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HOPkinsvilub, KtfcTucxr, TmjMvft January. 2, 1913.
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al Comment
The Servian Genera! Jenovitch iff
ft&Mtd by Autro-Hunrriin au
thorities with a deliberate, policy of
extermination of Moeientte to Albania
eg h march to He ts
ennrfed with (he fcsMtef ,8.
oncombtae)tt, ud matfrJfillngef
.0. A. Woehtornv of Jguftttd.
ml to Sector,. jjlvttMl ftsrrfti
hit dltoretd ttw from whom hi
Mparoted s yomr Ago. ft mirfiod
again, but was recently divorced
if roW n ftew wife.
' i w i
Mies Maude Ingersoll, daughte
at ffetstfwCbt. R. Q: IhYjraott,
Married at New York'; aeeottUng to
tha iwesnniir of jjfae "BtMenl Cult
ure' NeftW' ooehted by her
father. '
lei Stetrerffeou, grimdeon of. for
feV)ce Preakhmt Stevtmeop' acd
itftitr aW-)Md MhwRuth
yma oJd.hrtht JStevro-
iKate- LannirJir and Samuel
Clear, both aged 62, 'wore married
.atlfbwneVilW.Fav. after, a oourt
jhfp of 47yeors. Thy married 'on
-the last day of the .leapyear..
A re an named? Hi tchoock at San
Bernadino sbugnt a' surgeon and had
jutout of Wi flesh of his
lid it wiii imbedded in
mih Afrioa.
ofJ;the. fifteen
. assassination
reathitt county
on trail at-
mpshire legislature
must elect a
n Senator,
the best
ie Sutton, 88, and John
of the
ton. 90. the oldest aaambers
county, tbe
South, died
ve a lew more prem-
t will be Riven out to
ewTng subscribers while
First come, first' served.
Aepecia'r train left Indianapolis
Tu'eiiay with the 33 convicted dyr
tm ' who will arrive, at the
vAwrorth. penitentiary, to-day.
JCiUwej.iialded fourteen dentwts'
National Bank
Id and platinum
h. $750.
eV jntMelBaV
, of oaaerete
as samples,
poet in Obi-
.r.'" I
Fifteen men were killed at Farnie,
B. C, Monday ib a sndwslide
wrecked buififtjfcg li which tber
were w
ir .filferi out a
log be Je ieriously con
into the senatorial
HW. JUnbeo A. aOMer,of Owete
boro ;rjppecfced, critleally 1U
weeic, 'Jffvfir comalescent.
JvdfltjMiiton Board father ef Dr.
MJfta, itrd, died in Louisville
Moadjtf, aped 84 year.
WtfW and 29 )mv been' eboeen
8i tip 4p for the Gonf edejreAe re
mkti fetGhatUnooft.
. gigjay Ftajsklin bae been
,&mt Fottse in Pad-eah,
igt.qHitaaati, '
B Gerv.
MeOteary to
t epUr the
k New York pan. elafej
iing 1.000 songe. And
rtartainjr! "
There is a straitM tip
waiters New Yfjfc
etrike to dav.
Senator Bailey, of Texas, will de
liver his farewell address In the Sen
ate tod?.'
5 VHr
lion, one
& wUHthe
u iynvmet. yiteterdsy
1.IT - m
aflULW flMittanta
wece mailed byjiarWs
eeteraay or one
Gov. 'MtaOrei
reea, ,1
Fraak M. lyu, Head Of Ire
Wrks' Uafet, fern
1806 OPTittYlNe lENCBB.
IttiiMHrtiiil Satmcee Allotted
To Six, Who Cwt HWw
few rly DcfWL
. Indtayiejliiy lad., Jan. 1 Im
prifMRMirt tn iKe federal )Nt)lMv
tlar at LeatettWorth. JUneae. Wm
durwtkUmiu ptiWuMKt kfrfSP wtmaeter On.
qn the follolrtiigS thkthtee ,1&4 package weihd 12
nejon' offichlle cenvtetcd ofnavink
tyraged in the destruction of prop
erty by dynarnitf ever an area ex
tending from Boston to LofAjigales,
' Frank M. &yan'r Chicago, presi
dent' of the Interrttrional Aseoc(a-
Irion of Bridge knd Struetial Irot.
Olaf A. Tveitmoe, Sen Franeieco,
aecretary of (he California Building
Traces Coutxsfi; Herbert S. Hockin,
former seereiar of the Ironwerk
ers tmion, and formerly of Detroit;
JohriTi flutlar, Butfalo, vica-preei-dent
of the union; Eugene A.. Clancy,
Sen Francisco;,,, j, Bunaey, Salt
Lake City, Utah; Philip. A. Cooley,
New Orleans; Ftank C. Webb, tfew
"ek; Michael. J. Young, Boston.
John H. Barry.. S. Louis;' Peter J.
Smith, Ulevelasd.
Charles, N. Beum, Minneapolis;
Henry W. Legleitner, Denver, Ern-
li. A. Basey, Indianapolis; Ed
ward Sroythe. Peoria, 111 ; William
J3. Reddin, Milwaukee; Murray L,
PennelJ,; Springnld, III.; Paul J.
Morrin, StT Louie, William 3. Mc
Cain, Kansas City, Mo ; Michael J.
Hannon, Seranton, Pa,; George
(Napper) Anderson, Cleveland; ''il
fOid Bert Brown, Kansas City, Mo.;
Michael J, Cunnane, Philiaeiphia.
Frank J.'Higgins, Boettm; .William
K. Painter, Omaha; Fred Sherman,
IndianapeJw;' Richard J. Houlihar,
WUlhim C. Bernhardt, Cincinnati;
Charles - J.- WacWtmeieter, Detroit;
William 3hupe, j3hkago; James E.
Ray, Peeria, Ill.7Bd.ward E. Phillips,
Syracuse, N. Y,; Fred Moonty, Du
luth, Minn. , ,
k .Patrick F. FarwW; New York;
James rCooney, Chicago; Jamee
Coughlin. Chicago; Hfrsm R. Kline,
Muneie, Ind.; forme'roraniier for
the carpenters' union, in Detroit;
Frank J. Murphy, Detroit; Edwara
Clarlr. dnelnaiiti. MmfammA rivaa.
tafKjSttrwho teetified for the goVern-
r a MM mm
AiugiMMts Mailt Ftr
New Yetfs Wick.
But aw cbangoi ajre ade in t
aesignments of. piwamm for 1919
Tiat ofltoera are ajeigfted at foMowsN
Dor duty HeadojoWtots la charge
iof Chief EUis Roper. SubetaiUnin
ebargf of Gkvlaod Jones, Patroi-
pen, a, w, witnerepoou, jr. O.
Carter; monoUd raaTnjan, Gto. W.
Walkor; Irndtary. InejaiptQjr, W. F.
Night 4 q t y-Hmim hm in
eharge oTLton. If. iUwkinf.
fcsoiHfSOi Amos F. Bafdoo. Fa
tMhnen. R. F. Hodden. D. L. Mitch
eU J. A. Bernett and K. H. Keaob.
flat new terms begin Monday, Janu-
arf 6. There la only one new patrol
maja, E. H. fteach, who was elected
to eocood M. W. Merritt.
Pi4fa Bundttt
SwtOrt'Thi Ftnt
1jK i. '
toiw AtUciIahil912
The parosj peet aysun, went into
effect yofterday. fh fiiat pekge
to .leave this city w weby
HMepucy roetmaexer una xsreotmw.
poands and
was addreeeed to E. S. Breathitt,
Marshall, Mo., a cousin of Mr. Qua
Breathitt. .Some time since E. S,
Breathitt wanted to get hold of some
''good old Christian County smoking
tobacco" and wrote to the Deputy
Postmaster to send him a lot if he
ooufdet it. Gusthad no trouble in
gettingtthe tobacco, but . laid it away
and forgot to send it. When he
found the letter containing the re
quest the other day he concluded to
give, a turn to , the new system in
augurated by the Government, and
made the first entry.
When the parcels poet window was.
opened the firscnime to the public
yesterday morning there were sever
al persons waiting to send off pack
ages, slid m quick succession they
were received and marked for trans
portation to different sections ot the
country. There ia no doubt that
the parcels post will become very
popular at the, outsat.- There' is no
reason why it should nojc put many
reasons Why it should.
So perfectly had 'the Toet Office
Department completed the work of
distributing instructions and blanks
to poetbfficee all over, the country, by
the day the system was to be put; in
to practice that Postmaster William
son and nis force were ready tor
business and everything started off
with clock-like precision and as
imootmy as a piece or well con
structed machinery.
It is gratifying to learn that the
busineee of thej.oca! office transacted
during the year justeioeed ,was far
in excess of that done in 191,1. Mr,
Breathitt was seen yeeterday and
said that he had notyet gotten
through checking up .hia aoofiuntB
but was satisfied tjiat when he strikes
a balance the figures, wili sbow, that
his business lest year will show an
increase of fully $ 1,000 .oyer that of
lyll -
Thus it Is, year by year Hopkine
ville, shows a steady growth in every
department of boeinees and Uncle
Sm gets a larger there as ihe ddf
roll by. Now for the. 176,000 poet
nffice building.
Discueeing the poteibki aJFec of
the Parcels Poet on the milt of lir
ing, Howard Floranoe, la the Amer
ican Review of VR views for" January
"Aside from the direct savhig hi
rates, the parcel ooet mur he the
means of materially lessoning the
eoet of living by bringing the "pro
ducer in iososodiate contact with the
consumer. Thus in Gormany, and
other European countries, many
families in the afcr and, towns have
for years obtained the more com
mon articles of food by mail, direct
from the; producer.
It was pointed out m the article
,oo "The Mfckilouuin," w the Nov-
gf thai aaagsiae that
isnaay ax six aefwroot
iietinct eoaMMM or mdividuejs
an artioio aetfowi it romchtt
ejafwhopnrehaeai it for hie own
I each adda a profit to its
cost. Thio ie particularly 1
Aa . . . a a
eoocrete llloet rat loos, let us
the prices which producers
get ipr batter. eggs,and chickens, so
reposled by the Doporuneot of Ag-
withtho prioat fdfctho
pays. Mh lm
cMo TO
teWTerk, $msl&nA Clp
10 Cosoro.- one thwe "tatfor of
iczueia and dffler ofvth; civi-
werld, doettnea ts aUy ,in the
Kited States owing fb he official
Itude adopted toward hhw, on hie
rival from France on the French
n La Tourhme. ' (. ' 1 U
ewM takdd to ElKs Ieland on'
Frivol and, later (Ma note was -
V'At tec a preliminary' hearing this
af.torneon'at ElHs' Island General Cir
prian6 .Csto informed Commissioner
Williams that , he desired to. return
to Europe forthwith!"
It; was added that Castro ;had ex
pressed the wi?ti to go to Hamburg
instead of bacW to France. It was
said that his wish would be acceded
to. The nextteamer sailing; or
Hamburg will be the Amerika,
whibh is scheduled to depart Satur
day, and Castro probably will take
passage on her. Meanwhile he will
'be detained at Ellis Island.
ket reports of a metropolitan oauy
nevrspaper; Both sets of figures are
Lfbr the. seme, day October 1. and,
SerWresehU 'the average price
Por first'grade.producte.
I'rwaeer umhm Miwuiwnen a
-Reeived: PaW. rrafits.
Btiub 9,js .8' H.U
Zggit - M 40 .18
CMckwi, lb H5i .29 M
It is, fair to assume that the small
producer in the country would bo
willing to, sell to consumers in the
city at about the same prices that he
trets from wholeaile dealers. It is
also likely that everyone lives within
fifty miles of a farmhouse.
Purchasing "your butter from the
farmer, therefore, in quantities of
two pounds or more, you pay him
26 cents a pound, plus the transpor
tation charges by parcel post
from his door to your own, about '4
centi a pound. Compared with the
grocer's priced you save 7 cents on
every pound of butter which ybef
.use, and you gst fresh butter. ,
Two doxea eggs.ln a witable con
tainer, will weigh lees than three
pounds. Paying the farmer 44 cents
for them, allowing perhaps 8 xcerits
for the cost of the container., and
adding the charge for earriage, your
eggs would cost you 29 cents a do
ea, a saving of 11 cents on a doxen,
or nearly one cent on each egg.
A three-pound chicken, with head
and feet amputated, would 'still
weigh less than three pounds when
wrapped securely. Buying -direct
from the producer, it would cost 111
cents a pound, plus Si pants a pound
for postage, in all, 18 cent leas
than you would have tq pay your
butcher for the same fowl.
The use of the parcels postfor
these three itetne alone would ma
terieily loosen the eoet of living for
the average family in the tity, be
sides iMhting the purchase of fresh
products. And if it hi possible to
got these things direct from the
prodacer, it ie eaay to conceive how
h ay atom eouhl be used advantage
oejsiy in oonntlose other fioida. To
nave tent such things in the poet, bjr
oxptfo. the troneportation charges
wosdd have boon inoM bao twice at
sjaaiah. aod the faiwier would have
hd toart the paekage to, the mOI
road station. Now ho will simpr
hggd it to the driver on his rural-ffoa-dtlivery
route "
Walter Trainum left Monday night
for California to ho absent for
WifeofWen IwnfH rksi
mis Mtn. -
Mitt Their Home On
Bryifl Street . ;
. Mies Mary C. Magwireand Mr. Vi
tas L. Gateaicboee the last day in the
year for their marriage. Why they
did it ia their own businees, as it is
not presumed that either of them
were superstition enough to be afraid
to start out together' on life's journey
on the .first . day of a thirteenth year.
It was known as soon as the new
building on Bryan street wan com
pleted that wedding bells, were to
ring and the attractive and popular
young lady would give her nandlto
the one who has been so devoted to
her during the past several, months.
The ceremony took place Wednes
day morning at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles F. Jarrett; East Sev
enth street. Rev. C. H. H. Branch of
ficiating. The hour was 5 o'clock
and after the ceremony the happy
couple were driven-to the X, & N
station and took the Nbrth bound
train for St. Louis, where tfiey were
to spend a few days as guests of the
Jefferson, Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Gates are to return
to the city in a day or tv?o and occupy
their nepr residence which is modern
in every respect and. fitted, up in
magnulcene stylevandiall ready for
the yourig couple on -their return,
The nrettv home is said to be a wed-
drag gift to the bride byxMf. Gates
and their many friends wish them
all the joys that come to man and
wife in this life.
Nearly $19,000,000 Spent
Fighting Tuberculosis.
Nearly $19,000,000 was spent
the anti-tuberculosis campaign
the United States, during the. year
1912 according to the fourth annual
statistical statement of expenditures
in this movement issued by the
National Association for theStudy
and Prevention ofTuberculoiis to
day, incee annual -statements are
based largely fti reports received
trom anti-tuberculoMB agencies
throughout the; country. T he
figures are estimated where actual
reports are not available'.
ine expenditures during tne year
for sanatorium and hospital, con
struction and treatment make the
largest aingie item in the total,
amounting to nesriy $16,800,000.
This is a increase of nearly $5,000,-
QOO over the'same group of expendi
tares for the year 1911. The anti
tuboreulosls aesociatiees and com
mitteee spent over $766,000, while
dispensaries and tuberculosis clinics
spent over $600, COO. Over $115,000
was spent for, the maintenance and
establishment of open-air schools
and fresh air clause, which is more
than double the amount spool for
this nttrpoee in 1911. Official, state
and hjHtnicipal expenditures7 ootoidn
of the maintenance of inetKutions,
which are included; in the other to
tab, amounted, to $280,000. In ad
dition to those figures; about $800,
600 woo spent by hospitals for hjeone
and panel inotittttions in oaring for
their tuooeealotts ininntot,
'. f
totkntji For Gvmm
PvsnMsnt Tnit nod ngrtr
gt Key West from the Panama JCan-
al Zone at 10 o'clock Monday, bav
in? made a quick trip over heavy,
sent. It is eejd that the appoint
moot of Col. Goethsls aa Governor
TM ft tteVmi () liyaasarad.
rMd a um . 4
That The Temwet
Was fUV to
Knoxyille, Tonn,, Jan. l.Op
plication made yeetardor to'vd
h.. T..Sanford of the United Stl
district court at iitoxville,
W. K, McAllister and 'H. H. 0B(
neriain, both of- Naehvi5o,(.il
named receivers for the Tot
uentrai railroad, The Mceivertl
was established on 'application of.
Mercantile, Trutv:Cbtnpahy of
Louis. JudgeR. L. Goode of
r :.. it ... ,. ".
uuuia, reprsecuzng tne truSC c
pany, and T. K'. Pierce, also of
r . i ...
L.OUIB, representing a majority
the .bondholders and;atoekhold
and S. W, Fprdyce; Jr., , also of
r r i: " i v 4 .
uuuis, . ivjee preaiqenc ano genn
counsel for the Tennessee, Cent
railroad, appeared before Ju
Sanford. After argarnenni, Ja
Sanford named the. aboyerreceiyj
Mr. Chamberlain is. a vk;e-preeid
oi ipe rauroaq.' JUflge santord hi
named President A. No'Well.
the railrpad, as one; of thiefieivtl
but Jie will be abentomhe at
much of his time, and; askedto k
relieved, and Vice-President Cha
Deriam was named.
The Mercantile Trust ,C6mp
claims to hold bonds of the railrc
m-tho sum of $3,300, which'
claimed to be theyoutstadqTng 'val
obligations o thn railroad 'undef
mortgage filed in I904,exeept$f4
000 of general mortgage .fifty.y
gold bonds held as collateral ic.
cuntyof central, obligations.
petition claims that theffailroad'
defaulted in the payment of intej l
on coupon bonds which feil ddtpf
January lf 1909, unti?Jfaly i, (
and that it is defaulter in the ig
gate for $1,641,380. " , 1
Admits Allegations TruV
The railroad admitted' that ti
legations of the bill were. true.Jjf I
joined in the prayervfora recr
ftir. jpordyce. made, a atatemt :
Which hfi RBlri if harl luiu O
sirable to have the mortgagia
closed and receivrn nnAinil 1
prciuiiujHry step Co war a reorgat
tion, and that the rxoooedina
friendly, and 'definite, plans foriVj
tuiure 01 tne property; would -'l
made public later. 1 -
The receivers gave a joint bond
$60,000. and take charge of the re
nt once.
Though mmmr
Even though the fanners co
not handle their to baa so, the m
ehanti we talked to assert that thol
Christmas businees was novo? bett '
and in some instances exceeds
former yean.
This report reveals something 1
verifies the assertion of this papet
abort time since. Wo made t'
statement that thn fajrroort of Chr1
rin county were never fat hotter
nancial condition than they are "
dog. , Tim free bnyteg indulged
1 - m.m ft m .
oy enc ptopio 01 tan county prorel
thMteesi of thorn most have hjj
nonnr anved up for Chriatmu.
Governor eleot WlllUax S
New York. promised thn wo
marched from Xfam York
that be would fid-operate
In securing cqaioJ wff 1

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