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promptly, and not mlaa a rnai
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require tatncriptloni to b
paid In advance.
tloued cold Saturdajr.
Vol. xxxv
No 26
Editorial Comment'
Dr. F. F Friedmann, the German
pfeyakfaM whose cure for tubercu
losa ft W be tested by thta govern
ment, ;-k mAy 96 yers old and an
ftlumflDi ofylfcclin University. Hia
brother is a physician in Colorado
Springs, Colo.
Marcellina Leon, aged 1(5, who
forced the courts to allow her to
marry a man 82 years old at Los
Angeles, over the opposition of her
children, lived only five days after
her marriage,
Judge D. B. Redwine, of tfce
Breathitt Circuit, died Tuesday at
Hot Springs, Ark., where he had
gone for his health. He was chair
man of Goebel convention in 1899.
Senora Madero, widow of the late
president, holds life insurance
policies amounting to several hun
dred thousand dollars, taken out
with the American companies.
The President of Venezuela hand
ed Castro a hot one Thursday. He
answered a Cuban inquiry with the
message: "Castro does not warrant
the honor of being watched."
Beulah Miller, a ten year-old girl
at Warren, R. L, has developed re
markable powers as a clairvoyant,
that are attracting the attention of
A young man named Kendall, iu
Calloway county, stoned Dr. Tyree
from ambush because the doctor's
automobile scared his mule a few
days before.
Plans for a four year expedition
fii depart f6r the arctic region next
May were outlined this week by
Stefansson, discoverer of the blond
A cheap suit case containing a live
,haby was left on a train at Evans-
re. It is being cared for and the
parents can set it by calling for it.
The item appropriating 256 100
for free seeds to be sent out by con
gres3men was stricken from the ap
propriations bill in the Senate.
Seventeen Zapata rebels captured
eight miles from Mexico City by
Gen. Vargas were summarily shot,
James A-.. Moff ett, vice president
of the Standard Oil Company, died
at Palm Beach, Fla , Wednesday.
Hon. N. W. Utley is a candidate
for representative from Lyon coun
ty. "
Four auto bandits in Paris have
been sentenced to the guillotine.
Stanley will succeed James on the
Ways and Means Committee.
President Taft yesterday vetoed
the Webb prohibition bill.
Off For Washington.
Mrs. Douglas Graham, chaperone,
and Misses Mary McCarley, .of Pem
broke, and Hazel Petrie, of Fair-
view, the latter two ladies being the
winners in the late Pembroke Jour
nal contest, are to leave to-day for
Washington City to witness the in
auguration of Woodrow Wilson as
President. Miss Ruby, Alexander, a
sister of Mrs. Graham, will join the
L. l. oj-f Lt in un m.
party at iiinciiwmii uu
them until they return home;
Three or fo days will be spent In
Mrs. Fears la Cadiz.
Mother Lehman, of Louisville, and
Mrs. E. B. Fears, of this city, have
been in Cadiz this week on prison re
form work, Their work ia to look
after persona who have been In the
jails a&d pftetiari of the coun
try, and to ukfrist them in getting
Employment and look after their
moral and social surroundings after
they have been liberated,
New Nfckels This Week.
Washington, Feb. 2G.-The now
nickel of Indian head and buffalo
design will be put into general cir
culation Saturday,
Looks Like To-day
Day Than Last Saturday.
Contestants Should Watch The
- They are working this week. Con
testants in all thn districts are busv
and by the end of to day many sub
scriptions will have been received at
this office. The contest manager is
too busy to write a long contest story
for this issue. Watch the next issue
District No. 1, All of the terri
tory in the city of Hopkinsville North
of Seventh street.
Suzan Moss'. 128.300
Arnes Perry 121.100
Evelyn Perkins. .104,650
Mary Belle Page ( 99,700
Annie Pierce....... f 92.000
Olivia Hisgen 82.650
Mrs. Chas. F. Shelton 67,900
Eula Mullins 48.600
District No. 2 -All territory in
the city, of Hopkinsville South of
Seventh street.
Mrs. Laura Foard 123.850
Bessie Carter 96.900
Louise Fox .....92,900
Myrtie.Eaulkner 92 250
Dena Wright 89.300
Belle Williams ; 82 850
Emma Leigh Cowherd 39 300
District No. 3 All of the terri
tory, in the county outside of the
city, north of the Cadiz Road and
Fairview Pike.
Ethel LayneT Fairview 10S.900
This coupon when properly filled out and sent to the Kentuckian,
will entitle the lady whose name appears thereon to 100 free votes.
Have your friends save them fcr you. Trim neatly. Do not fold.
Comes to Young Mashers, Land
ing Them in Jail.
Misses Flora McElroy, Margaret
Gomer and Lina Gomer, whose
homes are on the West side, were
uv.i;uoicu xiiuicuuj cciiiij uj mu
young traveling men giving their
names as E. B. Littlepage and G. B.
Rush and when the party reached a
point opposite W. D. Ennis, on Sev
enth street, one of the girls went in
to Mr. Ennis' home and called the
police, charging that Littlepage had
naulted her. Lieut. Hawkins and
Officer Anderson later arrested the
young men in a pool room and thq
young women swore out warrants
against thetn "for unlawfully de
tainlnga woman. They spent the
night in tho lockup and yesterday
waived examination, after retaining
attorneys, and Judge Wood held
them over under bonds of $750 each
which had not been given at 3:30
p. na.
Two of the young women are op
erators at the telephone exchange.
One of the young men, it is said,
did not give his real name. Each of
them is apparently about 22 years of
The young women testified btfore
the grand jury yesterday.
Will Be A Bigger
Paper Each Week And Keep
Something Doing. s
of the Kentuckian for an announce
ment of interest to all. Indications
now are that today will be busier
than last Saturday. Every day is
a busy day now and will be till the
close. Keep an eye on the race,- and
watch them run.
Mm. J. H. Fuller R 8 in? Qfift
Bessie Myers, Crofton lOl.SOtf'
Sammie Hill, Gracey 42.300
Goldie Armstrong, S R 3 28.400
Vernie Gates, Fruit Hill 26.600
Hortense Boyd, R. R. 6 26,400
District No. 4. All the territory
in the county outside of the citv.
south of the Cadiz Road and Fajr
view Pike.
Beatrice Taylor, LaFayette.. 132.600
Myra Word, R. 3 131.300
Ora Summerhill, Oak Gove,. 122.950
Sarah Davie, Oak G. R. 2 . 112.350
Mrs. Josie Daniel 108 900
Mary Green, R 5...., 104,200
Myrtle Gray, Pern., R. 2.... 102.100
Mabel Wolfe, Herndon 101.20b
Mary Quarles, Howell, .100,600
Mary D. Nichols, Oak G. R. 1.98,800
Mary Jones, R. 3 96.400
Rubye Stroube, Oak G R. 2.89,750
Kathleen Hall. R. 4 82.900
FrancPsPace, R 3 78.600
Richie Williams 76.400
Mabel Maddux, Gracev,.R. 3. 62.600
Katherino Jones, R, 4. 35.875
Florence Knight, R. 3 29.600
Cordelia Cross, Oak Grove . . .26.700
VOTES - 100
Captures Prize In a National
Literary Contest.
The T. A. Magazine recentlv of
fered prizes in a story contest and
awards have been made as, follows
from a large number of contestants:
First Prize Miss Irma Grace Olm-
atead, Glenside, Pa., $25.
Second Prize Mis3 Eula Richards,
920 So. Main St., Hopkinsville, Ky ,
Third Prize Mrs. Gisela D. Britt,
949 Beach Ave., St. Louis, Mo., $10.
Several Btories were submitted
which could not be considered as
they did not comply with the condi
tions of the contest.
The First Prize Story appears in
the February Issue of the Magazine,
and tho Second and Third Prize
Stories will appear in subsequent is
sues. Mise Richards is a daughter of Mr.
Henry C. Richards, the well known
and popular traveling man, of this
city. Her friends are proud of her
success as a atory writer and will
await with interest the appearance
of her prize story.
Miss Minnie Yonts left yesterdav
for New York to study spring styles
of lauita gowns.
Of H. M. Dalton Stone -Co. and
Change of Name.
Recently there has been a reor
ganization of the' H. M. -Dalton
Stone Co. This company since the
death of H. M. Dalton, five or mere
years ago, has had its general office
at Evansville, Ind. Mr. C. P. White,
a man of considerable wealth, has
lately taken more active charge and
tffected a nrw organization and the
name has been changed to that of
The Kentucky Crushed Stone Com
pany." Mr. White's home is at
Boonvi le, Ind. We are reliably in
formed that the company will begin
active operations about the middle
of Marc'i, or as soon ns weather con
ditions become favorable. The com
pany's quarry, between the river
jind the Greenville road, East of the
city, consists of splendid blue lime
stone and the company has never had
any trouble disposing of every car of
stone it has crushed, the railroad us
ing moat of it for ballast. The de
mand here for crushed and pulver
ized stone last year was far in excess
of the local supply, and consequent
ly a great quantity was shipped in
from, Princeton, Cerulean and other
Building operations here this year
will be far in excess of 1912 and the
demand for crushed and pulverized
stone will be correspondingly great
er, but it is probably that the rail
roads will take most, if not all, of,
the output of the Kentucky Stone
Co. If that be so, the local demand
must be supplied entirely from the
local company's quarries east of the
city, near the Nashville pike.
The Kentucky Crushed Stone Com
pany, we learn, is preparing to com
mence active operations in a short
time. The company, when running
at full capacity, can give employ
ment to about 150 men and they pay
good wages. Mostly colored people
are employed. The big whistle has
not been heard for a long time and
tne colored population will rejoice
to hear its welcome sound in the
early morning hours. about two
weeks hence.
Atlanta Scene of a Killing Of
A Chicago Man.
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 25. J. A. Ad
plebaums, aged 48, a traveling sales
man from Chicago, was mysterious
ly shot to death in his room aa
downtown hotel here today. Three
shots, two in the right arm and one
in the chest, caused death. The
body was found in the bath room of
of the apartment by the clerk. T. P.
inomson, wno nurned to tne room
in a response to a call.
Accoraing to lhomson s story, as
he started to climb.the steps to the
second story. Mrs. Applebaum came
rushing down stairs and fell fainting
into his arms. He said he thought
the Bhots were fired after she had
left her husband's room.
Mrs. Applebaums is held by the
police pending an investigation.
The Applebaums, the police learn
ed, quarreled frequently and about
a month ago the woman swallowed
poison in an attempt to commit sui
cide while in a jealous rage.
Physicians Representing United
States Investigate Tuber
culosis Cure.
Now York, Feb. 27. Physicians
representing- the
Federal govern-
ment conferred today
with Dr.
Frederick F, Friedmann, the Berlin
specialist, who arrived here Tuesday
bringing his much-discussed treat
ment for tuberculosis. Dr. Fried
mann has given tho government
samples of his culture for testing.
Dr. Milton Foster, of the Public
Health and Marino Hospital service,
and Dr. John F. Anderson, director
of the Hygienic Laboratory at Wash
ington, were those who called on the
German physician.
Judge Hanhery To Open Court
, At Princeton Next
x Monday.
Jury Dismissed Yesterday at
1 O'clock Until Tuesday
lt is most probable that the first
five and a half-days of the present
term of Circuit Court exceeds for
depatching of business all others up
to the first term of Judge Hanbery.
When court opened last Monday
morning, after selecting the petit
jury and the grand jury and in
structing the latter, the docket
showed ninety Commonwealth cases,
including five appearances to be dis
posed of. A little after 10 o'clock
things were moving along as if court
had been in session for a week. The
Judge said yesterday that when
court finally adjourns the docket will
be entirely cleaned up
At 10 -o'clock yesterday the jury
was discharged until Tuesday morn
ing at 9 o'clock. v
juage nanuery win rest up couay
T 1 TT t !! L
and tomorrow. The Governor wired
htm that as Judge Gordon would go
to the inauguration, he wanted him
to go to Princeton Monday and open
Judge Gordon's court, continuing
every case that cou'd not be dis
po3ed of until the next regular term.
Prosecuting Attorney Smith has
been here since Tuesday but has not
been physically able to do much
Bennie Herrin wa3 tried for wilf u
murder, the jury finding him gulity
He will be given an indetermin
ate sentence .of 2 to 21 years.
ine u. & jn. K. K. uo, was prose
cuted on the charge of maintaining
a commog nuisance. The company
had dug ditch on its property at
Kelly, as was proven. But on mo
tion of Judge Bush the case was dis
missed on a demurrer.
In the case of the Commonwealth
V5. Lester Harris on the charge of
shooting at without wounding an
other with intent to kill, the charge
was reduced to shooting in sudden
heat and passion and the defendant
accepted a fine of $100.
There were four indictments
against Malvin Jordan for violation
of the Sabbath day. etc. He agreed
to pay $15 in each case and $25 costs.
In the case against Miles Cotton,
Dalton Young, Ed Young and Roy
Young, charged with banding them
selves togetner tor intimidating, in-
jurying and disturbing others, the
first was dismissed and the others
were fined from $50 to $100 each.
Report In Settlement Out of
100 Made By Sheriff.
Sheriff Low Johnson sent Deputy
Jewell Smith to Frankfort a few
days since to make a settlement with
the Auditor. Christian County's
Sheriff enjoyB the distinction of sub
mitting the neatest as well as the
most perfect account presented out
of one hundred. It balanced to
Mr. J. B; Walker to Be Operat
ed on By Dr. Fort.
Mr. j. a. walker was taken to
Nashville yesterday for a consulta
it 111. T"V W-k V- m
iion wun ur. "K. a. iort, ror a
chronic trouble from which he has
been a sufferer for some time. Ho
will be placed in an infirmary there.
Mrs. Edgar Bradshaw is spending
the week with her daughter, Mrs
Edgar Reynolds, at Julian.
Sold to E. D. Jones, Furniture,
Etc., Included.
A deal was closed Wednesday
night, whereby Mr. E. D. Jones be
comes the owner of the handsome
South Main residence lately occu
pied by Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Edwards.
t is said that possession will be giv
en at once. The consideration is
private. As Mr. Jones has been
talking for some time of moving to
the city to spend the remainder of
his life, it is presumed that he -will
move as soon as his business arrange
ments will permit. Mr. Jones not
only bought the house, but also the
furniture, etc.
Mr. Jones said not long ago: "Hop
kinsville is my town and I love it,
and I have always done everything
for it I could.."
There is no citizen of the county
who has contributed more liberally
than Mr. Jones for every enterprise
looking toward the upbuilding and
general prosperity of the city. His
checks have always carried big fig
ures for everything that he sub
scribed to, and everybody will glad
ly welcome him and his excellent
family to the city. When the war
closed, after having served in tho
Confederate army when a mere boy,
he came to Kentucky and began life
as a farmer, saving his earnings,
working always, he soon became a
land owner himself. He has been a
successful business man and is the
third largest taxpayer in the county.
May his city life be happy and his
years many.
Enters The Contest For Sheriff
on Democratic Ticket.
Jewell W. Smith, son of former
Sheriff David Smith, is announced a3
a candidate for the Democratic nom
ination for Sheriff of Christian- coun
ty, subject to the action of the prim
ary election in August.
Mr. Smith is a young man of 27
years of age and is especially well
qualified for this office. He served
two years under his father and has
been chief deputy for more than
three years under Sheriff Low John
son and has had charge of the re
sponsible work of making the annual
settlements. He understands the
duties of the office thoroughly, is
popular, energetic, active and effi
cient. He has a wide acquaintance
all over the county and, young as he
is, has already become a leader in
the Democratic party. He is a mem
ber of the Elks and is First Lieuten
ant of Company D., with seven or
eight years' of faithful services as a
soldier. Keep your eye on. JeweU
Constable Charged With Ac
cepting Bribe In Official
The trial of Thos. S. Winfree-,
charged with accepting a bribe in an
official capacity, was called before
Judge Hanbery Wednesday. After
hearing the testimony the jury was
dismissed until Thursday morning.
When the jurymen took their stats
Thursday morning, after having
been instructed by the Judge, they
were Bent to their room to arrive at
a verdict, the counsel on both sides
having agreed to submit the case
without argument. In 30 minutes
they returned a verdict of "Not
Mr. Winfreo is now Berving his
sixth year as constable and a few
weeks ago received his commission'
as Game Warden for this county
He has the reputation of being an
excellent officer and a good collect
Sneed GoesFree.
John Beal Sneed, wealthy Texas
ranch owner, wus today declared not
guilty of the murder of Al B .yce,
Jr., at Amarillo T-xlasr vtem

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