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He DeWrd Hii'State With A
Clear Majority Of
Thert Were No Flies 0 Iiidi
' aha This ;Time
1 Thomas R. Marshall,
Indianapolis, Ind , Nov. 8 Revis
ed figures on Tuesday's election in
Indiana from official unofficial and
estimated return from the, entire
state give Wilson a plurality of 118,
537. Raiston'a plurality .over Beyr
idge for governor ir 112.4$7f
Poll Books Returned And Vote
Was Counted .Yesterday.
The ballot boxes and cem'fic tea
ofwbe election officers of all the pre
cincts in the county were returned
Thursday. The election commission
ers began counting the Vote yester
day morning. The commission is
composed of a Higifins and
Sheriff Lw JoMnon. Denvcrats,
and Otho II. Anien on, Repubuca
Got 'Eml"
A gun, a dog,
enjoy these days
your sharofjjhe
liable gun fond good shells.
Bette? com
fix you up with a
We have twenty guage shells and
of sportsmen's supplies.
Twenty-nine More Electoral
Votes To Democratic I
California Alto His By Small
Plurality.. Beyond a
Doubt. . r
Chicago, Nov. With all butl30
scattering precincts out of 4,288 in
Illinois reported. Governor Wilson
last night had a, plurality of 9,487
over Golcriel Roosevelt and.it ia gen
erally conceded rtbat he haa carried,
the state. . '5
All of the precinctav'to be, heard
from are outside of Gqok county and
many of them'in the Southern part
of the state, where further plurali
ties for Wilson are anticipated.
The popular vote now stands:
Wilson, 399.428; Roosevelt, 389,991;
Taft, 250.297.
Looks Good In Wyoming.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Nov. 8 Three
hundred and ten -precincts out of a
total of 472 in Wyoming give Wilson
10,591; Taft, 10.328; Roosevelt, 4,
624. The drop in the Roosevelt vote was
due to failure to count his vote in a
number of counties.
The senatorial result n$J is in
doubt. Dergpcrats have,ajfy votes
in the next l(lature;.if Republi
cans 35, neewwry to choice 43.
Lincoln county ia missing. Upipita
county, which with Ljncpn t:pnii;
pre6'n,. ejection district, has gone
Democratic, by a small majority.
This district elects eigh legislators
and holds the deciding. vdte.
Issued by County Clerk for
Privilege of Hunting,
The quail had' better be getting
under cover. Up to noon yesterday
408 license had been iesued for the
coming -open season, beginning the
15f.h of this month.
Does This
Bring Pleasant,
. , . i i j ii i ti ai. i i i Ti'ini Ti 'it
and a day off. It is almost time to
again. You: can be sure of getting
birds if youar0 equipjpedxwith ;a re-
in the first chance
gun and your shells.
HoPKHfsviLLE, Kentucky,
President Taft Sets Apart
November 28 For
Holiday. "
Calls Upon AH the People To
; seHe;The
h Day.
William H. Taft
Washington, Nov. 8. President J
Taft today issued the Thanksgiving
proclamation, setting aside Nov. 28
for the observance of that day. The
President sayB:
"The year nowdrawingto a close
haa,b(en notably, favorable: tqsquy.
lortunaie lana: inn.-peace wiumi ouu
without, free from i!he perturbations
and calamities that have, afflicted
other peoples; rich in harvests so;
abundant and in industries so pro
ductive that, the overflow of our
prosperity has advantaged the whole
world: strong in the steadfast con
servation of the heritage of self-
goven.ment bequeathed to us Dy tne
wisdom of our fathers and firm in
the resi lve to transmit that heritage
unimpaired, but rather improved by
good use, to our children and our
children's children for all time to
come, the people of this country
have abundant cause for contented
you get"ffid let us
every oheritem
! 1 '
ri--S-: vWk wimmf
Saturday, November 9, 1912.
Wavipl States Are Falling
;to Wilson Column Very
Eri Received With Favor
Byroreign countries ana
.Markets Buoyant.
"Only;, .the uncertainty bf. close
Stotesfin'no-way affecting: the gen
eral results.'liolds interest in final
returwjiof Tuesday' election. The
election bf sWilson and Marshall was
well received in foreign country, and
markets showed buoyancy. The cer
tain votes in the Electoral College
stand; Wilson, 429; Roosevelt, 89;
Taft; 12? Doubtful States give indi
cations of landing in the Democratic
column except South Dakota. Wo
man suffrage was successful in four
of the Ave, States where the ques
tion was submitted. Estimates of
fie popular vote varied, and it can
not be determined with accuracy
whether Wilson has a majority over
the combined Taft and Roosevelt
vote. Fairly "definite returns from
State Legislatures indicate the Sen
ate will be ' Democratic. In the
House tnere are 279 Democrats, 118
Republicans, 12 Progressives, dis
tricts unreported 26. Total mem
Trig M Record
Trigg Counto'Was one of ,the few
places to 'gq 'Republican. The total
'vpfe-was: Wilson, 1260; Taft, 1322;
Roosevelt," 117? Deba, 162.
The, Record Says 350 Democrats
stBye'd at home; . vFhe Debs vote was
also probably drawn from the Demo
cratic side.
Taft And Hadley
Eighteen out of twenty-four mem
bers of the Republican National Com
mittee have written Chairman Hilles
that they favor Gov. Hadley. of Mis
souri for Vice President.
Commission Form Defeated.
The Commis3ion form of govern
ment was again defeated in Puducah,
this time by a vote of 1480 against
to 1070 for ft. A great many peo
ple failed to vote on thy question.
Dunne Elected Governor
Chicago, Nov,8'.--Elwin F. Dunne,
democrat, carried Illinois for gover
nor by a plurality of 110.654, with
202 precincts not heard from.
I wjll, on my farm at Bolivar, Kentucky, about nine miles south of Hopkins-
The following personal property, to-wit: Twelve Work Mules, Four 4-Horse Wagons, Three
Sets'Wagon Harness, Twelve Sets Plow Gear, Two Reapers, Two Mowers, Hay Rakes, Fallowing
Plows, Double and Single P ows, Two Disc Harrows, One Cutawoy, Three Wheat Drills, One Corn
Planter, in fact all kinds of farming implements, tools and machinery used in the proper conduct
and operation of a modern and up-to-date five hundred acre farm.
About Thirty-five Tonn of Baled Clover and Timothy Hay mixed, clean and in good condi
tion. About Five Hundred Buaheis of Corn, a lot of Fat and Stock Hogs, Pigs and Shoats, Bome
nice pure strain Jersey Milch Cowa and Cattle, One Jersey Bull about two years old entitled to
registration, One Toppy Harness Mare with Suckling Colt by her side, One extra nice Two year
old Colt and other saddle and harness horses.
TERMS OF SALE: -Fat Hogs, Fat Cattle and all sales of $25 00 and under, cash. All other
sales on eight m'-nth-' time, with 6 per cent, interest from date of sale. Notes to be executed bv
purchaser or pu chasers with upproved security. All persons desiring to pay cash "will be allowed
2 per cent, discount, unless it is for Fat Hogs, Fat Cattle, or amounts of $25,00 or under.
Barbecue on the grounds on the day of sale, where those in
attendance can procure dinner.
Arid Saw Wood And Say Noth
ing For The Present,
Says Wilson.
Glad That His State Has Be
come Democratic In
All Branches.
Woodrow Wilson.
Princeton, N. J Nov. 8. "I think
my right course just now is to hear
everybody and make no statements."
JSir;- Wilson sad today he wpuld
"Stay OH, thp'jok at Trentpn" until
he bad carried out h'.a reforms, but
with a democratic legislature behind
him, this is likely to be a smooth
process when; the law-makers con
vene on January 1
Though campaigning vigorously
for the presidency, Governor Wilson
concentrated earnest appeals in New
Jersey. Nothing gives him more
satisfaction than the fact that not
only is Ne Jersey to he represented
by two democrats in he United
States nennt.e, but for the first time
in I. i.i administration as Kt.vernor,
both hes of the stare legislature
will be democratic. To put an end,
if possib'e, to all gos.np about cab
inent appointments, he has issued
the following s'atement:
Such speculations ure perfectly
fruitless. I mean to keep my mind
entirely open with regard to appoint
ments of the first consequence until
a final announcement ia possible, It
will be perfectly useless to resort to
me for corroboration of any report,
because I shall havj absolutely noth
inir to Hnnounce. No announcement
wi 1 have the least authority that is
not made over my own signature.
There are matters which must be
determined by very deliberate coun
sel, and not by gossip.
to the highest and best bidder, on
Watch Th Dale
After your name, kmw
promptly, and not mlrnia nu
br. Th Postal lemiUtfont
requlro snbacrlptlonf 'to b
paid In advance
No. 133
Forty-eight' Seats in That Body
Are Now Safe Beyond
Doubt or Dispute.
With Marshall in the Chair To
Cast the Deciding Vote in .
Event of a Tie.
Washington, Nov. 8. Control ot
the senate in the sixty-third congress
now is practically assured to the
Democrats. Conceding to the Re
publicans the legislatures of all states
sfill in the doubtful column today,
the Democrats will have a vote of 48,
or one half of the entire membership
of the senate, with a Democratic
vice president in the chair to cast the
deciding ballot in case of a tie.
Seven states are yet to be heard
frqm definitely. A senatorfrom one
of these would give the Dcmoc rats s
clear majority, and it is possible
their strength will be even further
increased by winning in several.
Kansas has been added to the
Democratic column in the past twen
ty four hours.
The states in which the complet
ion of the legislatures is yet to Le
decided are: Illinois, Michigan.
New Hampshire, Oregon, South Da
kota, Tennessee and Wyowng.
jf- It1
Success of Woman Suffrage.
A by-phase of the general7 elect on
was the success of woman's suffrage
in lour qf he five States where con
stitutional amendments were sub
mitted to the people. The victory
of the women was complete in Kan
sas, Arizona andMicfiigan; late re
turns from Oregon indicated they
had succeeded there also; while from
Wisconsin came returns showing the
decisive defeat of the equal suffrage
President's State.
O.iio seems to have been in earn
est. Even the President's home
town, Cincinnati, gave Wilson 'a
small majority.
Total vote in State (estimated);
Republican, 312.G0O; Democratic,
44G.760; Progressive, 253,564; Socia
list, 4G.O0O; Prohibition, no estimate.
Democrat Elected.
Tne Democratic plurality in Ken
tucky is approximately 105,000,
while President Taft leads Col.
Roosevelt by About 8,000 votes.
Judge C. C. Turner, Democrat, was
elected in the Seventh Appeliate district.
C. MOORE, Auctioneer.

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