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Witch The Date
After year 'name, renew
promptly, and not mlas a nna
ber. Tht Postal teguUHoni
require nbscriptfone to- be
paid In Advance.
Vol. xott
Hofkinsville, Kentucky, Saturday, November 2, 1912.
No 130
ditorial Comment
In General Rout and Retreat
Gathering Of The Unterrified
At The Court House This
Princeton, N. J Oct. 31. Mrs.
Grover Cleveland authorizes tho
announcement of her engagement
to Thomas Joseph Preston, pro
fessor of archaeology and history
of arts at Wells college. The
date of marriage is not determin
ed, but will be announced later.
"Snnnv JiV' Sherman's -desth
Twenty-seventh Occupant of
,ni knnw all over the n?-
tlon. Ori oeeasions like this the
American people rite afeeve1 politics.
Vice- PrtfMwt Soman's genial
personality M-hlm friends ftmon
all prties. Me wis respected and
feateemed by tven his political op
Hurelv this has been a
Boys' Fun Shut Off By Severe
Nation's Second Of
fice. To Constantinople May
Be Cut Off.
Wind and Rain
a r. v a. wf na
Secretary of Treasury McVeagh
With one oop abolished th3 public
drinking cup from railroad carp,
Vt&els and other conveyances of in
terstate traffic, and from depots and
waiting rooms of; common carrier.
The order ia effective immediately.
It ia the result of an investigation by
the United States Health service.
The Republican Committee will
meet Nov, 12 to Select a candidate
. . i.Q for oa Sherman's suc
cessor. Hadley. Borah and. Cum:
mins fire being mentioned for what
will only be complimentary vote.
Thorn are rirobably more people,
mhuu irnH hlhck. bearing the names
y- of Johnson and Boyd than any others
-E1 -- .t It... Tlii, -nam nir.V rltreCtOrV
in me city. UK " -
contains 84 Johnsons and 81 Boyda.
Frances Folsonr Cleveland.
the former President, will
c.V..fttr Ua mnrriprl to ThOS. J. PreS-
OflVl UJ "V - '
fr.n o nrnfpssnf in Wells College.
W'l " I' - " -. ,
He is 50 years old and she is 48.
The nrognosticators estimate
1? aak nnn votes will be cast
LUBb iUiv -
Tnooriav. fiSO.oOO of them by women
luThis is about 65 per cent of the total
number of eligible voters.
California, North Dakota and
Wisconsin will go for Wilson by Re
publican votes that will turn to him
to beat Roosevelt. Taft's name is net
on the ball t in California
State Senator Joe Bosworth and
Charles Cook," a Democratic news
paper man, had a "scrap" on the
streetin Middlesbo0,Gyer politics,
Jbut no blood was drawn.
A government bulletin says the
nr.t-.nn noil weevil has destroyed 2.-
550.000 bales of cotton valued at
$125,000,000 since its first appear
ance 20 years ago. .
1 The Wireless Station'atSan Diego,
Tal.. caught messages Wednesday
nipht from Vera Cruz, Mex., Pana
ma, Florida, Cuba and from a point
in Russian Siberia.
v,fren thousand people yelled
tHlfoseltes hoarse at Col. Roosevelt's
cr,o.h Wprlnesriiiv nichr. in New
York,'hils't speech since being
A man who said he was from Ken-
tuutvy opwiiu ""j 5i
day looking for Jack JohnsoSJ He
railed .to una vna hukiu jjukiho
Gov. Wnsan was given a greattva
'tion in a big rally at Madison Square
Garden 'Thursday niiht. He vas
cheered for 63 minutes.
Sixty women were fiqed for weai
pg hat pins that protruded too far
at Sidney, N. S. W. All went to
jfc jail rather than pay their fines.
Go, Wilson says hewillkto bed
at pine o'clock 'Tuesday niffit and
read tho returns in hUzmorning pa-
per. '
The Henderson Journlis trying
tn run the kickers out oFtown and
form a boosters organization,
inf.it.urtu will vnte for, a . Rnnrrl
of Trustees, Tdesdiffc There isj but
one ticket in the fieTd. r
Former State 'Senator F., N.
Hutcheson, of Henrson, died Wea
elay, aged 61 years.
Cuba hd a president 1 election
yeatecdayad disturbances were
looked focjL
atatea will elect Gov-
ernors. F
havo already elected
this year.
In Event of President's Death
Secretary Knox Would Suc
ceed Him.
Utica, N. J.', Oct. 31 After a
long illnes3, growing acute in the
few days. Vice President James
Schoolcraft Sherman died of Bright':?
diseasa at his home in Utica, N. Y
at 9:42 last night He had been
sinking since early morning, but ml
lied, about 7 p. m., the apparent im
provement.being' of short duration
only. Mr. Sherman was the twen
tv-seventh Vice President and a can
didate on the Republican ticket for
He is survived by a widow and
three sons.
He entered Congress in 1887 and
served until his election as Vice
His death leave3 the country with
out a Vice President pro tern, the
Republicans having failed to agree
on one after Senator's Fryo s death.
Should President Taft die or re
sign before March, Secretary Knox
would succeed him.
Mr. Sherman was the fifth . Vice
Presidenc whose,- drith in office
shocked the.ni-tiilm. Vice President
Kingidiedmuring Pierce's admini
tratiorj vice rresiutjin, tvi'ouu uur
ing that; .of Grant; Vice" President
Hendricks i dring.jjiat. i Cleveland,
. ! n :j .. nr:i J..
and,Yice President Hobart 'during
McKinley's first term.
The electoral college can vote for
any man for Vice -President, who
may be named by' 'the Republican
The funeral will be held Saturday
afternoon at the First Presbyterian
church and will be attended by
President Taft and members of the
cabinet. y
Democrats Registered 87 and
Republicans 72.
The supplemental registration the
first three days of this week added
159 names tn the books, 87 Demo
crats and 72 Republicans, as nearly
as could be estimated. This gives
the Republicans 97 majority over
the Democrats with 92 Independents
and 8 Progressives. The total of
1 831 is 237 short of the " total of
Robt. A Smithson, son of James
A. Smithson. nf this county, and
Mis3 Cora MiUen. foimerly of Todd
county, w-rs married in Howell,
Irid.. at 6 o'clock yesterday morning.
Tne young people left at ofice for
New York City, to be be absent ten
days, and on their return, they wil
reside in Howell, where Mr. Smith
son holds a position with theL. &N.
railroad company. The groom's
father, and hia sister. Mrs. Maxey
Blythe, of-this city, attended the
Two warships have been' sent to
San Domingo to keep the peace.
High School and Paducah High
School will play a chsmpionfthip
game at Mercer Park, this after
noon. It will be the game of the
season. You cannot afford to
miss it. Admission 25 cent.
Adrianople Still Holds Out-
Bulgars Won Decisive Battle
at Luleburgas.
London, Nov. 1 A four-days'
battle in Thrace has ended in the
triumph of the Bulgarian command-er-in
chief, Savoff. whose skillful
Strategy has probably brought to a
r1nnn nnp. nf the t-horttSt ind most
remarkable wars on record.
A great Turkish army, estimated
at over 200.000 men, has been de
feated and is in retreat.
Constantinople ie believed to be at
the mercy of the victorious Bulgar
inn nrmv. nncl a council, sitting at
rhf nnrte. is discussing thfi advis
ability of suing for peace.
Such is the news which come from
It is only a fortnight since Turkey
declared war. The first week of the
campaign closed with the dramatic
fall of KirkKilisseh, fully revealing
for the first time the disorganiza
tion, bad morale and inefficient com
missariat of the Turkish army. To
day that army is defeated, routed
within fifty miles of Constantinople,
and possibly ls retreat within the
capital's line of defenses is cut off.
Adrianople still holds out but has
lost its importunce now that the
Turks have met their Sedan at Lule-
uuinua .....V :. '. .u.
It ia believed a-rpea&e.- se.tue.meiw
will be arranged either by the porte
suing for peace or through interven
tion of the powers.
W. H. Blakeley Dead.
W. H. B'alieley. son of the late
Dr. Will Blakeley. died in Nashville
.a few days ago and the interment
took place in Bowling Green, where
tho fjimilv have resided for some
years. The deceased was a nepnew
. i 1
ot JUr. Hi v . oiaKHiey, oi una . tuy.
He leaves a wife, formerly Miss Lula
Jones, of RusSBllvilie.
Married In Memphis.
Ben J. W.lson and Miss Mollie
Blakeley. daughter of the late James
Blakeley, were married in Memphis
Wednesday. Rev.- I. N. Strother
performed the ceremony. The cou
ple left at once for Asheville, N- C ,
nnd on their return will reside at
the Blakeley home, near Gracey.
Killed Her Husband.
Mrs. Mary Swafford shot and
kil'eil hr husband Aaron Swafford,
near t:ii&ltHH0qtt&. n a luspera'e
dm 1 with shut gun?. She fired from
under a table after Swafford hail
Shot iinothyr woman whi was trying
to nrntect hf wife ine woman
win t ot arreted.
Modern Miracle.
A Frenchman named Peter Beau
mont, deaf for 22 years, is said by
AbboWJaniier, a famous 'divine of
Paris, to have had bis hearing mirac
ulously restored by the Pope in
Second Venture.
Mrs. Martha Carter, aged 19, and
a divorcee, was married at Bender
pnn Wednesday tp R T. Waters,
agtd,4l. tItTi bride carried a baby
in her arms.-'
Oldest VYoman
Mts. Phoebe Cox, the oldest wo -
man in Warren county, is dead
ared'93 years.
Bays Howe.
.t v. F.llta hnn roIiI tn J. B. UcGee
a nice home on East 13h street.
During The Month Of October,
1 15 Couples Having 0b
$ tained License.
the month just passed
was quite a revival in the
matrimonial line
Al . ....
Fifteen marriage
licenses were issued in October, but
this montu, judging from rumors
afloat, the demand will be still great
er.'! i
Will Deliver Elks' Memorial
Address Dec. 1.
Gem F. M. Bass, of Nashville, has
accepted an invitation to deliver the
memorial address for the Eiks of.
Hoptfinsville Lodge No. 545, on Sun
day afternoon, Dec. 1. Gen. Bass is
an attorney of high reputation and
a fltlliit and eloquent speaker. He
is a Brother of Mrs N t F. Dortch,
of this city. The committee in
charge of the memorial services this
year is composed of C. S Jarrett, L.
H. Davis and W. R. Wicks.
And Judge Hanbery Will Take
a Week's Rest.
The past six weeks' . term of Cir-
cuit Court Has been rather a strenu -
Pel ... . T.-.t-Jfi' K"U ' Un nrl
one. Judge nannerv nas no
the docket of many troublesome S3n them to England, where they
oldc ses. and disposed of a large wjj jj0 examined by great authori
number of perplexing new ones. tjes and placed in a museum. The
After casting his vote for Wilson J penH opinion is it is a wonderful
and Marshall Tuesday he will rest up c 3ection, dating back into ages far
the balance of the week and then go j before the Indians made their ap-
to Murray to open his court there
f . ni
m fi RflV;va SfirVlCGS Will UOSe
Tomorrow Night.
The revival services at Hebron
Methodist church will close tomor -
row nifcht. Rev. Pat Davis, of Rus- crowds on eacn occasion anu ne re
seliville, has been listing tre. pas-; ports much enthusiasm. He will de-
tor. Rev. G. W. Lyon, during the,
Mijn vaaaUa nrvKn. w i e mere
has not been a great number of con -
Hiw n vvhu hv. ... -
versions the meetings nuve oeen u
great spiritual yplifc
to the mem-
bers of the church.
In Riverside' Cemetery During';
the Month of October.
The report of tho Sexton of Kiver
side Cemetery for the month of Oc-
tr,. i...-i.,.. ft, ot- thorn warn nnlv
seven interment during the month
nf Ontoher. as follows:
Male 'adults ' ....3
Female adults 2
Infants. under 18 nnoi I.... 2
For Quail Shooting Begins the
' 15th.
Sportsmen are already cleaning tip
their guns and muKing other ar
rangements for the open season for
quail, whiqh begins Friday, the 15ih
of this month, The crop of quail
i ? . tr s umoll nnrSnrr f
r""" " , ,irfiu,nnt. ,,.
,e "Tf ' " "
the young birds and other causes.
Sells Farm.
3. F. Ellis has so'd J. H. Snead's
farm of 116 acres to Wm. Sloan.
Extra Police Saw Spooks In
Droves But Made No
The school boys and their friends
had doubtless arranged "a full pro
gram" for fun Thursday night, but
the heavy rain storm kept them in
side. They were out for a short
time, as some of the citizens discov
ered Friday morning. They were
out on Main street and were silently
at work for a short period. They
imagined that Judge Bush had no
iiro fnr ri front crate and carried it
off and left it with a neighbor. Col.
Henry's lawn swing, which had done
eood service during the summer,
was turned over and porch chairs in
iL. k-Z ...n nnnlad uKmlf ntlfl
lufr nf rlitTprent nlaces. I
The young men of the city gave a '
Halloween dance en masque at Hotel
Latham and Miss Grace Richards'
party at her home on South Virginia
street was a most enjoyable function
with the younger set. Little Miss
Cornelia Weaks postponed her Hal
loween party until last night.
To Send To England:
The Imperial Tobacco Company
headauarters in. England has sent a
telegram to the company here order-
s.1tr ;t t0 cather the relics tind Indian
! ietnnB recently unearthed on
., . --'-
tneir Droperty on mei aucoi,
pearance on the earth. Henderson
Gleaner. .
Democrats Enthusiastic.
Mjc2 J. B. Allensworth 1ms return
ed from a tour of Trigg and Callo
or hp maHp sixteen
campaign "speeches for the Demc-
cratic ticket in ten days. Mr. Al-
, hnsworth was greeted by large
liver an address to me voters oi
Caldwell county today,
on me au
i .
icasion of the Democratic
rally al
. Stanley Pleased Them.
It has been many years since a
speaker in Elizabethtown made
Hiir?h a nPftfound I'moresjion on his
thrill after thrill into I he hearts of
the 500 Democrats who heard him at
the Court House Saturday afternoon.
His masterly effort emphasized the
fact that in ability as a campaign
j orator he is second to none m Ken
tucky. Elizabethtown News.
Film Burned Out.
A film Burned out at the Princess
Thursday evening and, though no
excitement was caused, it left the
crowd nervous. A little later the
storm came up and there was a dis
play of electricity about the ma-
. . .1 n .i 1
cline. Then a iouu ciap or munuer
came) and the audience became pan
icky. but cooler heads quieted their
nerves and the show wub resumed.
Take It With You.
Voters in tho city should bear in
mind that they cannot vote without
showing their registration certlfi
cu'e. If you go to the polls without
it you will have to go back and get
it. If you have lost it you will have
to go to the Clerk's office and buy a
duplicate, Better look it up new
and have it ready Tuesday morning
The Democrats Will Hear Some
Old Time Oratory For
Hon. Gibney Oscar Letcher, as
sistant Democratic elector for the
Second Congressional district, will
speak at the Court House this after
noon for Wilson & Marshall, He is
Vice Chairman of the Young Men's
WillBon and Marshall League of
Kentucky and comes recommended
a9 an able and eloquent young man
and a good speaker. His speech is
to be a feature of the Democratic
Rally at the Court House this after
noon and he will no doubt be heard
by a big crowd.
Local Paragraphs
The contractors for building the
new streets are making such rapid
progress that tne output of three
companies is necessary to supply it
with stone.
Don't forget that Hon. Oscar
Letcher, of Henderson, will speak
at the court house this afternoon in
the'interest of the Democratic party.
The Democrats are preparing for
a grand final rally at the court
house next monday night.
In reserving players for the K.I.T.
League nex. year "Old Clarksville"
seems to have signed the best of her
pennant winners for future use.
They have reserved the (unlucky
number 13. But there is not much
consolation in that for the other
teams. We must have better ma
terial than the last year's men re
served. Democrats, begin right now to
look up your registration ticket. If
you wait until Tuesday your wife
may not be able to find it for you.
It Is gratifying to know tnat the
band has real'zed enough in the past
months to pay off its indebtedness,
which at one time was uncomferta-
bly close to S1.000. It is the best
musical organization the city ever
had, and long may it stick together.
As usual, the demand for cheap
cottag& is beyond the Bupply.
It is abuot all over now except the
A man remarked the othc-r day
that we have had the first Indian
summer for 17 years.
Killed His Sister.
Clarksville, Tenn., Oct. 30. Misa
Amanda Hale was accidentally shot
and instantly killed Monday by her
brother, Louis Hale, at the home of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John N,
Hale, four miles south of the city.
The dead girl was 16 years old nnd
her brother is about 20
stumbled and fell with a ;
Sisters Lose Live
Six sisters of Charity ius: their
lives in the burning of a Catholic
orphanage in San Antonio.
Residence Sold.
J. F. Ellis has Bold to A. H. Cook
a beautiful home on Walnut street.
Tom Slaughter, coh.was yester
day sentenced by Judge Hanbery
to die in the electric chair at Ed
dyville Jan. 3, for the murder of
Lee Jenkins, at Edgoten. An ap
peal has been taken by his attor
neys, Linton & Clark.
Be not oveT'Onfldent

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