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Vol. xxxv
HdPKiNsviLLB, Kentucky, Tuesday, January 21, 1913.
No 9
Ravmotul Poircaro, the new Pres'-
dent of France, is considered one of
ablest s;uteomon in Europe. He is
skillful as a diplomatist, keen naa
lawyer and brilliant as an orator,
Gnd has achieved fame in letters as
tell m Dolitics. He is 53 years old
Tand has filled many high offices, in
' eluding the premiership.
M(m Helen Gould, who will bo
married tomorrow to Finley J. Shep
ard, of St. Louis, has waited 44 years
to find a husband to suit her taste.
She is the moet noted female philan
thropist in America and though im
: mensely wealthy is so simple in her
' ideas that her trousseau will cost
les3 than $1,000.
Substantial reduction of the tariff
.all alolflhe line in the wood pulp
yd priat paper schedules and reten
tion of approximately the existing
duties on tobacco, clears and similar
articles constitute part of the Demo
cratic tariff revision programme.
J. R RJeo. mrri" nt h A ""
icdii Itlctiiiuiid , oaa women
make better telephone operators be
cause they have moffp"atience. The
same reason ought to qualify them
to be more successful doctors than
Washington business men are not
pleased with the desire of Governor
Wilson to do away with the inaugur
al ball because they expected through
the sale of tickets to get back the
money they contributed.
A world-wide campaign for the
eradication of hookworm will be one
of the first uses to which the 100,
000,000 endowment of the proposed
Rockefeller Foundation Fund will
be put.
The Danville Hop Club has put the
ban on the Turkey Trot and other
ceak dances. These disgusting ex
'fPItions are gradually being elimi
nated from good society.
Negotiations for the sale of the
pooled tqbacco crop at Henderson
have been broken off. An agree
mpnr pmilrl Ymt be arrived at as to
fljprices. '
t Miss Helen Sunday, daughter of
Billy Sunday, the evangelist, was
married yesterday at La Porte, Ind.,
to M. H. Haines, a Chicago business
The Ward' and Belmont Schools
for girls in Nsshville will be consoli
dated June 1st. New buildings will
be erected on the Belmont campus.
Raymond Nicholas Landry Poin
care, Premier in the French Cabinet.
Friday was elected President of
France by the National Assembly.
The note of the Powers looking to
ward ending the Balkan war was
nt to Turkey Friday and an answer
is expected witnin a tew aays.
. i
Col. Roosevelt has written a com
plimentary letter to a Des Moines
woman, who notified him of her sec
ond pair of twins in one year,
Marriages are decreasing in Ens
land. The percentace rate in 1911
jgwas 15 9 and in 1912LeaprYear It
declined to 15.2.
To tease her husband, a young
woman at Ameeburg, Mass., hid in a
trunk and was suffocated, being un
able to get out. '
Co-eds at the Wisconsin Univers
ity have forbidden'the "Tango" and
other indecent dances at all social
Prrace Arthur of Connaught, Is
fmrpmarried at 30 because he is
h-mg trouble In finding a bride to
Hit klraa.
U'jrai.,-,- -
Several English bridal couples in
high )!( hv gom to Eat Africa to
symi iMrlhoMyMooaa in hunting
abwwt manage Mere, year
a 1.1 . t .
o)d, rm warded a 'ljrii.Mid
w&itt girl, Is jmn U f ud k in
Plans For K. I. T. Ball Are
Well-Under Way For This
Dr. Basaett Is Re-elected Pres
ident Without Oppo
sition. Indications pointed to an eight
club circuit at the Kitty league
meeting Sunday at Clarksville,
Tenn.. when preliminary steps were
taken toward organization for the
viile, Ky Clarksville, Tenn., and
Cairo, III., were represented at the
meeting and Harrisburg, III., and
Vincennes, Ind., former members of
the league, were granted fraichises
For some unknown reason Paducah
was not represented, but it was
agreed that Paducah should continue
a member if the franchise holders
decide to remain in the league.
Without opposition Dr. Frank
Basaett, of this city, wa9 re-elected
president. Election of other officers
was deferred until the next meeting
in Cairo, III., February 16, when all
members will be required to post
their first forfeit of $250 and on May
1 another 250 must be posted to
guarantee membership for, the sea
son. President Bassett "announced
that unless the Central League pur
chase the Evansville, Ind , territory,
which now belongs to the Kitty
League, that :the Indiana city would
again play ball in the Kitty League.
Owensboro, Ky , was mentioned for
a franchise if Paducah should drop
out. The season will start about
May 20 and the salary limit will be
800 per month exclusive of man
ager. Last season the limit was
850 including manager. The Kitty
League is a certainty for the 1913
season, and the circuit will be more
compact than ever before.
French Elect President.
Versailles, France, Jan. 20. Ray
mond Poincare, premier of France,
was elected president on the second
ballot. He received 483 votes, Pams
296, Valiant 69. Poincare is 53, is
renowned for his eloquence, and has
been a member of many French cab
inets. He is an Immortal. '
W. T. Cooper Transfers His
toric Hotel Property to
Jno. H. Bell.
No Changes In Present Uses of
The Building Are
Aniounced. :-r
W. T. Cooper on Saturday sold to
John H. Bell the Phoenix Hotel
property, for several years ueed as
small, aree, the consideration being
private. The property fronting 54
feet on Main and 127 on Ninth
streets is one of the principal busi
ness corners in the city. The build
ing was long used as a hotel, the
historic old inn still standing, The
upper rooms are used as offices and
the building as a who U a great
revenue producer. Recently 40 feet
was cut off on the east end for the
Rex Theatre, which to not Included
in the transfer.
Mr. Bell safe be benyht the profi
erty as an ia vestment aid ne changes
are contemplated for the present.
OfThe Revolutionary War Tab
' lets Will Be
Tablets Have Arrived 'And' Wni
Be Presented Next
The bronze tablets to commemo
rate the Revolutionary Boldiers
buried in Christian County, many of
them in unmarked graves, have been
r?cpivpd. Tley w?r ordered last
year by the Daughters of the Amer
ican Revolution. Mrs. John R.
Green bung Regent at that time.
the tablets were sent to her. Mrs.
W. R. Howell is the present Regent.
Teere are two tablets 16 by 24
inchPB. One contains 20 names and
the other 19. Each has the follow
ing heading.
Elected By
Col. John Green Chapter,
N. S. D. A. R.
October 1912.
. As a memorial to the Revolution
ary Soldiers Buried in Christ
ian County, Ky.
Capt. Harry Wood.
Lieut. Jonathan Clark.
Sergt. James- Gilmore.
- Charles Thomas
" Samuel Youn glove.
" Thomas Waggoner.
Priv. Henry Brewer.
" John Carter.
" Absalom Nixon.
" Wjlliam Dupuy.
' John Conner.
" Thomad Woosely.
" John Anderson.
" George Barnes.
" William Gray.
" Robt. Watener.
" Thomas Dickinson. ,
" Henry Davis.
" Absalom Franklin.
" John Harlow.
Priv. Dalmoth Johnson.
" Night Knight.
" Joseph Meacham.
" Samuel Jones.
" John Philips.
" Isaac Stroud.
" Matthew Patton.
" Joseph Caskey.
" Isaac Palmer.
" Jsmes Stewart.
" William Warren.
" John Cain.
M William Henry, '
" James Sullenger.
" Robert Warner.
" John Knight.
" Jerry Brewer".
" Samuel Johnson.
" Frances Buckner.
The program for the formal pre
sentation to the city has not been
arranged, but the date will probably
boon Washington's Birthday, Sat
urday Feb. 22. '
Elected Secretary of the Pubr
lie Library, Board.
The board of directors of the pub
lic library met Friday afternoon at
the City Bank and completed its or
ganization by electing John Stitea
Secretaryvand W. T. Tandy Treas
urer. President Rives appointed the fol
lowing committees:
On Constitution and By-Laws W,
T. Tandy and Mrs.T. C. Underwood.
On Buildin Plans Mrs. W. A.
Radford and Ira A. Smith,
The board will get down to busi
ness at once and push the proposed
Cooadlmaa J. J, UetcaJXe leftshk
Merninc fer n stay of' 'three .weeks
m Flertta.
And The Baptist Revival Con-
tinues With Increasing
Dancing The Ttieme of Dr.
Porter's Strong Afternoon
The mass meeting'at the Baptist
church last Sunday-afternoon was
the largest gathering during the (wo
weeks the revival has'. been in pro
gress. Th 8ervic-s -were to begin
.'. 3 .'clock, but Log before that
hour the large auditorium, the Sun
day School room and the gallery
were full. Then chairs were placed
all about the house for those coming
later until every available inch of
space waroccupied and many per
sons failed ta get seats &till and had
to go back home.
When the large.crowd got fairly
settled down, and after a song and
prayer, Dr. Porter read a part of
the 4th chapter of 1st Peter and
chose as his text the 3rd ver3e of the
same chapter. In his opeuing re
marks he stated trtyt he was going
to preach against, and that he
had been a dancer himself, as
well as had all the sons and daught
ers of his father's family. He furth
ermore wanted it understood that
he had seen the evil of it and stopped
dancing some time before he com
menced to preach the Gospel. He
3aid he was xoing to speak plainly
and he did not expect all the dac" g
men and women present to quit aft
er hearing what he had to say, but
he believed that many of them
We would not attempt to give a
synopsis of Dr. Porter's arraignment
of' dancing of any and every kind,
but his hearers will bear us out in
the assertion that it was the most
forcible argument ever heard in this
city. If tpose who heard Sam Jones
and George Stewart in former .years
could recall everything they ever
Slid against dancing and put it all
together, they would have only the
shadow of the way the evangelist
painted it,
There was another big meeting at
night, the church bein: filled .to
oveifhwing There were 7 additions
Sunday, making the total 56. 38 by
confession and 18 by letter. Ot the
38coverls 19 have been baptixed by
Dr. Thompson.
The meeting last night was the
only one yesterday, but two sermors
a day will continue the rest of the
week. The prospects are good for
many more additions.
W. Freedmon's Famous Serum
For Curing the Disease of
Report Submitted To The Sen
ate By President
Washington, Jan. 20. In response
to a recent resolution by Senator
Gore, President Taft has sent to
the senate a report on a new Ger
man tuberculosis serum forwarded
to the state department by Consul
General Thackara. Mr. Thackara
stated that up to November. Dr.
'. F. Friedman, one of the principal
exponents of the new cure.had treat
ed 1,182 cases, most of them success
fully. Dr. Friedman, according to
the report, doea not know whn the
serum can b supplied in America.
Headraoa tout 10,000 poupda of.
freefa meat by boat to OwMuboro to
rUtvc a meat fratae tat wmIt.
On All
On All
On All
On All
On All
Men's and Boys' Knit Underwear,
Table Linens and Napkins,
3-4, 94 and 10-4 Sheeting,
Brown and Bleached Domestic,
Suits and Extra Skirts,
Ladies' and Misses' Coats.
If you want to SAVE MONEY you can
buy goods at MY STORE as CHEAP as
any house in Hopkins ville.
Be Sure and Get My Prices
Before Buying.
I Main Street,
Banking- Facilities
With ample working capital, exceptional collection arrange
ments, and a thoroughly organized office system this bank
has the ability and disposition to extend to its customers
very facility warranted by safe, conservation banking, j
Three per cent interest on Time Certificates of
Nat Gaither, President; J. E. McPherson, CashieM
H. L. McPherson, Asst. Cashier.
Only National Sank In This Communltvi
Capital $75,000.00
Surpiua 26,000.00
Stockholders' Liability 75,000.00
Three Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings and Time Deposit
Capital - -Surplus
- - - -
Give Away' Your Wash Board!
- mwmmrur,R five galbns of guds - -over
the clothes every five minutes.
In twenty minutes your clothes are snowy white and clean!
What it does 'is, actually takes the dirt out, without "rubbing
For Sale By
Hopkinsville, Ky.
Wives, will you please call your
husbands' .attention to this Vacuum
Washing Machine, which is a more;
remarkable discovery, not an inven
tion, than the flying machine. Come
and see it in operation here to-day.
You put it Jn the wash boiler with
clothes, waler and soap
What It Does and How
This Vacuum Washer snrUc im

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