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jjfcpkinsville Kentuckian.
rWkbd Erery Other Day,
r, Thursday and Saturday
Mornings, dy
ftt ft Hopklnarilta Poitoffice M Btettnl
CteM Mull Matter.
ONE YEAR $2.00
JMvwtisIng Kotos on Applications
Wo are authorized to annocnce
Ma candidate for jailer, of Chri -
tian county, subject to tho action of
tfeo Democratic party, in tho official
primary election August 2, 1913.
We are hereby authorized to an
who is now in the employ of Forbes
Hfg Co., as a candidate for sheriff
of Christian county, subject to the
action of the Democratic primary
election August 2, 1913.
"We are authorized to announce
geo. w. Mcknight
of Howell, as a Democratic candi
date for County Assessor, subject to
the action of the primary election
August 2,1913.
We are authorized to announce
County Court Clerk, as a candidate
for renomination, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic party in the
primary election of August 2, 1913
Miss Helen Hutchcraft, of Paris,
Ky now a senior at Wellesly Col
lege, has volunteered to devote her
life to foreign missionary work.
President-elect Wilson has an
nounced that he will call Congress to
meet in special session Tuesday,
April 1. Gov. Wilson added: "Every
body is agreed that there should
be currency reform as soon as posi-ble."
Old Gen. Diaz, who is in Egypt, is
ouc in an interview patting his blood
thirsty nephew Felix Diaz on the
back and giving the monster, Huer
ta, a testimonial as the right man to
suppress "brigancage," He fur
ther sas he is ready to respond to
the call of his country in the event
of "foreign complications."
Mrs. Vast Frit Liki Crying
Wallace, Va. Mrs. Mary Vert, of
this plate says, ' I hadn't been very
well for three years, and at last was
taken bad. I could not stand on my
feet, I had such pains. I ached all
over. I felt like crying all the time.
Mother insisted on my trying Car
dui. Now I feel wall, and db nearly
all my housework." . No medicine
for weak and ailing women has been
as successful as Cardui. It goes to
tho spot, relieving pain and distress,
and building up womanly strength,
in a way that will surely please you.
Only try it once.
KatherlnVa Klndntw.
Kathcrlno is two and a half yoara
old. Ilor father camo homo one after
noon, after working throo days and
throo nights at high pressure, with al
most no sloop. Ho lay down with too
feeling that ho did not want to wake
up for a weok. Half an hour later,
from tho depths of his dreams, ho
heard a Bmall, cloar voice: "Fathorl"
Tho sloepor stirred and turned hi
head on tho pillow.
"Father! Father!"
Ho stirred and moaned.
"Father! , Father!"
Ho struggled and resisted and floun
dered, and finally raised his eyelids
liko a man lifting heavy weights. He
saw Kathcrlno smiling divinely beside
his couch.
"Father! Father!"
"What is it, daughter?"
"Father, are you having a nice
napT" Youth's Companion.
Another Big Extra
Vote Offer
It Brings Them Down.
Courtland Field Bishop, who is an
expert in airmanship In all its
branches, smiled at a dinner in Lenox
over Grahame White's contemplated
trans-Atlantic flight by hydro-aeroplane.
"Tho mere discussion of Buch a
flight," ho said, "makes tho young
lady's joko about flying seem true and
"'I can't understand tho attraction
of flying an elderly man said to this
young lady.
"Sho answered, smiling demurely:
"'Don't you think it must be tho
attraction of gravitation?'"
Preferred Locals.
See J. H. Dagg for contracting
building and general repair work of
all kind-. Phone 476
Fully Explained.
Every now nnd again somo individ
ual arises to tell us Why We Are,
and What Wo Are, and How We
Know Why We Are, and. How Wo Are
What Wo Know, and What We Would
Be if We Weren't, and What, Precise
ly, Areness Is, also Wereness, and
Why Wo Aren't What We Mightn't
Have Been if We Weren't, and other
simple and entrancing facts. Such
an individual Is called a philosopher.
Bulletin, Sidney.
To cure your bogs of cholera,
Satisfaction guaranted.
Oak (rove, Ky , R. R. 2
No Need To Stop Work.
When the doctor orders you to
Etop work it staggers you. I 'can't,
'you say. You know you are weak,
run down and failing in health day
by day, but you must work as long
as you can stand. What you need
is Electric Bitters to give tone,
strength and vigor to your sy3tem.
to present break down and build
you up. Don't be weak, sickly or
ailing when E'ectric Bitters . will
benefit you from the first dose.
Thousands tless them for their glor
ious health and strength. Try them.
Every bottle is guaranteed to satis
fy. Only 50c, at Ajl Drujgiste.
Advertise ment.
Made His Blessing Retroactive.
Tho father of a family who had
been Btrlvlng to bring up his children
in tho way they should go was very
much nnnovod at his son's uncouth
habit of helping himself to a few bites
before grace had been said. Tho
Ete'reotyped form called for: "A bless
lne on what wo are about to eat,"
but one occasion being particularly
exasperating, he astounded tho young
man by adding to his petition, "and
on that which has already been
Surprise Your Friends
For four weeks regularly use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They stimu
late the liver, improve digestion, re
move blood impurities, pimples and
eruptions disappear from jour face
and body and you feel better. Be
gin at once. Buy at All Druggists.
Advertisement. ,
Humane Frenoh Burglars.
Humano burglars broke Into the
shooting box of M. Lindot, president
of tho Paris Law society, at Fosso
Mousson and after ransacking tho
placo carefully destroyed traps and
snaros for animals which they found
there. On a wall where tho traps had
bees hanging they scrawled tho
words: "Bo kind to animals or elso
wo will return."
Realizing that the Kentuckian' Piano and Diamond Contest is drawing: to
a close, the contest manager desires to impress upon you the necessity for per
sistent and energetic work this week while you still have an opportunity to
secure extra votes. The extra vote offer, for this week, is 2,500 extra votes
with each and every dollar turned in on subscriptions, either new or old. This
offer will close Saturday night, March 1, and will not be extended or repeattp,
and at no time duriner the remainder of the contest will a larger offer be made.
Take advantage of this big of f er. Don't let the week pass without rolliri!
up x uig icsei vc vuic. ucuci sccuic ciicz. vuics iiuw uiau nav tu secure extra
subscriptions the last week when the votes will be much less. Work with a de
termination to win. Ask everyone, as vou can never know who will irive vou a
" " CT J
subscription. . They often come from unexpected sources; for this reason you
should ask all. Work and your frieijds will work for you.
Make This Your Most Active Week. Remember the Time is
Short and the Opportunity is Great.
How The Prizes Will Be Awarded.
In order to equalize competition, the territory covered by the Ken
tuckian has been divided into four districts, 2 in the city and 2 in the
county outside of the city. One piano will be awarded the lady residing
in the city receiving the highest number of votes, and one piano will be
awarded the lady, residing in the 'county, outside of the city, who re
ceives the highest number of votes. There is no competition between the
ladies of the city and county for any of the prizes.
A diamond ring will be awarded the leader of each district, after the
pianos have been awarded. The ladies securing the pianos cannot receive
a diamond ring as no contestant will receive more than one prize.
The, contest manager reserves the right to reject any nomination for
cause and to decide any question that may arise and his decision "shall be
final. , .
How Votes Can Be Secured
No votes will be sold, and can only be secured by gathering up the
free vote coupons and by securing subscriptions, to the Kentuckian The
number of votes allowed with subscriptions is published herewith
Price of Kentuckian and Number of
Votes Allowed With New Subscript
finp vpnr S 9 fin SRfth imtaa OA oi. " .1 1 .
Division of Districts
One year... . 2.00., 3500 votes 24 and endintr Saturrlav nio-lif Afnr
m . X . I " " oi
xwo years i.uu. . youu
Three years 6.00.. 16500
Four years 8.00. .24500
i Five years 10.00 . . 33500
Ten years 20.00.. 88500
For the last week, commencincr
Still Have to Be Caught.
Thero aro as good fish in tho sea as
ever wero caught, but few of them are
likely to try to crawl up Into your lap.
The territory covered by the Kentuckian has been divided into four
districts, as follows:
DISTRICT NO. 1. All of the city of Hopkinsville north of Seventh
DISTRICT NO. 2. All of the city of Hopkinsville south of Seventh
DISTRICT NO. 3. All of the territory in the county outside of the
city, north of the Cadiz Road and Fairview Pike.
DISTRICT NO. 4. All of the territory in the county outside of the
city, south of the Cadiz Road and Fairview Pike.
Contestants must enter the contest in the district in which they re
side, but may secure subscriptions anywhere, regardless of district limita
tions, You do not have to be a subscriber to nominate a candidate. You
can nominate yourself or a friend without cost. Just clip the nomination
blank, on this page, fill in the name of the person you wish to nominate
and send it to this office.
1, the following number of votes
will be allowed:
One year $-2.00.. 4500 votes
votes : Two years 4.00.. 10500 votjL
1 hree years. . . . 6.00. . 17500 vote?-
JT i i r i . . .
mar. i i ana enamg Saturday night,
Mar. 22, the following number of .
votes will be allowed:
i .
One year $ 2.00.. 3000 votes
.Two years 4.00 . 9000 votes
Three years .... 6.00 . . 16000 votes
Four years 8.00.. 24000 votes
Five years 10.00.. 33000 votes
Ten years 20.00.. 88000 votes
One-half above number of votes
will be allowed with renewal sub
scriptions. x
Contestants will note that the vote
schedule decreases each week, and
readily see the advantage in starting
at once.
For the week commencing Feb.
Four years 8.00.. 25500 votes
Five years 10.00.. 34500 votes
Ten years 20.00.. 89500 votes
For the week commencing Mar. 3
and ending Saturday night, Mar. 8,
the following number of votes will
be allowed:
One year S 2.00.. 4nnn vntaa
Two years 4.00.. 10000 vnrm
Three years .... 6 00 . . 17000 votes
Four years .... 8.00. .25000 vote
Five years. 10.00. .34000 votes
Ten years 20.00.. 89000 vnfp
For the week commencing AT.ivph
10 and ending Saturday night, Mar.
lb, tneiollowing number of vofoo
will be allowed:
Children Cry
Wllil. l ball Near Ila.lnru. A trUl Will
muo yon our peruuueut cuuoiucr.
DflTi rollprrlna Bnufc, iiTititt,t.
mm Tine-
Dr. King's New Discovery.
Soothes irritated throat and 1 ungs,
stops chronic and hacking cough,
relievts tickling throat, tastes nice.
Take no other; once used, always
used. Buy it at all druggists.
mid fliwut I Turtle. TlDleiHllliOl.s. ( Ml
ties 1 10 rtfr, biu ni TanellM la all.
Write to-day; Mention this Paper.
ln.trncllr. Beautiful liredasd J'Unt UooV,
A ... .. tiMU anrr.ri turtr J
fl, p. WrCCTW, aocKxoTft.m.
Quick Business Transaction.
Whllo a flock of sheen wnn hnlnc
driven along tho Glasgow and Carlisle
road, noar tho town of Lockerbie.
Scotland, tho other day. a motor ran
Into It, killing threo. Tho motorist at
onco drow up, Inquired as to tho coat
of tho Bhoep, paid for them, bado the
Bhophord "apod-day," and wont on hla
way, tho wbolo atTalr being tho work
ot a few minutes.
For Infants and CMldreo.
Tli KM YmHiyi Always luckl
Prizes On Display at Planters' Hardware
Co. and R. C Hardwick's Jewelry Store.
One of the pianos to be awarded in this contest is on display at the Planter
Hardware Store, Cor- Main and 10 th Sts. Those interested should call at this
store and see this elegant instrument. They were purchased of the Hardin &
Miller Music Co., of Evansville, and are fully guaranteed by this reliable firm.
This firm is represented in Hopkinsville by J. W. Lawson. The diamonds were
niirrlia.Qpi4 nf R. CL Hardwick and are guaranteed bv thi fivm
w - - o j w tituii M. llxzy GLTQ On
display at Hardwick's. Call and see them.
Hopkinsville Kentuckian
Saars tk$

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