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HOpkinsvjllf, Kkntucky, Tuesday, November 10, 1912.
No 137
Editorial Comment;
The Women's Christian Board of
Missions of the Tabernacle Chris
tain church of CnlumUi, lad., at
a meeting Thurafcy tWbd women
as foreign mMMtfM, saying that
they are pretw ift'wft' married and
dvnt thmlvs'to their hme,
rjjlch is ir
lih restraint of missionary
Mrs. A. B, White, of Paris, Tenn.,
though absent, was re-elected President-General
of the U.. D. Cw at
Washington. The Qther officers, in
cluding Mrs. R. W. cKinney. of
Paducah as Secretary, were re-elected.
The meeting next time will be
New Orleans.
"William Vincent Astor, son of the
late Col. Astor', became of age Nov.
15 and was paid his inheritance of
$80,000,000, which includes trust
funds of $5,000,000 for his sister,
$5,000,000 for his Step-mother and
$3,000,000 for his infant ' half-brother.
Women's card parties conducted
wider the name of clubs, not requir
mk a membership card nor a special
invitation, were branded a violation
of the gambling law by Judge Bur
ney in the Municipal Court, at Kan
sas City, Kan.
Ernest Welch, one of the six young
men at West Clarkfield, O., who was
indicted for tarring Miss Minnie La
Valley, has been tried and convicted.
The penalty is a $200 fine and six
months' imprisonment.
ick Johnson is out on a $30,000
bdud but is in a panic over the pros-.
pect of a prison term and is begging
to be allowed to plead guilty to vio
lations of the white slave law and be
let off with a heavy fine.
The Democrats hava a prospect of
4 majority in the Senate, but Sena
tor Raynor is on his deathbed and a
Republican will succeed him for 17
months. But maybe Tennessee will
elet a Democrat.
John A: Matthews, a PittBburg
bigamist, shot and killed his two
wives and then committed suicide
Friday. He chose an effective way
of settling his matrimonial troubles.
The Mexican government is send
ingtot soldiers to make a "Sher
man's march" through territory
controlled by the rebels and several
towns have been wholly destroyed.
Wm, Marconi, who lost his right
eye in an auto accident Sept. 25, has
appeared in public with a glass eye
so perfect that it cannot be distin
guished f rqm the natural one.
Before departing for Bermuda
President-elect Wilson, announced
that he would call an extra session
of Gongress for April to revive the
Both President Tuft and President-elect
Wilson have endorsed a
six-years' presidential team und in
eligibility for re-election.
Former Senator Conn Linn has
been elected County Judge at Tulsa,
Qkla. He moved from Murray, Ky.,
Hffy two years ago. (
Miss Alma Broderick, at,Cleve
land, 0 sued Jerome Probst, De
troit lawyer, for breach of promise
and got $40,000.
A girl at Perry, dk., promised to
marry H. E Rice if be waa, elected
prosecuting attorney. He wen and
Bhe made good.
0L Former Governor William- Larra-
lift llAMA
bee aiea mi nw nmtw wr -day,
after an extended lllneea.
Cuba aeema to be tranquil at last,
the recent political disturbances
having quieted down.
Yale and Princeton fought to a
tie, 6 and 6, in Saturday's football
Middleaboroufrh's $18,000 Carnegie
library Is nearing completion.
Speaker Clark haa gone on record
favoring an extra aeaeion.
Misses LotiiM JwiMi and Gertrude Kees Are Painfuly Injured
and Others
i ,i
The most serious automobile acci
dent that has eve.r occurred in this
vicinity happened late Sunday after
noon on the Clarksville pike, not far
from the city, when two machines
moving rapidly collided.
Mr. E, G. Peterson, Miss. Louise
Jones, Mr. J. E. Crider and Miss
Emma Noe were in Mh Peterson's
machine, and a party of Clarksville
people were in Mr. Will Chambers'
machine, including Mrs. Chambers,
Miss Gertrude, Keesee and two oth
ers. Mr. Peterson was driving his
touring car-and met Mr J;P. Myers'
car while climbing a sharp hill, when
the Clarksville car came suddenly
over the hill and a general collision
took place. Mr. Myers' car .escaped
injury, but the other two were bad
ly torn' up. Miss Jones, who was on
the? front seat, was thrown through"
In a Pistol Duel At Herndon
Last Saturday After-
: i 'M " H
Charles Bush Slain By Con
stable Dick Adcockv-Negro
Died Instantly.
Constable Dick Adcock shot and
instantly killed Charles Bush, a ne
gro, Saturday night at Herndon.
It is said the negro raised a distut
bance at theblacksmith shop andwhen
the officer went to arrest him, he
drew a pistol, and fired at him. Ad
cock. then drew his pistol and , fired
and killed the negro. Mr. Adcock
surrendered to the sheriff. .' r
The officer is a son of "Mr. J. O;
Adcock. He has been "constable in
his district for several years ahd'haV
an excellent record. He appeared
before Judge Knight yesterday
morning and his examining trial waa
setfor tomorrow. Mr. Adcock was
released on his own recognisance.
Will Take Telephone. Case To
Higher Court ThoughvDe
nied Appeal:
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 16; The
clash between Federal Judge Walter
Evans and City Attorney Blakey in
court Tuesday at the Cumberland
Telephone rate hearing probably
will end the action so far aa the lo
oal court is concerned. It ie exrect
ed that the cae will be presented to
the United States supreme court or
the United States, court of aiipeate
in the near future.
Half a dozen important motions
made by the city attorney, tbe re
cords show, were overruled by judge
Evans, who baa decided every point
favorably for the telephone company.
In the office of the city attorney it
was said: "You can depend upon it
that; when the case is put up before
a hieher tribunal a number of aver
ments 'of extreme interest will be
Mayor GatlinTs Father.
Mr, J, W, Gatlln, aged 7G, father
of Mayor D. W, Gatlin, of Madiaon
ville, died Saturday. He leaves a
widow ana; nine sons and daughters.
the windshield but sustained only a
few p"ari n f u 1 bruises. She pro
tected her face by throwing up a
large f tir muff to receive the blow.
Mr. Peterson was badly stunned,
but not seriously hurt. MTsff Noe
and Mr. Crider rfelf jthrown.j out,
but escaped without injurftsobyond
a few slight bruises. The other car
turned over into a ditch by the road
side, butfortunately thei'occupants
were not much hurt, except Miss
Keesee,lwhose knee wai injured and
her lip cut, but not seriously.
Mr. Myers brought the injured
ones to the, city, taking the local
people to their homes and Miss
Keesee to the Hopkinsville Infirmary.
Mr. Peterson's car was not injured
much except the windsdield, but the
Clarksville car was put out of com
mission and will' need extensive re
pairs. All of ihe injured parties
wereout asjusual yesterday.
Are the Hopkinsville High
..School Boys For
. '"; 1912.
Henderson Team Fought Hard
But Lacked Speed and
, Team Work.
By defeating Henderson Saturday
afternoon 12 to 7, Hopkinsville won
the undisputed football champion
ship of western Kentucky high
schools. Henderso?i.outweighed the
locals considerably, but the champ
ions were faster and showed better
team work. Both sides fought des
perately and the game was perhaps
the best ever played here, hopkins
ville -High School has not lost a
championship game this season,
playing Paducah, Owensboro and
Henderson, The eatn was coached
this year by Dan Blake, former star
and captain of the Vandeibjlt Uni
versity team of Nashville.
And Run Over By Automobile
Saturday Night
Dr. J. G Giither, who wns ou' in
his automobile early Saturday night,
ran against a nern man (in Main
street, opposite the Kentuckian of
fice. The negro was knocked down
and we understand, two wheels
passed over hie legs. He 'was not
injured and got to his feetandrwalk
ed off.
tying The Parks. . .
Mr. Jas F. Daw6on, represent
ing Olmsted Bros, landscape
architects of Brookline, Mass , will
arrive in the city Thursday to
suomit plans for improving Vir
ginia Purk and PeucQ Park. He
wiji have a difference wjth the
Park Committee- consisting of
Councllmen Dabney, Metcalfe and
Haydon and Mayor Meacham.
'..ia IS DEAD
les' Mi
And Chirks Minor' Must An
swer To a Charge Of '
- i p
; 1
DeadtMah Made-Ante Mortem
Statement On Death
Bed. "
Charles Gillium the negro who
was shot by Charles Minor, on the
Thurmond farm at Gracey last week,
died Friday night. His condition
wa'Sjjrf.cticfi'ly-hopeless- from the
start, asjhe Vjcaa-abaL Jhissgk- tlifl
body with a 45 calibre bullet. Gil
liam made a statement before he
died, sayjng Minor came to the field
and asked if he had a pistol and that
wKenhe said he did not Minor shot
mm, as ne rurnea to run away.
' Minor's trial is set for(today,
ResignsAs,Pastol'of.the First
Presbyterian Church.
Last Sunday morning at the regu
lar service Rev. E, B. Landis form
ally announced his resignation as
stated supply, the 'First Presby
terian churcji, to' take effect the
last of this hjpnlh.
This was no surprise, lo the mem
bership, as femora have been cur-
rent for some time that Mr. LandiB
...... .
was contemplating a cnane. air.
Landis was called to the pastorate
in May, 1910, but was never install
ed Undr the rules of the Presby
terian Church a called pastor can
hold the call until he sees fit to ac
cept within a year, and act as the
Moderator of the Bession and, as a
"stated supply," perform all the
functions of an installed pastor.
Mr. Landis has accepted a call to
the Presbyterian church at Danvers,
III ,'und will remove his family about
the first of December. The session
of the church will arrange to supply
the pulpit temporarily.
Colorado Man Makes Miss
' Slianklih His Bride.
There was duiet home wedding
Saturday nightjjut the. residence .of
Mr. J. will iUirro!i, uaat seven in
atrec-t. The cjmtrac'ing parties wre
Miss Ada E. Sjnanklin, of this city,
and Mr. Franpis'C. Fi x, of Trinidnd,
Colorado Refc J. !?. Eshman,. of
the Cumberland, P. esbyterian church
officiated. 0Tn I y the immediate
family ?nd uj&w close friends were
present The union wa a consum
mation of ah attachment of about
two years. Mr; and Mrs. Fox left
last night for'Trinidad, where they
will make their future home.
The bride is the youngest sister of
police officer W. E. Shanklin. The
groom is a native of the South, but
has been living" in Trinidad for
several years. '
At M.E. Church Every After
' noon This Week.
The Missionary Society of the
Methodist church will hold a mee -ing
every afternoon this week at 3
o'clock. No meeting at night, The
meetings will be held in the Sunday
School room and everybody is in
vited. Subjects assigned by the
International Committee will be dis
cussed. Sptciul leaders will be ap
pointed for eucti mating, wno will
discuss, with others, the subject be
fore the meeting. Thoclnging meet
ing will be held next Sunday at th
morning service.
For Iron Bridge Over Bush
Creek, Near Palestine f
It Is Probable That No More
Contracts Will Be Let Out ,
This Winter. ;
At its ' meeting last Friday the
Fiscal Court awarded the contract
for an iron bridge across Bush Creek
near Palestine church to the Champ
ion Bridge Co. There were three
bids before the court, the lowest
being that of the company above
named, $6j8.Q0.
On the first of November but one
bid was made which was rejected.
The court then asked for other bids,
two other companies getting into
the ring, but the Champion Co. cut
down its figure to that given above.,
thus saving the county $132 for the
same structure.
An order waa entered that no
more road work shall be contracted
for this winter, but money subscrib
ed for improving roads will be used
on the roads for which subscriptions
were made.
Before adjourning the court ap
pointed the county supervisor of
roads and County Attorney Duffy a
committee to act in conjunction with
the B. M. A. to secure renewals of
former sujwriptions for piking the
road from Hopkinsville to Lafayette,
the fi rst paper containing the list - of
subscriptions having been lost.
Court adjourned to meet in regular
monthly session on Tuesday after the
first Monday in December, the third
day of the month.
Of Bracken County Night Rid
ers Indicted For Whipping
, Augusta, Ky., Nov. 18. Henry,
Charles and Joe Hatfield, James E.
.Poe, Alor.zo Thack, Foster Cooper.
'Wallin Gooseberry and William and
Norton Workman, living near
Brooksville were indicted by the
Bracken county grand jury.
Mr?. Isbbc Thomas' Jacobs and
Mrs. Florence Haley nppeared be
fore the grand jurors and charged
the farmers with dragging them
from their homes and beating them
unmercifully with blocksnake whips.
The alleged attack took place on
the night of August 13. ,
The women kept the mntter secret
until the grand jury convened.
Both of the victims claim to have
recognized all of the band, despite
the fact that masks were worn by
their assailants.
Completed And Give General
The Southern Bithulithic Co. com
pleted its contract for building new
Btreets last Friday night. The con
census of opinion of those who
watched the construction is that the
new thoroughfares are far superior
to anything yet attempted. The
new streets extend from the L. & N.
to the I. C. railroad, and from Fifth
to Twelfth Btreut on Main.
Mr. C. A, Steele, the manager for
the company, has made a host of
friends since he has been here. This
week he will leave for Generett-,
Louisiana, where his company has a
contract for street work. Part of
' the outfit haa already tpen Bhipped,
For a Month to Escape Ac
tivities of Being Famous.
Will Visit the Bermudas Until
the Middle of De
cember. New York, Nov. 18.-Woodrow
Wilson, President-elect; Mrs Wil
son and Misses Eleanor and Jessie
Wilson left New York.for Bermuda
shortly after 2 o'clock Saturday aft
ernoon on the steamship Bermudian.
They will bo gone till December 16.
A throng of well-wishers saw them
Defendant Now Said to be Resi
dent of New York.
Mrs. Mattie Bell Sisk has filed
suit here for divorce from Claude J
Sisk. Plaintiff states in her peti
tion that they were married Janu
ary 16, 1904, and lived together un
til the first of June, 1912. She al
leges cruel treatment and failure to
sjuijport. The defendant is now lo
cated in New York City, the peti
tioner states.
In addition to an absolute divorce,
the plaintiff asks the custo'dy of
their son, Thomas F. Sisk. Mrs.
Sisk was. before her marriage,- Miss
Mattie Bell Edmundson.
Congressman Nicholas Long
worth Beaten By Ninety
Seven Votes.
Cincinnati. O., November 15. The
official count of Hamilton County,
made public by the Board of Elec
tions, shows that Congressman Nich
olas Longworth, son-in-law of Col.
Theodore Roosevelt, was defeated
for Congress in tht First Ohio Dis
trict by Stanley Bowdle, (Dem ) by
97 votes.
Colored Shoplifter Chased A
Or More.
Gus Watkins, col., ' Bnatchod a
number of pocket-knivaa from a
local store Saturday and was detect
ed and chased from the store. A
crowd joined in the pursuit with
Officer Mitchell but Watkins outran
all but Kenneth West, who stayed jn
sight until near the Mogul Wagon
Works he called to Lewis Waller and
Clyde Vinson who headedoff the
fugitive and he was rounded up,
He was turned over to County
Judge Knight, who gave him 30
days in jail. Watkin3 threw away
the knives as he ran and half a dozen
of them were picked up along hi?
Bulk Of; Property Goes To
The will of the la e Samuel E.
Boyd was probated in County Court
a few days ago. To his daughter,
Lula Boyd, he bequeathed his farm,
stock and household goods. Small
bequests were made to his sons, J.
S, and W."S. Boyd, also to the three
children of his deceased son, Geo, S.
Boyd. James S. Boyd waa named
aa executor, The instrument: bears
date of July 24, 1912.

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