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HoPiiNsviiiLE, Kentucky, Saturday, July 5, 1913.
No 79
Current Gommewt.
Actinic Gov. McDermott was called
feoM frem Frapkfdrt bytW serious
hM of his wife Wedneertey. She
underwent an operation and her con
dlBon is favorable.
Three Smith boys in Lojan boun
ty, who dug into some graves while
hswg a groundhog, have been 1 o d
under a $700 bund for desecrating a
graveyard. 1
John Castle, at Evansville, paid
for a $2,000 automobile w i t h a
worthless check and rode off in it i
Castle was seen at Sturgis, Ky..
and the automobile held.
Jeff Livingston; a millionaire of
Cincinnati, is alleged to hayo paid
Madeline Albers, 25,000 in settle
ment of a seduction suit.
A carnival show monkey at Bowl
ing Green attacked a, child and bit it
severely on the 1 g.
Former President W. H. Taft has
lost 40 pounds since he left the pu
dental office. He and his fsm 1 tire
summering in Canada. "
Hannibal, Mo., has changed the
name of i's principal street to Mark
Twain avenue.
Henry Kirves stood a supreme
test' of honesty in EvansviUe. He
found an ice man's bank book on the
street with S200 in bills between the
leaves, and returned the money.
The grateful ice man will no doubt
see that Henry's cake hereafter
weighs a hundred' pounds.
Mis3 Jessie Wilson, who is to wed
a Pennsylvania lawyer and former
Harvard football player, is the Pres
ident's second daughter and is 24
years old.
At Gettysburg July 3, 150"surviv
ors of Pickett's 5000 men re-enacted
the famous charge, following a Con
federate flag, but -instead of being
siot to death were almost talked to
death by long winded orators at the
t p of the slope. 4
If the Kentucky Legislature wi'l
pass a law to protect elk the Nation
al Government will give a herd' to
the State, it is stated.
Samuel Stevens Sands, stepson of
William K, Va'nderbilt, was killed in
an automobile accident near West
Hampton, L. I.
At Youngstown, Ohio, five Lallans
made an unsuccessful attempt to
kidnap a girl who had refused to
marry one of them. She escaped
with torn clothing and a scratched
.Women have been denied the right
to practice law in Great Britain.
Those Who Have Been Inocu
lated With Friedman Vac-
. cine Can Keep, up.
New York, July tf-To .meet the
cases of such tuberculosis sufferers
" ? . r t ,
were ireaieu in vunous Hospi
tals in city with the Friedmann
vaccino during Dr. F. F. Frledm'ann'a
"stay here, and who desire to continue
5t through the prescribed course, the
Board of Health has lifted the ban
against the remedy to alloy further
administrators, provided It is done
in designated institution!? , , -:
The general orojijbition olfche use'
of the remedy U not Iqaseflfiy:
Woman's Mission foari..
The Christian Woman's Boatd of
Missions of- the twenty-&ecnd dis
trict held a district meeting at the
Ninth-street Christian church, July
3 Addresses were given by thafol
lowi.ig Udics;
Mra Roy Fields, of ihla city,
Mrf, Robf. Crenshaw, of Cadiz.
Mrs, Louis-q Loh Campbell, of
A lunebon was served at the no
hour in the parlor of the church.
At 8 o'clock in the evening fUv, H,
D. Smith gtvt travel lecture.
Registered So As To Get Names
On Books For Primary.
Y.sterday a 5 o'clockjhe candi
dates' registration book wis 'closed
with 66 ntries for county'offices and
15 for city councilmen. There are
3 candidates for nomination at the
August primary for County At
torney; 2 for County Judge;
6 for Sheriff; 5 for County
Clerk;' G for Assessoi; 4 for Jail
er; g for County Superintendent of
Khools and 1 for 'Coroner. There
are four dandidatesjfpr'the nomina
tion for Represen(utive. The others
are funning in--twos.' In the firat
Magisterial district ihere are three
candidates; 2di 1; 31, 3; 4 h, 1; 5 h,
4; G h, 2j 7ih,, 2g$)i, '5.. For Con
stable,, there ir-one In the lit dis
trict; 2 In the second, 1 in tne 5th; 1
in the 7ib; 2 in the 8th There are
2 candidates for Councilmen in the
1st ward; 2 in the 2d; 2 in the 3J; 2
in the 4th; 2 in the 5th; 3 in the 6th;
2 in the 7th. .
Now. that the candidated are en
tered for the race the campaign is on
and they have four weeks to do their
canvassing and they will do it well.
Thomas S. Torian No Longer
In Race For Jailer.
To Democrats pf Christian Co.:
When I announced myself a candi
date for the office of Jailer of Chris
tian County. Kentucky, on the Dem
ocratic ticket, subject tu the action
of the primary in August, next,
I expected to, not only continue in
the race, but that 1 would win the
Business having come up which
make3 it impractical for me to make
the two races that will be necessary
to win the office, (as L thoroughly
believe that 1 could have won the
nomination and that the Democratic
ticket will be successful this fall,)
but having the interest of my party
. . . . .
at nearc, and Knowing that on ac
count of business interests that I
cannot give the time to the two
races that it would' demand and do
justice to myself and my party, I
have decided to withdraw from the
I thank my friends for the inter
est they have taken in my race and
for the assurances they have given
me that I would win.
July 3, 1913.
Continues, But Local Showers
Give Relief.
Humanity is beginning to get used
to 100 degree temperatures. Local
Bhowers in several sections have fur
nished some relief during the day
and the past three or four nights
were cool enough for everybody to
catch up from sleep lost last week.
Weather observer Randle reported
Tuesday's maximum as -100 degrees
and the minimum 70.
Tnken altogether, while it is "hot
enough for you," wo think nobody
has room to complain of whaj" the
weather dark has been handing out,
fjr what would suumer be without
hsat? Don't kick. Be a philosopher
and grin and bear what you can't
help. .
And Site For Postoffice Build
ing Is Ready
The beautiful site for the post
office building is now clear of build
ings and the Government can go to
work excavating the first of next
week if desired.
The main part of the Ducker
house was gotten into the Btreet
Monday and will reach Bryan street
in a few days. Everything that has
to go will be out of the way by Mon
day and th report will ba sent to
th proper department by the post
master. The tree on the premises
are all to be left standing by order
of the architectural depirtmettt.
Fortune's Pet
Cast of Characters:
Guy Frances Guy Hedlund
Mr. Frances Alex Francis
Edith Perry Barbara Tennant
Mrs. Perry , Julia, Stuart
Joe Burns, of the Underworld,
J. W. Johnson
Chambermaid Milly Bright
In one of the wealthy neighbor
hoods of the city", p widower and u
widow were neighbors. , The widow
had a beautiful little daughter and
the widower had a little son. These
two' children quarreled on every pos
sible occasion. This naturally caused
heated discussion between the two
The young man, grown, became a
popular "good fellow" at the club.
His father telh him 'thai he can
either atop his loafing or he can ex
pect no more assistance from him.
To prove to the laughing crowd of
bachelors that he is really manf
the right stuff, Guy signs acontrslt
to go out into the world without a
penny and earn $10,000 in a year's
time. He makes a good start by
taking a position in a fashionable
hotel as a bell boy. He gets his
place the day of the great motor
boat races, and his first ten cent tip
is from Miss Edith Perry, owner of
the "Lightning Edith," a very fast
boat, which is generally picked as
the sure winner.
Comedy is injected into the plot
by the love of one of the chamber
maids for Guy, but she is the means
of bringing him to bigger things.
Joe Burns, an underworld leader,
considered a reliable business man,
makes the acquaintance of Miss
Perry in the hotel. He plans to
bribe the man who is going to drive
her boat, and then he has one of his
gang bet very heavily against the
"Lightning Edith."
.The chambermaid overhears the
plot, and tells Guy, who follows Joo
and Bees the money change hunds.
When the crooked driver takes his
place in the fast motor boat, Guy
surprises him and throwing him in
to the. river, af ler an exciting strug
gle, takes charge of the boat him
self, driving it to victory. For this
Will Wave In The Breezes For
A Year Or Two.
The Government wants some of
the bono and sinew of Christian and
adjoining counties and 0!d Glory is
new seen every day as ic waves in
the recruiting station opened up in
Moayon , building, up stuirs. Capt.
A. J. SootB, in charge of the station,
called Thursday and stated that ho
expects to remain here for from a
year and u-balf to two years. He Is
wanting to enlist as many men, both
white and colored, as he can get.
Cap Soots came hero from Evans
ville, where he did a good work in
obtaining recruits. He is an affable,
javial man and has been in the army
for thirteen years or more.
Don't be deceived.There is no Hour
made that ia hotter than Blue Rib'
boa Flour,
Eclair Two-Reel Drama
at The Rex Saturday
he is given $500 and Miss Edith en
gaged him as her butler.
At the Perry home, Guy is doing
fairly well until his love for Miss
Edith is discovered. This causes his
immediate dismissal.
That night two thieves invade the
Perry home. The first is Guy. He
in stealing a photo of Miss Edith,
which had been standing before him
in the dining room for weeks. As
he is preparing to leave, he is start
led by hearing a struggle. Rushing
into the next room he finds Joo Burns
gagRing the maid. There is a ter
rific struggle, but Burns escape?,
with the erstwhile butler in close
Guy calls a policeman to his assist
ance and trails Joe to the dive in the
slums where the gang meets. Here
the entire band of toughs is rounded
up. Guy receives a very large re
ward, enough to give him his $10,0C0
and then some.
Reporting at the club on the night
when he is due to show his S 10 000
which had been earned, Guy gave
' the boys a real Bhock by producing a
t . t . ...
roil tnac was Dig enough to choke a
cow. He was explaining to his fath
er and the rest of the gathering how
he had secured all this real money,
and produced the photo of the girl
with whom he had fallen in love,
which he displayed for his father's
approval. Imagine the surprise of
both father and son when it was dis
covered that this was the same girl
who had at one time lived so close to
them, and with whom Guy had al
ways fought as a youngster.
The father and boy hurried to the
home of the Perrys and Mr. Francis
entered first. At first Mrs. Perry
refused to see her old enemy, but
nnaiiy consenteu to have him come
in. Then came the real surprise
'when the former butler was intro-
duced as the little chap who had
caustd the eurly differences between
the widow and widower, There is
'a happy ending when both young
and old d cide that this is. a pretty
fair little world after all.
Overcome By Heat WhityPreach-
ing Last Sunday. t
Ln a letter from Mrs. E. H. Bull to
,a friend here this week she stated
that Mr. Bull, while prea:hlng last
Sunday morning, was overcome with
heat, and fell to the lloor.
Mr. Bull was pastor of the First
Presbyterian church hero for nearby
seven years and accepted a call tp
the. Presbyterian church at Reming
ton; Ind., threo years ago.
Ball Surgeon In New Roll.
Miss Elizabeth Arbuthton, a so
ciety girl of Pittsburg, dislocated a
bono in her leg dancing the tango at
a fashionable party. "Bone Setter"
Reese, the noted mender of athletes,
was called in and "untangoed" the
limb. 1
The Republican Postmaster at San
Francisco, A. G. Fisk, refused to
jump tfd viJLhaYa. to be pushed off,
Ever Presented By The Rex
Next Monday.
The representation of the life of
Christ at The Rex Theatre next
Monday and at night wi 1 doubtless
be seen by more of the adult popu
lation than any other moving pic
ture that has ever been thrown up
on canvas in Hopkinsville. "From
The Manger to The Cross" i3 a pre
sentation that does not require care
ful study of a printed synopsis to
keep pnee with theictures. Every
body knows the life of the Savior too
well for that.
But something of the preparation
for letting the world "know more
about Jesus," as was desired by
Greeks, will be interesting to many.
To produce this great film re
quired more than 80.000 photographs
and the majority of the scenes were
in the open streets of Jerusalem and
the surrounding counttv. "The
Raising of Lazarus" was taken
Bethany. Mr. Bland, who person
ates the Lord, actually submitted to
the scourging in order to make that
picture more realistic. The cruci
fixion ecene'was very trying to Mr.
Bland. After being fastened to the
cross it was raised and dropped into
the hole which had been dug for it.
ThiB scery&3 photographed on
MourffUalvary, the spot, so far as
can be determined, where the Son of
God gave up his life for the sins of
the world. The costumes of the
leading participants in the great
presentation were made by tailors of
Cairo, Egypt. Eight months of ar
tistic study were necessary to make
the different scenes what they should
be. Forty actors were employed, to
say nothing of the hundreds of sup
ernumeraries or the droves of cam
ells and sheep. The building of
the temple took a month's work but
only ten minutes were required to
"photograph ail the scenes -in the
building and in a short time it was
razed to the ground,
The manager of The Rex was, for
tunately, just in time to secure this
magnificent production, but it cost
a large sum of money to book if.
He very accommodatingly yielded to
the ladies of the Eastern Star lodge
to let them assist in the presentation.
The ladies will of course do every
thing they aan in securing large at
Owing to the heavy expense of se
curing this great 5 reel presentation
it is absolutely necessary to advance
the price of admission to 25 cents.
Meets at Methodist Church
Tomorrow Afternoon.
One of the important matters that
will be considered by the Civic
League at its meeting tomorrow
afternoon will be united charities.
The meeting will be held at the
Methodi&t church, at 4:30. A second
cle&ning'Up was at one time being
considered by the officials, but wo
have hsard of no definite action as
Aviators Killed.
Epernay, France, July 2. Capt.
Rey of the French army was killsd
and a private of the engineers' corps
probably fatally hurt when their bi
plane capsized today while they were
flying over Bethnn.
Southern Melons On Market
But Home Crowns a
Month Off.
The prospects are very promising
for a good crop of watermelons, this
year. A long spell of dry weather
is said to bo best for watermelons.
Raising melons for the market is
gradually becoming part of a farm
er's product, for he never fails to
got rid of either fresh watermelons
or cantaloupes, as people prefer
them to those shipped here from the
South, Georgia melons havo been
on the market for several days, but
the home growns will not be ripe
until the It-st of this month or the
first week ia August.
Purely Personal,
ThomasL. Morrow.of Hattiesburg,
Miss., arrived Wednesday to spend
few days with Mrs. Morrow and
their children. Mrs. Morrow has
been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. T. Herndon, for two
week3. Mr. Morrow will go to Chi
cago the first of next week on busi
ness. '
Miss Elizabeth Lackey is visiting1
Miss Juliet Kennedy, Paducah.
Ellis McKee, of Jonesboro, Ark.,
is here on a visit to his parents, Mr,
and Mrs. L. H. McKee.
Miss Lucille Hille, of St. LduW, is
visitingthe family of E. P. Feate
Mrs. f C. Evans, of Paducah, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. O. H. An-
ulthuii. airs. iMiwp.rri .ipwm nr
visitea Mrs. n. id. Clark this week
" Mr. and Mrs. JW Thurmond, of
Springfield'. Tenn.F v ited the family
John Thurmond, v4 n& and Eight
eenth streets, this wto ,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul
I'inn are visit-
ing Mr. Winn's parents at Glasgow,
Mrs. Walter Shaw, is visiting her
mother, Mrs. M. . Elgin.
Mr. C. J. Pope has rented the
Monroe Builard cottage on South
Virginia street and will move into it.
next week.
Mr. M. V. Owen Thrown Out
of Buggy, Injury Slight.
What came near being a serious
accident occurred in front of the
Opera House yesterday morning.
Van Dulln, Jr., collector for th&
Forbes Mfg. Co., wa3 going up Main
street, which had just been sprink
ied, when the front wheels of the
auto struck the buggy of Mr. M. V,
Owen, knocking the horse down, and
throwing Mr. Owen out on to the
street. Mr. Owen fortunately sus
tained no serious injury. Though
his head hit the street, the fall did
not break the skin. The buggy was
not injured excepting the breaking
of a shaft. The damage to the car
is considerable, both front wheels
being twisted, one mud shield dam
aged and one of the lamps broken.
Mr. Dulin says that in trying tc
avoid striking a buggy coming down
the incline, the street being so slick
from sprinkling, his machine skidded
into Mr. Owen's buggy, which he
was powerless to prevent.
Wants To Preach.
Representative Berkley 13 making:
strong effort to get Doyle Story, of
Calvert City, Ky , out -f the army
that he may answer a call" to
preach. Story is attached to an in
fantry regiment In Texas. He wrote
Judge Berkley tliat he made a mis
take in joining the army, that 3
forte is that of preacher insteal of
a fighter. This appal impressed
Judge Barkloy, the IntUr says, and
he will try to hav the young man
relsased. Story's father, B. K,
Story, has written Judge Berkley
urging him to obtain the son s re
Where The Weed Goes.
Smokers puffsd into space 7,77.'
000.000 clgors and 14.012.U0U.OCO
cigarettes during the year just
closod. This was 217.000,000 r-lgaw
and 2.790.000.000 cigarettes more
than ever before had been consumed
ha single jear, Patron of th&
pipe used 403.200.000 pounds of to
bacco, or 9.400,000 pounds more than
the consumption of lOlfi. Users of
snuff disposed of 33,200.000 pounds
an increase of more than 3,000,000
pounds over the previous year.
After 12 Years.
Pat McMannon, the shoemaker,
who has been making hl3 homj
Central City for the past 12 yu
has returned to. Hopkinsville lof
He says Hopkinsville Is the ,
place on earth am he ia going ;
noI tka Kb amu v LI. tt. t . I .
TT wte ur

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