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sopKinsville Kpntuckfan.
abiraU'U livery Other L)ay, .
cr9 )vy. Thursday and SatuiUmy
Mornings, by
Mm1k1 ntthnop!cln8vllpro3toracon Second
CUDS Mall Matter.
ONE YEAR $2.00
mX MONTHS 1.00
Advertising Rates en Alloatlon8
Murray is at last to have a new
We can afford
Imvo California.
to let the Colonel
Champ Clark ia to have no opposi
tion for Speaker.
TheBulcrars are Within 20 miles
jf Constantinople.
The stock law in Carlisle county
was defeated by 5G0 votes.
i :
Governor-elect Hatfield, of West
"Virginia, Republican, is critically ill.
In Padueah Roosevelt beat Taft 6
otes and Wilson had 4 votes more
than both of them.
G. A. Logan, Democrat, was elect
ed county judge of Edmonson
county, to fill a vacancy.
.Start now to do your Christmas
shopping after carefully reading thB
Kentuckian's advertising columns.
Gov. McDonald, who was inaug
urated in January as New- Mexico's
first State Executive, is critically ill,
A San Pranclsca doctor Bays ap
pendicitis cart be cured- by pressing
a ''button'1 in the backbone. That
UeatB the knife all'h'oihVw.
Escapes An Awful Fate.
A thousand tongues' could not ex
press the gratitude of Mrs. J. E.
Cox, of Joliet, III., for her wonder
ful deliverance from an awful fate.
"Typhoid pneumonia had left me
with an awful cough," she writes.
"Sometimes I had such awful cough
ing soells I thought I would die. I
could get no help from doctors'
treatment or Other medicines till I
used Dr. King's New Discovery.
Bu 1 own my 'ife to this wpndecful
remt' iy for I scarcely "iou'b. at II
now " Quick and saf,f'ii6'the mns
heu; all throat anfMiihir mfdi
Every -buttle 'iiut'rn..tcd.
50? nv.ii $1.00 Trial
all druK'"HU.
brittle fre tit
Latest In Spondylotherapy.
Chicago, Nov. 15 Cure of ap
pendicitis soon will be commonly ef
fected without an operation, accord
ing to Dr. Albert Abrams. of San
: u - .U 1
Js ruil"ibuU, wiiu uuurcaaeu mc mat,
annu I convent'on pf the American
Association for the study of Spondy-
lotherapy here. Dr. Abrams said I
. , t ' i u
the discovery was made by pressing ,
on a certain vertebra, which had the
afTcnt rf atrninhtoiiinor thr uitrmnul 1
flexure, a loop in the large intestines.
The Demons of the Swamps
are " qititOM Aaihev sunu- thvv
pjt deadly malaria ;erm m i hJ
blond. Then fn:o,w ih- icy chilli
and the firqe of ffvr, Thj pptiti.
fliei Km thj triigth:'fftjj,r; n!s m
aria of tea pwv tn' wy for ii aU.v
tyi'li id. But Eiectrjtv Bf-'
ard ist nVthu mnlnrui u'erm
tin k'l od; wSc m a H h a
and n rifi yiMi'n - r nv.in,,
lorw uftVrliitf." Wm
s kill
f., m
wtl LncaoiH..N. ' " h J'H b
tle drov a' le'in ly.i. fmn lit
BVPlflfl, " '1 I' 'f Mh.
ee "ce, ' Uet ' 'm,:.
liver and kidney il Bt kl drug
Tho Merry Advertiser.
Who Bays there Is no mora any
'genuine English humor? A provision
dealer in Earl's court neighborhood,'
London, displays this on a window
sign: "When visiting Sbakoapearo'a
England, eat England's Bacon."
Spoiling Coy's Fun.
Tho scientist who eradicates tho
Mcables germ will not bp regarded as
a friend by the boy v(lia,would rather
no an mierosung invauuuian. go 10
Bchool. T
Pains AH (her.
Houston, Tex -"For five
sava Mrs. L. Fulenchok, of this
place. "I suffered with pains
it i
over, especially In-my'teftck and Bide,
and was io weak I eouid hardly do
my house work.. A friend told me
of Cardui. Since taking it, I feel so
rriufch better! Now I can do all my
housework and pains don't bother
mo anv more at all." Cardui h a
Btrength-building medicine. Fifty
years of success have produced,
amongst its many users, confidence
in Cardui and what it will do. Dur
ing this time, Cardui has relieved
the female.ailments of over a million
women. Why not you? Try it, to
day. Your druggist sells it.
Drinking Cadets Fired.
Washington, Nov. 15. Two mem
bers of the first class of the United
States Military Academy, Wallace
W. Crawford, of California, and
Frank M. Brooks, of Minnesota,
have been dismissed for vio.ating
the regulation against drinking. For
the same offense Robert W. Craw
ford, of New York, and Philip L.
Thurber, Of Illinois, also first class,
have been suspended without allow
ances or pay until Aug. 28, 1913.
Helps A Judge In Bad Fix.
jQ-stioa Eli Cherry, of Gillis Mills,
Tenn-, was plainly worried, A bad
pore on his leg had baffled several
doctors and long resisted all reme
dies. I thought it was a cancer."
he wrote. "At last I used Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, and was completely
cured." Cures burns, boils, ulcers,
cuts, bruises and piles. 25c at all
Will Destroy MotriB.
It Is said that tho following "will
destroy moths, eggs and larvae In a
closet: Waco a brick on tne floor of
the closet and on thiB a tin or Iron
pan. Heat a brick until It becomes
very hot and then put It In the pan.
Pour hot, strong vinegar on this brick,
then close the door and keep it closed
for 24 hours. The steam from the
vinegar will kill any live thing that
may be. in the closet
What Texans Admire
i h"rv. vigorous life, according U
Hugh Tallman, of San An'onio. "We
find," he writes, "that Dr. Kinprjs
New Life Pills surely put new life
and enercy into a person. Wife and'l
I bilipvp thpy are the, best made."
.Excellent, for stomach, liver and kid
ney, troubles. 25c at nil druggists. -
Goes Either Way.
A'-machlno operable from either
end, like a street car, has been evolved
in England and it Is probable that the
first car -will make its appearance on
London streets in a short time. The
bus is steerable from either end, and ,
1..n It la Honlrc. tn nrnfioil In thft
ravAfQA rHront!nn H. nnlv TlRCOSSarV
for the driver
and conductor to
change places.
p-Phanfi a Traalc Comedv,
& -writer once said that tho world
is a comedy to thoso who think, a
tragedy to thoso who feel. He doesn't
sav what It Is to tho fellow who tries
JJBtftttw!de garbage can through
a narrow alley-way. Satire.
Administrator's Sale.
x I will offer f- mio h Public Auc
tiori'mi Monday'Novembr 2fitb, 1912,
at the late residonco of J. A. Nuck-
,i..j d.v. e :
uia. ua u. ti uiwco ouuiu y-
.Station, in Christian co.uaty. Ky.
All tbe farming implemop, 8, tool
Machinery, aunplies, liv 5tQC.k, corn
und bt, ttc t'i ttind p'iid"f,ii'.
'Am "i4- ar 'c'"4 Imj 4 Jfu i
f ' r" 'be fu iy; ,s
3 ii 1 i'r-f, 1 iw and'jyif, 3
j ir . y- ii1 pigs, 10 shu!. miiiH
Mtii 1 knirori, 2 Huvir'fH n
h l , h, binder, 1 mnwii u
machine, 1 Hay Rake, 3 doubli -shovels,
2 cultivators, 3 single plowf,
2 double plows, Harrows, plow gear
etc., 1 four-horse set of wagon har
ness, about 50 bbls. of corn, some
clover hay.
Other articles of machinery, iqo.
and farmer's supplies too numerous
, Terms of sale: Not with ap,.rovd
security, du nine mouth afttr dif'
without intern-, if pat'i i n.utunt.
AM purcbaste U lt-r U-n d;l urs
bn oa,sli, and I)' hi Ik-v; - t 1 tin
' n for c .h
S'p r.gin-" prcmp l at 9:30
u'ciick m Ev'rvtnfv mvi'ti
Almr of ivirs. Nn.iu H. IuckoIs,
Along uia uuuiovarus us m lima-
luutuiu cuuiua ill x. ill re i. n iTnkm
that the Duke sad
DieM Of Memr
avc-ecme to tbe
parting ot tfce
wars. ThWi re
port waa Hpreftd
when K wm learn
ed that ike
mticm of tm pref
ect? of tM dim
and Dttcheaa had
been ofrfifuL la
TnuMd tkla ta tin
Ant stoa tonpranl
a legal eereraace
ot the Barriafla
ilea. The eeaatlfal Paeaeaa, who hi
dm of the few ladlee Met ea te
naJe attire ay the Freaea
t, and who at varies
Kartled eras Pari by paradfac la
inMU la Bh-le attire, efamr ard al, ha
Beared wKh extreme proeiiaeaee m
the Mm of recent months. 1
The Da eh out, who at the
theatrkata aad raoeeUoas
Civen has been pointed' oat a sate eC
the moat beautiful wowe& fa Frwwee,
the aaeertkn often betag tadoraed hr
tmek eelehrated artiaia m
pad others, x Carlotta
Blanco, d-agater of Aatonio Qaxnaa
Blanco, who i.eoeded Castra aapicai
dest of Veaeaaela.
The Dake la oae of the aaeat yroml
nest men in Paris social life. Hht fa
ther was the Issued Dake of Morny,
who made it poaslble for- Napoleon
IL to become emperor of Ftsec.
For this Napoleon loaded the Dake
father with wealth in jewels and laBd
faid gave him one of the highest po
rtions within tie gift eC S3 e
poror, It vras rumored sorae time agothai
there was to be a dfrorce and tht
the Doko had designa on 'a wealthy
ronng American heirees. . Nothing
came of tho report, bowerer,
Their friends argue that
will be Impossible, because they are
both devont Catholics.
The following stoiy Of a recent ad
renture at a fashionable seaside re
' ' sort in France,
ot which W. K.
Vanderbilfc is said
to bd the henvis
going the rpundfl
of Paris, and has
even found its
way into print.
it is stated, while
spending, an hour
or tw at the Ca-'
sino, Huddenlydte-
rcaSuVntaS !
pearl, had
noyed, he immediately
informed a
detective employed to watch the gam
ing rooms, and offered a liberal re
ward, of 'the jewel, to which he at
tached great value as a sotrrenlr, was
restored to him. ' ,
Promising to do his best, the detec-'i'
tive disappeared. Ten minutes later
no returned with a well-groomed man
In evening dresB, who politely begged.
Mr. Vanderbilt to follow him.- Yt 1
When both were-screened from" view J
behind a clump ot foliage, the maiijj.
took from hiB pocket a handfnr- o'fsi
valuables j and Bcarfpins and held them
H H"';
' "I'm sorry to say I'm not quite cefjjj
i tain which Is yours. HoweVe'rf -horo ,
are my pins for this evening. Por- '
haps you will choose yours vfrom
' Ihem." . y j
i Mr. Vtnderbat, rather nonplussed, r
at once picked out hiB pin, h'ahdln'gr
over In exchange tho promised reward
to the "finder," who, after this cour
teously departed Into tho night, '
! Tho name of the fashionable resort
Is not given with certainty, 'but the
J most popular version says it was
DeaUTlHe. 4. i
f--- -,
of Wight, Bnglandyis now being pull- r
ed down. Therois.a curious coupletl
relating to trns spire, wmqu runs; i
,.Tno naiQ60t p0or and silly people
sold their bells to build a steeple."
A 1 1 , A lilt .1... . 1 1
Anu uiu loan ltuuliuij iu uiiit uuuui a
century ago, when the building ot
steeples was the,' fashion, tho parish
loners sold tbepeal of bells Which
"aung In the fine old square Norman
tower to the Inmate's of a French mon-(
astory and, with tho money ' thus ob
tained erected a steeple on the top
of the towor. The erection has been
an oyosoro to archaeologists over
since, and much has boon writteu
deprecating Its existence, but the
parishioners haro been satisfied with
their steeple until Just recently, when
it was discovered that it was In a
very dangerous state, and Its weight
was seriously damaging tbe old tower
beneath It has therefore been decid
ed to pull down the structure, and an
urgent appeal Is being made for funds
Y ,
Montavq;co to Be FJne Port. ,
ventev!dea.-clitof port of Uruguiiy,
rank seventh In tha ports, of
the world in total tonnage of vomsoIr
c nt ring cad ol.oarliig. Is'. to be one of
a .rictt ports In tho World when
i.i.i.vt.-i0nt whlcli have been deeld
ed an carrlpd out The govern
ment will spend $30,000,011". In the
pest -"cit years in mrklijg tho har
bor dtc enough for ull ves-cb, and
In order that thr keen co'npttlMon
wttb Hucnoa Aires may be kept up.
Preferred Local.,
CAdvt( mnta )
Wo arti prepared to do lt fcrfttrfa of
high-grade job printing. Trytw.,.-
oUikiing undtgetRifal repair worn ill.
hU Kinds. PhoiuMTfi. ,m
if you have a jioilse or bmlditiK .of
any kind that you want moverf4:
R. C. L'aw!on
phone C35.
or call Cumbers!
WANTED oung man straight
matter compositor who can a4ofee
cylinder and platen preMM. Son
knowledge of binding books prefer
red. Write what you will work for
in. first letter. Address, Kentuck-
iati, Hopkinaville, Ky.
" r
5 .Per Cent Money To Loin; .
Oa.GoodlSouth Chriatih lAndIS'
years time. v 9 rT'
J. B. Alleneworth, Atty.,
Office Phone 267-2. vRe;.742.
For Sale. - ".;
Dwelling and store room attached,
on Durrett's avenue;' for Bale or
trade on terms to suit the purchaser.
Rf 3, Hopkinaville, Ky. .
Both state and coiinty, are due.
Pov'nnw anrl avoir) tlif hpavp hnn'al.
ties which will be added after .Nov-T
ember 30. , v 's r.
" LOW JOHNSON. Sheriff.
. -
T. S. Knight & tyk
. ' '
RspI Estate LoaiiS
and Insurance. Ofllce
south side Obrot
Sauare . - '
There's !A Reason.
In selecting a Vacuum Cleaner for
our subscribers, both old and new,
we bouffht the best to be found in
0ur opinion and we think We have
chosen wseiy. They are to be had
as cheap as $1.85 and if. you want
Ing an ?&,&00 one at mac price, give ,us. your, ox
dlsappeared. Greatly an- 1 der and we will have a- machine for
- T '
jo i in a wftk or terj. days, bdtnal
iirh our.nami on it.'f1i possibly po'
4je m.nufaclurtr'iune. Wo
f) , s,ocirt,(i will hi- glad,
p STW -1,
hrciih rt.mpaiaBQii ot our macnine
fwith libv one 6nM market tit- any
' JB V '3
c-. wo'K .iiuvwyttenai cQisiari ci.
Durability and sucoas in use is our
' tC.-A'.l. ;V- , (
Adverti8rr.unt. "jlF'
A XasS Offer.
The KentUckiaji.has made a specia
clubbing rate with The Memphis
Weekly Commercial Appeal . by
which we will .urnish both ' papers
for one year fors the very low sub
cription'price pf $2.25. The Com
merclal Appeal is one of thq. largest
and best papers in the South, and
we hope to receive many new fub
mp.ttona on this otfer $2.25 cash
f -r Ijdth ploi-'iv.. v. ,
AdverUfempnt- fi ' ,
Chlld-Tralnlpg. .
It Is not fair to n sma(l child for the
pujjonts qr nurse to bo careless about
tho little things that develop thought
fulnoss, solf-rollance nnd self-control
In a ol.Ild. Self-control Is a cliaractori
Jstlc- absolutely essential to manhood,
or wonmnllood, aud it is not learned In
a day It is tho result ot natlcht teuch
ing and training through all tho long
years ot babyhood and childhood,
Its General Scietfen (s Mm1y Ms
Survival 'f Ohc at the OHkst
bridesmaids i pUro snperstitwn,
though we scarcely consider it .wcfo
since it is so universally m vogtte.
Even this superstition docs not com
pere with somo of the others.
Our forefathers believed in mag
ical Invocations, love philtera'and
T 11 .
latmngs uun wm men, as now,
the month' of months. The Soman
MfUMrtarpd iha mnak forhinf Trvonth
, -
oi im year lot toe seeeon ot mar-
riage was June.
If there hannened to be a fall
moon on the wedding day thk waa
especially fortunate. They ako be
lieved that it meant aroe to the
couple married in May, and this
month was always Avoided if pos
sible because it was believed that
then tho people united in marriage
would be under tho influence of spir
its adverse to' happy households.
In those days the marriage wm
never considered fortunate if the
-bridal party in going to church, met
(a monk, a priest, a haro, a dog, a
cat, ?a lizard, or serpent; while all
would, go well jf it were wolf, a
spidor or a toad. ' k
Are -Capable '"'of Sustaining Their
Wliole Weight by One Finger for '
Astonlshjng Length of Time,
Medical meii assert that, accord
ing JtQ well-conducted tests, it is
shown that the new-born babe is rel
atively much stronger than a full-
erOwn man. The muscles oi ine
forearm are
astonishingly . vigorous.
A few hours after birth a baby sus
pended by its finger to a stick or to
the finger of a grown person can sus
tain itself in the air for about ten),
seconds in the case of particularly
strong infants foj so long a period:
as thirty seconds. .
When fo.ur days old an appreciable
increase in the infant's strength may
be noticedi - and the time during
which it can. thus sustain itself is
about 21. minutes for 98 per cent.
pf babies. The maximum is at
tained m two 'weeks! .Jbew infants
can- "hang oh" for more than 1V&
minutes, although '.it is of record
that one exceptionally developed
child ' remained suspended for 2
.minutes and. 38 seconds by his right
hand. After that he continued' to
hang on with his left "for 15 seconds
longer. Harper's Weekly.
"Mother, what is altruism?"
"Welly, dear, "it j's rather hard to
explain,' Hut if .your father should
rgalfy glad on your' account that
you didnttake after him, that would
bo altruijm
P'lT 8HUT.
xjtyds. a. (langOrous for some mar
riedmpn'to' open their. .mouths at
hol5 remarked the" . .Observe of
Events and things. "na it isfor a
baqlielqE To open his under the Bait
wateV- v - i
l;. - .. -f FINANCIAL.
'Dick Say, Jack, lend me $10,'
-ll. -it". T 4. 1 A I
Wlll'yjni f3 x wuui iu uu jjr vw
cation; .
Jack Ten dollars 1 I haven't got
ten'ijbnts. I hay
just got
from, mine,
"How did your wife tako your
mother's hint about whqr, houseclean-,
"Sho brushed by.ho subject. with
a sweeping denunciation."
''Wliat dq5ou want, young manf
"I . come To you, looking for an
opening, sir." -"There's
the door directly back of
- 7
Ho (dunug Wo tilf)tfow
aro you going to keep this up?
SJie-Just as, .long as you don't
wunt mo 'Bos9n Evening Tran
script ,
Doublcyow "yiat are you to do
when woman rule?
Kcki-1 tv i' drcEsmoking and
then make 'cm do as I gay. New
York Globe,
'Tfo'SHNeratitioft relatinc to mar 1 . V "-u
rium 'i mi iriiH iim I ill. iiinmrmi ill Mil wvt fLi ,i nvjiiiiiuii LVf muni.
o , v l . I -J-------- - - - rv i
ftiP-hrMU tossma- hr bowfinfit fo Iho i
tow Rt of Interest
m Christian county, m any
sum, i,000sor over, on short
notice. Your not will read
to bo repaid at the end of
ton yeara, with the privilege
of paying $100 or more at
i the end of tfte nrst year ana
' rti a-ntr iVf tvif r-uavi-il fViAiu
J , "'"nov jyxi vxrvJL
C 0. Wright J, C. Johnson
SpcjJ Attention Given Farm
if1 -'tj L.mLa(v,r''-i
. Burns,
" zemn.
,V3 ftPB t; iers, Pr -
I f l.ltfl. form ' " Krnlcon
. i. ' - M - 'w
I'l SA fir t .
Mf'iey .i.OK. I
MX o
Mellow as moon
light, pure as sun
light, rich as. gold.
An honest whisky
intention, method
of making, aging
and bottling.
Ortrlnal bottling
hasoldeoM label
Gen A. pickel &
Anrnnn isndlns n iketf h and dwcrtptlon may
Qiilcklr ascertain our opinion free whether an
lutoiitlon le Drobnblr pjilinlubio Conimunlca
tioni.trlctlroonadoiitlal HANDBOOK oul-ateuU
out free. Oldo( asenor tor tecurlii(tpatenta.
I'atonta taken throuBh Muon Co. recelre
ipecM HOtla, Vf Ithout charge, In the
scientific mmm.
K hanihomelr llluatrateil lteeklr
Largest cir
culation of any aclenttBo lournal. Ternn, 3 a
yean four
WUNN & Co !-Hew YorK
"For many years I was troubled, In
I uIam inniM I urn a tmtlnA
snlto or all so-cau. circnirv,.ie3lu5ed.
At lastlfounaquicltrilwianucuro
in thoso mild, yet thorough and
really wonderful
Atlolnhf 'J'TVI', -"jt'5r..
jj m
in f (
I im i T
1 wM

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