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promptly, and not mltaa nua
ber. Th4 Postal legabttloM
require abscrfptlon to lit
paid in advanc.
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HdwciNStrLLi, Kentxxxt; "Thursday, October 10, 1912.
No 120
1 l .
hry Mum a Verdict of
GiiKyTrial of J. B. -
Under the auspices of the Third
Infantry JReiriment Band the Aloes
Brew, wfll IwM a ontorfral all of next
week. Mr.Tiew LVvelle. the nd-
vaftce agent, htw been in the city
thto week making: arrangements for
the care of the carnival company,
adVertMMr. ate.
ana guarantees tnac every exhibi
tion is cleaa am) Worthy of the pa
tronage of! everybody. The shows
are given for1 ladies, children and
gentlemen and are all , moral and
first class attractions. The Mayor
and the council have been asked to
at any time enter all the places of
amosement without notice and
that nothing calculated to affect
good morals is put on. This is cet-
.Irikn K f2slrtfAr.n. GmrtH Willi (I-I
Quite Jlikelt Tliat - Mr. Gal
keatk Will km "
It matters w t
The jary irt ih second, trial of.
, 1 . 190SL wbM ht knew t " .SIsifi-i -I 5tt5s j:j
5 ' . UN MUUKUlfni-UII UKhlvBI 'CBr 'y'y'yir
M1lu iaaaaevitor Co., of
Mti. Mturd - Verdict a guilty;
Jfjtnea, Wooghtiii a verdict of two
years Tuesday morning. The for
mer trail resulted ia a hung jury, it
is saidenlfor eonvieion. l,t
was a joint indictment originally,
but since the conviction of R. H.
DeTrevjlle, the indictment had been
resubmitted and a; flew one was re
tursed'at this term of the court.
Mr. Gftibreath toad been under, bond
duringall of the trials and was not
taken into, actual custody uptil the
case wis submitted, k new trial
irill nodoubt be asked for by his at
torneys and quite likely an appeal
will bVjtaken in the event the motion
is overruled.
The yerdict of the-jury was signed
by R. U. Sh'anklin, ai foreman, and
the other jurors were J. W. Craw
ford, B. S. Scott, J, D. Jolly, R. A.
Adams, J. lit Tresch, C. P. Wright,
W. A.-MobleyKW. J. Moore,'. Tl E.
Crawford, G. N. T. Latham and G.
L. Salmon.
CIVIL cases!
Things are running along in Judge
Hanbery's court smo6thly,- the cass
docketed being dispdsed of as rapid
ly as possible. The civil docket has
the right of way this week. The
most important case yet before the
cij&rt is that of Volney Gamble's
administrator against the L. &
R. R. Co. and the Mason-Hanger Co
This is a suit for $10,000 damages
for the killing of Gamble by a train
of the L. & N. at Crof ton. The Mason-Hanger
Co. were the contractors
for changing the grade and course
of the L. & N. The plaintiff takes
the ground for action that Gam
ble was killed by the negligence of
both the contractors tnd the rail
road and made both defendants.
Toe plaintiff is represented by Dow
ner & Russell and Hiram Brown.
The L. & N. by Judge Joe McCar
roll, its local attorney, and C. H.
Bush; Mason-Hanger Co. by Gordon,
Gordon & Cox, Madisonville. The
case was called and trial begun Tues
day morning and the evidence con
cluded yesterday about noon. The
afternoon was consumed by speeches.
on both sides. .
Beginning Monday, Will ,Bc
Clean Place For All.
H In tk City Attending to Com-
missioncrship Business.
Showing How a Man
Erect His Own Monu-
. t
Lookine as freah and clean as a
CaM ' f un)P speaker going through a cam
paign, John B Chilton, the new and
efficient warden at the Eddyville
pinitentiary, was in town Tuesday
shaking hands with his many friends,
Hficsme up Sunday afternoon to at
tendSo Eome of the business former
ly in Jus hands as Master Commie-
Help Build Your. Town If Yei
Would kGiirRe
. nown. I
Thomas L
needrresf tnd7 Vniweenr fun7-"YoU
will find it afcih.qarftiVaJ.-
Biirector Says liiat 'liey Will
Be Continued.
Mr. Lebkuecher, director of the
Third Infantry Band, says that the
people, have so highly appreciated
the series of six open air concerts
that they will be continued this
month and through part of Novem
ber, if the weather continues warm.
He says Ms band had just as soon
practice beforejhe People as in their,
room,; and Mg as the weather
pertriitW&ey will play every Tues
day night at the Metcalfe lot. The
crowd tout Tuesday nignt was prob
ably the. largest of tbe six nights of
or me season. -
Open To Eastern Star Dele
gates During Grand Chapter
. Meeting.
The Grand Chapter of the Order
of Eastern Star will meet in this city
Oct. 23 to '25 and about 400 lady dele
gates from all over the state are ex
pected. At the meeting of the Elks
Lodge Tuesday night, the Lodge by
a unanimous vote extended the priv
ileges of the club rooms to the visi
tors during their stay in the city.
Hugged To Death.
Samuel J. Johnson, a Georgia ne
gro preacher, who had been holding
meetings, ia dead as a result of being
hugged to tight, according to a
dispatch. The preacher created so
much enthusiasm over religion that
members of his flock, both males
and femalee, rushed to the pulpit
while the services were going on
and began to embrace him, shouting
and singing as they squeezed, until
the minister collapsed and death, resulted.
From what Mr. Chiltcn says there
i a general misapprehension as to
the cahges to be made at the two
Stattpmons. Whilst th i Frankfort
prison will be known as a house of
reform for minor violations of the
1W and the Eddyville prison will
rVtaii its present name, there will
be' no exchange of prisoners. The
Board of Control willgradually weed
name of 'The Ava- ( eat the worst criminals at Frankfort r
ding..now .fnrpjHje,,wBli lUB CB,nBD
pwng cmimc vu cuiivjuicu yet-
settf tte send those of lighter viola-
tfewMtthe law -there. What the
BraQiff Qontrol is very wisely look
leg! tsls to keep the younger victims
of the law from coming m contact
with the older and more confirmed
class ef criminals. .
c'nlight- havtf ' bm
him". while rjdhMC
aya;.too-busy ;tp devote .much:-' time
to r8frnp. " But as he is always oh
the move he might have stumbled
up on Celtic, mythology, and after
seeing that Avalon was Known by
Brae 8B' "the Land of the Blessed,"
or the "Isle of Souls," he might
have c included that his place of rest
forludiesin town shopping could
not be better named than by calling
it "The Avalon." He blight have
chosen'a word that could be more
easily remembered but .not a pret
tier, it as a nice word .and has a
flavor of romance and a tinge of
poetry and slips off" the toWgUe as
easily as a jelly-fish out of the hand.
The name is all right and the
building will be all right when com
plettd. The work on the building
has been going on during the sum
mer, but it will take some time yet
to complete it. The lecture room
will be a great resort for different
kinds of home entertainments, lec
tures, concerts receptions, commit
tee meetings, or for any purpose
that ladies may choose to use it for,
and without price. We know the
Hopkinsville people will appreciate
the. efforts of Mr. Metcalfe in fur
nishing a place of this kind for the
many purposes for which it will be
adopted. It is like giving a town a
park or a hospitai or a library. If
Mr. Metcalfe were a wealthy man
though, the city might have all those
things through his liberality,
The man who is always gathering
and never giving is not the happy
man. It is he that considers the
needs of others and lives for the
purpose of helping everybody that
he can. Such a man is the one that
is building "The Avalon." Whilst
he asks no one to "chip in" and help
him carry out his project for the
benefit of the people, he does ask
their support in an indirect way.
Why aaybody should fail to encour
age hus in his laudable undertaking
we fail to understand. He only asks
those wko need laundry wqrk to go
to him and let him do it. He gives
you a ticket calling for a certain
amount of work and the amount you
pay goes toward paying for the
building that he is putting up. It
Corsets ! Corsets! I
An Expert Corset Fitter will be at my store
October 7th, 8th and 9th
with a full line of new models of the cele
brated Redfern & Warner Rust-ProofjCor-sets.,
You may make an appointment for
personal fitting by mail or telephone, or
call at your convenience.
The new things in Ladies' and Misses'
Suits. Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Cloaks. Good assortment and prices to suit
all. Make my store your stopping place
when in the city.
Main Street, Hopkinsville7 .
WiU really be the people's building
and every man, woman and child
should have a brick in it. Not one
man in a thousand would do this for
his town people.
. It is gratifying to note that many
have liberally responded to Mr. Met
calfe's call on the people to help
not himself but themselves. All
that he askd is a continuance and be
will do the rest.
Some day, when jthis puplic-spirit
ed, ever strenuous man has accomp
lished his task and the passing years
have told upon his zeal for others,
when old Hopkinsville has become
what he wants to see it, he will be
pointed put as one of the men who
helped to make Hopkinsville what it
is. Surely such a citizen will be
honored and the tireless energies of
his young manhood, spent for the
upbuilding of the town and his de
sire to improve the opportunities of
all, will be appreciated, and "The
Avalon" will stand as a monument
to his industry and pluck. Yes, we
say pluck, for if he did not have this
element of success of immeasurable
quantity in his make-up, he never
would have undertaken what he soon
is to accomplish.
He has had his struggles in getting
a start in the world, but these strug
gles have made a man of him. Diffi
culties and discouragements have
often blocked his way, but his inher
ent strength of character and in
domitable will power have always
swept them away. All who help him
help themselves. Handing him $5
or .$10 is simply helping yourself,
with compound interest, for he gives
you back full value and you, in a
sense, become a partner in "The
Away For A Week.
Sanitary Officer W. E. Shanklin is
taking his vacation this week and
reports for that department should
be made direct to the Police Head
quarters, telephone No. 33.
CAPll'ALSi'OUK. $60,000 00
SURPLUS y5,000.00
TU LAb $155,000.00
To join us in business.
We can help each other.
We seek in every way to
maintain the standard of
careful attention to the
interests of our customers.
W. T. TANDY. President.
JNO. B. TRICE, Vice Prest.
IRA L. SMITH, Cashier,
J.A. BROWNING, JR., Asst.Cash
Try 'Em!
W. T. Cooper & Co.
Moss Bros
vju eater
Shows S
i in
X 1
i t
in it.( C
Oh, You Band Concert!
Third Infantry Band.
TKese Show are for Ladies, Clijldren and'Gerrtlemen.
? t
Baseball Park

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