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Preferred Local,
Wt are prepared to do all kinds of
WjM Sorts of Attendance Called for by
irtielr Fond Owner Boarding
hiffh-f rde job printing. Try as.
Heues at Which Hflh Prices
Are Charged.
ThoBo of ns -who liavo been reared
a different sort of society are apt
havo considerable contempt for tie
bed, flattered and cotiflned doc ot
York, writes the ClnelaaaU
les-Star corespondent We're ttsed
other sort of a dog the aog
gets his muddy feet all over your
pasts la his relay day haslaeM,
almost growls his head off whea
sinister eoraes Ylaittng, aad goes
r the bara whea a tramp knock
e back door. Oar sort of dog m
matt, aad eewpletely loses his
-respect when his affections are
red. He really lives to grovel.
us, aboat bis master's feet, aad
sauggle a wet aose Into a friendly
d. Whereas the New York dog, as
oa aay at the resldeace streets
9 o'clock la the morning aad
5 In the erealag, leading an aa-
haman by a leash, is a saob-
i, arrogant, horribly bored beast,
might become a regalar dog If he
the chanee, but fate coademas
to be snuffled over by dumpy
agora and led about tho streets by
t bat cowardly husbands. At
thoaght one holds him entirely
but a more careful survey
Hscovers him to be the support of
llany a man and woman who might
, Kherwise have to work. There are
lalf a doaen boarding houses for dogs,
rr example, in which tho cost of
Board ranges from $2 to $7 a week, de
fending on tho size of tho dog and
&e quality of tho accommodations,
fhero are at least two dog cemeteries
which have proved profitable lnvcst
. stents for their stockholders. There
re three or four dog hospitals which
are always filled, and In which tho
oost of treatment runs pretty close to
Skat of the second rate hospital for
amanlty. One dog doctor keeps a
stable of trained nurses on hand, who
prill respond to calls at any hour of
the day or night, and charge as much
lor nursing a dog as other nurses do
tor nursing a baby. There are half a
beore of dog manicurists and at least
lone dog miniature pointer and two
Kjoat specialists" and innumerable
trainers, who teach tricks to the pets
jof the rich and incidentally beat
Kmo Blight respect for their masters
to them. There are two "homes,"
$n which' cast-off dogs are cared for,
aad one establishment in which the
last dayB of the aged and dying dog
tmay be made comparatively happy
at a price. Many a dollar Is picked
p by the photographers for portray
ing dog poses, and pcores of men and
women, boys and girls, find it easier
to make a living by giving dogs their
regular daily exerciso than by work
ing in shops. Altogether, the New
York dog Isn't completely useless. If
he Is a non-producer himself, ho
makes his Indulgent mistress produce
pretty regularly and aids In speeding
up the New York dollar.
Nlcaraguan History.
An English statesman once said
that the chief benefit of a foreign war
was the stimulus that It gave to tho
etudy of geography and history v And
so tho little trouble In Nicaragua en
courages us to acquire the Informa
tion that the country was discovered
by Gil Goncalez and Andres Nino In
1522 and that tho Invaders wore sur
prised to find tho practice of religious
oonfesslon. established among natives
who had never heard of Christianity
and who, moreover, were cannibals.
The father confessors were old men
who were compuleorily celibate, and
they gave absolution with tho words
"Go! and do not Bin likewise again."
And then the penitent went away
"happy and llght-haarted," aB one
would do who had an over-burdened
conscience, though a cannibal. 11
tho difficulty with Nicaragua should
continue we shall probably be moved
to acquire further lore upon the sub
ject, possibly oven to the point ol
looking up tho place on the map
But If not, not.
The Armada.
Tho armada better known as the
"Spanish armada" consisted of 130
ships, beBldes a great number of cara
vels, 3,165 cannon, 8,650 Bailors, 2,088
galloy slaves, 20,000 soldiers, 150
monks, under the head of the vicar of
the lnqulBltlon, and a considerable
number of grandees, who went along
to see the English killed and burnt
The destruction of this mighty arma
ment by the English admirals and the
winds of heaven was well-sigh com
plete. Very little of It ever got back
Jto Spain. A bronse statue of "Britan
nia," as a national memorial of tha
defeat of the armada, was wrveUed a
Plymouth in the year 1S90.
' Quarantine.
It Is lmpossiblo to say with any
thing like certainty Just how old tha
custom of quarantine Is. We know
that It was observed at Venloe aB ear
ly us the year 1127, whereby all mer
chants and others coming from the
Lovunt were obliged to remain for
some forty days In a latarotto before
they were admitted Into the city The
custom Is now coextensive with the
civlllred world, and to It U doubtless
to bo attributed the rapid advanoa
that has boon made within the past
quarter ot a century In safeguarding
tho people from Ut plagues which la
the oldaa tlmas k dutruotlra
of human Ufa,
See J. H. Dagg for contracting1
otiilding andtgeneral repair work of
all kinds. Phono 476.
If you have a house or building of
any kind that you want moved see
K. C. Lawson or call Cumberland
phono 635.
WANTED Young man straight
matter compositor who can also feed
cylinder and platen presses. Some
knowledge of binding books preferred-
Write what you will work for
in first letter. Address, Kentuck
ian, Hopkinsville, Ky.
5 Per Cent Money To Loan.
On GoodSouth Christian Land 5
years time.
J. B. Allensworth, Atty.,
Office-Phone &J7-2. Res. 742.
For Sale.
Dwelling and store room attached,
on Durrett's avenue, for sale or
trade on terms to suit the purchaser.
R. 3, Hopkinsville, Ky.
Both state and county, are due.
Pay now and avoid the heavy penal
ties which will be added after Nov
ember 30.
T. S. Knight & Co
Real Estate. Loas
and Insurance. OfllC6
south side Com t
Sauare .
There's A Reason.
In selecting a Vacuum Cleaner for
our subscribers, both old and new,
we bought the best to be found in
our opinion and we think we have
chosen wisely. They are to be had
as cheap as $1 85 and if you want
one at that price give us your or-;
der and we will have a- machine for
oo in a week or ten days, but not
ith our name on it and possibly not
he manufacturer's name. We havt
u'oud ones in stock and will be glad
o have pn sptctive customers make
thorough comparison of our machine
with anv one on the market at any
price, work and material consider, d.
Durability and success in use is our
Advertlsimcnt. ,
A Cash Offer.
The Ken tuck Ian has made a spesia
clubbing rate with The Memphis
Weekly Commercial Appeal by
wnicn we win lurnisn ootn papers
for one year for the very low sub-
cription'price of $2.25. The Com
mercial Appeal is one of the largest
and best papers in the South, and
we hone to receive munv new sub-
scriptions on this oiler: $2.25 cash
, for both papers.-
Tfu nribsr 'no of Bamile i-vi"
feen in Hopkinsville, f rum the C
lins Mfg. Co. of Philadelphiak cat. t
seen at the Kentuckian office. Co..
in and see them, We can pleaBO m-u.
no matter w I at slyje y u wunt f"
frhat It Wm In a. tmei TMs PnM
th Serpent Tht TMfHl Eva HW
Itoetf, Is a Very Wld arsad
There exists a legend relative to the
Christian inhaMats of the cast, that
they believed the bmmmm, to bo tho tree
of the source of .geed aad evil, In a
buach of whose fntK the serpent that
tempted Eve hM Haelf, aad they add
that wha Adam aad Eve beeaae
ashamed of their nakedness they cov
ered themselves with the leaves of this
plaat Beyond all doubt this tegead
had notae influeaee aaoo the ssbtda
of thaae early hotaatoal ckumtAers
who designated two species of tha
plant by the names ot Mum paridlala
ea and Kusa aapteattsm Fruit of Par
adise, Trait of Kaowledge, says a
wrKer In the NaUoaal Geographic Mag
aaiae. The origia ot the banana 1b gfrm
as India, at the foot of the Himalaya,
where It has been eultlvated since re-i
moUi kiiuqKlty. Its origin hi the new
world is as dovbtfal as the origin of
the Ansrieaa ImHwa. Natural to
Asia and Afriea, where more than 20
distract BpeofM of the renins are
known, it is said to have been brought
first to America from Spain, early in
the sixteenth century, aad planted la
the Island of Saa Dosalsjco, whence its
spread was rapid throughout the sur
rounding islands and the mainland.
This has never bees aathentloally
established, however, aad aome au
thorities include the banana among
the articles that formed the base of
tho food supply of the. Incas aad the
Aztecs before the arrival of the Span
iards. Certain it la that throughout
the wholeof meridional America there
is a strong tradition that at least tw6
Bpeclce of the plantain were culti
vated long before the coming of the
Suropcans. Furthermore, It is singu
lar that In all the languages indigen
ous to the region where the banana
appears that plant has a special name,
not proceeding from the conquerors,
as was the case with the names of
many other plants, animals, and vari
ous articles introduced Into America
after its discovery. '
Grown over the entire extent of the
meridian of the earth, the fruit of the
banana today forms, in largo part,
the principal food of a majority of
the peoplo living under the tropical
zone. Several species and numerous
varieties of the plant appear through
out tropical America, but it Is culti
vated for commercial purposes in
appreciable quantities only along the
Atlantic border, from southern Mex
ico to Colombia, in Jamaica, Cuba, San
Domingo, and the Bahamas, the far
western markets of the. United States
being plentifully supplied from the
Hawaiian islands and Mexico's South
Pacific coast.
Japanese Opposed Census Taking.
Serious results followed the taking
of the first census In Japan, years
ago. Observing with approval tho
work of western countries, the au
thorities thought It advisable to take
statistics of population, and for that
purpose sent out to all householders
notices enjoining them to furnish
them - with full particulars of their
families, age, sex, etc, ThiB step was
misconstrued in one of tho villages,
whero suspicion was expressed that
Japan was about to be 'sold or at least
some of tho people were to be sold to
foreigners who were dslrous of aacer.
toining the number of males, etc., bo
fore closing the bargain, In order to
find out what price to pay according
to tho quantity of blood that would bo
forthcoming. It was a Japanese belief
the ' foreigners squeezed the blood
from all who came Into their power,
Excited and enraged mobs soon col
lected and attacked the village offices,
and it was somo time before orde
could be restored.
Find .Ancient Documents.
A number of large rolls of histori
cal Egyptian papyri have been dlscov
ered by ono of the members of the
Royal Geographical Survey party. Tho
manuscripts were unearthed by a fel
lah while sinking the foundations, of
his mud hut,hcar a temple of tho
Ptolemies, In Upper Egypt and are of
tho bestl:. Graeco-Egyptlan period.
They arcTweU preserved so far as tho
writing Js, concerned, but discolored,
and owing- to their dry and fragile
condition hiavo to be handled with tho
utmost delicacy. It is anticipated that
tho contents will prove to be of real
archaeological value In adding to our
present' knowledge ot Egypt, and pos
sibly Syria, as recorded In the days 6f
the Ptolemies. A study already made
reveals the fact that they relate to
interesting historical -vesta,-
Christopher Pinchbeck feaad that
threo part's of cine to one of copper
would polish up to. look like gold, Just
exactly like gold, and It could be
worked off Mko gold to boot- could be
stamped, cut, chased, embossed and
worked 'suckerwlso or smartly, Part
of Pinchbeck's work ho kept n close
trade secret and It died with him, for
most of his mi) handiwork still looks
good as gold and ' brings a higlmr
prloo than gold today. Christopher's
host trick was In putting a thin coat
Of gold on the Imitation metal, Old
parcel gilding on silver wis expensive
and eleotroplatlng and "rolled gold"
had not been Invented, eo Pinchbeck
Jewelry admirably unswored In Its
day, as Mrs. Astor'o Jewelry did In
good old Mrs. Astor'h day.--New York
. 4 r . mtft v ...
TUESDAY, NOV. 19, 1912i
Our next excursionforPalatka, Florida, leaves Tuesday,
Nov. 19, and we want you to go with us. We will show you
the greatest land proposition ever oftered the northern, people
and. at prices and tennis fed reasonable that everyone can buy. '
Our lands are located in Putnam C6unty, on the Atlantic
Coast Line Railroad and St. Johns River. We are only sil:
miles from Palatka,.the county seat, and a city of 7,Obo people
with five railroads and river transportation. Good schools,
churches, stores and all modern conveniences. We are located
in the famous potato district, where we have fib wing artesian
wells. YotL can not get further than 2 1-2 miles from trans
portation at any point on our land.
.... ... . .,vv
; 'We offer these lands aV. lowest possible. prices for this ex
cursion" and you are gettingthe best in .trie State ofFlorida.
As a special inducement we will make you a Round Trip
rate from Hopkins vilie,;Ky., for $23.90, including our Pullman
Sleeper. V ... ' ;
To secure the above rtes you must see and make -positive
arrangements to go before date of excursion, as the fate 'named
is notjbhai;jdf railroad' from your point. ; v
Efont wait until it is too late and all of this superior trapt
of land is sold. Land in Putnam County, Florida, is advancing
rapidly. Here you. can grow three crops on the sare land
every year. You are out of the cold and snow. Your stock
can ea-t grass all winter, and you can en joy life, as you never
have: J)ef ore, where 40 acres oi land will make you inde
pendent in a few years; ' Remember the date,
Tuesday, November 19, 1914
see;the following representatives and they
Weight & Johnson-McReYnolds & Radford, J;fDThompson,
nopKinsYiiie, ivy. .
j; B. PIEKGE CO., Selling Agents
Florida Farm Land Co

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