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HortiNSYiLLE, Kentucky, Thursday, November 21,
Every issu6 of Popular Mechanics
Magazine brims with tidings ofwhat
we arc doing (or one atfother; of the
mistakes that have bdeh . made and
the dusters which nave followed;
of the successes won and the activity
incited by them, and af jot more
wonderful discoveries and uchieve
mvds which must certainly come.
In .fhfl Decrmber number there are
310 artices and 252 illustrations;
every short story tersely "written
bo you can understand it," and
every picture vividly portraying
more than can be told in type.
For Democratic people who are
interested just now in Federal office
statistics, it may be timely tot state
that there are at this writing 9,840
government positions, whose occu
pants are appointed by the Presi
dent, subject to confirmation by the
Senate. They are removable by the
same authority that uses the ap
pointing power. Of these Presiden
tial offices fully 80 per cent., or
Vk953, are in the postal service
postmasters, one for each town in
wjlcn the postal receipts are over
$i;000 a year.
For the first time in his experience.
Congressman A. O. Stanley faces the
job of handing out official pie to a
ffreat manv very hunitry men. Post-
office primaries would relieve the
Congressman of the embarrassment,
and as all congressmen are having
the same troubles, this is being se
riously proposed as a way out of it.
yil curious combination uf the
Turkey wot and the Spanish fandan
go is the best description of the
''chicken flip," the new dance in
vented by Miss Eleanora Sears and
demonstrated by her at a recent
gathering m Boston.
What is believed to be the small
eat electric uyuamu in the world, so
small it could be placed on as'Ajneri
can yehuj and not occupy all the
spwire, re described m tue December
Popular Mechanics Magazine.
Refused a new trial, Floyd Allen
and his, buu Uaude Allen are to be
executed tomorrow at Richmond,
Va., for murders in the Hillsvilie
court .room last March.
Some of thu interesting features
rf iih fin.Hi-ui of the Emperor of
Japan are shown in illustrations ap
nearing in the December, Popular
Mechanics Magazine.
The Sebree Springs Hotel was
burned Saturday at & loss of $12,000
to $15,000. The insurance was $11.
500, of which $5,000 waa taken out
the day beiore.
After all Idaho landed in the Wil
aqa column by 1,100 votes, leaving
Taft with only two states, Utah and
Vermont, the latter by only 361
Kansas women are taking up their
new duties ai citizens by jury ser
vice, but they can never be equal to
the men until they pay a poll tax.
Gov. Hawley has appointed Jjudge
K. I Perky, of Boire, to succeed the
late Senator Heyburn, of Idaho. He
is a Republican.
JohnSchrank, who shot Colons!
Roosevelt, has been adjudged insane
and will be sent to an asylum.
A new nickel will soon be put out
with an Indian head on one side and
vjjfi a buffalo on the other.
Wm. Larrabee, former Governor
af Wyoming, died Saturday.
Schedule for killing hogs:
150 to 200 lbs 80c each
200 to 300 lbs t 35c each
300 to 400 lbs 40c each
400 to &W lbs ouc eacn
The fat ttke off free of chcrge,
We guarantee our work to be satis
factory or no charge.
At Sale of Diroc-Jcrsey Hogs
When our forms closed yesterday
afternoon the auction-sale of Duroc
Jersey hogs wa$ stul going on at
Dr. Isbell's stable. There was an
'immense crowd present and, from
me very titan, uiuuiiig wa huh
anirited. Col. H. LA Ieleheart. of
Elizabethtown, was -'the auctioneer
and he'ia a fine one,' too', Some peo
ple believing hn is the best that has
ever been here. Before beginning,
thesale'he delivered a lecture, in
which he brought out the fact that
every man who raises hogs should
raisa none but the best--it costs no
. t a . " 1
more, it he quits auctioneering ne
ought to go to lecturing.
The first sold,' was. a sow, for.. $40 0D
2d, sow . 40.0Q
3d, sow ..vC;j:v.mV: . 48.00
4th, sow....;......'.i"w.'..: 51.00
5th, Fan m.i!::.::..i....;. 31.00
6th, sow.... 36 00
7th, gilt 39 00
Mr G. W. McKJght, of Howell,
had 45 head to sell and Mr. Norton
Garth, of Trenton, had about the
same number to dispose of.
Filed Incorporating McKenzie
Lake Fishing Club.
Articles of incorporation of the
McKenzie Lake Fishing Club were
filed with the County Clerk yeater
day. The place of operation will be
at Oak Grove, this county, and the
business of the comoration will be
the buying and selling of land and
water privileges for the .purpose . of
breeding and. raising fihjtaqd game
and the organizing r'and. 'conducting
oi a emu ior ntnuig, uuiiuijk, uuui-
ing and recreation. inq capnai
stock is $300, divided into;, twenty
shares. M'eserjp.;P.. C.Salle.;, T.-J,
Bavnharaand B b'alrleigh are
4 - . r -
the incorporators.
Returns From Texas With
Pretty Texan Bride. .
At the First Baptist church, Paris,
Texas, last Monday night, Mr. John
Rives, of this county, led to Hymen's
altar Miss May Pinson, of Pans,
The plighting of their troth was wit
neseed bv a larire gathering of the
most prominent people of Paris.
Mr. and Mrs. Rives arrived here
last night and will make their home
with Mr. R. F. Rives, the father of
the groom, south of the city.
The bride is a charming and lov'
able youncr lady. The groom, who
is a brother of former Senator Frank
Rives, is a young and progressive
farmer and quite popular wherever
he is known.
Tom Watson Indicted,
Auau3ta. Ga., Nov. 20. Thomas
E. Watson, at one time presidential
candidate of the populist party, now
editor and publisher of the Watson
Jeffersonian. was indicted by the
federal grand jury on a charge o
sending obscene matter through the
United States mails. The charges
grow out of articles in the magazine
under Mr. Watson's signature, bit
terly arraigning Catholicism. These
articles wereVcharacterized by the
grand jury as "obscene, filthy and
tmnroner to be soread on the court
OrozcoHas Rheumatism.
El Paso, Texas, Nov. 18. Rheu
matismhas attacked Gen. Pascua!
Orozce, Jr., according to communi
cation received here, unable even
to mount his horse, the leader of the
rebels is reported resting under the
care of an American physician in a
canyon camp, southwest of Eagle
Pass. Texas. Seven hundred of his
men are with him,
Ex-Senator Terrell Dead.
Former U. S. Senator J. M. Ter
rell. twice Governor of Georgia
died at Atlanta Sunday of paralysis
aired 61 years. He filled a shor
Urn) in the Senate in 1910.
The Letters In His Pockets
Bear Three Different
Signatures. ,
The Unfortunate Man Probab
Traveled Under Two
The"man who was killed by an L.
& Nl train Monday morning near
the Bradshaw crossing, has not yet
been identified.
After Dr. J. H. Rice, the coroner,
had held an inquest the body was
taken to Renshnw & Harton's under
taking establishment where it was
held for identification. Mr. Harton
said yesterday morning that he
might not hold the body longer than
during the day.
Three letters were found in the
pockets of the dead man. One was
from the uregon Indian Medicine
Company, Carry, Pa., and addressed
to Jack Pemberton, Knoxville, Tenn.
Another was from the Curtis Pub-
ishing Company, Philadelphia, ad
dressed to S. P. Nash, this city. The
third was written at Madisonville,
Ky., dated November 16th, address
ed to Mrs. Jonnie Jones, Bowling
Green, Ky., and signed J. D. Wolfe
or Walker, the name being so badly
written that it canndt be deciphered.
Unless something develops and
orders for transportation are not re
ceived by this morning the under
takers will bury the body in. the pot
ter's fiefd'l ", W '
Near Crofton Within Past Few
Oroftnn, Ky., Nov 20 The ven
erable mother of Mr. Jake Spurlin,
who resides five miles east of this
place, died last Friday, aged about
80 years. .
The. 10-year-old , -son' 6f Oscar
Adams died of typhoid .fever Mon
day, Mr.. Adams, and-two more -of
his children are quite ill of the aanio
A 2-year-old child of Solomon
Gamble died last Friday.
Bernie Dawes Dead.
Bernie W. Dawes, son of the late
Robert Dawes, of this county, who
was a conductor on the I C. railroad
for .several years and who, at one
time, had a run between this city
and Paducah. died suddenly in Los
Angeles, Calif., a few days ago
He was married to Miss Hattie
Bowen, of Montgomery, Ala., aboujt
two months ago.
Webster Champion.
Byron Hancock, age 14, is the
champion boy corn grower of Webs
ter county and was awarded the
prize for the largest yield per acre.
Young Hancock, who is the son of
Louis Hancock, grew 78 bushels to
the acre. His brother, Paul Han
cock. 17. grew 65 bushels and' 25
pounds to the acre..
Hardin's Good Showing.
Hardin county has oold thie year
$76,000 worth of sheep, 1200.000
worth of hogs. $300,000 worth of
cattle and will sell near $500,000
worth of mules this winter and there
are enough turkeys in the county to
feed the whole population from now
until the first of January.Eliza
beth News.
15 Barrels.
S. H. Mosley, owner of the Blue
Jay farm, in the Nortonville coun
try, gathered his corn crop laet week.
and it showed up an average of 75
bushels to the acre. HueUer.
Almost Ready To Open
1 Doors To the Public.
The RexAmusemnnt Co. Will open
its new Ri'x Theatre on the north
side Of Ninth streft in a few days.
It will bfi'operutud ua a motion' pic
ture hbiise ultogether. THn com
pany wijjtuflc ihe Universal service,
employjfjg.tho best film's and most
up-to-date, apparatus. The house is
practically .completed now, only the
finishihgouches being to put on
the entrance und lobby. The com
pany ise'emposed of home people.
Dr. R. FjfMcUaniel is president; W.
F. rauf Vice President; J. L.
Shrode.ecretary and J. W. Srnith,
Treasurer,. Watch out for announce
ment in Saturday's paper.
FuneralServices Will Be Held
at lovelock This Morning.
'4t .
Mrs. Norah W. Walker, wife of
PoIicemanGeo. W. Walker, died
Tuesday night after a long and ling
ering illness. She was a daughter
of the late A. R. Williams and was
married to Mr. Walker Ocf. 30,
1879. Two children were born to
them, a son and a daughter. The
son, Chester Walker, died about
year goi The daughter, Mrs. Cora
Frasier.tif Nashville, survives her.
Mrs Walker was a member of the
Christian church. Funeral services
will be held jat the residence 215
Mechanic street, .this morning at
10 o'clock,copducted by Rev. H. D.
Smith. Interment will be in River
side cemetery,. -
Mrs. Walker was 51 years of age
and a mosl estimable woman- whose
death is deepiv lamented by many-
frien'jB. , '
A-verdicI fefc$12i000- damages was
returned inrthe damagft 8iiit of Toy
Henry against the Nashville, Chatta
nooira arid St Louis railway for the
loss of bis left leg. Henry was
brakeman, and while switching cars
at Murray in November, 1911, he
was caught between two cars. He
filed suit for $50,000.
Before Supreme Court.
The opening attack on the consti
tutionality of the sectiono of the
postal act affecting" newspapers wbb
made before the.rSupreme Court bf
the United StateSMonday in a peti
tion filed by the "J6urnal of Com
merce and Commercial Bulletin, of
New York-
Dressed Poultry Shipments.
PetefTox'B Sons ti w have about
30 hands killing poultry at their
house on First street, slaughtering
and shipping about 1,500. a, day.
They are receiving large shipments
by rail from the surrounding towns
and their packing room is one of the
busiest places in the city. The
dressed fowls are sunt to Chicago.
Confessed Guilt.
Abe Davie, the Pembroke negro
who was held over to Federal Court
at his examining trial here bef creU.
S. Commissioner Clark on a, charge
of pretending to be a United States
officer, waa indicted at Paducah.
Davie then entered a plea of guilty
and was sentenced to serve sixty
days in the McCracken county jail.
Bath-tub Trust in Hot Water.
The Government won its suit
against thettso-called "Bath-tub
Trast." the SuDreme Court of the
United States holding that the "li
cense agreements" of manafactur
ers were in violation of the Sherman
anti-trust law.
Charged With Man-Killing.
MiB3 Cecilia Farley, a stenogra
pher at the Ohio State Capitol,
charged with the murder of Alyin
E ollinRer, a salesman, prooamy
will testify in her own behalf. .
W. C. T. U.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
First Baptist church this (Thursday)
after soon at 9:30 o'clock.
Took But One Hour To Decide
Fate Of Herman Rosenthal's
Convicted Quartette Showed
No Emotion When Verdict
' Was Rendered.
New York, Nov. 20. "Gyp the
Blood," "Lefty Louie," "Dago
Frank" anoV'Whitney" Lewis killed
Herman Rosenthal, the gambler, at
the instigation of Charles Becker,
and must pay the penalty of death
in the electric chair. The jury
which has been hearing the evidence
against the four gunmen so decided
yesterday, when it returned a ver
dict of murder in the first degree
after but twenty minutes of deliber
Died Of Paralysis At Lubbock,
Texas, Last Monday.
Mrs. Sarah A. Hester, aged 71
years, died at Lubbock. Texas, last
Monday of paralysis. In 1864 she
was married to H. B, Vaughan, who
died many years ago. Five of their
children are living, namely: Mrs.
T. L. Turner and Mrs. J. W. Minor,
of the Casky vicinity, and E. R , W-
C. and W. H. Vaughan, of Lubbock.
Mrs. Hester became the wife of
H. C. Hester in 1878 and they resid
ed in this county up to two years
ago, when they moved to Lubbock.
Their two surviving children are
Mrs. J. A. Tinsley, of McKinney,
Texas, and Miss Beulah Hester, of
Work on College Street.
The large pond in College street
near the east end of 13th street is
being filled by the city where Col
lege street crosses one end of it
The street will be graded and left
in good condition, it being necessary
to straighten the line on the west
side where some yards extend into
the street.
Clint Ruby Moves.
Clint Ruby, formerly of Madison
ville, hBS severed his connection with
A. C. McClurg & Co., of Chicago1
and accepted an engagement in the
retail department of G. P. Putnam's
Sons, retail book dealers, of New
York, at 6 West 45th Btreet. Mr
Ruby has a good many acquaintances
in Hopkmsville, who will be glad to
learn of his success.
Prolific Family.
Mrs. Anthony Wroblesky, one of a
family of eighteen children, of which
there were two pairs of twins, her
self being one of them, gave birth
to twins, a boy and a girl, at Adams,
Mass. Four of Mrs. Wroblesky'i
sisters are the mothers of twins.
Horrible Case.
Edward Femberton is under ar
rest at Morganfield charged with
ruining hia daughter, aged 17 years
The girl left home and was found
Evansville with a dead child in her
arms. She said her father was the
parent of the child.
Assassin Buried.
The assassin who killed Premier
Canalejas was secretly buried at
Madrid Saturday. He was alleged
to have committed suicide.
"Two Men Shot
Sheriff Wm. Bowen was killed and
Henry Skidmore fatally wounded in
a pistol duel at Filson, Powell county
in which Reea Bowen, the Sheriff's
brother alo took part.
A. Littlefield Quits Ruth?
Route No. 6 Service
M. A. Littlefield is one of tbro
veterans of :he Rural Free' Delivery
service going out of this city. Pen
nine years he has made his tripe- no
sunshine and storm, boat and cold
with a regularity that could not he
improved on. At last, on accouoft
of failing health, he seeks ansthesr
vocation. No matter what it rraev-
be, the people along his route wish
liim Buccess, for he served them
most faithfully and won the esteem
of men, women and children alcos;
his route. H i s resignation takes
effect the first day of next montSa.
Cecil Armstrong is to be his succes
sor, tie is a former football niayea:
son of E. H. Armstrong and hats
frequently served the city aso
special policeman.
las Kept Pace With Progress
In Busy Hopkinsville.
In an interview in the Louisviils-
Herald, Judge G. S. Wall, discussion
the charitable institutions has this-fco
say of the Western Hospitah.
At the Western State Hospitaf xt.
Hopkinsville, during the last three
years, there has been erected ta
modern building that accommodate
100 colored male patients, and it hse-
every modern sanitary equipmenic
The kitchen and dining rooms narae-
been enlarged and equipped? nzt
modern sanitary style. Large bubs
have been expended in new pluns-
ng and in erecting a tuberculosa
hospital that is a credit to the Stats?
and a fine dairy barn, accommodat
ing 100,cow9. that is second to. no&
in the State,"
North Christian Residence
stroyed by Fire.
Pod, Ky., Nov. 20. Mr. Lee m
Cranor's residence was destroyed1 by
fire late Saturday afternoon. Sir,
Cranor was away from home. Mrs. .
Crauor was in the kitchen preparnie:
supper when it was discovered ths&
the building was on fire- Jffar
Cranor's father had come down frcco
Crofton and was out at the stabie
He was quickly summoned and wih
the aid of near by neighbors wb
were attracted by the flames., san-
ceeded in saving some of the beds
and bedding and a few pieces of
light furniture. Most of the house
hold goods, however, were burnecL
The flames originated in an upatanrs
room, but no one knows- how &
entrance could be effected to the
room and but little was saved from
the room immediately under it..
Mr. Cranor had just a few dayj
before traded his farm to Mr. H"3L.
The loss on building and contends
amounts to about $1,000 with $50D
insurance. CY KLONE
When you want fire,
tornado;life or bond
insurance in the.. . .
Oldest and Strongest
Companies, see
office up stairs. over
Anderson Fowler
drug store, corner
Ninth and Main, or
Office- 395".
Residence 63
Phone 117?.
Home For Aged Preachers:
At the closing session of the Ken
tucky Baptists' Association a gift e
the $50,000 property of the Ohios
Valley Institute at Sturgis to the:
Ministers' Aid Society was made
and will be converted into a home fox
old ministers.
New Mayor.
Bruce Ludwick, Mayor, wa9 elect -edat
Hodgenville to succeed Wm.
Lemlng, who removed to Florida.
Smlthson & Kvrltt
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