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Vol. xxxv
NO 3
Editorial Comment
Th three Bull Moose editors. in ,
jail at Boise, Idaho, ara being over
whelmed with flowers and attentions
and are editing their papers from
M the jail. Their 1500 fine are to be
paid bjr lrafelte donatkms. They were
V held to be in contempt for criticising
the Court that excluded Bull Moose
candidate from the ballot.
WlMkw Rockefeller, the oil mag
nate, agreed through counsel Friday
night to accept service of subpoena
frern the Pujo Money Trust Invest!
gatien Committee, and the House
proceee servers were withdrawn
irofla duty. No statement was made
m ie the whereabouts of Mr. Rcke
' feltow. .
Criticism of the course followed
va i. f tnrnau Hanaral WirVrtiam in
ing tracts worth in the aggregate
$500.000.600. .Prida waa made by
the -Sowthern Pacific railroad in a
brief filed in the United States Su
preme Court.
Mrs. Amelia Gayle Gorges, mother
of Wj liam'G. Gorgw, health tfficer
of the Panama Canal Zone, and wid
ow t)f Gen. Josiah Gorges, chief of
ordinance of the Confederate army,
died at Tuscaloosa, Ala., Friday in
her eighty-seventh year.
A Russian provincial governor,
jealous of his pretty wife, formerly
an actress, requires her to be chain
ed to him by a tiny gold chain fast
ened to a bracelet on the arm of
each. He Is afraid to trust her out
,of his sight.
Mai. Gen. Wood, who will be
grand marshal of the inaugural par
ad?, has announced that in deference
to the wishes of President-elect Wil
son, the army and njvy will not
make the usual display at the inaug
uration. llSapt. Johansen, Nowegian explor
" er. who was not permitted by Cape.
Amundsen to join him in the last lap'
to the South Pole, committed suicide
Saturday from brooding over his
failure to realize his life's ambition.
V The revolving chairs in the House
"lof Representatives are to be taken
out and replaced . with benches that
will give more room after March 4,
when the membership will be in
creased to 435.
Mis3M. Bowling, postmistress at
Datha, Jackson county, has lost her
place by marrying. The Postofiice
Department has a rule to the effect
that married women shall not serve
fns postmasters.
1 Gen. Cipriono Castro, the Vene
zuelan agitator, decided not to re
turn to Europe without a fight. He
is trying to get out of detention at
Ellis island under a writ of habeas
TT. S. Senator Jeff Davis, of Ar
kansas, died suddenly at Little Rock,
January 3, of heart failure. He
leaves 8 children and a widow to
whom he was married a year ago.
A Colorado murderer is to escape
hanging because under the mistaken
idea that his case had been appealed,
ibe waa not hanged on the day fixed
for hte execution.
The Commissioners of South Park,
Chicago, have put all freak dances
under the ban in the park, including
the Turkey Trot, Grizzly Bear,
Bunny Hug, etc.
The women who smashed the egg
combine now have some real wor,k
ahead. The milliners have formed
a combine and hats will soon be hats.
Mr. ElUe. of Christian county, Is
a candidate for the Senate. If he is
h will he welded at Frank-
BWaalethtowi New.
The ratfiUMter at Gallatin, Tenn.,
refused to receive a cotteignment of
skunk skim for traorUtio by
parcels peet. ' ft
Gasolift In Boston has gone up to
3.eeM a iWoti, double the prlco a
No Reflection on Mayor and
Clerk In Disputed
To Grind-Jury For Official
Investigation and Action
- Postponed.
At the regular meeting of the
council Friday nigh, the investigat
ing committee recently appointed,
submitted the following report,
which was adopted without opposi
tion: "We, the undersigned members of
the special investigating committee
appointed by the Board of Council
of the city of Hopkinsville, on the
23rd day of December, 1912, to in
vestigate charges reflecting upon
Chas. M. Meacham, Mayor,, and H.
W. Tibbs. Clerk, and Dr. R. L.
Bradley, Councilman from the Sev
enth ward, and John W. Richards,
Tax Collector, beg leave to make
the following report:
"Said committee first proceeded to
investigate the conduct of Chas. M.
Meacham and W. H. Tibbs in count
iog the ballots catt in making nom
inations for policeman on December
20,1912 And eaid committee finds
from the evidence that a mistake
was made in countingthese ballots
That Alfred Means" received the
votes of four members of said coun
cil, when he was only credited wth
three. But said committee further
reports that said error wasan honest
one, andumade by the mayor in call
ing off the votes to the clerk; and
that one of said ballots was so writ
ten that an honest mistake could
easily been made in calling the
names from same. That said H.
W. Tibbs, clerk, had nothing what
ever to do with said ballots and is in
no wise responsible for said mistake.
''Said committee then proceeded
to investigate the conduct of Dr. R.
L. Bradley and John Wt Richards,
with reference to the allecred atv
ceptance oy them or $iu uu trom ai
fred Means, to be used in securing
his election as policeman and we
herewith , submit all the evidence
heard by us touching upon" these,
mattera, which was taken by John'
King, official stenographer of the
Christian circuit court, in shorthand
and transcribed by him; for the con
sideration of this council.
"W. S. HARNED, Chairman,
"F. W. DABNEY, v
After the report of the committee
had been adopted, Councilman Dab
ney offered the following resolution
which was also adopted. This reso
lution reads:
"be it resolved by the Board of
Council of the City of Hopkinsville:
"That the report of the commit
tee investigating the charges against
Dr. R. L, Bradley and John W.
Richards, and all the evidence taken
by said committee touching upon
aaid chargee, be preserved by the
clerk of thie council and turned ov
er to the grand jury of Christian
county when said grand jury eon-.
venea the fourth Monday in .Febru
ary, 1913, and that this matter ' be
referred to ald tribunal for it in
vestigation, and further action by
this council be neetnoned until eaid
grand jury mm made (ta invef&ga-
Coming km.
Will Blfifce, wfco few been witn
the . Cumberland Telephone Co,, at
Uojmnhta for eleven veers, has re
aae,wv- " t ,
aigned and will return, to thkxlty to
go into business witn hie brother,
Maxey uiyine, inu nimn street
A Secret Meeting of Wholesale
Dealers Is Held In
Twenty-One Manufacturing and
Jobbing Concerns Are Rep
resented at Session.
Chicago, Jan. 6.A secret meet
ing of wholesale milliners waa in sea
sion in Chicago Saturday, and it was
reported that plans were on foot for
the formation of a, large combine,
with headquarters here. Tentative
plans were discussed and a' commit
tee appointed to decide on capitali
zation, it was said.
Fourteen cities outside of Chicago,
extending from Pittsburg to San
Francisco, and from Louisville to
St. Paul, were represented. One
hundred men were present, repre
senting twenty-one milliners, manu
facturing and jobbing concerns.
According to rumors the new con
cern was to be capitalized at $25.
000,000, and the merger put through
by a New York financial institution.
Name of New L. & N. Train Just
Put On.
The new train on the L. & N., be
tween Chicago and JacRsonville. Fla..
is now in commission and is known
as the Dixie Limited. South bound,
the train will pas3 here at 10:41 d.
m., going north it will pass at 7:03
a. m. No stops will be made in Ken
tucky for passengers.
Hereafter the accommodation,
which formerly left hare at 7:05 a.
m., now departs at 7:08., or . 3 min
utes later. No. 54, the St. Louis
fast mail, now passes here at 10:12
p. m. north bound, instead of 10:10
as formerly.
.Weight Limits May Be Increas
ed, Says Postmaster
Washington, Jan. 3 On the basis
of the statement of two weeks' busi
ness of new parcels post called fot
by Postmaster General Hitchcock to
be compiled and sent in by all post
masters on January 15, it is possible
that parcels post rates will bee
duced. weight limits increased and
a'l conditions of mailability so modi
fied that the new government ser
vices will attract a far greater
volume of business than the right
provisions of the . original Bourne
bill will now permit.
Moreover, it is the present inten
tion of the Postofiice Department to
keep broadening the classification of
articles permissible and cheapening
the service until the postofiice is
bidding for virtually the complete
traffic now carried by the express
Of Supervisors of Taxes
Session Here.
The CQunty board of tax supervis
ors, composed of J. R. Stamps, Bern
ard Atkineon,.Al Pool, M. L. Elb,
W. J. Murphy, John Pendleton and
R. H. McGaughey, met yesterday
and will remain ki session five days.
On Friday the board will adjourn to
meet again in ten days to hear com
plaints, if any, from those whose
Meeasments are raised.
r 1
IN 1913. "'
Cheaper Coal.
Fewer divorces.
The White Waytfffl, .
Open-air concert!?
The Federal Courts '
Cleaner back yrifds.
Lower insurancejrates.
A big revival of religion.
Backing up the B? M. A.
An old-time county fair.
Painting the court house.
An increase of population.
A handsome library building.
A new I. C. paseenger Btation.
Less politics nni more business.
A ball team that can play ball.
Less kicking atfd more pulling.
All the tobaccii'ibld here possi
ble. That $75,000 pont tffice build
ing. 1
Everybody to 'Jboost Hopkins
ville. -w
At least a traction line to the
Western Hospital.
Slower drivingifat Ninth and
Better gas an dl better street
lights. X
That big officerbuilding near
the I. C. depot'.
Virginia and Peace Parks beau
tified. - ,
An extension of the turnpike
Advertising the town ty the
A share of that $3,000,000 to
be spent by the I. C. railroad
in putting down a new track
leading out of the city.
First Sermon By Dr. J. W.
Porter, M Lexington
Last Night.
' The revival 6 the First Baptist
church, begariiSunday morning and
last night ReV. J. W Porter, of Lex
ington, preached his first sermon.
Ia spite of the rain, the attendance
i was good. Dr, Porter come3 herald
ed as a great preacher. Mr.. Scho!-
held, the singer, is conducting the
music. There will be services twice
a day.
Flames Cause Loss Of Several
Thousand Dollars At
That Place.
Dawson, Ky.,- Jan, 3. Fire at
11:15 last night destroyed a frame
livery barn belonging to Wm. Lynch,
and store building, the property of
I. N. Day. The Lynch building was
occupied by 0. P. Ridley & Son as a
livery and feed stablp. The Day
store was occupied as a grocery and
meat market by L, L. Roberts.
The losses as far as could be learn
ed are:
vm. Lynch, ipl.UUU; ansurance.
$1.000. .
O. P. Ridley & Son, stock, feed
and vehic!es;v $1,000; insurance $1,-
I. N. Day, $1,000; insurance, $500.
L. L. Roberts grocery store dam
aged by fire and water and six
horses were burned of the fourteen
in the stable at the time of the fire.
$10,000,000 Will Be Expended
By The Illinois Central
In 1913.
Chicago, Jan. 6 -Contracts for
approximately $10,000,000 worth of
equipment for delivery during the
present year have been let by the.
Illinois Central railroad, it was an
nounced yesterday. The order in
cludes 50,000 tons of steel . rails, as
compared with 35,000 tons of rails
in 1912.
Farm Rates In Force.
The new farm rates in Kentucky,
ordered by the state insurance board
wept into effect Jan. 1. They made
material reductions in the present
rates, and the farm writing com
panies announce that they will ex
ercise great discretion in accepting
business and will revise their appli
cations and policy contracts.
Charged With Detaining a White
Woman Against Her
Roy Bouser, Alias Ticklin
; Bridges Glad He is
Georgd W.HHouser, Sheriff of Mc
Crncken county, arrived here Satur
day afternoon from Paducah with a
negro bj the name of Roy Bouser,
alias Ticklin Bridges. The negro
was charged with the crime of de
taining Mrp. Lula Osburn against
her will. The alleged crime was
committed in Paducah last Saturday
morning about 10 o'clock.
The negro grabbed the lady while
on heriront porch, but was prevent
ed from accomplishing his purpose
by theadya ,scream9. Her little
daughter hearing the disturbance on
the- porch, .began, screaming also
when thenegroj&fterhaving.choked
Mrs. Osburn and realizing his dang
er fied, but was caught and put in
After being jailed the people be
came so aroused that Judge W. M.
Reed, issued an order for the Sheriff
to bring the negro to Hopkinsville
for safe keeping.
Court convened at Paducah yes
terday and Sheriff Houser told Mr.
Mullin, that he expected to be back
after the negrc ic two or three days.
After being put in jail Bridges
told the jailer that he could not
sleep Saturday night; for fear that
a mob would come here from Padu
cah and. take him out and kill him.
Yesterday morning when asked
how he slept Sunday night the pris
oner said he got along better than
the night before. He then said he
was mighty glad he was here instead
of being in the Paducah jail. He
insists that he is innocent of the
heinous crime charged,
Unless They Agfee, The Peace
Conference At London Will
Be Suspended.
London, Jan. G. The Balkan peace
envoys have decided, it was declared
this morning, to put the direct
question to the Turkish delegation
tonight, wether the Ottoman govern
ment is prepared to cede the fortress
of Adriunople forthwith.
Unless the Turksjjgive a favorable
answer within twentV'four hours the
conference will bew suspended. No
other question wilijbe considered by
the allies until this point has been
Sends In His Resignation To
Take Effect Immediately.
Washington, Jan. 3. Senator Jc
seph W. Bailey today sent in his res-
ination as Senator from Texas to
Senator Gallinger, tQ take effect
R, M. Johnson, of HouBton, is now
in the city, and Senator Bailey said
he would be appointed by the Gov
ernor to aucceed'bim, with the ex
ception that the Legislature, when
it meets, would elect him to fill out
the unexpired term.
Hog Cholera Breaks Out.
Glasgow, Ky Jan. C Cholera
has broken out amohg the hogs in
Barren county and' many are dying
of the disease.
AT .1 n.. m i t
naiueu Dy mayor meacnant i
And Confirmed By
Adjourned Session Necessarjr
To Receive Annual Re
ports This Week.
The Council held a busv session
Friday night and adjourned to next
b riday night to hear the annual re
ports and the Mayor's message.'
The Mayor announced the aDnoint
ment of a board of directors for the
proposed public library which was
promptly confirmed by the Council..
The list includes the ladies of the
Civic Improvement Leaeue and ia as
Frank Rives, Wm. T. Tandy. Ira
L. Smith, Mrs W. A. Radford and
Mrs. T. C. Underwood.
The Mayor also announced the
following standing committees for
Finance Harned, Dabney and
Contracts and Purchases Met
calfe, Harned and'Haydon.
Streets Metcalfe, Draper and
Workhouse Bradley, Metcalfe
and Leverett.
, CorporatjonsDabney, , Harned
and Hay don!
Cemetery Haydon, Draper and
Sewers-Draper, Metcalfe and
Fire Department Haydon, Bradxier
ley and Leverett. f
Buildings Metcalfe? Havdon a0
Parks and Public GroundVDj
ney, Metcalfe, Haydon and M"? p"
Meacham. I05
Pardons Mayor Meacham, ex-of- ?
hcio chairman; Metcalfe and Brad
ley. Grievances and Charity To be
Bridges Bradley Harned and Lev
erett. An appropriation of $100 was
made to apply on the rent of larger
quarters for the armory of Co. D.
for 1913, m the Cook building.
The appropriationof $100 to de
fray the expensesof Mrs. W. A,
Radford to New York on library
business was increased to $125, the
first sum being insufficient-
The final settlement of the bal
ance due the BitulithicCo. for the
improved streets was mode. The
city advanced $3,999 due by property
owners, until bonds can be sold on
the property next wc ek. Two-thirds
of the property owners have paid in
By a vote of 4 to 3 the Council in
structed Mayor Meacham to approve
a temporary bond of Policeman K.
H. Keach with personal sureties, and
Officer Keach was put to work Sat
urday, his regular term beginning
yesterday. Ho was assigned to work
from noon to midnight.
Of High School Bonds Sold Sat
urday; Mayor Meacham on Saturn mM
to the City Bank & Trust r.n tua
- - - ww VMU
last batch of $5,000 of the 1911 High
School bonds. Of the two issues oj
$70,000, $5,000 have already hn
puid off, laaving $65,000
This is all the city owes except $6,500-
oi u. y. Kallrwid bonds.
Moved To Tho City.
George Smith, who sold hfa form
near Julian, a few weeks since, 'has
moveu to the city and is living in
the Ed Heater house, 2 09 Weet
eighteenth street.

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