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promptly, and not mitt a mm
ber. Th PoiUt leguUttoM
requltw. Caincriplloni to ha
paid In advanc.
Vol. xxxiv
No 145
T '
Editorial Comment
; o
Red Cross Christmas Seals are the
boat investment In health any one
can make, Science has demonstrat
ed conclusively that tuberculosis,
'the world's greatest plasue, of
which we now have over 1,000,000
onsP3in tViA United States alone, can
. be a&Nented If these consumptives
. A it
are properly careu ior. in otner
words, every consumptive properly
cared for insures your life against
tuberculosis by the prevention of
further Infpnrinn from that HOUrCS.
' Red Cross Seals help to provide
hospitals, day camps, sanatoria!, dis
pensaries, open-air schools and visit
ing nurses for the care, cure and
prevention of tuberculosis in this
community. Every seal you buy,
then, is a sound investment in your
own health and in that of your fami
ly. Buy your Red Cross Seals now
and help to protect your home from
Two men were killed by argry
hulls ThurFday. Joseph Rudolph
ur.dprtook to kill a bull at LoS Angf
lesalifornia, that had kilted his
friend und was himself sored to
death. J. A. Smith was attacked
and killed by a Jersey bull at Athens
Thn nnnm'ntment of new DOStmaS-
' ters at Leitchfield and Russellville,
it 13 stated, has precipitated the
ficrht aeainst confirmation of late
appointments which Kentucky Con
gressmen are said to be eager to
help wage.
Lexington woman routed a
burglar with a poker. If the poker
was hot the burglar was wise in
beatintr a retreet. Few propositions
are harder to grasp than a red-hot
The casualties of 1912 football
were 11 killed and 183 injured. In
12 vears the totai has been-223 killed
and 2,425 injured. The list of, deaths
this year is the Bmalles since lyua.
Mrs. Henry C. McDowell, .grand
daughter of Henry Clay, and mother
of Mrs Desha Breckinridge, is dy
ing at Lexington. She is one of the
richest women in Kentucky.
That Greece is withholding her
icrnaLure to the armistics protocol
in nfiter to insure the good faith of
Turkey, was the statement at Sofia
and Athens.
F Npvnda. told the
ft mkt ww -
Conference of Governors yesterday
that marriage wad a' question of
eugenics not of sentiment or reli
A Logansport, Ind , bride of a
dav shot and killed another woman
who 6aid the groom had shown poor
taste in selecting so ugly a wife.
With every new yearly subscriber
this month we give a carving set or
a set of spoons free. You can't at
f ard to miss this proposition.
No more civil suits can be.fiied
crowine out of the night rider raid
of Dec. 7, 1907. The five-year limit
is up today.
. , .
m, brass band serenaded an Indian
murderer in California, just before
' 4 t. I mitt. Vila
la3t request.
A Georgia negro on his way to
the gallows sang "I Don't Know
Where I'm Going, But . I'm up My
.Tin f!. fi. Turner, the newDem
! ocratic-' judge of the Court of ,Ap-
o1n tnnlr Ma aont Mnnnnv.
It is to be hoped that Greeco and
Tvkey may come to an understand
iifbefore Christmas.
Thev have emit figuring in Cali
forma, leaving ivoaeveu u piumm
1 r .lf... laantit
at 165 in the Btate.
H. C, Chppell has started the
Daily Thousandsticks at Middles
Jack Johnson is still carefully
' . ri. ..ii n. . .il.
keeping out ot souw uarowna.
Slot machines have been pot &
Hopkinsville Boy Weds a Beth
el Girl In,Blytheville,
Popular Young Main Street
Merchant Becomes a
Mr. Daniel B. Owsley, of this city,
and Miss Mary Curr, of Blytheville,
Ark., were married Wednesday
evening December 4th, in the Chris
tian church in that city. Eld. H. D
Smith, of this city, was the officiat
ing minister and the happy event
was a brilliant social event.
The groom is a young commercial
traveler, the eldest son of Mrs.
Fannie Muy Owsley, of this city, and
is a young man of the greatest
promise and ofsubstantial worth.
His lovely bridiMs quite well known
here, being graduate of-Bethel Fe
male College with the degree of M.
A. She is also an accomplished
musician and -possesses unusua.l
brightness of mind as well as a most
lovable personality.
Mr. and Mrs. Owsley will make
their home at Mt. Vernon, 111. Mr.
Owsley is at present traveling for a
Louisville wholesale, house. Several
Hopkinsville p ople - attended the
wedding. ; 1
Wallace Harris and Miss' Nina
Hawkins were united in, marriage
Wednesday njghfr. The wedding oc
curred in the Chapel of Grace Epis
copal church, Rev. G. C, Abbitt, the
rector, performing the ceremony.
The bride is a daughter of Mr.
Fraud Hawkins who recently moved
here f rom Cadiz, and is a very at
tractive and popular joung lady,
The groom is a w.ell known young
business man of this city and is man
ager of the Black Hardware Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris will board
with the groom's parents, at the
Yancey hotel.
Mr. H, W, West and Miss Bertha
Meacham, a popular young couple of
Carl, were married Wednesday, Rev.
T. T. Powell officiating. The bride
is a'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Meacham. The wedding was solem
nized at the home of the officiating
Of Two Noted Men Subjects of
Two Good Papers.
The Athenaeum held its Decem
ber meeting at Hotel Latham Thus
day night with 16 members present.
In the absence of both the President
and Vice President, Prof. H. G.
Brownell "presided. Prof. L. E.
Foster read an exceedingly interest
ing article on "Charlamagne, the Re
constructor of Western Europe."
Mr. W. T. Fowler, followed with an
account of thq long and honorable
career of the late Justice John M.
Both papers were discussed for
an hour or more and the meeting
was a very profitable and pleasant
The resignation of Rev, Geo. C
Abbitt as a member was accepted
with regret. '
There Tire now two vacancies, to
be filled at the January meeting.
1 " i i
Marriage Licenses.
License was issued Thursday by
County Clerk Stowe for the mar
riago of T. E. Capps and Miss Jessie
A. Hamraerton.
Friday license was issued for the
marriage of W. R. Rtwwll aad Mils
Of Special Interest to Citizens
of Christian.
At a specini call meeting of the
Pennyroyal Fair Association in the
office of C O. Wright last Monday
Dec 2nd, tin members present de
cided that all interested parties who
have devoted some of their time in
soliciting stock, would be asked to
use their very best efforts to sell as
much stock between this date and
Dec. 14,at which time they will report
back to the Secretary at this meeting.
All solicitors will please present
their subscription papers and if the
total amount is sufficient, the project
will then be on an assured basis.
This is a county enterprise and the
citizens of the county should be more
than willing to do their part, if the
citizens throughout the county will
take. stock in this Fair, even though
it is a small amount, they- can then
have the assurance that the fair will
be successful. The following gentle
men wore present and agreed to
work until Dei. 14th and increase
the amount as much as possible: S
L. Cowherd, John Garnett, Joe Mose
ley, Eugene Kelly, Tom King, Wal
ter Trice, B. G. Nelson, John White,
J. C. Johnson, Robert McGaughey,
J, M. Morris. The next meeting
will be held at 10 a. m., Saturday,
December 14.
C. O. Wright, Secretary.
Comes Homes to Remain Awhile
With His Parents.
The friends of Thomas H. Ennis
will be glad co learn that he is now
at home with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Ennis, West Seventh
street, and will remain here for a
Inadvertence is sometimes expen
sive, as was illustrated recently when
Mr. Ennis was in Huntington, W.
Va. Haying sold some stock of the
Empire Realty & Mortgage Co., of
which he had been manager, to a
party in Huntington, when the
transfer of the stock was made. Mr.
Enni3 endorsed" the check for the
company as "manager" instead of
"agent." The man who bought the
stock wanted to return the stock and
get back his money, and it seems
bad Mr. Ennis arrested when he had
gone to Peoria, III., on a charge of
forgery. But there was no attempt
at forgery, and as soon as Mr. Earns
company learned of his trou
the matter was speedily adjust
ed. Mr. Ennis was so mortified over
his arrest that he attempted self
Of B. M. A. Was Called For
' Last Night.
There were four important mat
ters to be brought before the Busi
ness Men's Association at its meet
ing called for last night. "The
White Way" wa3 one of them and a
representative of a Cincinnati house-
was to be present and give a demon
stration of the electric light posts
and fixtures manufactured by his
house. From the interest being
taken by the members in brilliantly
illuminating the ''business section
"The White Way" h really on its
way here and will soon be seen.
"Municipal Owenership and Pub
lic Utilities," The "National Bud
get" and "Commission Formof 'GoV'
ernment"were also slated for more
definite action as. well as any other
matters that might be suggested.
Visit Eyergreen Lodge K. of P.
Last Night.
Grand Chancellor G. C. Carlerand
Grand Keeper of Records ami Seal
John W. Carter attended a big spe
cial meeting of Evergreen Lodge
No. 38, K. of P. last night. There
was a social session with a number
of apeeehw from vi-itou tod -local
The Long Wished For Tobacco
"Season" Came Thursday
Night. ,
Small Growers' Money Always
Opens Up Winter's Busi
Farmersare busy now. The long
wished' for season for handling to
bacco is on, and tobacco began
to move ' .as," early , as Thurs
day noon;' Even up into the
night hours Thursday wagon sheavi
ly loadfed wth the weed were com
ing in. : -
The heavy ,drop in 1 temperature
yesterday morning will have no nc
ticeable effect .on efforts of farmers
to deliver their crops as soon as pos
siele. The larger part of the new
crop will be taken down from the
barns and hulked before stripping,
but a large per cent, will be deliv
ered on the stalk to the strippers
and put on sale. Those who have
sold to the Regie, Imperial and
American Snuff Co. managers will
put their cnjps into the condition
prescribed in the written contract.
This will, of course necessitate much
work and delay before delivery.
But Christmas money will be
plentiful m a few days. The small
growers who have not Bold are num
erous and it is the money realized
on their crops that will first be put
into circulation. It is that clas3 of
growers -who always need money at
this time of the year. However
frugal they may be. along toward
Christmas-tide their resources have
been about exhausted and they must
of necessity sell their crops to buy
necessities. Many of them stint
themselves up to that period rather
than make application to the banks
for an advance on their crops.
Rev. D. M. Harrison, pastor of
the Presbyterian church at Madison
ville, has resigned.
hristmas Thoughts!
Everybody is thinking of what to bay for Christmas
Gifts. $
Theraost satisfactory gift is one which is handsome
enough to be an ornament, good enough to be durable,
and practical enough to be serviceable.
It has" always been our policy to show at Christmas
time, holday goods of permanent value.
Ourtstock is complete with
Pooket Knives,
Safety Razors,
Scissor Sets,
Aluminum: Ware,
Table Oafleryi
Manicure Sets,
And Many Other Things On Display in Our Store.
Farmer, Lawyer, Speaker, Be
fore High School.
Last Wednesday was a red-letter
day with the pupils of the High
School. Col. W. ft. Howell had been
invited to address the pupils and
teachers of the school and the board
of trustees, from whom the invita
tion enme, was present.
As a political speaker Mr. Howell
ranks high and during his term of
office as Commonwealth's Attorney
he waa a most successful prosecutor.
When ho made his debut as a lectur
er at the High School building he
scored a big success.
His theme was "Supervisorship."
Mr. Howell approached his subject
with some trepidation. This sounds
a little strange, no doubt, to those
who know him well. He is all right
when he talks to a crowd of men,
but when it comes to telling a lot of
pretty school girl3 something that
will inspire them to reach a high
ideal he gets trembly. But when he
got his bearings he brought out with
great force in choice la.guage the
duty of the young ladies and gentle
men before him to prepare them
selves for taking the places of those
who must soon pass away to make
much of the opportunity before
them to make life worth living.
Mr. Howell speaks in glowing
terms of young Mr. John Dotion,
who had been chosen to introduce
him to his auditors. Mr. Dndson is
a young man of bright intellect and
has a great future before him.
Reception Wednesday Afternoon
A Brilliant Event
The reception Wednesday after
noon-by Mrs. R. T. Stowe and Miss
Kathleen-Stowe in honor of Mrs. R.
T. Stowe, Jr., was the most brilliant
social event of the season. The, re
ception was from three to five and
was attended by a large number of
ladies. Mrs. Stowe and Miss Stowe
and the hoporee were assisted in re
ceiving by several ladies. The re
freshments were delicious and the
affsir was pie: 8. it and brilliant in
every respect.
D. A. R. Meeting. .
Co'. John R. Green Chapter D. A.
R. will meet with Mrs. W.R. Howell
next Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Chafing Dishes,
Baking Dishes,
1847 Roger Bros.' Sil
ver Plated Ware,
Brass Fire Sets,
Lap Robes, , '
Curses the Constitution and
Women Leave the
Blushes When Her Governor
Makes a Spectacle of
Richmond, Va., Dec. 6. Fully
half of the fifty women in attend
ance at the conference of governors
yesterday hurriedly departed from
the meeting when Gov. Cole L.
Blease, for the second time defend
ing the policy of lynching negroes
guilty of criminal assault shouted,
"To hell with the constitution." -
Gov. Blease's declaration was made
in response to a question asked by
Gov. Joseph N. Carey of Wyoming,
who desired to know if the South
Carolina executive had taken an
oath to uphold the constitution and
laws of his state, and if those laws
did not protect negroea as well as
"I will answer that question," re
plied Gov. Blease. "When the con
stitution steps between me and the
defense of the virtue of the white
women of my state, I will resign my
commission, tear it up and throw it
to the breezes. As I have said be
fore, 'to hell with the constitution"
When several women present
arose and left the hall Gov. Blease
ceased speaking.
Richmond, Va., Dec. 6. In the
name of the state of South Carolina,
Governor Blease served notice to the
governors' conference that lynchers
of negro assailants of white women
in his Btate would go unpunished.
He declared he would not order out
soldiers to protect such and said:
"In South Carolina let it be under
stood that when a negro assaults a
white woman all that is needed is
that they get the right man, and
they who get him will neither need
nor receive a trial."
Irish Mails,
Air Rifles,
Tool Chests,
Hunting Coats,
Leggins. -

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