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jrlopkhwviHe Ktntuckkn
PvMMm- Itary Otfew Day,
UY, Thursday ami Satohbay
Mornings, by
,Wraw4 t tha Hopklmvllte Poatoflea m 8eeciJ
X1NE YEAR $2.00
advertising Raton on Appllootlons
There were 69,732 births and 30,
JD83 deaths in Kentucky last year.
A man at Arteaia, N. M., drove a
51ock of 250 turkeys 225 miles to El
Paso, Texas, and sold them for 20
tents a pound.
There are 50 horses that trotted a
mile in 2:10 during 1912. Things
have improved in horse flesh since
the fastest horse of his time went
"2:40 on a shell road."
Man Coughs and Breaks Ribs.
After a frightful coughing spell a
manin Neenah, Wis., felt terrible
pains in his side and his doctor found
two ribs had been broken. What
agony Dr. King's New Discovery
would have saved him. A few tea
spoonsful ends a late cough, while
persistent use routs obstinate coughs,
-expels stubborn colds or heals weak,
sore lungs. "I feel sure it's a God
send to humanity," writes Mrs. El
fie Morton,, Columbia, Mo., "for I
believe I would have consumption
to-day, if I had not used this great
remedy." It's guaranteed to satisfy
and you can get a free trial bottle or
50 ct. or $1.00 siza at All Druggists.
Why Eve Was Restless.
No wonder Eve was restless In
len. There wasn't a thing for her to
Blp about except snake tracks un-
the apple tree. Galveston News.
Uncle P.ennywlse Says:
"Wo should all study tho careers of
rar great men. A good way is to get
pa. an Investigating committee.
- (Dm
Afceautiful Love Duett as sung by HARD
"Words by H. HEINE
o'er f my heart's de
mir in1 Hers hin -
fold ei hands.... t-.
Haupt dtr It .
I k ' fc-T
i " , I
Thou'trt like un to a flow - ' er, As
. ' Du list ivie ei - ne Bin . me, so
n n
---. M-m-
in i 1 rt r-r i-S--- , . j-x .
Ir1 lgEr-
-ie eeseI Sgg igjii
i 1 1 '' L-J va0 1
: , S I I - ?- ) I i --ft I . a ! . -1- I ! -
(3jl-J ---r -lrr iry-. a
fair, as pnre, as bright I r e cn thee, and sad - ness Steals
hold, und schon, und rein ieh t:iau' dish cts, und Weh - "htutk sehleieht
H fj - . , XI ,
lit"" -c--- m, r 3t3C
( P-rj1 -s-s : gy Wf.r
P3f ZS sr
1 -: ;
) S ar g-2
JZS 1 y--- .-.- - , - "is f'g'-v "a
- " ' 1 uf tuT
M i n.i. t-
b! , ! i-S - m -bo a
i -f 'sg; 1 --f l l r '
1 gpoouuimuu putrtrcre
Younff ftirlt, pretty Rifta, jrkto who
can Bin and dance, are to piny a biff
part in the prbductlon of the comic
opera success "The Balkan Prin
cess," which comes to Holland's
Opera House on Dec, 12. The chor
us has been chosen from more than
three hundred applicants, a fact
which disproves the often repented
V -J ' 1 v-
statement that there is a dearth of
chorus girls. In "The Balkan Prin
cess" the chorus will piny an active
part rather than a pictorial back
ground against which is usually
painfed the ac'inn.of a mnsiral piece.
An endeavor has been mad1 to ob
tain young women with pretty faces,
Vt-V K JJ . -V T.:.A-r.. tvm
Like lit a Flower
Mst wie erne Blame)
Casino Theatre, New York
Mtrfc fry
Hht I long on those
etn mir i:t, als ob
lay, . .
Pojy infr that Heav'n may pre . tarve that, vo.
It . lead, diist Gait dieh er . had . U in
!.. J. -
tfc xMzJSczz -j,- - JEE rF
mmm fa?J
att-1 1-kjF 1 l:gpl-
fvmitM by AKEJUCAX HILOODY Co., pew
KricMul figure, good voice and
nimbi limb, and at Um mom time
to iwket thot was wraM beat it the
typ intended by the author' of the
pcce. The reatttt k aid to be satis
factory in the extreme, atd wheti
the production here it will be
found to contain braijd now faces
and a collection o youthful femini
ty which ha not lost it. playful en
Ho Couldn't Work Her.
While a Jewel City girl was. selling
tickets for the plcturo show, a man
called for tlcketa and pushed' In a five
dollar gold pleqo to pay for them, but
the girl shovcci It hack. The man In
sisted It was money all right, but" tho
girl Infocjned him that ho couldn't
work her, and ho didn't. Ho had to
go out and borrow a dime.' Thoro nro
plonty of Kansas youngsters who
never saw a gold piece. Kansas City
Ends Hunt For Rich Girl.
Often the hunt for a rich wife
ends when the man meets a woman
that uses Electric Bitters. Her
strong nerves tell in a bright brain
and even temper. Her peach-bloom
complexion and ruby lips result from
her pure blood; her bright eyes from
restful sleep; her elastic step from
firm, free muscles, all telling of the
health and strength Electric Bitters
give a woman, and the freedom from
indigestion, backache, headache,
fainting and dizzy spells they pro
mote. Everywhere they, are wo
man's favorite remedy. If weak or
ailing try them., 50c at All Drug
gists. ;. ,
Advertisement. '
Eight Who Deserve Slaps.
Eight men who deserve to be
slapped on the face: He who despises
a man of power; ho who enters a
house uninvited and unwolcomed; he
who gives orders in a house not his
own; he who takes a seat above his
position; ho who speaks to one who
does not listen to him; ho who in
trudes on tho conversation of others;
he who seelts favors from the ungen
erous; and he who expects love from
his enemies. Prom a Persian Saying.
Children Cry
& STOKES at the -
gold - en tress
ich die IlSn
cs My
de ctt's
a - .!. JO.JL
1 ' r I
I M-rri-I.' I
Preferred Locals.
Wa are prepared to do all kind of '
high-grade job printing. Try u. i
See J, H. Dag for eentraetiiig
Dtfikltng and genera refair' work of
all kinds. Phone 476.
5 Per Cent Mmey To Uu.
OnGoodlSouth ChristianLand 6
years time.
J B.fAHensworth, Atty,,
Office-Phone 207-2. Res. 742.
For Sale.
Dwelling and store room attached,
oh Durrett'rf avenue, for sale or
trade on terms to suit the purchaser.
R. 3, Hopkinsville, Ky.
No Profit In Alligators.
The difficulty about raising alliga
tors to Bupply tho demand for the ani
mals and skins is that thoy do not
attain full growth for about 100 years.
T-ho Bkin of the six or soven-yoarold
animal is available, however, for
many practical purposes. There is
one on a farm at Palm Beach which
measures 18 feet In length and Is sold
to bo about 900 years old! Thero are
several' of thoso farms in operation at
tho present time, but tho industry will
not bo really profltablo until tho wild
alligators become scarcer.
. X
Makes The Nation Gasp.
The awful Use of injuries on a
Fourth of July staggers humanity .
Set over against it, however, is the
wonderful healing, by Buuklen's
Arnica. Salve, of thousands who
suffered from burns,' cuts, bruises,
bullet wounds or explosions. Its
the quick healer of boils, ulcer?, I
eczema, sore lips or pile?. 25 cts at
All Druggists. ,
Sample of Business Man.
Motorist (to victim) What is your
name and address? Victim John
Smith, 14 Bean street Motorist All
right'. Smith. Can't stop now, but to
morrow I will call at your house and
try and convince you that you should
carry an accident policy in tho com
pany I represent Puck.
i- iJtt'Ja.ir,, ' so pure, al -
rein, und schon, und
-H!tl mm mnS
1 j : ' j a ' stm 1 . 1 ' I
fair, so pure .....
rein, und schon,
Tbe-'rt Like unto a Flow:, z pp
' , :
Heav'n ;'a7 preserve thee. . . . So fair, ' so pure A
Cm !&th er.hal . te,- . " nift und M jj
(-llEfeJE-- BiE
.rti- i , ',: i Ul : f
TT v ' -' l- : 11 Mk
v' .,. al way,,....1.... y T
' ( hold,..,.,,-.,..,.
- .,. . , . i i i 4m. 1 m l l i m
Tee CM,
a torn Met if
lMtea wttk jvmr niftf
"Ottea It ma,
"Hew 07'
MJ the vary
atamt taurine a
ecaterptoee, she wtoroA at
tke wkjoet on tk iaUe."
to Jar
Reynard looked at the ewilB1y
batted trap 'With a coateinpttkttM
smllo. " '
"It might tempt a muskrat," 'he
said, "but my fur Is too scarco ami
valuable to bo caught by a thing "llko
that." ' , , -
You can't fool a wlso pld fox even
a part of tho timo,
Helping the People.
"Thcso philanthropists tako -somt
,8trango' notions."
"How now?"
"I met om once In a northwestern
'gtato. Ho hung around the- legisla
ture all ono session and bribed the
boys to voto against every crooked
Mr, Nagger A woman's work is
never done. f
Mrs. Nagger Especially when her
work consists in trying to reform a
He Begins to See.
"When I first hit town," remarked
Parmer Heck, "I uster stand on a cor
ner and wonder how all these city
people managed to live."
"Well, 'seeing as they havo got $38
out of me in four days, it ain't such s
mystery, after all.'.'
Say, ycu! Adve tine in this papei!
bm ... ,
Pray ing that Heav'n.
be tend, doss Gott
al - way. ..','...
und hold.
j p,
c ' ' a
- JU
Z?Z tr "i hr'"j "'- " m-m ' . 1
' ' , i ---i i j ' ' "
- - - '- m i :L.za
She Wis Snrfferni
ftoeaiork. AU.-Mr. M. C.
eil, of ttih place. "I was
taken with nervous prostration, and
had hetfattte, backache, pains in my
right skfe, arxi tmotheruiK spells.
called In phjrsfefiane to treat mv caee, (ffj
but without reHef. Fin-ally, I tried
Cardut, and It -ve perfect satisfac
tion. I recommend it to every sick
woman." Are you weak, tired,
worn-out? Do you suffer from any
of the prtios peculiar to weak wo
men? Cardoi has a record of over
fifty yeaw in relieving such troubles,
and will certainly benefit you. It
prevent3,thoae frequent headache?,
and keeps yod'up, out of bed, feel
ing happy, Try Cardm.
Quick Business Transaction.
Whllo a flock of sheep was being
drivon along tho Olasgow and Carllslo
road, near tho town of Lockerblo,
Scotland, the other day, a motor ran
Into it, killing three. Tho motorist at
once drew up, Inquired as to tho cost
of the sheep, paid for thorn, bado tho
shepherd "Good-day." and went on his
way, tho wholo affair being tho work
of a fow minutes.
Move On Now!
aays a policeman to a street crowd,
and whacks heads if it don't. "Move
on now," says the big, harsh miner
al pills to bowel congestion and suf
fering follows. Dr, King's New
Life Pills don't bulldoze the bowels.
Tney gently persuade tm)m to right
action, arid health follow. 25c at
All.Druggists. ,
Real Test.
Thero la something finer than to
do right against Inclination, and that
is to have an inclination to do right
There is something nobler than re
luctant obedience, and that is Joyful
obedience. Tho rank of virtue is not
measured by its disagreeableness, but
by its sweetnesB to the heart that
loves it. The real test of character
Is Joy. For what you re3o!ce In, that
you love. And what you love, that
you are like. Henry van Dyke.
Children Cry
1 i
may pre - serve
dieh er hal
Pray - ing that
te - tend, doss
; te . -

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