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pkinsyille KenttrckkfL
fnblMtrad Ewj Othae Dmf,
v. TnmiAT sad SramoAY
rmum months so
advertising Rates ten AlleaHen
' LouisvillespentthequIeUstFourth
la Its history, but fatalities were not
Jaekinff. Six men and bojs seekim?
Ttiief from tho excessive heat ta
Ipoed fireworks for swimming and
etin and were drowned.
Five persons were killed and three
3njured, one probably fatally, when
the "Scranton Flyer," on the Penn
sylvania & Reading: Railroad struck
.m. wagon containing a picnic party at
railroad crossing near Quakertown,
"Pa. .
Gov. McCreary was one of the
speakers at the Gettysburg reunion
Thursday. He expressed a hope for
complete reconciliation between the
two sides and paid a glowing tribute
to the patriotism of the Confederate
Twelve women empaneled as a jury
to try another woman at Pan Fran
tcfeco, for sending a threatening let
ter, were dismissed with the admon
ition of the judge not to talk be
tween court3. The men present
''jess laffed."
"Pepper Bill" Jones is a candidate
for mayor of Henderson, on the Bull
Moose ticket. "Pepper Bill" if we
mistake not, used to be a Democrat
when he lived at Princpton, but
turned Republican when he moved
to Henderson. He seems to be try
ing 'em all.
Children Cry
The Feature Show First Time Produced Under Canvas.
Adjvanced Vaudeville Snake and Alligator Farm
Genuine - Colored - Minstrels
Uniformed Concert Band
jBIG :
Locations -
Tha Drive 1i ay m InftMnnim
Wa WifrtM m fmawtM
A afcevy of golfer's 4rm that
eam-e trae comma from the Jteckford
.HatMtaM Oait ehib, www 8kmta-end-o-
f Otio of tho members, E. Simpson, en
tering the, club bouse, Mid he dream
ed tho previous ovenlng that ho had
drove, a ImH over n dheot of water
bounded by a high liedgo and a wlro
fence, oa the green and into the hole
in one shot.
"Of courso, that Is tho Fond hole,
the .short fifth," laughed tho mem
"What !s tho botting against your
dream coming truo?", aBked ono.
"I givo you a hundred to ono In sov
ereigns." "And I givo a thousand
pounds to ten pounds," said a sport
ing city magnato. '
Mr, Simpson could see nothing in
theso tomptlng odds except tho suro
loss of his money. To holo out in one
comes to few golfers in a lifetime, so
ho made no bets. How Keen is his
chagrin on this score may be imag
ined when what followed is related.
Ho went out to play on tho crowded
course. At tho Pond holo tee his part
ner reminded him of his vlsjon and
Mr. Simpson laid down his ball for an
easy iron shot, tho hole being a "bogey
Ho said afterwards that ho felt an
eerie sensation, and shook at the
knees. He was suro ho did not keep
his "eye on the ball," or rather his
"mind's eye."
Tho couple, in front stood near tho
green awaiting eventualities. Straight
for the pin came tho ball. It dropped
gently dn the grass 20 feet away, and,
with its last revolution, trickled into
tho holo.
A wild whoop and frantic gesticu
lations intimated to Mr. Simpson that
his dream had been fulfilled; also that
he had lost a small fortune by de
clining tho bets offered him. London
Never can tell when you'll maah a
finger or suffer a cut, bruise, burn
or scald. Be prepared. Thousands
raly on Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil.
Your druggist sells it. 2oc and 50c.
British Cows Which Eat Fish.
Dried coalflsh, unsalted, Is eaten by
the Inhabitants of tho Faroe Islands
(butween Shetland and Iceland) or
their cows, Bays a consular report.
The fish, which is of the cod type, la
considered good for cows, as it en
ables them, it is stated, to yield an
ample supply of rich milk. The dried
fish is not cooked before being oaten;
it is merely laid on stones and then
pouBJd with stones or hammers.
STARTING Under Auspices U. R. K. of P. Hopkinsville,
Whitney Shows
Posing Models
Cooper Addition,
UMightly Face Spots
Ar en mi By Dr. Hobaon'a BcxflM
Ointment, wit let hcali ad akfn rup
lcm, Na matter now loot yo
have be trmtbleTby itching, burn
ing, or scaly akin humors, jut put a
little of that soothing antia-sic, Dr.
Hobaon'sf Eczema Ointment, en tho
Bores and the suffering stops Instant
ly. Healibg begins that very min
ute. Doctors uso it in their prac
tice and recommend It. Mr. Allf man,
of Littlotown, Pin,, says: "Had
eczema on forehead; Dr. Hobsons
Eczema Ointment cured it in two
weeks." Guaranteed to relieve or
money refunded. A I druggists, or
by mail. Price 50c. Pfeiffer Chem
ical Co., Philadelphia nod St. Louis.
Slighted Johnson.
Men who become suddenly rich
should bo Judged leniently. They have
many temptations from which the rest
of us are, happily, delivered. Mr.
John Johnson, a man of this class, was
desirous to bo known as of a literary
turn of mind, and to that end proceed
ed to purchaso a library. Ono of his
purchases was ah old dictionary,
which, being somewhat out of repair,
was sont to the binder's; Whon It
was Returned to tho purchaser ho
found printed on Its back the words,
"Johnson's Dictionary." The Blight
throw him into a furious passion, and
ho demanded of tho messenger:
"Why didn't ho put tho -full name
on, "John Johnson's Dictionary?' "
For Weakness and Loss of Appetite
The Old Standard General strengthening tonic,
GROVK'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out
Malaria and builds up the system. A true tonic
andsu-ArietiJT. Forndults and children. 50c.
His Lack of Will.
"I used to think my husband had
euch a strong will," sho complained.
"Ho has never Beemed'to1 me," her
friend replied, "to bo a man -who was
lacking in will power. Is he a slave
to drink or tobacco or anything like
that?" I
"Oh, no. Ho gave up smoking three
years ago, and I got him to go on the
water wagon at the first of tho year, j
Ho hasn't tasted any kind of liquor'
since." '
"It seems to me you ought to bo
proud of him. A man who can give
up smoking and absolutely refrain '
from tasting any kind of Btrong drink
must have a will that Is extraordi
nary." "Perhaps it is as you say, but I have
been trying for more than Ja year to
get him to givo up tho habit of nod
ding in the affirmative when ho says
yea at tho telephone. He Just can't
seem to quit 1L"
Electric Theatre
Entrance West 15th
in va,,.
"JUliol U that the
ot tfaa
Arit-PItt CoI enry?"
"This l fcne, 927 Riagfcse ava
line, and"
'Yes; what caa we do for yon, Mr.
Stioo "
"Nothrhg this morning; 8r, I've
Just received your circular eeataln
lag the announcement that you're 6
ing to tack th astial Increase s 1
cents a month on tho prlco pr toe,
and that I'd bettor buy my next wla'
tcr Bupply now, while it's at tha -bet
torn figure."
"Well, I seo by an item in a sclea
tiflc paper I take that there's enough
coal in tho United States, maklngjduo
allowance for tho incrcaso irt popula
tion and coal consumption per Capita,
to last tho country 5,000 years, and
1'vo decided that I don't need to bo
in such a thundering hurry to get
my next winter's coal In. I'll chance
it. Go,od-by." . '
Explaining the Needle.
A typesetter in a printing house be
cnnfl very adroit In explaining tho
large number of misprints for which
ho was responsible. Even when ho
changed his work and became a
waiter in a restaurant his skill did
not for sako him.
Ono day ho had served a guest with
a plate of soup and was turning away,
when he waB called back sharply.
"This Is an outrago!" cried the In
dignant diner. "I find a needle in my
soupl What does this mean?"
"Just a' misprint, sir," explained the
former typesetter. "It should have
"?en a noodle." Youth's Companion.
For Cuts, Burns and Bruises
In every hrme there should bo a
box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, ready
to. apply in every case of burns, cuts,
wounds or scalds J. H. Polanco,
Delvalle, Tex , R No. 2, writes:
' Bucklen's Arnica Salve saved my
little girl's cut foot. No one be
lieved it could be cured." The
world's best salve. Only 25c. Re
commended by All Druggists.
Not Needed.
"Now they are trying to make the
oactua edible," "I don't think we
need a vegetable shad." Washington
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR
Bical dressing that relieves pain and .heals at
the same time. Not a liniment. 25c. 50c. J1.00.
Rid Yow Child of Worms.
Yoacinckawra fratfol, il'-temr
trad flfcijdran Into haltby, happy
rovfitftam, by ridding than of
wort. Toftingt rolling, grindftiK
of tottfe, crjiiritf oat while mtlwtp, ac
companM with intdnya thirst, paina
in tiw t match tttd bo we la; favarfalv
mm&d bad braath, are ijmptwns
thtr iarffrata worms, Klckapoo
Worm Kilter, a pleasant Sanely liot
enfrfc, expth tlte worma, reflate
tho bealat restores oir entMreti o
health ad happincw. Mrs, J A.
BriabK ft Elgin, III., gaf : "I
havo used Kkkapoo Worm Killer for
y6rs, -arid entirely rfd my phildren
of worms. I would not be without
it." Guaranteed All druggiali.r
by mail. . Price 2Gc. Kickapoo In
dian Medicine Co., Philadelphia ar.d,
St. Loojs. I
1 .' " .t
Tragellei Tald In HcVdHnea.
"Boss Sees Ills 'Sick' Bookkeeper at
Ball Qamo." , f-
"Punctured Tiro . Causes Eloping
Couple to MIbs Train." 1 f"
"Mr. Tyte-Phlst Predicts Untold
Misery as Result of Income Ta Law."
"Big Brother of Divorced Wife In
Jures Fist, but Collects Stipulated Ali
mony." , .
"Horse Prostrate on Muddy Cross
ing Itlscs Unexpectedly and Shakes
Himself; Threo Shoppers' Drosses
"Robinson and ' Smith Families
Moved to Get Rid of Each .Other;
Find" They Aro In Adjoining Flats."
Wanted No Amateurs.
Edith and Flora werb spending their
summer vacations in the country.
"Do you know," said Edith, "that
young farmer tried to kiss me. Ho
told me that ho had never kissed any
girl before."
"What' did you toll him?" asked
"Why." replied Edith. "I told him
I was no, agricultural experiment Btar.
tlon." Harper's Bazar.
Anecdote of Zeuxis.
Zeuxls. the celebrated- artist of an
dent Greece, had painted tho cher
ries bo true to life that the birds
came and pecked at them.
Of course, the rich pork packer who
had paid $500,000 for tho canvas
couldn't Btand for that:
"Paint In a scarecrow!" ho com
manded, with an air of one accustom
ed to meet emergencies. Puck.
The ffing of All Laxatives.
For constipation, headache, indi
geatiun r and dyspepsia, use Dr.
King's New L fe Pill?. Paul Ma
thulka, of Buffalo, JN. Y., says they
are the "King of all laxatives. They
are a blessing to all my family and I
always keep a box at home." Get a
box and get well. Price 25c. Re
commended by All Druggists.
Both Disappointed.
First Billiard Player How is It yon
aren't at homo this evening? Second
Ditto My wife's in a bad humor: she
had company arrive and she wasn't
ready. How about yourself? "Oh, my
wife's mad. too: she srot readv for
company and they didn't come." Bea
ton Transcript
A Cascade of Stone.
A remarkable calcareous formation
is to bo found in Algeria about sixty
mlleB from Constantino, tho ancient
Clrta. It looks like a magnificent cas
cade with the water In viqlent motion
pouring over a rocky cliff In turbulent
and riotous confusion, and yet tho cas
cade Is motionless and silent It Is
as though a great waterfall had sud
denly turned to stone. .Naturally the
natives look upon this prenoraenon
with great awo, They have given it
the namo Hamman-Moskhutln, which
means "tho bath of tho damned." They
havo a legend that tho waterfall was
turned to stono together with the
members of an impious tribe who had
incurred the wrath of Allah. At night
those petrified Individuals, according
to the story, are restored to llfo and
resume their normal shapes. Tho pot
rifled waterfall has been producod by
tho calcareous deposits from hot sul
phurous and ferruginous mineral
springs. Tim springs havo a tempera
turo of 05 degrees centigrade. Tho de
posits havo, of courso, been making
for many centuries, The hot springs
wero known to tho ancient Remans.
SclentlfVn American.
Gfavc'f TaetoicM elalU Tonic ComUacs ko4h
U TaiUtm htm, Tbc Quinine drlvcc
wt Malaria mi tbc Irea WUs up
Um System. For A4uks ani
You know what you are talclnR when
you take GROVK'S TASTELESS chill
TONIC, recogabed for 30 years through
Out th Soutk as the standard Malaria,
Chill and Fever Remedy aad General
Strengthening Tonic. It is as strong as
the strongest bitter tonic, but yoado not
taste the bitter because the ingredients
do not dissolve in the mouth but do dis
solve readily Jn the acids of the stomach.
Guaranteed by your Druggist. We mean
it. 50c.
Look for signature of K. W. GROVE on ? very box, Cures Cold in One Day, 25c.
Condensed Ffoandal Statement
pi the
haftttthi Bafik
& Tfiajft Company
UnoetMrW. Kr.
At the ctomjti. bomnxm
June 30, 1913,
Loane and. Discount. $290,835.04
j Morteee....;...; ' ,42f5i4.2G
Stocka and Mto.... 3.45O.00
Overdrafts.., J869 50
Furniture and Fixtures,., . 7,5(KnX)
Banking House awl-Lot.... 22,000.00
Cash mi Sight Exchange 128,289.23
' '$495,528.03
Capital Stock $100,000.00
Surplus and Undivided
Profits .....'...,,..18,919.47
Dividend this day.. No. 69, 3,000 00
Set Aside to Pay Taxes... 1,500 00
Deposits H.'.;..w. 372,108 56
, , . . ' " f ,.$495,528.03
Commercial Deposits, $372,108.56
Sectiritips ondGash in
Trust pep&rtment.,.... 432,349 38
asrimtttea value or ueai m
"Ritntn hplrl na Trustee. (fli
Guardian, Azent, Etc. 174,700.
Total Banking Busines3...$979,l57.94
A. H. ECKLE3. Cash.
At the Close of Business
I June 30, 1913.
Loans and Dis
counts $340 629 32
Banking House, 23 000 00
Stocks and Bonds 89 147 46
Overdrafts, . . 1 813 24
Cash, Cash Items
and Exchange 136 881 91
$591 471 93
Capital Stock $100 OOjjjn
Surplus Fund 25 OOSR)
Due Depositors 452 649'09
Due Other Banks 9 912 92
Dividends Unpaid 99 00
Dividend No96,
this day 3 000 00
Tax Account 810 92
. $591 471 93
j. e. Mcpherson,
t Ideals the Guiding Star.
Ideals are like stars: you will not
succeed in touching them with your
hands. But, like the seafaring man
an deserts of water, you choose them
as your guides, and following them
reach your deatlny. Carl Schurz.
"Had dyspepsia or indigestion for
years. No appetite, and what I did
eat distressed me terribly. Burdock
Blood Bitters reached the cause."
J. H. Walker, SunbUry. Ohio.
Before fame Came.
A widely admired camnalen annate
er in Nebraska, who had been billed
to mako tho DrlnclDal address nt n
political meeting In Lincoln, was
obliged at tho last moment to cancel
his appointment.
William Jennings Bryan was chos.
on to fill tho vacant place. Mr. Bryan,
nowover, knowing that ho was to act
as substitute for an older and moro
nonular man. was rather nnrvmm. IU
apprehension was increased when the
chairman announced him In the fol
lowing manner:
"Poller citizens: This hern's tha
substitute for our gallant an' admired
leader, unfortunately taken sick. I
don't know what this srent can do: but
time was short an', wo bad to take
what we could git"
The WifW, OW Relink Dr. Fertw's
AnMieHaUnc041. Aa AalUefUc
SufgklDmifif discovered by n.
fcgao. r reventc K.
Thousands of fa&ulies know It alreadnjyV'
and a trial will cc-aviace you that DR.
OIL is the utott woaderful remedy ever
discovered foe Wounds, Burns, Old Sores,
Ulcers, Carbuncles, Granulated Bye Lids,
Sore Throat, Stia or Scalp Diseases and
all wounds aad eater naldiseases whether
slight or serious. Continually people are
finding new uses for this fatuous old
remedy, Guaranteed by your Druggist
Wemeanlt.25c,50c, $1,00

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