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Hopilli, Ktqcr, 'SiTuioAT, Novembers, is12.
No 13fr
Will Pay Penfns To All Ex-
VrmMii And Their
'f Wives.
No Application From The Presi-1
dent-Will Be Nee-
v. -
New York, Nov 22. Future ex
presldenta of the United States are
to be pend in the sum of $25,
0O0 each, annually, by action of the
Carnegie Corporation of New York
yesterday. The ' grant is- provided
for with the idea ef enabling former
p executives of the nation to devote
Jthir unique knowledge gained in
public affairs to the public good free
from pecuniary care. . A. similar
amount is to be paid widows of ex
presidents as long as they remain
The pensions are to be promptly
offered to the ex-presidents or their
widows, so that no application will
be required from them. Payment
is to be continued so long as the re
ciplentg "remain unprovided for by
-the government."
At Main and Ninth Streets At
An Early Hour. Thursday
An overturned botf ,v truck., iwo;
horsea flouriderinc: on' the sidewalk
t Main ' and Ninth streets; Clay
Powell, the driver, fastened under
the front of the wagon and in close
proximity to the horsesfeet, as well
as numerous scars on the base of
the drinking fountain and curbing
on two sides of it but no fire was
the result of a false fire alarm turn
ed in from South Main street early
Thursday morning. There was no
serious damage done except that the
black horse of the fire department
was slightly injured and will not be
used for a few days, Everybody
will be. glad to learn that the fleet
footed white horse sustained no in
jury whatever. When the alarm
was turned in the driver of the truck
let his team out at full speed and
when, he reached Main street he was
unable to make the turn as the
horses' shoes were not rough enough
' to enable them to stay on the new
stmetand the whole bunch went
over together.
Sold at Highly, Satisfactory
Prices to Numbtr of 120.
The, sale of Duroc-Jersy hogs,
which was in progress when we went
to pf ta Wednesday, was concluded
with the good prices maintained
throughout the sale A total of 68
waa sold for $l,924,the)ufcst price
being $10$ paid for GeeW, Mc
Knight'a broad: aew ?lna. twld to
John W. Garrett, TWaaow. ie one
of the fteeet in the country, gome
very sJt plfeeoW m low $.10.
The hogs toW here b4etfl to Geo.
W, McKnight, of Howell,, .aiid Nor
ton Garth, of Trentofl.On Thursday
Col. Igleheart, the auctioneer, went
to Pembroke and conducted a sale
for John H. Williams, who diepeeed
of -slttut GO head at eatialaotery
The farmers of Christian wwi TofJd
ountiee are paying much attention
to the breediag of improved awie,
led hr uh pen aa Meters. he
Knight, WiMiame. Garth and there.
"Frtckki? CtMiag.
The next attraction at. Holland's
Opera Houee wl ha "FradiK"
. 1 Fowaer w
JJfo Absolutely Pure
M? The ant BaklnaPowdermode kfel
Jfpsy taw Itiyal Graigam itf Tanar
WM neallp Wl
. cxi Auanjles pop
. . . . 5 ,
Total Cost of 12 , Blocks Was!
uJ IxK
1 if
' .
Councilman Dahney Will Be
Acting Mayor Next Week
Several Days.
The City Council met Wednesday
night in called session with all of the
Courcilmen present except Council.-
man HarnedJi; I
The cbiect of the meeting was to
formally accept the reports of the
City Engineer and Street Committee!
on the completed work of the South-
em Bitulithic Co. These reports
were submitted recommending the'
acceptance of the work covering 12
blocks and the reports were adopted
The contract covers 7606 59 yards on
Ninth street. 339 39 yards of gutter
and 329 of headers amounting to
$19017 fifi On Main street there
are 5749 54 yards, 135,83 yards of
cutter and 237.5 feet of headers and
'$15 for extra stone for foundation,
making $8914 5U
The total bill is $20,93196. Of
this amount $9,657 63 is apportioned
to property owpers and the city pays
the same amount and aluo tor in
tersections making $11,274 33. In
addition the city must pay $306.85
for the part in front of the govern
mentlot. This makes the city pay
$11,581.18 and a payment of $7,000
The bills against property owners
arefeeig sent out and are payable
withio 0 days at the Treaurer'8.o-
Mavor Heacham informed
Council that he would be
from the city several days next week
and Councilman Dabney waa elected
Mayor pro tern during his absence.
Schedule, for killing hogs: r h
onniha RD'eoS-h
200 to 300 Ibs.!!!!,..!.'... ....85c e?ch
300 to 400 lbs..'!!.',..,. MiOa each
4jv tn.Kflo ba "''' 50s each
The fat taken off free of chrge.
We guarantee our wrtrk to be salte
factory or no charge.
An Inspects' the Two Parks
To Be Laid Out and
Library Building For f Peace
Park Is To Be Con
sidered. Jus. F. Dawson, representing the
landscpe.artists, Olmstead Bros , of
Brookline, Mass visited the-city
Thursday and conferred with the
Park Committee in regard , to the
improvements of Virginia and Peace
Mr. Dawson was much pleased
with the possibilities for Virginia
nark. He outlined a general plan
that was approved by the commit
jtee,fand will submit his'repOrt and
, plana: later. The location or
: library' building on Peace park will
be considered in the report to be
submitted, which will be made in a
week or ten days:- -
Mr. Dawson is a young man fully
up in his work and has recently been
to the Pacific coast and -returned
via Winnipeg.
He remained in the, cjtv only one
day, returning tu Lnujfy.ille
ii . .)
Of Near Kelly Die 4 ' of Pneu-
Miss Lou Vijrgie Boyd, daughte'r
of Mr. John V. Boyd, of. the Kel y
neighborhood, died yeaterdaymern
iticr Ska karl hp.n ill nf tuberculo
olq fr threa wmnths. blit the inafie-i
i dtate cause or aeatn was, pumoii,
she was 18 yeaa old. The inter
ment will take place in the family
, burying ground today.
Monday Or Tuesday.
. .. L
i The Rex theatre will open, not
later than Tuesday night of next
wtwk and possibly on Moaday night.
The Universal Company films wilj be
used and if tha reels arrive in time ,
the service will begin Monday night,
otherwise Tuesday nighc. ;
The North will have 12 more Dem-1
ocrata in Coaraee than the, Soth
California Count May Be Cor
rected And Change
r A
His Harality Of 66 In Danger
Of Being Over-'
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 22. The
district court of appeals handed
uown a decision in the election con
troversy yesterday which democratic
leaders declare will place California
in the Wilson column.
The decision was atrainst the
method of .the board of supervisors
in canvassing the returns of Los
Angeles counts'. The court held
that the tallies should be counted
and not the certifications. At least
one precinct, that of Pasadena, No.4
will be virtually thrown out by the
decision with a loss of 103 plurality
for all Roosevelt electors except
Postmaster, at East Held on
Serious Charge.
Joseph E. Davis, aged 35 years,
postmaster a'-Ea3t, northwest of
town wai arrested Thursday by
Ppstoffice Inspector Cufman on the
charge of misrepresenting postal re-
eein&in order tiTsecure' a- raise in
lie.,. - .' , ... w , .v i". .-
salary. j.c ja aiso cnargea mat uavis
exphaoged poslsgeTBtamps for, mer
chandise in violation bf the postal
laws. .
. Davis was tried Thursday before
Commissioner Alvin Clark and held
over under a $1,000 bond, which he
Gate Raised
For The
The city authorities this week lift
ed the floodgate in the Second street
dam. letting out the water, which
will be lowered to the normal depth
during the winter. It was necessary
to release the water in order to
moke some repairs to the banks in
places. v
Formerjopkinsville Boy, Re
ported To Have Attempted
r Newsvwas received here yesterday
thatThos. H.Ennis, a son of Mr.
and Mrs.'W. D. Ennis cut himself
with a safely razor with suicidal in
tent, at Peoria. 111., where he was
under arrest on a serious charge.
The cese'of Sidna Allen, charged
with the-murder of .judge thorqton
Maeete atlHillsviHe-Va., was given to
the jury ThWdaV af ternooh. The
execution of the two Aliens who
were to have been electrocuted yes
terday was postponed till Dec 13 by
a respite by. Gov. Mann.
At It Again.
Following the rejection by Tur
key of th terms f jr an armistice
offered by Bulpario, acting for
the Balkan allies, the battle at the
Tchataljav lines was "resumed
Thursday ninht. The Turks de
clare the terms were "unaccept
able." The surrender of Scutaii
and Adrianople was demanded,
Big Feed at the Rooms of H.
B.Jtt. A. Thursday
Stirring After Dinner Talks on
Municipal Topics By Sev
eral Speakers.
The H. B. M. A. pulled off its
promised banquet Thursday night in
its own banquet hall, the "Reds"
serving the banquet with the "Blues"
as guests of honor. This was the
sequel to the recent campaign to in
crease the membership, the Blues
winning in the securing of new
members by 62 to 59. The waiters
were as follows:
Mr. C. O. Wright, head waiter,
with Messrs. R. E. Cooper, Odie
Davis, T. L. Metcalfe, D. D". Cayce,
Dr. T. W. Blakey, J. C. Hooe, E H.
Hester, J.T. Wall, Geo. W. Crec.
shaw and 0. C. Kingsolving as assist
ants. .
Following the repast, which was
sumptuous and elaborate, there were
a number of speeches on municipal
topics. County Attorney John C.
Duffy strongly advocated municipal
ownership for public utilities Rev.
A. R. Kasey took as his theme "The
City Beautiful" and delivered an
address on civic improvement that
aroused great enthusiasm.
Was To Be Turned Over To
County For Burial.
Renshaw & Harton, undertakers,
were seen yesterday morning ana
stated that the body of the man who
was I'iUed by an L. & N. train Mon
day morning had not yet been identi
fied,. They have been holding the
body as long as it should be and it
was their intention to turn it over to
the county authorities for burial
yesterday afternoon. An article in
a Bowling Green paper stating that
the man killed was J. D. Wolfe, a
citizen of that place, has not been
verified, as Wolfe is still alwe in
Modisonvil e, and the unknown man
will be buried in the potter's field.
To Put In Small Motor Car
For, Their Customers.
Always t! the front in everything,
the Frankels put into service yester
day for the benefit of their custo
mers a beautiful motor car.
Until the .regular driver learns to
manipulate the wheel, Malcolm
Frankel will drive the car, as he has
had much experience with autos.
The car is a; handsome Ford 30-
horso power, with much highly
polished brass.and the gold lettering
and bright paint colors make itpret
ty .as the band wagon of a circus.
, Struck Jn Self Defense.
C. W. Merrlweather. principal of
the colored county school in "St.
Dominao" denies a charge of Belle
Laprado", assistant teacher, that he
assaulted her with a deadly weapon
a sew days ago,
Merriweother says he was the per
son assaulted, and that the woman
attacked him twice with a hatchet
and once with a piece of wood when
hn mildly reproved her for extrava
gance in the use of fuel at the
school. He only striatic her with
his hand, he declaresrlVself defense.
Two French aviators wr Tkur
dav inata&tly killed wbra iMr atro-
plwM fU dttfinr pwete flifbta,
Husband Declared Lydwt C
Pinkliam's Vegetable
Compound Would Re
store Her Health,
And It Did.
ABhland, Ky, "Four years ago I
seemed to have everything the matter
with me. I had fc
maloand kidney trou
ble and was so bad off
I could hardly rest
day or night. I doc
tored with all the
best doctors in town
and took many kinds
of medicine but noth
ing did any good un
til I tried your won
derful remedy, Lyd
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound. My husband said it
would restore my health and it has."
Mrs. May Wyatt, Ashland, Ky.
There are probably hundreds of thou
sands of women in the United States
who have been benefitted by this famous
old remedy, which was produced fro mi
roots and herbs over thirty years agoby
a woman to relieve woman's suffering.
Bead Wliat Another Woman saysr
Camden. N. J. "I had female trou
ble and a serious displacement and was
tired and discouraged and unable to do my
work. My doctors told me I never could
be cured without an operation, but
thanks to Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable-
Compound I am cured of that affliction
and have recommended it to more in an
one of my friends with the best results."'
Mrs. Ella Johnston, 324 Vine St.
If you want special adrico write t
lydia E.rinkliam Mcdiclao Co. (cob
dential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will
be opened, read anil answered by a
woman and held in strict coafidcacc.
Will be Preached by Rev. E. R,
. Landis Tomorrow ftjorning.
Rev. E.. B. Landi9, who has ac
cepted a call . to the Presbyterian
"church at Danvsrs, III . will preach
his last sermon tomorrow morning..
The church at Danvers has a mem
bership of 340, a Men's Bible class
of 35 members arid there are about
400 children and teachers in the
Sunday school. The field is a most
promising one and a man of the ac
tivity and devotion to church work
of Mr. Landis cannot fail of accom
plishing much good. Mr. Landi3
and his family will leave for their
new home about the middle of the
coming week.
Mr. Landis waa called to the
church May 7th, 1911. He came
with his family the first of June and
entered upon his work. During his
pastorate he did a splendid work
and the church has never had a man
more acceptable than he. Outside
his congregation he has won scores
of friends and it is with sincere re
gret that his people consent to sever
the relation that has existed for the
past sixteen months. Tho session of
the church met last Sunday after
noon and formally accepted his re
signation, much against their will,
Passed Away Thursday After
Protracted Illness.
After weeks of decline froiri'sr
complication of diseases MrsVE.
Gooch passed away Thursday morn
ing, at her home on Eastinth
street. Mrs. Gooch was a native pf
Hopkinsville and was in her ith
year. In early girlhood she united
with the Methodist church and Va
one of the most devoted members of
that congregation. She was an aunt
of Earl Bradley, of this cijy, Mrs.
Harry Wanger, of Little Rqck, Ark.,
and Bernice Gooch, of Hopkinsville,
are her step-children.
The funeral services were held
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Burial in Riversldo Cemetery.
New Treasurer.
Carmi Thompson, Secretary to
President Taft, yesterday ywaa ap
pointed Treasurer of the UnKl
States to succeed Lee MeClung, re-.
signed. Omtim D. HUU
mil ,U4&-
jmd Mr. flumim

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