opportunity afforded by J. N.
Camden, the efficient, courageous
and far-seeing state campaign
chairman of tho Democratic party,
In calling us together today; and
be It further
"Resolvod, That w thank him
for his recognition and attitude
toward the press of the state, and
congratulate the Democracy of
Kentucky for tho course of the
stato central and executive com
mittees in selecting Johnson N.
Camden as the chairman of the
campaign committee in the elec
tion of a Domocratlc president
and that wo greatly appreciate the
opportunity ho has so graciously
accorded to the press of Kentucky
in taking the initial step which
has brought us together." . ,.
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Occupation Not Overcrowded,
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