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fiopkfnsville KentucKinn
fnb)tabd Evry Otlwr Dy,
t, Thursday md Saturday
BtttMBopklMTlllaPosto48flM 8eond
Cmm Hail Matter.
DNE YEAR '. $2.00
Advertising Katoa on Applications
Oakley C. Curtlss, Democrat, was
ire-elected Mayor of Portland, Me.
W. S, Taylor, who left Kentucky
-twelve yeara ago a fugitive from
Justice, but who was pardoned by
Gov. Wilson, came back long enough
Jastweek to marry a widow, his
first wife having died since his flight
to Indianapolis. Caleb Powers, who
spent nine years in jail charged with
.complicity in Gov. Goebel'o murder,
was also married last week.
it seems to us mat almost any
anan would resign after being insult-
ed as was President Taft. But in
stead of resigning he will serve out
this time and has put a few hundred
thousand postmasters under obliga
lions to mm Dy including them in
the civil, service list, that they may
be thorns in the side of the incoming
administration. No doubt the Dem
ocrats will knock the pan of fat jobs
in the fire.
"Will Send Party to the Inaugu
ration. The Evansville Courier will send a
party of twenty school "boys and
gills to the inauguration of Presi
dent Wilson, including two teachers
-as chaperones. The party will trav
el on a special Pullman car, spend
three days of instructive sight-seeing
in Washington, and all expenses
will be paid by The Courier. Ten of
the boys or girls are to be taken
from Evansville and one each from
Illinois, Kentucky, Posey county,
Gibson county, Warrick county,
Spencer county. Pike or Perry rout -ties,
and Dubois county. The men:-1
bers of the party will be selected by
a voting contest in The Courie-.
Yon are Invited To a Demonstration
The- Malleable Range
All This Week, December 2nd
To 7th, 1912.
The Exhibition of Cooking in Paper Bags will
interest' you. Hot Coffee, Butter and Biscuit
Our merchants are making big
preparations for doing a large Christ- j
mas business, but if we do no ihave I
a tobacco season soon somebody is
going to be disappointed.
Preferred1 Locals.
( Advertisements )
We are prepared to do ail kind3 .it
high-grade job printinir. Try us.
Ono handsomo Wear- Ono four-quart Magnificent eleht
Evcr Puto Aluminum Wear-Ever Pure Aluml- quart Wonr-Ever Pure
two-quart, combination num Preserving Kcttlo. Aluminum Prcsorvlng
Doublo Boll or. Kettlo.
Can also bo used as two
teparato pi oca a. Cover
fita both.
14-ounco Copper IS-ounco Copper hand Patent Anti-Burn
handsomely Nickel Bomely Nickel Plated Homo Drip Fan, 9x12 tins.,
Plated 5-pint Roma Tea Kettle, heavily tinned mado especially for this
CofTeo Pot, heavily on inside. set.
tinned on Inside,
Largo Patent Anti-Bum Drip Pan;
lsSOlus., mado especially for this Bet.
Ono Package of Paper Bag included with Each Set
See J. H. Dugg for contracting
ouilding sind Kenerul repair work of
all kinds. Phone 476.
5 Per Cent Money To Loan.
On Good South Christian La'..J 5
years time
J. B. AUenswonh, Any .
Office- Phone H67-2. Rett. 742.
For Sale. , .
Dwelling- and store room attached,
on Djrrett'i tnue, for sale or
trado on terms to aultthepurehHuer
R. 3, HopkinsviCp, Ky,
A Cash Offer.
The KntuckiHii haa made a ap-" a
clubbing rate with The Memphis
Week'y Commercial Appeal by
which we will furnish both paper
for an year for the very low sub
cription jince r f J2.26. The Com !
niTcial Appeal is one of the largest
and boat papers in the South, and i
wr hoot to receive more new su
seripimiH on this offer: $2.25 cash ;
for b'lth, papers. j
AdvertUenit. ;
Patent AnU-Burn Drip Pan..
0x12 Ins., mado especially
for this set.
Set of Cooking Ware
With Each Stove Sold at This
ters Hardwar
6 I
destruction o'P tne marsupial, ana arso
to give power to the state government
to protect other native animals, the
commissioner has directed that a bill
shall be prepared for introduction to
parliament at an early date, to pro
vide for the protection of wild an
was explained that he did not steal it
to bathe in.
"To what purpose did you put the
.bathtub?" asked the Judge, running
his eye up and down the defendant.
"To a drlnlcing purpose, your hon
or," was the1 reply.
IIT JIJ L A 1 i t . ...
iou uiu not siuiu me iud to arms
j from?" responded the court. j
" "No. suh: I sold it fur to hnv rin
with," the negro declared.
T. S; Knight & Co
peal Est e Lob,
and Insurance. Otiire
soiuh s i d )q t ;
ScmaTB i
Perfectly Proper.
McStab "Miss Jerolomon, do you
er think your father would car if
I called you Minnie?" Lovely Girl
"Certainly not; battalia sm that him-
The Bible continues to break all re
cords for translation Into alien
tongues. Another language has just
ben added by the American Bible
sooiety to its long Hat by the comple
tion of the Ibanag New Testament in
the Philippines. The Old Testament
is being brought out in tho Panayan
dialect, and the Pentateuch in Pnm
pangan and Cobuan is ready for the
printer. The Kurdish Now Testament
is well under way, and revisions aro
being made in Tagalog, Portuguese,
tho Wenli and Mandarin in China,
Slameso and Zulu. Tho total issues
for 1011, tho 9Gth year of tho exist
once of tho Amorican Bible society,
amounted to nearly 3,700,000 volumes,
most of tboso bolng portions and not
entiro Bibles. Of tho lattor, however,
there were more than 400.000. Tho
total issues of tho society during its
ninoty-six years roach tho gigantic
figure of ninety-four rallllqn volumes.
Kangaroo Island, which la situated
some six hours' steaming from Ade
laide, South Australia, is rogardod as
an ideal place in which to preserve
pormanontly animal and botanical
species distinctive of tho Australian
continent At present 175 Bquare
miles on tho island aro utilized as a
fauna and flora reservo, and it is sug
gested that tho area should bo con
siderably increased. Recently the at
tention of tho South Australian Com
missioner o? Crown Lands wae drawn
to the desirableness of proteeMnx the
opossum.. To. jjreyeat the wboliol
Tho work a watch will do in ten
years is surprising. In that time, ' Plenty of Evidence,
which Includes two leap years! and "I "wonder," said Slithers, stopping
consequently a total of 3.G52 days, the his car at the roadside and address
hour hand has mado 7,304, and the -ing an old man working in. the fields,
mln..,A 1 . ,1 Or. i o I.. 1 1 m. " I ? T rtfin rr.-tf r nr .
uiuiuio iuiuu o,u-io ruvoiuuonB. xne &- ""j buuu urounu
end of an average minute hand trav
cis over 1.S20 yards over six miles.
The second hand has made 5.25S.8S0
revolutions, and its extremity hatf
travorsed on tho dial a distance of
upwards of 123 mlles,v Tho escape
wheel has made 52,58800 revolutions,
and as it has 15 tqdth. it has come
788,823.000 times In contact with each
pallet Tho balance has mado 1,577,
844,000 vibrations, and any point - on
tne outside of tho rim has covered
"I reckon yo kin," replied the old
mai, 'straightening up ana; leaning on
hl3 Tioo. "Ye kin get fn yer sys
tem, anyhow.. Them cars;ahead o ye
ceeiaa to have left. a. fastens of it
lrh!id cm. jedgln1 by; thi condition
of" t:!f fctr.l03ph'r3."-tt.
M city tax: ( tp P'H tix)
Whf Walt Until TffMt t
y Tflii IxlttlvyAmHcn
DHHy? MiAi It Hwn
Oar ntfittor em to Mt early
this mornln with ltM Ulne4 R dr
nurnle trmn a. MUntr through th
arbor on his arm he carried a basket
of grains and i each hand a big rea
applo, and in kit bottonhole a pray
nf vnlrlAtirnrl atari ika flrnt tpA AUtlimn
leaf mado him quite gorgeous. Under
his arm ho carried a pumpkin, bo we
Invited him to breakfast
One should not wait until Thanks
giving for the first pumpkin pie, but
begin putting their appetite in tralri
Ing for tho feast by somo preliminary
work 'on tho American pastry.
Steam tho pumpkin instead of boil
ing it, and when cool press it through
a fine siovd or vegotable press.
For each pio allow a pint of thUjp
strained pumpkin, ono cup of richYv'
milk, ono egg, ono-half cup of sugar,,
ono teaspoon of gingor, one-half tea
Bpoort of allsplco, one-half teaspoon of
Cinnamon and a little salt
If tho milk is brought to tho boil
ing point before tho other Ingredient
aro addod tho pio will bake mora
Tho crust should bo baited before
the filling Is put in, as this preventa
It becoming soggy. Unlike most cus
tard pies, pumpkin requires to bo
baked quickly. When the top i&
brown, firm to tho touch . and glossy
it is done. Henrietta D. Qrauol, in
tho Cleveland Leader. 1
One of the Most Effective and Eco
nomical Window Dressings That
. Has Been Devised.
Ono of tho neatest and prettiest
WayB of dressing tho window of a
room in which it Is not desirable to
have flowing draperies is to uso tho
casement scheme of decorations. For
this purpose thero comes a specially
sheer and fine cotton material called
casement cloth, through which the
light shines although the interior of
the room is shielded . from outside
eyes, but a similar charming enect
may bo produced by cotton voile, by
Chinese or wash silk, none of which
materials aro costly. The arrange
ments of the drapery aro simple. It is
shirred scantly at both its ends upon
fine sliding rods of brass which fit
into grooves at top and bottom of tho
casement, if it be a full length French
window and against the sliding case
ments, if tho window is of the Amerl
can type. Another advantage of this
scheme of window dressing Is the easo
with which the draperies may bo laun
dered, for, being straight, guiltless of
ruffles and always unstarched, the
merest tyro may wash, iron .and read
Just them.
Curried Cod..
Two slices large cod, or remains oil
any codfish, three ounces butter, one
onion sliced, one teacup of white
stock, thickening of butter and flourj
ono tablespoon of curry powder, one-
fourth pint of cream, salt and cayenne
to taste. Flake the fish and fry to a
nice brown, color with the butter and
onions; put this in a stewpan, add the
stock and thickening, simmer for ten
minutes. Stir tho curry powder into
the cream; put it with the seasoning
Into the other ingredients; give onaljffr
boll and! serve. . Time, three-quarters''
of an
hour. Sufficient for four per
Buttermilk Cakes.
One quart of buttermilk, one leve
teaspoouful of salt, two eggs, flour to
make a thin batter and ono teaspoon
ful of baking soda. Beat up the eggs
well, add to them the buttermilk; then
add tho salt and mix thoroughly. Dis
solve .the soda Into two tablespoon
fuls cf boiling water, then stir it into
tho buttormilk. Now gradually add the
flour, stirring all tho time, until you
have a batter that will pour smoothly
from a spoon. Give a gqod beating
and make quickly on a hot, well greas
qd griddle.
a dis anoe of about 60,000 miles, and n X paiij hy .lm,,rvjls' 1913. wW
that Is equal to twice tho clrcumfti'tv . . . ' &X ,- ..
that Is equal to twice tho circumfer
ence of the earth.
Tho unusual spectacle of a dozen a
more frantio Bteera Jumping into the
sea from a steamer was witnessed at
Santa Rosa Island, California, the oth
or day, by soveral yachting parties.
The cattle had been loaded at the
Island and tho steamer was clearing
the buoys for tho mainland, when a
hoavy land swoll was encountered.. In
an Instant tho cargo of steers was in
a panic. Breaking their, headstalls, a
dozen or more rushed to tho open
deck and leaped Into tho ocean. The
crow of tho steamer managed to con
trol the rest of tho catffe, and ns soon
ns tho huge land swells ceased all be
oamo quiet. Boats were lowored and
aftor a dolay of more than an hour
all of tho steors that mado tho leap
were headed ashoro and safely locked
in the cattlo pens. '
Tax, O.Uwsinr for ion. Don't
fnrcte'the. l il.pct.ir fflkWidvertisfi nt?H
palLyour prufK-rty OftMn iahee your J
.rnciw wiatfrpHAwnQ i
GitvpTnx Collector,
"Mrs. Shoddy told mo thero . was
something in tho papers about hor bo
ng at tho Qe Stylos' ball."
"I didn't seo hor namo."
"No,' but she was ono of tho 'many
others.' u
"No politicians aro ever afraid of o
"Why not politicians?"
"Because they aro only too anxious
for tho lightning to strike." ,
"Do you think a man ought to say,
'O, you chicken!' to a lady passing
Buddy Johnson, colored, was flnorl JL'-.;
$20 in the United States branch of 7...l t.
a. ,, . ., - "etoi uuisa uu la jn xua greon ana
the police court tho other day for 8ala(i dAys waata to t ,
stealing a hnthtnh Tha nmdHir. .. ' mw
- VBiUtMg B vGW
Judge was disposed to bo lonient with ,
Jb.cw.u .for woa, the tub BBtll ti Good horM for Mle( Cll 643-2.
1 JuuUaMftdftl.
Woman In Seattle Receives a Ssver
Jolt When Seeking Token of Her
Efforto to Please.
Thq cook for a well known Seattle
family left, and no other coul'd bo ob
tained, bo tho lady of tho house did
tne cooking herself, with such satis,
factory results that, aftor a month,
her husbaud gavo hor a beautiful set
or saoies as a token of his apprecia
tion of the good dinners ho had en
Joyed. ( Of courso tho neighbors soon heard
of this, and when tho cook left in an
other equally well known family the
lady of that house Bald to hor hus
band: "Well, tho cook has gono and I'm
not going to bothor to get anothor.
I'm going to do tho cooking myself,
doary. You hoard what Mr. Ro-nnd-
So gave his wifo when Bho did tho f
cooking?" j
And, putting her arms round hia '
neck, she cooed: "What shall I got ,
for my cooking?" .
"Woman," said hor husband, push
ing hor away, "you will get a long
oiacit veil!'
Velvet Cake.
Beat tho yolks of three eggs and
j whites. of two in soparate bowls, add
one-half cup of sugar to each, beat
( again, add whites to yolks; bent again,
i thon ndcono round cup of sifted flour,
j.o which has been addod one teaspoon
I of cream of tartar and one-half tea
! spoon of soda, a little salt and one
teaspoon of vanilla. Stir until smooth,
add slowly one tablespoon less than
one-half cup of boiling water, stir in
Jus- a littio at a timo. This sound?
I dlfucull, but Is very easy to make.
Spinach Soup,
Cook tbreo quarts of spinach in
eight cupfula of water forty minutes.
Press through a sieve. Blend three
tablespoonfuls of butter with three
tablespoonfulB flour, add throo cup
fuls milk, stir till boiling; cook five
minutes, add salt, pepper, celery salt, .
red pepper, ono chopped onion and
Bplnach mixture; cook eight minutes
and servo. Garnish with whipped
PrwMrvlAf CarpeMWra Tak.
To keea tools from nuUur. tJ&aa a
HK mototooed wUk teal ati Sa Um
Russian Poultry.
Slice raw potatoes as for frying, and
let them stand in cold water half an
hour, thon put In a nappy with pepper
and salt and one-half pint sweet milk
to an ordinary sized dUh. Put In the
oven and bako an hour. When taken
out cut a' tablospoon of buttor into
small bits and scattor over tho top.
Stewsd Parsnips.
Peol the parsnips and slice then;
boil in a covered vessel until teeter
with thin slicss of pork; salt a&4 nag'
Pr to taste.

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