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jtopkinsville Kentuckitn.
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fAdvertJeepsetita.) 1
IT, TVUMOA.T and 8ffMM.y
t tot Hpkt?wT PeeteAe as 8rta
CUm Mill Matttr.
OKE YEAR $2.00
lEX MONTHS. 1.00
ArfverttalnglKatce Ten Applications
It's a good thing we got our cheap
last month.
The wife of Aviator Beacfaly htm
-Mcared a divorce. She mast have
"kn inpatient. AH she needed to
3m was to wait awhile.
A young woman was found bound
tmi dragged on a Pullman car en
feriog Ksoxrille. The porter didn't
si it. He never binds them.
A Texas girl in school at Lexington
4feped with a son of a Missouri State
Senator, a student in the State Uni
Tarsity. She evidently cited the
ytwng man "from Missouri."
Geo. Powell Clayton, after 41
Tears, has resigned as a member of
-the Republican National Committee
rem Arkansas and will remove to
Washington. The old fellow out
3fved his party.
"The Scenery of the World's Rec-ord-Breaker
Musical Comedy "The
Winning Widow," booked at Hol
land's Opera House Jan. 13, pro
duced by Max Spiegel is beautiful
and it is said that the dazzling- love
liness and fabulous glory of the cor
tumes will be a revelation even in
these days of utter disregard of!
money stageing musical comedies.
1 Wmm
"j A Scene in the delightful and E-
trancing Musical Comedy Success
V'The Winning Widow," at Holland's
JOpera House, Monday Jan. 13.
The chorus as in all of Max Spie-
gel's elaborate musical comedy prc
uclions is a feature in itself for un
like the ordinary chorus, the girls
were particularly selected for
beauty and qualifying voice.
"Madame Sherry."
The ecene3 of "Madame Sherry," I
the musical sensation to be seen at !
ni'Hi.ri' Df.Prji Houston Thnrarfnv i
Jan. 16, presented by the New York
New Amsterdam Theatre Company,
include the studio of n New Ynrlc
nan about town, the salon of a yacht
toebored at New York Harbor, and
ne after-deck of the same yacht ur
Joney Island. Advertisement.
A Cash Offer.
Th (Tontuckian has made a Rneci 1
uDDing rate wun ine aiempnia
a 1 it mi
eeiciy uommerciui nppeai oy
Men wo win lurnisn ojtn paper?
( ito oe nn. n.
rckl Appeal is one of the largest
best papers in the South, and
nope 10 receive more new bud
1 r i
both papers.
lake the Kentuckitn for the now.
H O Cakes. One cup ef sugar. ee
cap of oats, one egg bcatea with the
BBgarf vanilla to taste, heedful of
retains. . Drop on greased ia abeSt a
teaspoon or mo mixture. Haxe la a
slow otoc
Berkshire Cookies. One cup of so
Jasf es, one teaspoon of soda dissolved
la halt a cup of cold water, a dessert
spoon of salt, ono teaspoon of melted
butter, one teaspoon of ginger, flour
enough to roll the thickness of as
inch. Bake in a quick oren for abeat
ten minutes.
Chocolate Wafers. One cap ef kt
ter, two cape of sagar, three cups mt
flour, four eggs, two cups of grated
chocolate, ea teaapoen of soda, om
teaspoon of cream of tartar, a little
salt. Roll quite thin and hake la a hrt
Crystal Cakee. Oae cup of bUer.
oe ewp af Kmc,. three cups f een-
Btareh, om cup ef flour, ose
teaspoon of bakfeg powder, two
white k eae egg. om taaepeoa ef
grated -Mtteeg. Beat the better aad
sagar to a creaeg. add the es, well
oata, thea stft la Om flour, eera
starch, fcaklag powder aad autaeg.
Mix iate a alee fteagk. If too dry add
a Terr little Uk. Jjride Into small
pieces, jt thesa flat, fenufe theea orsr
wKh the beatae wMta of aa egg aad
sprinkle erer with graaBlated sugar.
Plaee apart ea Bettered pane aad bake
la a moderate!? warsa ovea us ill doae.
Ooed Mfcttltuts for Sun and Grass,
Which Is, ef Course, the Best
Way ef Doing IL
The very best and safest plan for
bleaching unbleached linen and cot
ton Is the good old method used in
our grandmothers days of wettlne
the m&terlnl thnmnrhlr nnrf rtroo
it on the clean grass In the full sua
that It may do the work. The mate
rial is made wet again each time it
becomes dry, and after a few days it '
will have become soft and fine in ,
texture and of a beautiful snowy ,
white, simply through nature's agents.
But If tlmn. nnnoo ntifl a nmnltlrma
j season are lacking, the best way is to j
EoaK me maienai ror over mgnt in a
rinsing water containing Javelle wa
ter, an ordinary washing fluid, which, .
judiciously used, does not materially
weaken the fibers of clothing while
bleaching it very nicely. About a cup-
ful with the rinse water for each tub
is ordinarily used and tho clothing Is
left in the rinse water for a longer
or shorter time, according to its
For your unbleached linens and
cottons you might use two cupfuls of
Javelle to the tub and let them soak
I several hours or even over night,
j Then rinse thoroughly, blue, and ex
pose while quite wet to the sun and
air. It will probably not be neces
i sary to repeat the treatment, and
j each repeated washing will whlteD
them more and more.
j To Dry-Clean Curtains.
I To dry-clean fine lace curtains at
, home, shake curtains thoroughly to
j remove dust; fold a clean sheet once
across, spread it upon the floor and
place the curtain upon it Mix to
' gether corn meal and powdered borax,
! one teaspoonful of borax to one pint
of corn meaL Sprinkle generously
over first curtain, lay another curtain
upon It, proceed as before and con
: tlnue until you have sprinkled the
mixture on all the curtains to be
1 When all are done and there Is a
last layer of the mixture on top, begin
at the end of the sheet and roll up
tightly. Lay away the bundle for ten
days, at the end of which time, If re
moved and carefully shaken the cur-:
' tains will be found beautifully
' cleansed. If there are wrinkles they
may be pressed out with a hot iron.
' Recipe for Cottage Cheese.
Place sour milk In vessel on back
of stove and let it warm gradually.
Take care that the milk does not be- i
come hot, as this will make the curd '
tough and hard to digest. When the J
curd is separated from the whey a
process hastened by the application of '
heat pour into a bag and let drip
until the whey is removed. Turn curd
into a dish, season to suit taste with
salt and pepper, mold Into litUe balls
or pats, or stir with a fork, then pile
i a i a 1 11 1. At
ugnuy on oiso. a. mug cream may Da
added to tho curd along with the sea
Recipe Book.
cloth-bound blank book with Indexed ,
edges, planned for recipes. It is priced ,
at 75 cents, and Just at this season, i
when one is newly opening up one's
sas1!? tsrias
much use, for old recipes may bo
copied Into it and clippings pasted in,
and many odds and ends of . paper so
cleared out
... fnr nlfl rpolna mnv h
Almond Cookies.
Ono egg, one tablespoon powdered
sugar, ono tablespoon of flour, one
tablespoon of butter. Mix at once.
Stripe on pan with knife very this.
Cut fine stripes of almond; sprinkle
on top of cookies. Cut out with forai
cutter. Bake In moderate oven.
Prune Salad.
Soak prunes over night and cook un
til tender. Drain the juice from them
and cut the fruit into shreds. Arrange
na lettuce leaf, sprinkle with pecan
rneaia uuu cover wiui cream uressing.
mmd Simitar Ci
$m J. M. Dtm eantraetnift
outkNasi atrf suasial npdr (
all kinds. Pkosst 4TW.
5 fwc Ccti Amkt Tt
On GeeSeth 1tfecLMNl 6
rraro'trmc. .
t' p m-.r. -.i. !
1- Aiienrwn..Atiy.,
umcernone.ai. es. .
-2 -
T. S. Iiftt 4 Co
and Insuraooo. Ofllce
muth ft i Ci ft CoUlt
First Baptist Chureh Rev. C. M
Thoeapeofl, Pastor. Services a
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morniog Servke 11:00 a.
B. Y. P. U. 6:00 p. ,ra.
Evening Service 7:00 p. na,
Second Baptist Church Rev.E. J.
Weller, Pastor. "
Sunday School 9.45 la. m.
Preaching 11 a. m. v
B. Y. P. U. 6:00 pm.
Preaching 7:00 p. m.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday
night 7:00 p. m.
Westminster Presbyterian Church '
Rev. C, H. H. Branch, Pastor,
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Men's Bible Class 10:00 a. m.
Morning Service 10:45 a. m.
First Presbyterian Church
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Service 10:45a. m.
Chtistian Endeavor 6:15 p. m.
Evening Service 7:00 p. m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting- -Wednesday
7:00 p. m.
Rev. Charle3 Nourse will preach
Sunday morning and evening and
conduct tHe mid-week prjver service
Methodist Episcopal Churcn Rev.
A. R. Kasey, Pastor.
"Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Service 10:45 a. m.
Epworth League 6:15 p. m..
Evening Service 7:00 p. m.
Prayer meeting at 7:00 p. m eve-y
m, . ci i . ir
lhe Human fakeleton My Wife
and I never eat in tho big mesa tent,
"Wo onf nlnnn Ynn ow cTin'a fnr.A
of picking bones.
The Fat Boy I guess thatfB why i
Bhe picked you.
T 1 r t-i -n l.
in me jiagazine r lowers jpranx 1
O 1 - T Ll. 1
oeuiuau, wuu uas u uuuuuuse eaiaie
in Ulster county, X. Y., tells of his
Eearch in Japan for irises that were
rare. He was introduced to Uaum
San, an old priest in Kioto, who
grows probably the most beatiful
iris in the world. 06Uffi San had re-
fused to sell a single bulb even for
S1.G00. a fortune to him: he had ro-!
fusf?. a P"on We from the aty
of Kioto u he would plant one hun-
dred bulbs in the public gardens; he
hafl devoted forty years of infinite
Jones At the seashore one eve
ning last week Von Boggles, the
matinee idol, came near drowning.
Brown He can't swim. How did
he happen to go beyond his depth?
Jones Trying to keep ia the
glare of the searchlight of a pasting
eteamer Judge.
Prervlf CarpafirwV Teele.
To kcef tools from rusting, ploe a
sponge moistened with coal oil la the
tool dust.
Warn 1
Tfcisiay night we wm aetedl se a
ssighitU feaet, aa' we atr Isste tor
dMtt taei we. ala't t' gey taet pwt
th' "gai" to ssshittl, am &4 we pwt
th' spaghetti later us! Believe aa, t
ire Te" aayoa ter a sMSt
feast we afeall be .prepared ter tmi &
w bjr mfMM
cr etee we hull bare a
wKh a pair o' shears sUad at th
f e eaei
! cattla
guest ter save hie life hy
h-iia loose whenever it gets
arouad hie aeck aa' he starts tor
stra&ejfo. &err
la th' Jee aa' owr
kaag eat 'fere we wm reeewd. We
eeea a etaewte oaoe of eoaw sort o a
x. it wa. a
' toUa t a father a' two
la a
trgle tor th' death with a
fag, aa' we reit jmm. ae
ewaeeK. Th' stuff thet hi
th' sMe, we doM a-ptoaty to
O eoarse we ain't th' sort ef a
. thei glvse up withoat so
I we St a ptote o' spag aHerer th'
hatere we give mp, ae,- we aay rer
self tset th' spag leaked
aa' were et as we did sefere we
aarreadered. Before we go ter aaeth
er Bpag flght we air sola' ter Ml a
hath tmh with th' stC aa' git Sate K
aa' practlee far a day. We pat as a
Ieg aa' a aeMe flght, set we had tor
ad p hy takin' a ea e th' spag far
bait aa' goia' fishta.'. We thJak a
spaghetti feaet eeght ter he called s
fish dlaaer iaetead. Alkali Xye.
Inaentows Hewsewlfe Devised Plan
That Kept Maid In the Straight
and Proper Path-
, lng out of towm for a few days was la
' a quandary over the problem of her
; husband's existence during her ab-
sence. The maid was Swedish aad
' could neither read nor write English.
yet she somehow must bo' toW each
; day, as only the mistress could tell
' her, what should bo done aboat the
' house. A moment's thought solved
tho problem. A list of each, day's da
' ties was made out Next, a phono
graph dealer was called up and ls-
' structed to send up a half dozen blank '
records. Tho ingenious mistress thea '
sat down in front of her machine and '
dictated her orders, using one record
for each day's instructions. The rec-
ords were then placed in their paste-
board cases, and tho days on which
they should be used were Indicated oa j
the outside by one, two, three and
four straight lines, making a mistake
impossible. As a result not only was
everything In perfect order upon her j
return, but tho novelty had so ap-;
pealed to the maid that she had '
"played" her orders over and over.tuv
til she could repeat them word for i
Mysterious Stranger In Town,
"Somethlne miehtv aueer about a
feller that was here last week," re-j
lated the landlord of the Turgldtown;
tavern. "He never kicked about hla 1
room, ett with apparent relish what
was set before him, didn't try to flirt .
with the waitresses, and when I asked
him If he was looking for land or seek-1
i u wt. , r
he politely replied that he wasn't. He
went to bed and sot ud at reasonable
hours, walked sedately about town, j
bought 10-cent cigars as if ho was
used to 'em, answered civilly the re-;
marks of practically every prominent
citizen in town about the weather. He I
stayed three days, and then paid hla i
bill without grumbling, bade me aj
courteous good-by and went away with ;
as little flutter as he had come. And
on account of the consistent manner j
1 in which he minded his own business;
flnd iet other neonla'a affairs alone
j there has been a good deal of specu-
lntlon nhont him fiver since, thn con-'
latlon about him ever since, the con
sensus of opinion being that he was
either a famous detective, some kind
of a slick swindler or a crazy man.'
Diseases of Metals.
Metals suffer from contagious dls
eases analogous to those living bo-'
lngs. Among these diseases ono of the
mogt striking Is that called "tin nest"
Sometimes a block, a plate, or model
! of tin attacked by this disease crum-!
ulKa uuu w-u UUBl uuu nomHuaiea
warty protuberances appear on tho
Jt - At. 1-1 I 11 i
metals suffer from a discaso that man
ifests itself by a spontaneous recrys
talllzatlon. The most remarkable
occur with lead and hard-drawn
brass. These diseases aro not due. as
has been thought, simply to moisture.
Temperature plays a part In produc
ing them. The most extraordinary
fact, perhaps. Is that the "tin pest" It
capable of spreading by contagion.
Harper's Weekly. .
Ideas In Ht!n.
A caurch Is successfully heated ia
Nuremberg by a large auaber of
saall units. A long tube heater Is
placed near the floor In front of the
seat and along the back of the follow
Ug pew, which sets as a foet warmer.
The electric heating tube Is a three
lack Iron pipe which talB a small
er tube wound with resistance wire.
At each pew U a switch for cuttlgg
out the heater, and all the separate
wires from the heaters run to con
nection boxes pkced at different
points under the floor. A perforated
Iron foot rest runs along above each
heater. The church has a seating ca
pacity or 1,200 and tho length of pewn
is 1,750 feet in njl, .
f .
KAvy joaniv w i run
. ' Dtc. 31at; 1912. , -
AS8ETS ; '
Leaew tmMlM.
Sefc mdBondt.... ;.S ll)rW '
OvaWrafts 17Ml17:
lkfnjr Hoyee ....... 17 06 00
Re4 Estate for Debt..,. .-. . . ..n. ... 1 W 00
Odfte Farniture and Fixtwres. . . . , . 3 009 00
Caek ad ExciMHwe for Cfearmg. .7. . . . M 801 24
Sight Eachaage. . . . . , A . ..... . 117,00881
9808 004 21
Caattal Stock 00000 CO
Sarplae 100 000 00
Uadivided Profits i... 18S0 24-
Dividead No. 66 this dsy 5 per cet. . . . 3 000 00-
Depoaita , , feW 08008
Dae Baftks J 998 54
Caehiers Cheeks. . . . . : . , . . . . . . .:AV6b6' Otf
. 1t 8S8.S64 2i
' S '" IRA .USMITH, Caeiierlf -"
The Love Letters of a
Confederate General
WE begin in the November issue a series
of real love-letters written over fifty
years ago by one of our national
heroes to his sweetheart during the period of
'6i to '65. This great general will go down to
posterity as having .accomplished one of the
most brilliant feats of arms in the history of
the world. He was as great a lover as he was
a general, therefore these letters combine au
thentic history and exquisite romance. They
sound a human note that no other work of
literature has done in a decade; it is war, it is romance, it is history, it is
II::rilure. You simply can't afford to miss this wonderful scries an inside
story of the Civil War now Rublished for the first time and rontnJninc all
!y the freshness pf a contemporary happening. These letters will grip you, hard,
; tr. J held your interest from first to last. Fill out the coupon urJ LzJ it
now before you forget it.
Pictorial Review
Pictorial v
uerievr ia.
Xtw York Ctj
v 15 Cents a Copy
Enclosed please
please send me P.R. for
j iov., Dec. and Jan.
J licme
'jrf i-r Jnirmir3aga
A vM1& nwy newspaper with tho Interest of the entire community r heart. I?sies of
o iW." axo hmaleJ without fear or favor. You will And in this paper sn ap-ttj-dcto Upart
tnut fur ieh member of tho family. Clean, honett. atraightforward it ts a ptpr lour
iuuly should act ho without.
, Sscorict
Teetraical World Magazine
is the ono mazazino that not only entertains In a fascinating manner, but which aso instructs.
It ii the mazazino for the busy business man. or for the person who wants to lull away a
summer s afternoon, and be ajrrceably Informed at the same time. It Is profusely illustrated.
an4 tolls In a simple and interesting way ot the discoveries of scientists, the achievements of
inventors, the futs of engineers and explorers, and the opening of every new field of human
V.????..' LoJ!.don "1 have iust chanced upon my first copy of TECHNICAL
OBLD MAGAZINE. There Isn't anything-like It. I want nor, and I cannot wait for them
to come, so 1 am sending you herewith cheek for which please enter my subscription and send
jie immediately the last two years'.back numbers."
A Fine
TbtsentiUjt- .ioff tho presses. This U tho
.ant wen comuletcd. this atlas contains
ICu uSvul figures. 123 pages of 8 color
naps brought right down todate every
map giving the results of the most recent
UcvTs. All railroads are shown and
qamed and mspa of all krge cities are
tu!uded. There are 21 double page maps
showing in detail portions of the U. S.
nd Canada. Dimensions lOK'xlSK'.
Hound in stjiTllnea Sllvir Leaf Title
printed on heavy pUt, Paper. Sells
ivgsrly for (3.00. X picdld gtf U
Only $3
Vorld MagaaiM and the pnlia'ians of
nit Ataa make this offer pofck. But
t is very strictly limited. You SMiet
iCt uuncdlawlr.
Stnd or
Bring in Your Order
s?. .
i Er m- a .
Pne Dollar a Year
$10,000 in Cash Prizes
x ana Liberal Comtmtstens to ar Agents.
X Ask oy Particulars
222 West 3Sth St., New York City
9 a
year to obtain anew atlas. The 1910 Census bos

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