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KMerly Person at Stamp Window
Would Not Be Hurried While Mak
ing Five-Cent Purchase.
KTho elderly porson with the bdcc-
les, who had dropped Into tho Fed-
fit building nnd was snldlng tho
tors and looking leisurely arounu,
Mopped up to a stamp window.
I "Sell postage stamps horo?"8ho In
ikulred. "Yos, ma'am."
. "Sell 'cm In any quantity a bodj
Wants V
"Yes, ma'am. What" ,
"Got any of the one-cent hind?"
"Yes, ma'am; how "
I don't want .'em torn apart. I
fcmnt 'om all In one piece."
Woll, how many?"
"Ono-cent kind, remember."
"Yes, ma'am. How many?"
"QIvo mo a nickel's worth."
"Hero you are. Now please "
' "Don't trr to hurry me. yountr man
jtvo as much right In this building as
jpn have."
Handing tho clerk a $5 bill, she wait
ed patiently for tho change, picked
tap tho stamps, folded them, placed
them In her purse, and walked leisure'
j away.
"1 made him earn his money, any
way," she muttered to herself.
Young Surgeon (in hospital after
iiavlng Just removed the patient's leg)
Does the operation meet with your
approval, doctor?
Head Surgeon Very well done, only
(or a slight mistake.
Young Surgeon Why, what's the
Head Surgeon You've amputated
tho wrong leg.
Accident, Nothing.
Dubblelgh's car lay flat on its side
And deep In the mud In the freshly
plowed field, having skidded off the
road, through the low stone wall, to
get there.
"Ahl" cried a passerby from the
roadside. "Had an accident?"
Dubbleigh tried to hold his tongue,
but the strain was too much for him.
"No, of course not," he replied, cold
ly. "I've Just bought a new car and
have brought my old one out here to
bury It. Got a pickax and a shovel
in your pocket you could lend me? 1
can't seem to dig deep with my mote
horn." Harper's Weekly.
Harmony of Opinion.
She was holding the teething baby,
trying to pacify Alice crying with a
toothache and attempting td Instruct
her husband how to prepare a mix
ture for Roy's sore throat all at tho
same time.
"John, If I could have looked lor
ward ten years nnd taken in this
scene, do you know what I should
havo done?"
John, with alacrity: "Yes, Jear; just
whnt I wish I had done." Llppln
, Almost Lost a Chance.
"It's nobody's business," said the
beautiful actress, "whether I Intend to
get married again or not."
. "I admit It," replied tho reporter.
''Excuse mo for asking. Goodby."
"Walt a moment, please. If you.
care to run a picture of mo In con
nection with the story I shall be glad
to give you one, I've Just had a ncv
The Figures.
Young Man How much a year does
It require to support a wife nowa
days? Old. Man Oh, anywhere from $500
to $50,000.
Young Man Isn't that rather Indefi
nite? Old, 'Man -No. It always takes nl'
a man baa.
, 'Great Success.
Clara Isn't It perfectly lovely thlr
higher education of women.
Dora Why.?.
Clara The paper says 80 per cent
of the Vasaar college graduates get
married. '
Still Subordinate,
"Tho. airship will yet furnish grenf
er sport than horse racing?"
"Perhaps. Dut I haven't yet1 bean'
of an aviator who gets anything likr
he annual Income of a good Jockey ' (
Proof to the Contrary.
"They say that Wombat Is a gen
ius." '
"Nothing to that story. It's n rr
nard. I loaned him a dollar once, ar
paid me baqk all right enough."
V. They W.JII.
Some men will go to any extrorae;
or money."
"Yes. Even to talking Into a dlr
metanchoty da.ys rizxve come,
The s&ddeST of 4hc yecP,
.When little Willie winders home
With only htvlf &n ear;
With sundry gouges In fcta eye,
The btrU peeled off his. nose;
With burdock thistles In his' haip
And mud
The bNsebtxIl &nd ihc padded oMove (
No more he fotes around,
The fishing pole In Willie's bnd
no longer c&n oe found
No more with m&pbleti, kites on tops
He whiles the ilrhe &w&y;
No more &t"flp" opsone old
Does Wlllk deign to
Local Paragraphs
You might as well expect to see
George Lackey out of place during
a court session as to find Harry Yost
going about making campaign
Charlie Slaughter enjoys a good j
square mpal as much as breen j
flhnmrmn la nlpnqprl tvit-h hplntr !
crowded at the picture show by iaJ
dies on either side of him.
If you see Attorney Trimble walk
ing up Main street with his eyes on
the pavement, there is no question
as to bis studying some important
point in law, whereon hangs the sue-
cess or failure of his case.
Talking a out men being in their
places," we rise to remark" that we '
have never had a County Clerk who
staid closer to business and was is hearty, vigorous life, according tr
more courteous than R. T. Stowe. Hueh Tubman, of San Antonio. "We
He is always on hand during busi
ness hours and many other hours be
About 40 men last Wednesday
afternoon stood at the fountain at
Main and Ninth streets and watched
a beautiful little black and tan dog
that had been run over by an auto
mobile breath his last. Sympathy
was plainly expressed on almost
every face-
Ai m 'eher of jokes, Judice Bush
ihrh rivii in tiic person of Alva'i
OU'k. tiur Miftr 'vuy "f tilling them
" nUHv'-ili-r ciff ert nt. Th' Judjr
s vt-ry mm i .us until the chrnax is
eadied, vhi t the ynuiur ur'ornev
can tmrdly contain himself until th
funny p.rr com-js in v
Escapes An Awful Fate.
A thousand tongues could not ex
press the gratitude of Airs. J. B.
Cox, of Joliet, 1 1., for her wonder
ful deliverance from an awful fate.
"Typhoid pneumonia had left me
with an awful cough," she writes.
"Sometimes I had such awful cough
ing spells I thought I would die. I
could get no help from doctors'
treatment or other medicines till I
used Dr. King's New Discovery.
But I owe my life to this wonderful ,
remedy for I scarcely cough at all
now." Quick and safe, its the most
reliable of all throat and luni; medU!
cines. Every bottle guara.iteeil.
50cand$1.00. Trial bottle f.e4
all druggists. r
Who's Fisher.
Secretary Fisher, of the Depart
ment of the Interior, was Acting
President on election day, whi e
"official Washington" is at home
The Demons of the Swamps
are moequitos. As they sting they1
put deadly malaria germs in the
blood. Then follow the icy chills
and the fires of fever. The appetite
flies and the strength falls; also ma-
aria often paves the way for deadly i
typhoid. But Electric Bitters kill
and cast out tho malaria germs from
the blood; give you a fine appetite
n Dlnirll,
long suffering," wrote Wm. Fret
well, of Lucama, N. C. "three bot
tles drove all tho malaria from my
system, and I've had good health
ever since." Best for all stomach,
liver and kidney ii 50c at all drug
gis8. Advertisement.
upon his' clothes, (f
? But f&r3
1 f S S J
71 f i
! j yHe m6.dly" hurls his tender form ,
S Hc&d foremosf -to the dnound.
Helps A Judge In Bad Fix.
Justice Eli Cherry, of Gillia Mills,
Tenn-, was plainly worried. A bad
sore on his leg had baffled several
doctors and long resisted all reme
dies. "I thought it was a cancer,"
he wrote. "At last I used Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, and was completely
cured." Cures burns, boils, ulcers,
cuts, bruises and piles, 25c at a I
Generous Elks.
At th last meeting of Hnpkins
v 1 e L dg- N 545 B P. 0. E. a io-
j ,mM ,n w "'"HP l i v''t
iKentucKy 0 pbans Home in .this
ci tv
" '
What Texans Admire
find," he writes, "that Dr. King's
Ne' Life Pills surdy put pew life
und energy into a person. Wife and
I believe they are the best made.""
Excellent for Btomach. liver and kid
ney troubles. 25c at all druggists.
Tragic Dream Came True.
To dream of being ' mangled by a
locomotive and to have that dream
come true shortly after ho had relat
ed It to his companions was tho ex
perience of Wllmer Johnson, of
Phoenlxvlllo. Pa. While off his en
gine It began to move, and the enact
ment pf tho dream came true, as ho
Jumped for the running board, but
missed It nnd fell under tho wheels
There's A Reason;
In selecting a Vacuum Cleaner for
our subscribers, both old and hew,
we bought he best to be found in
our opinion nnd we thinSc we have
chosen wisely. They are to -he had
as cheap as $1.85 and if you want
one at that pr ce give us your or
der and wi will have a machine for
you in a week or ten days, but not
with our name on it and possibly not
the manufacturer's name. We have
, . . . . ... . . ,
Buuu Co ,u o. uta will UI-KU
rxu .1 tr ai i
to have prospective customers' make
thorough comparison of our machine
with any one on the market at any
drice. work and material considered.
Durability and success in us $ our
he forth in bfcddy p&nts
And swe&tep soiled and forn,
And though his hajp be iwo feet !onr,
He scorns to h&.ve It shorn.
And ever And &non, behold,
As Willie sw&rfders 'round,
Though battered be his f&jr youn m&.p,
And l&me his little gimp,
yc. proudly be&rs his doughty sc&rs
And glories in his limp.
By these &nd sundry other 3Nns
Tis Very, very cle&r
fhe b&seb&ll season po.sseih.o.nd
The fooib&U -rime Is here.
Preferred Locals.
We are prepared to do all kinds of
higvgrade job' printing. Try us.
See.!. H. Dazg for contracting
ouilding and;genet;al repair work of
ull kmdf. fnonK476.
If you have a house or building of
any kind that you want moved see
HC. Lawson . or call Cumberland
phone 635.
Fruit and Shade Trees,
Cill Phone 311.
County and State taxes are due
and must be paid. Penalty added
after Nov. 30. LO A JOHNSON,
5 Per Cent Money To Loan.
On Good South Christian Land i
years time.
J. B". Allensworth, Afly ,
Office Phone 267-2. Res. 742.
For Sale.
Dwelling and store rrom attached,
on uurrett s avenue, ior sale or
trade on terms to suit the purchaser.
R. 3, Hopkinsville, Ky.
TrS.'Kfli?hf-& Co
sout t
Sana" -
A Cash Offer.
The Kentuckian has made u p.vit
clubbing rate with The Memphi
Weekly Cmmorciai Appeal i
which "we will furnish buth paper
for one year for the very low sul
cription price f $2.25. The Com
mercial Appeal is one of the largest
and best papers in the South, and
we hope to receive uiatiV new sub
scriptions on this offer; $2.25 cash
for both papers.
Advertisement.' '
The finest, line of samples eveJ
seen in Hopkmaville, from the Col
line Mfg Co. of Philadelphia, can be
seen at .the Kentuckian office. Come
in and see them. We can ptaase you,
ro matter what style you wnnt for
1913. , ' ,
Aurora Borealls.
According to a thsory recently eu
elated, the aurora borealls Is formed of
iiathodeiray8, emitted by the sun and
leneciea' Dy ino terrestrial magnetic
field in 'the upper strata of the atmo
sphere. The velocity of theso cathode
rays must be nearly .equal to that of,
light, and very much greater than the
velocity of cathode rays produced In
tho laboratory. Lenard concludes thai
these extremely "hard" cathode rny
are emitted by unknown radlo-actlvo
substances In the sun.
Children Cry
feretiiry Wilson 8h1w Thit 800,000
Miles ef Public Thorftughfar
Need Betterment.
According to Information Just mada
public by tho director of tho offlco ot
public roads, Indiana leads oil thp
Btatcs of thr Union In mllengo qt im-'
proved roads, iftost of tho Improved
roads of Indiana and Ohio arc com
posed of gravel and word, for the
most part, built by farmers in worklm?
out tho taxes. The eight loading good
roads states are: Indiana, Ohio, Now
York, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois,
California and Massachusetts.
Tho states which aro loading in pro
grosslvo road building aro: Now
York,- Georgia, Washington, Missouri,
South Carolina, Alabama, Pennsyl
vania, Tennessee,' New Jersoy, Florida
and Maryland.
.That tho natlon-wldo movement
for tho Improvomont of tho public
roads Involves a largo undertaking is
Indicated by information Just made
public by the U. S. department ol
agriculture. Secretary Wilson shows
that 300,000 miles of roads must bo
Improved beforo tho public road sys-
tem can bo considered really offlclent. j
It Is only within recent years that
tho movement for better roadB has
gained force. The, consequences of
delay are shown in tho fact that there
aro now but 190,476 miles of improved j
roads In this country. Theso Improved
roads constitute S.6C per cent of tho
total mileage cf nil public roads, Im
proved and unlmprovod. It fs flgurod
thnt tho percentage will havo to be lu
.creased to 20 before traffic can bo
moved throughout tho country with
tho minimum of wear and toar on
horse, wagons and automobiles.
Tho French system of roads, long
considered the best in tho world, was
bonded by Napolootf III. for $6,000,-
000, and something In tho neighbor
hood of $612,775,000 has already been
spent on that system. In this country,
owing to the great distances, it . Is
probable that closo to $2,000,000,000
will have to be spent beforo a proper
road system Is developed.
While tho amount necessary to per
fect a great road system seems fabu
lously large, it does not seem too largo
when it Is divided among tho various
states and spread over a period of
five, ten or fifteen years. When It
Is considered that New York state
has bonded itself for $50,000,000
and that $5,000,000 a year is now
being expended by that state, it will
bo seen that a natlon-wldo system
might soon be perfected were all
states to progress as rapidly.
South Carolina, Alabama and Flor
ida have also made great gains by
building sand-clay roads, and this Is a
very cheap and satisfactory type o'
road building.
The Window Garden Season.
The window gardener's year begins
in September, because that is the
time to bring tender plants Indoors
and because, bulbs begin to arrive
The ideal Is to have flowers indoors
every day from tho first frost of au
tnmn until the last frost of spring,
Bulbs alone will glye flowers from
Christmas to EaBter. A lltle ?2 col
lection of bulbs will give a spot of
color dally if carefuly selected and
managed, but It Is pleasant to have a
roomful of bulbs about 250 pots.
Tho most practical bulbs for Christ
mas bloom are Roman hyacinths and
the paper white ncrclssuB. Chinese
sacred HUes will also bloom then If
protected from drafts.
X'or i-eDruary, plan to nave cro
' For March and April plan to hav
tulips, hyacinths and daffodils.
Asparagus Doubly Useful.
Asparagus plant is nardy. It re
quires six weeks for the seed to ger
minate arid come up. Tho young
plants may bo cultivated In rows as
other garden vegetables, and set in
permanent rows or beds this fall or
The plants are very hardy, will
stand all kinds of treatment, but will
respond liberally to good treatment,
and thrive in one place ror ten or
twenty years. The asparagus plant Is
doubly useful. -The young shoots can
bo used for food, and tho foliage
branches for decoration. Sprays of
asparagus are equaled by few other
plants for their pleasing effect ir
Good Roads.
" Good roads aro essential to the suc
cess of tho farmer the world over,
Poor roadB are very costly; they cause
the speedy wearing out of wagons,-the
loss of animals and the failure to
market crops profitably. Good roads
mean a greater ease In marketing,
longer wear of farm wagons, more
profit and mor comfort Good roads
are not expeaalve; all roads eau be
Improved at small cost In money,, tlmf
and labor.
Aveld Weed Growth.
If there any part of your garden
or fields that you do not wish to grow
vegetables or staple crops on do not
allow Jt to grow up In weeds. Weeds
are obnoxious, do not afford any profit
or pleasure to the land owner anfl rob
the soil ot Its fortuity. Sow any un
occupied parts of your land in cow
peas or other legumes. It will pay
you well.
iPoor Fall Work.
Whore the road Is plowed and
scraped up till it is so late in the fall,
tho dirt does not havo time to pack
and settle bofore it freezes, with the
result that these newly-workod spots
aro not only rough throughout the en
tire winter, but they will be soft and
difficult ot travel all next spring.
uni i Aurvo oppra 1
Friday, November 8
: V
The Original Company
and Pretty Girl Chorus.
25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, Few
C. 0. Wright
J. C. Johnson
Special Attention Given Fm
The 'purification
of whisky after
distilling- is just as importing
as are the selection of the grara
used, the distillingrmcthod and
the honest aging. That's why
does not fall short of gooc
in a single particular.
Ci'- iottlinr
Nashville. Term.
Hiuk"i wi'i, .
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anronoiendlnff n tkelrn and deacrlntlnn m
qulcklr ucertalu our opinion free whether an
Intention la prohnblf palenuhle Communlca
tlom strictly contidenttal HANDBOOK onPatenta
cut iree. union aaencj ibr tecurmirpaieiui.
cm I roe. uiaeu agency tor lecurlnirpat
l'litenu taken through Hunu & Co. rewire
tftcial notice, without charge, In the
Scientific America
A. handtomelrtllaitrated weekly. TuvHrr--cuUtlon
of any iclenllfla Journal. Termi.
rear! four month, IL Bo)l by all newsdealer.
MUNN & Co.88," New York
Brau ai OUet, m F Be Watfekxtoc. D.C,
Fur Sain By W. ft COBB & CO.
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