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Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Thursday, November 14, 1912.
No. 135
m &
Editorial Comment
Julius A. Wayland, owner of the
Appeal to Reason, a Socialist sheet
published at Girard, Kah killed
himself Monday night. KV was to
have ben put on trW 'Tuesday for
violating the .portal laws by circulat
ing defamatery matted
Mrs. H. Keith, aged H3 years,
Ittid her yeungeet sdn, 99 years old.
took their first ride on a xailrwkd
train at Joplln, Mb.j this week. She
has three sons older than the one
who aceotapanied her.
tHBss ssssmesassBosn
The neigh of a horse aaVed a fami
ly from being bwrned to death at
Lake Charles, La. Aroused by the
hMe they found their hette' failing,
m and there wa barely tm to es
cape. The Mississippi A. & M. College
has, been practically broken up by
dieeenaionaln the- nwirt' and
GOO of the 1,(KK) student' have gone
The Legislature of New Hamp
shire, which elects a Governor and
ijtfjSenator, ia controlled by 46 Progres
sives who hold the balance of power.
Former Senator Whu Lorimer,
who had his salary cut off, is now in
a Chicago hospital .where he had his
appendix cut off Tuesday.
Maude Malone, who interrupted
Gov. Wilson in a speech in New
York, has been found guilty of dis
turbing a public assembly.
;J. U Camden announces that he
frill not run for the Senate and a
"hose race" is on between Stanley
and Beckham.
The Department of Agriculture is
now experimenting with zebra
mules, a cross of a zebra sire and a
brood mare.
Col. Roosevelt says.'his party's poll
of morethan-4,OOOaOO0votes. was" a
wpnderful showing and the ngnt will
4j3 on.
Voliva, the Dowie leader atZiOn
City, Tl., says the fall of Turkov will
herald the second coming of Christ.
The fburing mill of Chas. Nunn
f- i m i r 1 Tr V... ,3
lUO., at macKiuru, xyy., wua uurueu
ppeaay nignc at a loaa oi ,auu.
. 1. 1 .C Oj f AA
w" ' ' '
A correction of the vote in Illinois
ma increased Wilson's plurality . to
e than 18,000 itfyhe State.
President-elect Wilsortaays he will
keep ''opwdoor'' and be leasily ac
cessible asTresident.
Gen. Felix Diaz, it is said, escaped
from prison at Vera Cruz lapt Friday
and reached Texas.' ,
A cholera epidemic among the
sehfters in the field ie adding to the
troubles of Turkey.
Fred Bloom, charged with burn
ing his department store, is on trial
at Morganfield.
The Daughters of the Confederacy
will ertct a monument in Mayfield
. . ....... . , .
One of the WllaRrtr jrirja may be
the thirteenth White House bride.
Clara Morris, the great emotional
actreee, has became totally blind!
The turkey market bae jpened at
13 to 14 cents a pound.
Hog are selling it 'Evjaneville t
$7.75 dowa to $5.59. j .
The hunting season ope&e toraor-
WM.gassa are goiag suth.
County Judge Walter Knight haa
appointed the following. bcUrd of
supervisors of the 1912-1913 1 taxes;
Ira L. Smith, W J. Murphyl John
Pendleton. Robert McQaughiy, Al
Pool, J, R. Stamp and BernaM At
kinson, They will meet the first
cek in January. I
Is Assassinate By a Young
Anarchist; In' Ma
- ; drid; :
The Assassin Then Attempted
- Tn Take His Own
Madrjd.Nov lSJoe Canalejas y
Me-ndes.Hhe prime minister whom
Spain has regarded as one of the
greatest of .statesmen, was shot and
instantly killed Tuesday by s young
anarchist named Manuel Pardinas.
The assassin attempted suicide,
and it was thought that he was dead,
but when he had been carried tb
the hospital he was found to be liv
ing. So far as cantbe learned at pres
ent the assassination seems to be in
no way part of a widespread politi
cal plot or revolutionary movement,
but an isolated crime for which the
axactfhotives remain obscure.
Not killed
Jailer Troutt, of Elkton, In
Nashville Sanitarium itha
Z. A. Tfutt, jaljfof Todd cpun-,
ty was shpt and perhaps fatally
wounded Mqpday morning j by Al
bert Jennings a negrp prisoner await
ing trial on a .charge of breaking in
to a.Guthrie rehouse and stealing
tobacco. Jennings and another n'e
gr,o prisoner. --George Kay, had
sawed out of their cells during, the
night, and when the jailer ei t?red at
6 o'clock to make the morning fires
they overpowered him, took his re
volver from him, and made their es
cape. Jennings was chased into a
nearby alley by Troutt and Sterling
Perkins, a neighbor, add as they
gained on Jennings the negro turned
and fired, the ball passing through
Troutt's arm and entering the side.
The wound is a dangerous one, and
the officer was rushed to Nashville
on an early train for surgical atten
tion. Jennings was overpowered
and disarmed by Perkins and taken
back to jiil. Kay, charged with car
breaking and whisky stealing at
Guthrie, is still at large. There is
intense excitement over the affair.
Nine prisoners have escaped from
the local jail within the past year.
Troutt is about 45 years of age,
and has a wife and three children.
The Tenneeeean of Tuesday said
Troutt had a fair chance to recover..
Trout May Recover.
The Nashville Banner, of Tuee
day, says Trout is at St. Thomas
Hospital doing nicely, with a good
chance to recover. The bullet pass
ed through Trout's arm and entered
his side, inflicting a dangerous
wound, but his physicians say it
touched navital point, that the pa
tient is doing as well as could be ex
pected and if ro unexpected compli
cations arise be will get well.
School Strikes
At. Meridian, Him,. 1100. of the
1300 Students of A. 4b M. College,
struck and walked out, following a
wrangle hetwaaa. ihe students and
the faculty, whieti lUgan last Thurs
day, when, the boys ekim, orders
ware read in Mm mesa jrnil prohibit
ing social intercourse with young
ladies en the ncnaaui at m time.
Newsboy's Beneficiary.
Miss Ethel SmHh, the young wo
man whose life was saved by skin
grafting from the legs of "Billy"
Rugh, at Gary, Ind , who died from
the operation Oct. 18, has suffered a
relapse and ia critical ill,
On His Own Plea Hot Sanity
Is Questioned By
The Court:
Schrank Says That His Act
Was Merely A PoHtical .
then decided' to appoint a commis
sion ta examine Schrank as to his
sanity. ;
Schrank appeared little concerned
over the fact that his liberty for
probably the next fifteen years was
in jeopardy.
"My crime is a political crime.
rather than a crime against humani
ty, and I guess that with all the po
litical crime that has taken place in
the last few. years they' won't be
very hard on me," observed Schrank
"However, if they do give it to me
hard, why. I guess 1 can take my
medicine." ... . ,
StaQ General Association Con
venes For a Three Days'
Madisonville. Kv Nov. 13. The
r i a f rr t i
uenerai Association ox. neniucKy
Baptists pov'ened here .yesterday
Rev, C. M. Thompson, D. DM is mod'
erator. The Educational Society of
the-Kentucky Baptists, the Minis
tera' meeting and the Women's Mis
sionary Union will hold meetings at
separate places and hours in connec
tion with the General Association.
Dr. M. B. Adams, of Frankfort, is
the corresponding secretary of the
EducationaJl Societywhich convenes.
The work .thresjpeiety is doing or try
ing to do is to enlarge and develop
the Baptist schools of the state.
The object of the General Associa
tion is to unify the reports from the
different associations and churches
and discuss means and methods of
larger work. Along missionary lines
the subjects of Foreign, Home and
State missions will be discussed and
efforts made to cr& te a greater in
terest in world-wide evangelism.
Dr. W. D. Powell is the corresp nd
ing secretary of the General Associa
tion and the leading spirit in tthe
mission forces of the strte.
The meetirtos will extend through
Wednesday and Thursday and
bo held at. the Christian church.
To Spend Ten Days Hunting
and Fishing.
A party composjd of Dr H. P.
Sights, John T. Hill and Harry P.
Ware, of this city, H. W. Ware, of
Midddleaboro, and P. T. Roberts,
Charles Wadlington, Lee Hill and
Lander Meacoam, of Gracey, left
this morning for Trigg county,
where they will 'spend about, ten
days hunting and hehing. They will
pitch their tent k about ten mile
south of Cadiz. '
Hog Cholera In TennesMe
Hog cholera exists In Montgomery
county Tennessee and farmers in the
sections affected are much concerned
over the outcome of the plague, but
every means will' be used to suppress
its spread, t
At present it is known to exist in j
sections of districts No.l, 5, 6 and 11.
This has been made certain by a re
port from Washington, which de
clares that specimens sent on there
show unmistakable signs of cholera.
Milwaukee, iWis.. ,Nov, .13. John
pleaPed guilty totlislioot
of Col. Roosevelt. TlSe court
By Boosters' To Increase Mem-
. bership Of Hopkinsville
i B. M. A.
i ...
. ' t
Aiother Canvass Will Be
,v:f Made In The Near ,
nwfrhembers for the B. M. A. was
a big success. The membership wbb
divided irito two t quads. The first
Equad worked Under the leadership
of Harry Keach and wore blue
badges. The second quad was un
derC. O. Wright who wore red, and
right merrily did both of them en
ter into the campaign. They were
required tp complete their work by
12 o'clock. The ones securing the
least number of merribeirs were to
pay tlje expense of a banquet to be
given ne)ct'Thursday night, the 21st,
at which every member of the Asso
ciation jwill be,present.
Harry Keach's club won out, hav
ing secured 62 members, to Mr.
Wright's 59;
A new effort to increase the mem
bership to che-desired 500 will - be
made'befcween now and the middle
of December, as after that time the
merchants will have to devote their
attention to Christmas business.
Nothing can redound to the pros
perity, of the city so much as the ef
forts of a live, determined business
association. Of course Hopkinsville
win continue to grow, but a pro
gressive, body of men can move
things more rapidly and make room
for new enterprises that sooner' or
later must!come.
Numerous Prizes to be Award-i
ed and Occasion Promises
to be Interesting.
Tne County School Fair at. Kelly
Nov. 15 promises to be an interest
ing and enjoyable occasion. The
Third Regiment Band will furnish
music and there will be several ad
dresses. Prof. Leiper, of the W. K.
S. Normal schools and .Prof.- F. C.
Button, state supervise r, will ad
dress the peop'e, especially the
trustees and teachers, at the same
time and place. Mr Gilbert, of the
State Department of Agriculture,
will act as judge of the corn contest.
Some interesting contests will be
given during the day and every
teacher will be expected to bring his
or her school. A prize will be given
thetencher in each division, and
each graded school, who brings the
greatest per cenr. of enrollment of
pupils to thefair.
The trustees are urged not to let
anything keep them from Kelly on
the 15th. Teachers, see-.that they
come. Trustees, see that your
teacher and the whole school are
George , Koenig and Mies Maude
Cansler, both of Enid, Oklahoma,
were married at the home of the
bride's parents Tuesday night.
Thbrido is a daughter of Judge
Polk Cansler, formerly of this city.
Services At South Union.
Rev H, E. Gabby will return frcm
Maysville this week and will hold
s?rvices at South Union church Sa'
urday and Sun Jay,
Tennessee Central Railroad Co.
Pays $4,500 In Damage
Suit Grew Out of Death of
Miss Fannie Morris
Feb. 19, 1911.
The damage suit of Fannie Morris'
administrators against the T. C.
Railroad, growing out of the death
of Miss Morris in a wreck near
Clarksville Feb. 19, 1911, has been
settled by the payment of $4,500 and
John C. Duffy and W. T. Fowler
represented the girl's mother, now
Mrs Thomas, of Macedonia, and
Wm. Daniel, Jr. and Joe D. Tyler,
of OlarkBville, were attorneys for
Blucher Morris, of Paducah, her
father, In the complicated settle
ment the mother gets the greater
portion of the amount, above the
attorneys fees. The Railroad de
nied the death of Miss Morris, whose
body was burned in the wrecked car,
but it was finally settled out of court.
Three Licenses Issued Saturday
' 4
And Two. Monday.
The matrimonial market is looking
up. Saturday County Clerk Stowe
issued license. to John K. Morris and
Miss Mary Agnes Roche, Stanley.
A. Beetem and Mrs. Johnson Win
ders, Andrew Johnson and Miss
Marjorie Hammonds. Monday
license was issued to Ben Reynolds
and Miss Ivey Gilkey, W. H. Orgain
and Miss Laura White.
Kanston Cross, who has been liv
ing in Memphis for some years,
passed through the city Tuesday on
his way from Pembroke to Memphis,
after a brief visit to his father J. W.
Robert Rutherford, of Slater, Mo.,
and James Rutherford, of Burling
ton. Iowa, arrived Monday after
noon to attend the burial of their
brother, George Rutherford, laBt
Mra. J. P. Tate is at home, after
an extended visit to friends in Nash-
, ville and Lebanon, Tenn.
j Mjs.jE S. Walker and Mrs. Willio
McPtierson have returned from a
visit toriends jn Nashville.
Mrs. J. T. Hanbery will go to
Madisonville today to visit for sev
eral days.
Game of Manx
1 A new ca-d game "Manx" has
taken London by storm. Every
body's playing it, although it made
its firstappearence only last month.
It has this list of virtues to its credit;
plays independently.
Clements as Orator
LaVega Clements, of Owensboro,
hoa been secured to deliver the
memorial address at the annual
memorial service of the Paducah
' Lodge Ne. 217 of Elks. The lodge
J of sorrow will be held at the Ken
tucky Theater on Sunday, December
U.' D. C. In Washington.
Hundreds of representatives of
the United Daughters of the Con
federacy ore in Washington for the
annual convention and the unvei'Ing
of the monument to the Confederate
Ue3d Jn Arlington cemetery.
New Principal Addressed Stu
dent Body Wednes- !
All Students Reinstated aid
Trustees Expect Har- r
There seems to be a satisfactory
adjustment of the trouble amoDgr
the pupils of the High School.
Yesterday morning the newprinci
pal, Prof. M. L. Girton, gave the
student body a kindly talk in which
he stated that there might be some
difficulties with which he might have
to deal, but he intended to do the
very best he knew how and asked
the pupils to be patient with him
and help him in his work to direct
the affairs of the school to their last
ing advantage. All the suspended
students were reinstated and the
Board of Trustees believe that every
thing will now move along harmoni
ously. There was no change made
in the High School faculty and Prof.
Girton is now in full control.
Mr. C. L.-Nourse Will Retire?
From Mercantile Business.
The firm of Green & Nour3e, at
No. 3 South Main street, will be dis
solved Dec. 1, Mr. C. L. Nburse hav
ing sold his interest to James K.
Hooser, of Paducah, who" will return
to this city. ;
Champion Batter.
Chicago, Nov. J3 Batting hon
ors of the American League again
go to Tyjiis Cobb of the Detroit Club
for the sixth successive year.
Official averages for the 1912 sea
son issued last night by President
Johnson show Cobb as leader with
.410. Joe Jacksun was Cobb's clos
est rival. The Cleveland outfielder
finished with an average of .395,
while Tris Speaker of Boston is third
with .383.
Thirty playerB batted in the select
,3U0 class.
In 149 games Cobb pounded out
227 hits for a total of 324 bases. Ho
made 32 base-hits, 23 triples and 1
home runs.
Pembroke, R. 3.
Mr. and Mrs. J E. Petrie attend
ed preaching Sunday at the Baptist
church at Pembroke.
Mr. .and Mrs. James Bell spent
Sunday a3 guests of Mr. W. J. May
nard's family.
Miss Naomi Oliver returned to
her home Sunday, after spending,
several days with Miss Bettie Mor
ton. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fulcher at
tended preaching Sunday, at the
Baptist church at Pembroke.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Johnson visit?
ed the family of L. M. Johnson, of
Fairview, Saturday.
Mr. R. E. Fields, of near St. Eltr.o,
is a -guest at J, E. Petrie's.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wade were In'
Elkton Monday.
Mr. H, H. Fulcher and family
Bpent Sunday in Elkton.
Painful Injury.
Last Monday Dr. B. A. Caudle, of
Newstead, suffered a fracture of his
right arm, while cranking his wu to-
mobile at Casky. He had spent the
day with friends there and was start
ing up his machine to go home,
Greasers For Taft
Zapata County, Texas, cast a solid'
vote for Taft. Oe the 375 voters al)
but 5 are Mexican-Americans.

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