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ille KentuckJta.
EtMTOtiMr Dur. '
V H A K Si.lHI
'juunino i.w
itnTriTiiii i fin
jfLtt UUfitiJ oc
MiialnaCRateslen Applications
e eaffrafcettea will parade
$ II sold production in the United
1 ' k 1.. U1 .
' '.;Wr K.B. Bradley is a candidate
''re-election as county judge of
l' -f. . L
. , ma. suizer, lorty-secona uover-
' New York, was inaugurated
bury 1, with simple ceremonies.
' m of the six suffragettes who
' fj. ..1 t . ir-i- A- AIL-..
..VMI irom iNew xorts. tu Aiuauy
J a proposal on the way and
. Ksed out.
T. ,
' Iht nf the nine men entombed in
fane at Tawaqua, Fa., were taken
f alive 24 hours later. The other
r ia missing.
f ill hunting license expired Jan. 1
i new ones will have to be taken
'r ;. Quail cannot be killed until
ft November, but rabbits may be
' IW. until Spntpmhpp Ifi.
h AJJllVlllIMg 11UlVUl
Bowling Green, Ky., Jan. 1, Cir
rt Judge William P. Sandige, of
Meellville, Logan county, ordered
teriff Ab Rhea to transfer Samuel
hkins, aged 56, and his wife, Vinia
nkins, aged 46, from the Logan
unty jail to the Warren county
il for safe keeping, fearing a
nching. The prisoners, who are
groes, were brought to this city
dy by Deputy Sheriff J. S. Taylor,
aey are charged with burning the
ibacco barn of Henry Dawson, be
veeri Schoci and Adairville, Jenk
1 is is charged with setting fire to
A building Thursday night last
, 5 was partially destroyed, and
.'e Fridav nieht when the
6 j i.u j
1 ( was uuriieu iu uie gTuuuu
e contents, half of which be
J to Jenkins.
Notice To
We take pleasure in announcing that on
and after January 1st we can write
l Insurance on farm property at
very much reduced rates
$1000 insurance on frame shingle roof
residence property for 5 years :
$1000 insurance on frame barns, hay,
etc. (except tobacco) for 5 years
Rates have been reduced in same proportion.
We are prepared to furnish the very best insurance on
farm property ever offered in Christian County and on any of
the regular planp; that is. either cash in advance, or on exten
sion of time, or for a slightly increased rate, let you pay for
it annually. We claim we have, the largest farm insurance
policies on our books of any Agency in Christain County and
we are proud to state that in the many years we have been
writing insurance we have never had a lawsuit, a disputed
claim nor a customer dissatisfied with the adjustment of
his loss. Come in and let us show you what a liberal policy
we can give you and how cheap you can get it.
We have a few neat, plain calendars with large
1 figures on them that you are welcome to.
Giant Insurance Agency
Telephone $m
Hopkinsville, Ky.
In arnmarin the fire-net eraoiioo
aJ draow, "Eaet Lynne," which will
b prMntd at the opera houw next
Monday night by Mr. Joeeph King's
new "Eaet LynnV company, Mrs.
Henry Wood struck the key note of
her dramatic endeavors. While
many of her plays have a lesson be
neath the scintellnnt surface, none
have quite touched the depth- of
earnestness in preachment as does
The work of Miss Norma Berwin
as Lady Isabelle, is charming. She
catches the spirit of the theme, there
is energy in her acting and she
brings out excellently the purpose
of the author.
Mr. J. W. Ray, as Archibald Car
lyle, the husband, is all tha role re
quires and is impressive and digni
fied. Mr. Joseph Hinloy, as Sir
Francis Devison, makes the charax
ter just what it should be a smil
ing braggart, an agency of untold
evil, a destroyer of marital confi
dence and a wrecker of homes. Miss
Adelaide Turner, as Barbara Hare,
and the rest of the cast are all well
placed. The piece is well staged and
the environment accurate in detail.
Ladies' reserved seat tickets free
with first two hundred reserved
seats purchased befor door is open.
Prices: Lower floor, 50c; gallery,
25c and 35c.
Preferred Locals.
See J. H. Dagg for contracting
building and general repair work of
all kinds. Phone 476.
FOR RENT Five room cottage
with good garden and stable.
5 Per Cent Money To Loan.
OnGoodSouth ChristianHLand 5
years time.
J. B. Allensworth, Atty.,
Office.Phone;267-2. Res. 742.
T. S. Knight & Co.
Rbal Estate. .Loans
and Insurance. Office
outu" side Co Ait
Square .
New Middie.
' Senator Bradley has named Grant
James, son of R. 0. James, of Louis
ville, for appointment to Annapolis,
to suceed Duff Reed, sent home.
nniM I First National
"lce Bank Building
Hotl Facllltta tor thw 3,OO0Mtr
and Lay mm Expected Convention
City Noted for Excellence ofH He
tele and IU Htflta4lty to Vtoltors.
A city ItPtad for Its ample hotel ac
commodations is Chattanooga, Tcnn.,
which will b thronged with visitors
February 4, 6 and 6, and already the
hotels there are beginning to kek for
ward to the occasion, anticipating the
nccommodatkm of many guests. Al
though the attendance upon tk coa
vcstlon, it to expected will reach 3,000,
including laymen aad pastors, all will
be well takes care of In a comfortable
Hotel facilities form a city's chief
asset as far M the traveling public Ti
concerned. The rapid growth la size
and popularity of Chattanooga had
given rise to an ever-increasing de
mand for ample hotel accommodations
and this demand has always beea sup
plied. Never has It been said of
Chattanooga that it could, not care for
all who were guests within its hospi
table borderB. The 60,000 tourists who
visit the city annually all receive the
best of attention.
The largest hotel ia the city is the
Hotel Patten, a twelve-story Jl.000,000
structure vith over 2K0 rooms, lo-
Hotel Patten (Headquarters),
cated at the point where Georgia ave
nue, Market street and Eleventh
street come together. This hotel 1b
one of the finest structures of its kind
in America, is absolutely fireproof and
equipped with all modern hotel fa
cilities. Both the Patten and the Read are
frequently chosen as headquarters for
notable gatherings.
The Grand hotel, a new flve-story
fireproof building, Is located on Mar
ket Btreet, Just across from the Ter
minal station. It is modernly
Other hotels are:
The Read house,' located on Wesi
Ninth street, opposite 'the Union Sta
tion. Tho Eastern hotel, corner of Mar
ket and Eleventh streets.
Tho Hotel Northern, corner of
Chestnut and Eighth streets.
Tho Theresa, on East Sixth street,
back of the Bijou.
The Ford hotel, South Market street,
near the Terminal station.
The Tourist hotel, South Market
street, opposite the Terminal station.
The Redmon hotel, South Market
street, opposite the Terminal station.
Tho Terminal hotel, East Fourteenth
street, near the Terminal station.
Tho Williams house, on -Markot
street, between Ninth and Tenth
streets, running through to Georgia
tiln.nr rrr r UTiTf.Tllmif VnTtnKMHIirW ff" 1-1"
Olrdseye (view of the Incline to the
STRONG In its churches.
! 0iay a H Nwr
lly I rrte rehire lrln Haj
Preved te be a rtt Siwcee l
Thta City.
Chattanooga merlta" easily, tho .dis
tinction of being a religious coster.
This is demonstrated aot only by tho
cordial welcome it always extends to
visiting religious convention, but by
ft axtlvltv In Hiurrh o.lrcle locally.
already prejvei&aigiigcess, a was,
shown recently wfc5H city audi-'
torlum w th e at a vi: In
the interest W ctjtrca unity, under the
auspices of th ftdfstk)n.
The Baptists la CtoManooga eceupy,
a high pWk w&Mtfically. There.
are in uflHiiiiuus uei u.". ,
tive whlto Baptist churches and each'
Monday morning, lollowing a confer
enco of the ministers of all denomina
tions In the Y. M. C. A. building, the
Baptist pastors meet in the Sunday
school room of the First Baptist
Church and there discuss the work of
their denomination. The suburban
chui-chos In Chattanooga, as well as
thoBe uptown, are active in promot
ing the causes for which they stand..
All the Baptists of Chattanooga are;
unanimous In their anticipation of the
comine laymen's convention and they!
are making big preparations to give,
their visiting brethren, both ministers:
and laymen, a hearty welcome, the
memory of which will last long after
the convention shall hayo adjourned.
A Chattanooga BaptiBt welcome,
which is of the highest type, and a
welcome from tho members of the oth
er denominations, born of Christian,
fellowship, will be accorded all dele
gates. Chattanoogans will open their hearts
to the Baptist hosts who Journey that;
way February 4, 5 and 6.
Southern Baptists Endorse Laymen's,
Missionary Movement in Rich
mond, Va., in 1907.
Southern Baptists endorsed the Lay
men's Movement at the meeting of
their convention in Richmond, Va., in;
May, 1907. An executive committee of;
nine men was appointed with J. Harry:
Tyler as chairman, and Baltimore as
headquarters. After months of search
ing for a secretary the committee se
cured the services of J. 1. Henderson,
of Virginia, for a part of his time.
The movement has gained consider
able headway among Southern Bap
tists; the different states have com
mittees more or less active and hun
dreds of association and churches
have committees to press the princi
ples of this movement. South Caro
lina has a salaried secretary. Scores
of men are recognizing the 'bbligation
of stewardship and are heartily giving
valuable time, thought, and service as
well as money to the propagation of
the gospel.
The great convention to be held in
Chattanooga will add new impetus to
this movement among Southern-' Bap
tists. The speakers are to bo among, the
ablest on the continent President S.
C. Mitchell, of the State University of
South Carolina; Dr. J. B. Gambrell, of
Texas; Dr. W. J. Williamson, of St.
Louis; J. Campbell White, of New
York; President W. L. Poteat, of;
Wake Forest College, N. C; Dr. H. F
La Flumme, of New York; Dr. Geo. W.
Truett, of Texas, and Judge Whipple,
of Georgia, are a few of the speakers.
.ri.iiwnnn.rll' vt . . -JMWl'.
Summit of Lookout Mountain, Tenn
City Bank
' , AT THE (JLUoi
Lom ....$422.wi9it.r.
Stocks and Bonds. . . .1 . 106 10000
Ovecdrafts " .1-7S817'
Bftuking Hom nooooe1
KmI Estate Ur Debt 1 300 00
Office Farniture and Fixtures., ..'000 00
Caeh ami Exchange for Clearing; $31 24
Sight Exckaage , m&2 81
Capital Stock
Undivided Profits. . . . v
Dividend Ne. 65 this dgy
Due Basks
Cashiers, Checks. 1
. '
, : IRA
For 1913
Tori can not keep posted on current events
unless you read the
(Louisville, Ky. HENRY WATTERSON, Editor)
A Democratic President
Has been elected, and an era of Prosperity
has set in. You can get
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Both One
Regular price of Weekly Courier-Journal
$1.00 a year. We can also make a, special
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hoppr will be woadwfully refresbad
entertinicnt. uoaauetaa by Home
the box omce w all apeat right here
. v.
&Trut (pg
U' tlUSiMra .
J.yJ.6. ;
$838k94 21
$60 000 00
;...:i00 000 00
1 586 24
5 per cent. . . . 3 OOQ 00
. v.V. .... 662 3j89'63
7 968 34
. 4 000 00 ' 1
. .1838 964.21. -
L. SMITH, Cashier. '
Year For
Theatre Beautiful
- to
Mr. Tirwd BusiiMM Mm and the
by Btopfotejf ia for as hour of cten
popie im tb money taken in at
with yo.
I i

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