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Tfiopfcinsville Kentuckuiu
PoblMied Every OttMr Day.
jay, ThorsdaV wid Saturday
Mornings, dy
nurd t theH'jpklnvl1lfofltoffle6n Second
CIm Mll Mattw.
JMvertialnglRatoston Applications
There were 2,830 nrresta by , the
?ducah police during 1912.
The Ohio river is rising at the rate
jof half a foot an hour.
Chief Pussafiss, a Chippewa In
dian, is dead at Superior, Wis., aged
Ex-Governor Patterson haB with
drawn from the race for Senator in
Tennessee, giving up the nomina
te .
Human ashe3 were Bent by parceh
post from St. Louis to Edwardsville,
Hi., following the cremation of Fred
JNaumann's body.
According to the Assessor's re
port, there are 105 diamonds in
Christian county, valued at $7,055,
about $70 apiece.
France will elect a President Jan.
17, to be voted for by 587 members
of the Chamber of Deputies and 300
senators. Poincaire leads.
The Mobila Theatre, Mobile. Ala.,
was burned at 6:80 a. m. Thursday,
and in fighting the fire one fireman
was killed and four injured.
Trie New Year's edition of trie
Hvansville Courier issued this week
was a paper of manysectioosgbowing
th uiarveloua growth of Evanavllle
and the wor.derfui resources that go
to make it a Properous city. The
Ccarier is otv if the bcqt papers
published in the Oaio Valley and m a
crt'r to au city. L. fairly excelled
itse.f in this case, in the enterpn e
sh wn in breaking ail its previous
records for big papers.
Mail Carriers Will Fly.
lh.s an age of crest discovert p.
Pr grsp ndea on the air. Soon we
maj tee Unci.; Sam's mail carriers
fljirg in all directions, transporting
m People take a wonderful in
terest in a discovery tost benefits
them. That's why Dr. King's New
D.scovery for Coughs, Coids and
othtr throat and lung diseases is the
nrn p opular medicine in America.
"I- curpd me of a dreadful cough,"
writes Mrs. J F. Davis, Stickrey
Corner, Me , "after doctor's treat
ment and all other remtdies had
faifj." For cougLa, colds or any
br. r hii) affection it's unequaled.
Pric 50c and $1.00. Trial bot
tle free at AH Druggists.
Aci ci i-etnent. 1
Gieat Hotel.
. York's newest and it is said
t hotel, the AlcAipin, ju
OP i '
I. has some new notions ihet
jre!y prove a tractive. For
..trz there is oj:e floor given
Ul 1 ! til- KUWO rriiu wuin nwuu.
II ,l or is l-r a one in tun riavtfmo
crtr ur-i a liit i t bib iiul uislui ihvi i a x
" r t- - r w j
her' l- night an.) night is day An-
tu i ii ju ii cir.irviy i of women
f arc not mistaken, other hole s
we t ied something of thl soBt,
ut h' re it is com pint e. A'l em
Lyes allowed there are women. It
xn i nun s Isanti. io meicn itus.
v t r.s r i m ... i
re 13 another floor where no wo-
nn pvnr raw. Ihis tlvir. hMlricwi
3 other attractions, has a bar of its
.1 ua wf i bo) a tuiu ruuni. ii auuil
,i i i t
intra hp flUn linnn thfi fl inr famiti.
L Sr. A I- n . I. r. -1
he row hotel is or.ly twenty-live
The Jew In America.
liido Raynor, whose death eeurr-
M ritiy, was one t a few bril i
Jc v s who have Ago red prorohi-
Uy in American pWtttcs. Tfi
Niu America, lik the Prsees in
CO"k btirns ci privn'f life
. I . t . .L... (.... I .... J
ronurent ani h ruUe par; jri
M IS? - U
ip phi unu.r' lie 1 .ntei ettu-it
Tmilauill-. fiiiriM...I nr.iu
Former Citizen of Hopkinsyille
Retires From The
Altacch of American
Legation In
The following sketch of Judge E.
Boyd Faulkner, from the Baltimore
American of December 3 1st, will be
read with interest:
"After having served as judge of
the Eighteenth Circuit for the past
21 years, Hon. E. Boyd Faulkner, of
Martinsburg, distinguished as one of
the ablest jurists in this section, to
day retired from office.
Successively an attache of the
American legation in Paris, when
his father, the late Charles James
Faulkner, was minister to France,
an officer in the Confederate Army,
member of the West Virginia
House of Delegates and a state sena
tor from this district, a famous law
yer, a candidate for governor ot
West Virginia, and for two decades
one of .the distinguished jurists of
this state. Judge Faulkner has had
a remarkable career.
Born a member of one of the old
est and most prominent families in
the Virginias, at the family home
stead, in Martinsburg, he was edu
cated at the Georgetown (D. C )
College, in Frsnce and at the Uni
versity of Virginia. At the out
break of the Civil War he returned
from France and espoused the cause
of the South, serving in the Wfee
and Rockbridge artil'epr companies.
Later he was a lieutenant in Colonel
Porter's Virginia regiment, and was
afterward a captain inhe provision
al army of the Confederacy. He
served gallantly through, the war.
Several years after thi close of the
war he was elected to he House of
Delegates, and then to the Senate of
West Virginia. When the Senate
was organ zed he refueud the pos
tion of lieutenant governor of
the !
state, but accepted membership on
the special committee selected to re
vise the laws of West Virginia. In
1884 he waa defeated for the Demr
cratic nomination for governor by
.two votes.
He became judge of this circuit in
1891. and was successively elected to
the same ofllce at each judicial elec
tion, the Republicans never nomina'-
ing an opposing candidate. In 1896
th.-rewaaan independent candidate
against him. but Judge Faulkner re
ceived every vote cast in Berkeley
county for judge, n distinction never
aeeorded aay other candidate for
any office in th history of Berkeley
county. His retirement from the
hrch today waa voluntary, prompt
d by a desire to return to private
I .fa after a half century ol activity
In public affair. Although in his
seventy-second jeer he is stilt vigor
ous and active, wjth all bis powerful
and acute raeotal powers uodimir
iibd. t
In Uie 21 years in whi&i he ha
oceupiad the bench. Judge Faulk
ner has had the remnrkthjis distinc
tion of having fewer proportionate
appeals f rem his decUlogi to the
Supreme Court of the state and few
er proportionate reversuls than any
Circuit Court judge in the history of
West Virginia."
Judge Faulkner, who married
Miss Sue Campboll, of this city, lo
cated here after the war and prac
ticed his profession for sQme years,
when ho returned to Virginia. Mrs.
Faulkner is an aunt of Mri.Hnry J.
Sutee. Mrs. Miry Bronaugh, Miee
Lucy Edmunds und Attorney John
T EJmutvde, of this oity. .
.Every member of the locil bar
during Judge Faulkner 'a r&idenee
here has nasad uway with the ex
ep ion of attorneys W. P. vyjnfree,
Joe McCirroll and Hunter Woo
Sr,-y uig men altaust then. H's'
hre h-ivt n been very frt- I
QVwmwMMdmiw, wit mere
re many of hi, old acquaintance
ri l iivr-g wno wi 1 be gtmi to It-ern
th I lit n c jfi'i-.np ttung v?ni in
I Hie i. l'Jiur-.
ik Kuitup ti-n fwr tu news.
Not A Dty In BL
Gramlhutt S. C In a letter from
Gram) to, Mrs. Lola WaWen iy:
"I wm m week before 1 tagwt tak
ing Cardui, that it tired me to walk
just a little. Since taking it, I do
all tho housework for"my family of
nine, and have hot been in bed
day. Cardui is tho greatest remedy
for women on earth." Weak wo
men neel Cardim It is the Ideal
women'rf tonic, because it is e9pec
ially adapted for women's needs. It
relieves backache headache, . drag
glng feelings, and other female
misery. Try Cardui. A few doses
will show you what it can do for you.
It may be just what you want.
Preferred Locals;"
See J. H. Dagg for contracting
ouilding and general repair work of
all kinds. Phone 476.
5 Per Cent Mooey To Loan.
On Good;South Chri8tian7Land 5
J. B. Allenswprth,:Atty
Office-Phonel2G7-2. Res. 742.
T. S. Knight & Co.
R6al Estate. LiOans
and Insurance. Ofllce
south side Court
Fairview Items.
W. C. Brewer, of Cadiz, was here
a few days this week.
Harry Hammock and family of
near Allensville, visitedV relatives in
this section last week.
Miss Minnie Lee McSehee has rt-
turned to Chattanoogaftafter spend
ing the holidays At theflome of Mr.
J. T. Layne, near heref
Prof. Allen Davis returned Sun
day from a visit withhla mother
near Chicago. "V
Miss Lela Bowen spent the holi
days with her mother. 'flear Bowling
Buj'oid Johnson, has returned to
Nashville, after a visit with his par
ents near here.
Mr. OJie Brown was in St. Charles
smral days last week.
Miss Gertie Brown spending the
week in Hopkinaville with friends
Mr. Ben McGraw, of Roaring
Springs, was in the community last
week visiting his brothers.
Quite a good deal of New Year's
moving was done in this pection, ami
they are too numerous to mention.
JUies Bertha Gray and Mr. Walter
Pendergrass eloped to Clarksviile
New Year's and were united in mar
riage. The bride is 17 and the
groom 20, and a very popular young
ouple of this section. They were
tendered a reception at the home of
Mr.. J. H. Minor on their roturn
home. Mws E'hel Maddox and Mr.
Robert Gray accompanied them on
i heir wedding mission.
There has been a great deal of
siakneai in the community, but noth
ing seiious. Bennie Carroll is much
bettar after a very serious spell of
typhoid fbver. Mrs. J. E. Petriu is
betteraf ter suffering withperitonitis,
whi eh r little son, Robert, who has
had pnoumoniu, is also better.
Mr. W. E Peden has bought a
farm near Aiioosville and will take
possession some time next month.
Mr. Lte Oliver, who carries out of
Pembroke on R F. D. No. 3, . was
unable to get here Monday on ac
count of high water, and had
to be detoured .by another route
te get here on Tuesday, but the
Elkton carrier was not hindered by
high water.
The graded chool opened here'
Monday after a two-weeks' holiday,
but it was very small on account of
rain keeping the country pupils ut
Mrs. Claud Sisk's music and
elocution class will give a recital at
the school building on Saturday
evening January 18th, and tickets
are now being sold for that purpose,
eo buy early to insure you a seat
The Vase quartette will be the
poriaut feature of the viag.
Mr. J. W. Yancey, his
sold eevfra
L. vt. Johi -'
nf, TfconiM Uomb has UOUghi tW
lot and -o, ra'cn is now occupied.
Population of Fairmw incrtuieij
from 152 tu 160 tiu.jng the yu.tr
VjV, and th re w:is u:i ijirth ar J r,(
a uim within o curpidto 'umts A
Deimcratk Party ;Ta Niet In
2,179 Freeing Coflvw
ionsJan. 1&
First Step Towards Control In
Tht Stmfe For fk
Under the terms of a resolution
that became a part of the organic
law of the Democratic party at the
state convention in Louisville last
May, new county committees ar to
be chosen in each cf the 120 coun
ties of the state Saturday, January
18 The Democratic voters in each
of the 2,179 voting precincts of the
state are to meet at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon of the date specified
The retiring precinct committeeman
or should there be a vancancy exist
ing, some qualified Democrat des
ignated by the county chairman, will
call the meeting. The precinct com
mitteemen so selected by the voters
are to serve until another state con
vention shall specify when and how
their successors shall be chosen. On
the Monday following their tlectbn,
which will be January 20, the. pre
cinct committeemen wi 1 meet at
their various county seats and or
ganize by selecting a chairman and
secretary. In those countieacontai 5
ing more than one legislative dia
tricfethe precinct committeemen' f r
each legislative district will organ
ize by selecting a chairman and sec
retary. Calls for the precinct nit$t
inge have been prepared., and aPe
now being circulated by. the various
county chairmen.
What, Makes a Woman?
Oaedmndnsd and twenty pounds,
more or less, of . bone and' .muscle
dunt'makea women. ltd a. good
foundation. Put into it heulth and
strength and she may rule a klog-
derm But that's just what "Eteotric
Bittf rs give Her. Thousands bless
them for overcoming fainting and
dizzy spells and for dispelling weafc
nees, nervousness, backache and
tired listless, worn out feeling.
"Electric Bitters have done 'me a
worid of good," writes Eiiza Pool,
D pew. Okla., "and I thank you,
with all my heart, for muking such
a good .medicine." Guaranteed by
All Druggists.
Hung Jury in Deaton Case, j
Winchester, Ky.; Jan. 6 -The
jury in the case of Fletcher Dtaton,
the firat of fifteen charged with
causing the dsath of former Sheriff
E.1 Callahan, of Breathitt county.
reported late today that it had' dis
agreed aftar being out since .Satur
day noon. The jurors wen dis
missed The jury was reported to
have stood seven for acquittal, .and
five For conviction.
Insect Bite Costs Leg
A Beaton man lost his leg' fiom
the bite of an insect two years be
fore Th avert such calamities frcm
stings and bites of insects us& Buck
len's Arnica Salve promptly to kill
the poison and prevent inflammation,
swelling and pain. Heals burns,
btiils. ulcers, pllef, eczema, cuts,
bruises. Only 25 cents at All Drug
AdverUsemcnt. '
. . Publicity Help's. .
(OwanBbpro Messenger.)
See what publicity will do! Now
the Omo county coal mines on the
i tiii f a. i ii i .i
i"uiiib vjuiumi ruuruau aru auppneu
wmJi plenty' of oars and -)Q mines
a"" sy tnB m,nera and their
i .oiua nappy, until tne protest
ut :hiry aayt ago thee mines for
miiH nP4,n.H w on thg)
thIn'D vfte on he erge.
o. ?rvation. itw railroad cialratu
r iii lu't hive the car, bu after a
ud wal'oying before tn- Kailrortj
Cjmmii n and hi the mb i? onnta
it suddenly gpt them.
"Onyx" d
ifvn, Best Hose for tlic entire familyf .nf
Women and Children, can always bafr::'
in the "Onyx" Brand,
T$Vk Quality, Style aad Wear, get ajpsL .3
l(Onyx" Hose in Cotton, Iis.1.e, SiiK Siic
or Pure Silk, from 35c. to $5.00 per pair none
genuine without trade-mark stamped on
every pair. Sold by all dealers.
Lord & Taylor - - New York
Butter, Eggs, Hens, Spring Chickens,
Turkeys, Ducks and Geese,
Cow Hides and Sheep Pelts.
Get Our Prices Before Selling
Cumberland 26.
You can' not keep posted on current events
unless you read the . ,
v (Louisville. Ky. HENRY WATTERSON. Editor)
emocrauc rresiaeni
Has been elected, and an era of Prosperity!
.1 - . hfl5 cspt irr. "V rn nam era
weekly Courier
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