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Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Thursday, December 12, 1912.
No 147
Editorial Gmmnt
Fire destroyed the Glbso-M Hotel
and two adjacent bulldinga and
; Kucceu me union iruav svivciapc
Ios3 of $700,000. The, elict fear
that loss o life attended the con
flagration, R'ejgtesentative Cantrill ha"s been
givero promise by 6;n, Wood that
First Lieutenant Allen Gullion, of
janinence. will be namea ss com
W A 1 . "I .
mandant at Kentucky State ' Univer
sity, a high compliment for Mr.
; puueu h sacK over ma ucau, wju
f him into an automobile arid carried
j him six miles. Unknown to his cap
, tors, he dropped a satchel contaln
; ing $28,027, which was recovered.
The State Controller of New York
has reported that a Shortage of $29,
614 tXista in the accounts of the New
York Monuments Commission ,for
winch Gan. Daniel E Sickles is re-
intrants for the Ways and Means
Committee membership to be vacat-
j ea oy oenaior-eieci waits uamea imvo
narrowed to Messrs", Stanley of Ken-
i f iiilr anA Ronnrlpra nf Vifrffinift.
t Ktr tin ocrroompnr. nmnhc hpnutora.
I no late Federal appointments in Ken
) tucky and other States represented
T U.. DAiMAOHnA 0i-n rn rxTi 1 1 a Ann.
firmed before March 4,
Alia Nazimova, one of the fore.
most, American actresses -who came
frrtJ!jiftu6sia eight years ago,t was
her leading man. i
The final report of the Congres
sional Subcommittee on Public
; Buildings allows $397,C00 for Ken
U tucky cities including $20,000 for
TI 7 J 1 1- s mitt afnir VkAmo. patm
t v . -
rr ....
jersey uurmK wie luuuiuuitiHiitiarjr.
Charges of hazing against Jona
than Reed, of Louisville, and three
other midshipmen at Annapolis,
were forwarded to Washington.
Eisyone fire insurance com
panics are ngnting tne new oraer.
J . - II' T T7" 1... I 1
Attorney General T. H. Peeples,
' T)f South Carolina, says he. will en-
Col. Rposevelt ia.still full of fight
s, anrt hoH mnrh fr utr t rho Hull
Moose conference in Chicago thi
Date your letters today 12-12-.12.
THF fkast or
Coming Entertainment at Beth-
el Female College.
One of the musical events of . the
season will take place at Bethel Fe
male College, Thursday, December
19th. when the girls of the prepara
tory and college departments will
present the cantata, "The, Feagt tf
the Little Lanterns.",
Faithful work has characterized.
be rehearsal? since the first of Octo-
if Wif h tha miilc hou Koon nnm-
lined the efforts of the gymnasium
nM TIMI L If I t'l 1 1.. MNM HL 1WW (I tTlillJI 1M L I
1 L i 1 . m . j
tiws of calisthenics will be displayed.
Gufce of movement, harmony 6f
voices and attractive costumes all
combine to make this one of the
1 1 1 1 I 4. I L. f 11 I- t
The music' has been under the
upervision of Miee Lowe, of the
vocal department, Miea Pa-tterson
of the piano department will accom
pany and the staging has bn dose
uinler the direction of Miaa Baker,
of the department T)f .eiJ
Visit; Hopkinsyille To Inspect
; The Abattoir Sys- .
Taken Oh a ' Tour of Inspec-
...- . . -
tion By a Local Com
' . mittee.
A committee consisting of Dr. H,
0. Helm, City Attorney Max B.
HarlVn, City Clerk Edward Smnll
hbuse and W. H. Rabold, from Bowl
ing .Green, visited Hopkinsville
Tuesday to ipspecb the slaughter
house of the Hopkinsville Abattoir
Co. - The committee ws taken in
charge by a committee consisting of
Mayor Meacham, Dr. J, W. Harned,
Hon. W, H. Southall, Dr. W. A.
Lackey and Nick Stadelman and
taken to Hbtel Latham. At eleven
okclock they were taken in automo
biles to the abattoir where they were
shown the method of slaughtering,
the disposition of offal and later tak
en through the stock barns of S. L.
Cowherd near by and shown the sys
tem used by Mr. Cowherd in supply
ing the butchers with stall-fed cattle
equal to the very best in any mark
et. They expressed themselves as
greatly pleased-with all they saw.
Mayor Meacham pointed oyt to
them that the one thjngjjadetl by
Hopkinsville wu 8ys.jq of inspec
tion of the'stock before killing. .
The preparatip of an ordinance
for both citiee opveririg this' point
was-refsrred by agreement to City
Attorney Southall and Harlin.
The visiting-gentlemen were the
guests of the city while here and re
turned home Tuesday evening, ap
parently pleased with what they
Passes Away After Long Suf
fering. Mrs. Henrietta West, "wife of Mr.
O. A. West, of Crofton, died Tues
day night. She had been in declin
ing health for several months, but
the immediate cause of death was
gall stone. The deceased was 55
years old. She was a daughter of
the late John Lewis. One sister,
Mrs. Lucetta R. Keith, a nephew,
Dr. J. Paul Keith, and a neice, Mrs.
W, E. Gf ay, reside in this city. Mrs.
West was a member of the Baptist
church and she was held in the
highest estem by a host of friends.
Her husband and one child, Mrs.
Ben Myers, survive Her Jfuneral
services will be held Friday by Rev.
O. L. Weir and the' interment will
take place in the. Clark, burying
ground, near Crofton.
Of Patients At Western State
Lillie Johnson did at the Western
Slate Hoenital Monday night of ex
haustion from . psychoses, aged 26
years. She was received here from
Marshall county one day last week.
The body was. shipped to Iola, Ky.
Wm, McArthur, a patient from
Henderson county, aged 75, died
Monday from chronic intestinal
nephritis. He had been here under
treatment for three months. The
body was sent to Henderson.
Clarence Derington died at the
institution Dec. 7, of epilepsy, aged
21. He was a native of Graves
county and had been here about a
year. The remains were shipped to
Paducah yesterday,
A square deal for all is the Red
Croat SI.
Legal Opinions Rendered That
. His Term of OfficWs
Not Out.
Sustains the Opinion tendered
By County Judge
The squabble in the Fiscal Court
over the office of Supervisor of
Roads has been apparently settled
by a decision rendered by Attorney
General James- Garnett.
The legislature of 1912 repealed
the law authorizing a supervisor
and passed one providing for a Road
Engineer. This law. became effect
ive in June, providing that super
visors in office should serve out
their terms.
E. W. Coleman, supervisor, was
re elected for a new term ofv two
years April 10, 1912, after the new
law was passed but before it took
effect. The contention arose over
I this point. The Attorney General
decides that Mr. Coleman was legal
ly re-elected, as' the new, law was
not then in effect, and is entitled to
serve until April 10. 1914. Judge
Knight, who had the matter, under
advisement, has also rendered a de
cision in accordance with the opin
ion of the Attorney General and Mr.
Coleman is still in the office.
People Getting Ready " if Do
Something Nice For
Santa Claus.
Though all the Rex men, with one
exception, are unmarried, they all
love children and are planning to do
something nice in the way of help
ing Santa Clau3 out in his work dur
ing Christmas week.
The Rex Co. has been so well
patronized since it opened its doors
that in a suitable way they fcwant to
show their appreciation: Arrange
ments have not been completed, but
in a few days they will make known
their plans, which will meet the
hearty approval of everybody.
Discovered' To Be On Fire Yes
terday Morning.
About 7 o'clock yesterday morn
ing a fire alarm was turned in from
the Clay Street public school build
ing. The department made a quick.
run but the fire had been put out
when it arrived.
The fi e originated in the furnace
room Of the building. There was a
lot of trash piled up in one side of
the room which caught on fire; and
the flames reached the vvooden ceil
ing, burning some of it. A lighted
lantern was hanging above the trash
and the heat was so great that; the
lantern exploded.
, The loss did not amount to over
$15 or $20 and tha building, was
opened to the pupils at the usual
hour. ;
Libel Suit Against Landram is
The $3,000 libel suit jiled by Ben
D. Vick against George Landram,
former publisher of the Livingston
Banner, has been dismissed as Judge
William Reed sustained a special
demurrer. It was shown that both
the plaintiff and the defendant re
side in Livingston county and that
the newspaper is publishes in Smith.
land. Under the new law the suits'
for libel must be filed in the county
where the newspaper p?blihd,
Give a Christmas Tree
To The Poor Child
Committee Named to Distribute
Charity fin Larger Scale
Tlian Ever.
Hopkinsville-Lodge No. 545 B. P.
O. E now has seven candidates
awaiting initiation and these will be
initiated in a ciass next Tuesday
night. The lodge is now busy mak
ing preparations for its usual Christ
mas charity.
A committee consisting of Col. Ike
Hart, J. C. Galbreath and M. E.
Boales has been appointed to dis
tribute gifts among the worthy poor.
Another committee has been
named to prepare a Christmas tree
at the Elks Home for the poor child
ren of city, from which presents will
be distributed Christmas morning.
This committee consists of Sam
Frankel, C. R. Clark, A. G. Chap
man, M. V. Dulin, Harry Lipstine,
E. G. Guill and J. L. Shrode.
Manager Guill, of the Princess
theatre, id preparing for a special
feature of his own, which will be a
free, show to the children on Christ
mas day.
In Christian County Has Prov
: en Great Success.
For a quarter of a century Hop
kinsville people have been eating
celery brought from Kalamazoo,
Mich. Ahd the impression was gen
eral that white, crispy celery could
only be raised in the section where !
Kalamazoo is located.
There is no reason why celery
should not become one of the staples
of Christian county. W. R. Brum-'
field, the leading market gardener, '
whosp farm is about a mile from the
city, has been delivering celery to
the grocers ever since the season
opened and his crop has already sup
planted the Kalamazoo product.
Mr. Brumfield put in five acres
this year, previously having put in a
small spot in his market garden so
that he could get on to the best way
of cultivating and bleaching it. Now
he is as expert in raising it as any
thing else he grows for market.
His celery is larger than that usually
shipped in from Kalamezoo and is in
every way preferable. Though it
does not run so large as the stalks
sometimes sent here from California,
the California stalks are coarse and
lack In flavor the real essential de
manded by the epicure and all who
are fond of it.
Market gardening is becoming
more general every yeir nmong
formers near th'ejeity and there is
no reason why celery should not be
largely produced bj tho3e whose
shil may be specially adapted to it,
but every reason why it should.
Increase in Cost "of Hopkins
ville Postoflice.
It is impossible just now to say
what amount the Government will
Bpend in building a, postoflice here,
but tho prospects are good for quite
a handsome building, The ground
for this hope lies In tho fact that
Representative Cantrill expects to
secure half a million dollars for Ken
tucky in the public appropriation
bill to be introduced and acted upon
in the House shortly. In this bill an
increase of $20 000 additional for
Hopkinsville is rccnmrrendei) by the
All Ladies' 25c Vests and
All Indies' 50c Union Suits
All Men's Heavy Fleeced
Drawers, prices 50c,
All Men's Heavy Balbriggan Shirts and
Drawers, prices 50c,
All Men's Natural Wool Shirts and Drawers, $1
price $1.50, for Pl.UU
All Men's Heavy Weight Balbriggan Shirts QZr
and Pants, price $1.00, for,
Main Street,
This year we have
made a special ef
fort to buy things
that will be appro
priate and 1 useful
for his present . . .
Bath Robes
Smoking Jackets
Tyrolean House
Linen Handker
Visitour store before you buy we
will be glad to show you
REMEMBER Any purchase made,
if notjsatisf actory, we cheerfully re
fund the money
Irving Roseborough Co.
Shirts and
Hopkinsville, Ky.
Socks and Ties
(To Match in Holiday Boxes)
Kid Gloves
Fur Lined Gloves
Fur Gauntlets
Fur Neck Pieces
Fur Caps

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