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Hopkinsvillb, Kentucky, Thursday, February 6, 1913.
No 16
Editoriomment AMENDMENT
Mrs. ThreM P. Deems, 32 years
old, agreed In Baltimore court to be
come reconciled with her husband
but refused to "kirn and make up."
Mrs. DeenM Mfd afterward that she
had never ben kissd, not even by
her parents, and that sho would not
kiss her child whom she loved "more
than hr own life," because she did
not believe in kissing.
After Four Years Wait Enough
States Approved Sixteenth
Fiercest of the Assaults Are
Very Much Disturbed In The
Miss Lydakl Garnett Becomes
Bride Of Mr. Hugh W.
School Boys Will Stampede
. Directed Against the Fork
Suffragette Parade In
Novel Way.
ress of Adrianople.
Miss Ommie Thomason, the sixteen-year-old
school girl at Atlanta,
who ran away and married Grady
Walker, has decided to remain in
school two years more and complete
her education. She says her hus
band will help her with her studies
at night and make it easier for her.
A Frenchman claims to have in
vented a new apparatus which is
small and simple and can be carried
rf in a soldier's knapsack, which by
' provoking disturbances in the air
will cause any type of aeroplane to
capsize even if it has ascended to a
height of more than 9.000 feet.
A Frankfort dispatch says John
B. Chilton, warden of the peniten
tiary at Eddy ville, is being pushed
for warden of the State Reforma
tory at Frankfort vice E. E. Mudd,
deceased, A conference was held
yesterday in regard to the matter.
Mr. and Mrs. Finley H. Shepard
sailed away Tuesday to spend the
rest of their honeymoon abroad.
Mrs. SheDard was Miss Helen M.
Gould. They were married two
weeks ago at the bride's home in
Tarrytown, N. Y.
The Standard Oil Co. made anoth
er advance in crude oil Tuesday to
$2 47. The same day a special divi
dend of $40 per sharo on 1,000,000 of
stock was declared, John D. Rocke
feller's part being a little less than
- The City Council of Princeton has
id an ordinance prohibiting
Dlfer skating on the concrete side
After an enforced delay of three or
four weeks, Gov. Dunne, of Illinois,
was inaugurated Monday.
' An Italian aviator, dropded to his
death Monday at a town in Italy.
The Seine river in Paris has reach
ed the danger line.
Four inches of snow fell in Evans
ville Monday.
By Fiscal Court for More In
telligent Farming.
The most far-reaching step toward
intelligent farming was taken by the
Fiscal Court at its adjourned meet
ing last Tuesday morning. The B.
M. A., through Mr. Castleberry, ap
peared before the court and asked
it to appropriate the sum of $1,609
to pay the Balary of a Government
expert to take charge of the business
of testing all fertilizers, seeds for
planting, etc., in this county for one
year. After considering the propo"
sition from tho hour o meeting un
til nearly 12 o'clock, during which
ltime many of the farmers of tho
vcounty and the members of the
court were heard from, the vote was
taken and carried without a dissent
ing voce.
It was tho opinion of everybody
that our farmers are behind the
times in scientific farming. The
Judge of the court and the county
Attorney expressed the same opinion.
Farmers are always too busy to at
tend lectures on agriculture, but
thtw will find that the man who is to
(nme herein March and begin his
duties will prove the wisdom of the
(.nnvt- In rmvtUntr R. DOrSOn WllQ Will
ha pnnmptcnt to direct them in the
. . r""'!-. .... . i 1 i
.inrl nf fort 7.or tllGir JUIIU Iieeuu,
hat their land is best aaapteu ior
He. This means mucnior an iarm
Mr. Faxon Hurt.
John W. Faxon, of Chattanooga,
formerly of this city, was hit by
motocyclo a few days ago and pain
fully Injured.
Democrats Will Pass A Speedy
Law To Enforce
. Measure.
Washington, Feb. 5. Here is the
Sixteenth Amendment to the Con
stitution of the United States, rati
fied Monday:
"Article XVI. The Congress shall
have power to lay and collect taxes
on incomes, from whatever source
derived, with ou t apportionment
among the several States, and with
out regard to any census or enumer
a'ion." Wyoming had the honor of mak
ing the amendment effective. With
in two hours after word was received
that the Wyoming Legislature had
ratified the amendment, a telegram
was received by Senator RichardHon,
of Delaware, Btating that his State
had also ratified the amendment,
and to this was added New Mexico,
making thirty-eight States to act
favorably, Utah and New Jersey
are expected to do the same. Only
thirty-six were needed.
The Democrats tariff makers of
the House and Senate forthwith an
nounced that thby would begin pre
parations at once to enact an income
tax law a3 a part of the Democratic
tariff programme at the coming ex
tra (Session of Congress. Senator
Simmons, of North Carolina, who
will probably be the next chairman
of the Finance Committee, spoke
for the Senate. Representative Hull,
of Tennessee, the income tax expert
of the Ways and Means Committee.
spoke for the House.
Senator Norris Brown, of Nebras
ka, Republican, author of the
amendment, which he introduced in
the Senate on June 17, 1909, with
pardonable pride, announced to the
Senate during the afternoon that
three-fourths of the sovereign States
had ratified it. He congratulated
the Senate and the country on the
result. The amendment will not be
come actually a part of the Constitu
tion until the notice of the ratifi
cation by Wyoming or Delaware has
been formally filed with the Senator
of StatP, which will doubtless be
within a few days.
The Democrats propose to raise
approximately $100,000,000 a year
by the new tax and to graduate it
so that persons of great wealth will
pay at a higher rate.
Congress Legalizes Custom of
Employes of Factories Get
ting Smokes Free.
Washington, Feb. 5. The custom
long followed by cigar manufactur
ers of allowing employes to make
twenty-one cigars a week each for
their own consumption without pay
ing the regular internal revenue tax
upon the product, was legalized by
Congress, when the Senate passed
bill already passed by tho House
amending tho internal revenue laws
in this particular.
Mardi Gras Closes.
New Orleans. Feb. 5. The carni-
val season was brought to a close
last night with the Gorgeous Pageant
of Comua followed by the annual
hall at tho French opera house. The
theme of tho parade was "Mysteries
of Time," for which tales of mythol
ogy furnished an inspiration. Tho
subjects chosen by the Son of Bac
.Una tror. rlnnio.ted in twentv beau-
Ibliu" i,- .
tiful floats.
Some Gunplay Along Tcjiat
alja Lines, But Nothing .
Like Real Battling.
London, Feb 5 The Turks re
main on the defensive at Tchatalji
at Adrainople. The Adrianopie
fortress replies only feebly to the
Bullgarian bombardment and ap
parently no attempt has been made
in the WBy of a sortie.
Constantinople, Feb. 5 The Bull-
ga lans, according to reports receiv
ed !.ist night, are retiring from the
b lrning village of Tchatalja, espe
cially on the left wing. This is re
garded as a strategical movement,
possibly with the idea of drawing
the Turks into the offensive.
The belief is held among military
experts here that no Berious opera
tions are to be expected at Tchatalta
for the present. The condition of
the southern portion of the zone be
tween the lines of the belligerents is
such as to render the movement of
of men impossible. It is little bet
ter than a morass. Only on the high
er ground in the northern region
can the armies come in contact and
it seems improbable that either side
will indulge in an attack in force.
According to the best information
here. Adrianople will be able to re
sist for a long time. Much is expect
ed by competent observers of the
new blood which now is at the head
of both military and civil adminis
trations, burning to avenge the earl
ier defeats, and the enterprise and
the daring of men like Enver Bey,
now for the first time given a chance
it is believed may surprise the allies
Both Occurred On The L. &
N. Last Tuesday
No Injuries Sustained But Al
Of The Trains De
layed. A south-bound freight train was
wrecked on tho L. & N. railroad
Tuesday nicht. At Cedar Hill the
engine, and ten cars left the track
but fortunately nobody was hurt, so
far as we have learned.
The North-bound Dixie Flyer, No
94. due here at 6:53 p. m., also had
an accident at Edgefield junction
The engine, tinder and baggage car
left the track but no one was in
lured. On account of tho wreck at
Cedar Hill, after getting the engine
tender and baggage car on the track
again, tho Dixie Flyer made a de
tour via Bowling Green and arrived
here at 8 o'clock next mining,
eight hours behind time.
TO COST $85,000
Tho final report of the Public
Building Commlttao ratifies the $20,
0Q0 increase in tho cost of-the, Hop
kinsville Public Building, a total
cost of $85,000.
The Sale Of 25,000,000 Pounds
Of Pooled Weed Hangs
Henderson Ky., Feb. 5 Special
session of the grand jury was called
yesterday to thoroughly investigate
the tobacco situation in regard to
the open charges made that the four
big companies doing business here,
which includes the American Tobac-
c Company. Imperial Tobacco Com
pany, Galla.-her Limited and the
Regies, have combined in restraint
pf trade and for this reason the
sale of the 25 000,000 pounds of to-
b:cco of the Stemming District To
bacco Association has not been ef
fected. All day they were in session,
and nmong those summoned were
Wm. Elliott, manager of big pool;
James N. Banks, Tobacco Tidings
editor; Edwin Bemerly, American
TobaccDCo.,; C.F. Nosworthy and A
B. Harris, Independent buyers, and
Henry Barrett and prominent finan
ciers of Henderson. Each was kept
before the bodv from one to two
hours, At 5 o'clock they adjourned
and reported that it would take all
day today to complete their work,
but it is believed that indictments
will be returned. Commonwealth's
Attorney Sam V. Dixon has openly J
stated that he will fight the case
hard in event of indictments.
Much' interest has been aroused
over investigation.
Thomas Gallagher, one of the
largest independent buyers in the
world, will arrive here from Ireland,
Edwin Hodge, Imperial buyer, of
Richmond. Va , will also arrive to
day. The meeting of the Stemming
District Tobacco Association and the
buyers wa's postponed. There was
little change in the situation. Some
believe that Mr. Gallagher is con
sulting with head officials of the Im
perial Tobacco Company, and that
there will be a better offer when he
Freak Bill.
Jefferson City, Mo., Feb. 5. Rep
resentative Hay, of Butler County
introduced in the Legislature to-day
a bill prohibiting women from wear
ing dresses that button up the back
unless the buttons be as large as a
dollar. The bill provides for a fine
of $1 to $3 with a jail sentence for
persistent offenders.
Two Are Killed.
Middlesboro, Ky., Feb. 4. Miss
Maud Poore, aged fourteen years,
was killed early yesterday morning
by a freight engine at Gravity.
Miss Alice Fortune was also killed
by a switch engine in the L. & N.
freight yards.
Ladd and Lass.
James B, Ladd, a young man 23
years old, and Lucy B. Clymer, aged
14, who worked in a Bowling Green
laundry, eloped to Clarksville and
were married.
Died In Caldwell.
Mr L, A. Hopson, aged 61, died
at Hopson'a Store, Tuesday. 'Ho
was a brother of W. J. Hopson, the
Grocey met chant, and leaves a widow
and five children.
W. C. T. U.
The Women's Christian Tompar
anco Union will moot thia afternoon
at 3:80 o'clock, at the MathflUJgt
Get your Jub Printing done at this
After A Bridal Trip To Florida
The Happy Couple Will
One of the prettiest home wed
dings for some time was celebrated
yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock
when Mr. Hugh Walter Linton led
to the altar Mis3 Lydabel Garnett,
ttiird daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Walter F. Garnett.
Th? marriage took place at the
home of the bride's parents, Rev
C. M. Thompson officiating, Only
the members of the families and
closest friends witnessed the cere
mony. The bride is a young lady of more
than ordinary mental attainments,
of attractive personality and has
hosts of friends. The groom is a
rising young member of the Hop
kinsyille bar. He came to this city
f rum Elkton about four or five years
ago. tie is the senior member of
the firm of Linton & Clark. Mr,
Linton has been a close student of
the law and those who know him
best predict for him brilliant success
in hi3 profession. He is secretary of
the Athenaeum Liberary Society.
Mr. and Mrs. Linton took the 5:32
L & N. train for Nashville, where
they spent the night, resuming their
jiurney to Jacksonville, Florida, this
morning. On their return from
Florida they will room and board
with Mr. and Mrs, L. L. Elgin, 523
Eisc Ninth street.
xne briaal. presents were numer
oua and handsome.
Kentuckian Inaugurates Great
Subscription Contest Today
-Valuable Prizes
To Be Awarded Two Costly Pi
ianos and Four Genuine
For the purpose of extending its
circulation the Kentuckian this week
inaugurate a great subscription
contest in which two fine pianos and
four genuine diamond rings will
be awarded to ladies of the city and
county. On another page of this
issue is published full particulars
and conditions of the contest, and
the prizes to be awarded are of such
good value that every lady n the
city and county should be interested
in the showing in the distribution.
Read tho conditions of the contest
and if you are interested clip the
nomination blank, fill in the name of
yourself or a friend and send to the
Kentuckian office at once. Anybody
may secure an elegant piano or a
sparkling d.amond without one pen
ny ot cost, btart at once to sao
your friends, ask them to aid you by
voting for you. Don't wait, bagin
Miss Annie Cace is visiting in i'a
Will Liberate Thousands Of
Mice Among The Ladies
On The March.
Washington, Feb.5 Scrampering-
rats and mice, relied upon by college
students to stampede the suffragist
parade on March 3 and the unusual
demand for such animals wa3 ex
plained today when the plot that has
spread through virtually every col-
ege in the capital, was discovered.
The collegians intend, it was learn
ed, to pose their forces along the
ength of Pennsylvania avenue, and
at a prearranged signal dash into
the marching line with handbags or
parcels containing the mice, shak
ing them out into the street. They
anticipate the greatest display of
hosiery and lingerie ever seen.
When the plot was discovered the
suffragist leaders were dismayed.
Appeal to the police has been made
and Commissioner Rudolph has
promised protection. The police.
however, cannot make arrests until
after the mice have been liberated.
and the women fail to see that
arrests will remedy the situation.
Woman Legislator's Plan.
Salt Lake City, Utah. To prevent
the propagation of criminals, im
beciles and others whose mental or
physical condition might tend to pre
vent the advancement of the race, a
bill has introduced in the Utah
House or Representatives by Dr.
Jane W. Skolfield. It provides for
a State Bureau of Eugenics to gov
ern marriages and for the steriliza
tion of the unfit.
If the bill becomes a law a certifi
cate of physical and mental fitness
must be obtained before a marriage
license will be issued.
Dead Letter Sale.
The United States is $10,861 richer
through the carelessness of people
who neglected to place return ad
dresses on mail. The annual "dead
letter sale" at Washington netted
that sum. An unmounted diamond
of more than three karats went for
Articles of every description were
sold after being displayed to buyers,
the lottery feature of selling the
parcels unopened having been eli
Paducah Board of Trade to
Help Out With Kitty League
Paducah, Ky., Feb. 5.-The Padu
cah Board of Trade probably will
assist in taking care of a Paducah
Kitty League club this season. The
members of the Phoenix Athletic
Club, holders of the franchise, say
that they are willing to turn over
the franchise. The fans want base
ball, and so do the business men, be
cause of the advertising that the
city receives. It is proposed to
raise a fund of $2,000 in order to
Btart the season.
Crushed To Death.
Detroit, Mich., Fab. 5. -Three
man were killud and six sariou-iv in
jurd lata yastardgy when a wn tin
water gat dropped iuto & t-n ?h
wbara the man vmc workup ut
Charlevoix ami Garland avenue.
Of Um tajured several may die
N ar!y all fth vrt na were r
eign laborers,

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