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Current Comment.
' , MiM Jessie Wilson will bo the 13 h
White House bride'. .
. Life say's a woman in the kitchen
ia'worth two in the voting 1ooth.
r j& . , i
;vH-A boy and his dog rescued a man
frorn drowning at Atlantic City, the
do"doing the biggest part of the
jLieut. L. H. Call, of the army av
iation corp3, was killed by a fall at
'-Texas City, Texas, Tuesday. He fell
' ,'500 feet!
w. - ,
Both houses of the Georgia legis
cloture refused to allow the women
' suffragists to meet in the capitol
chambers during their StaCon-.
. vention.
Porter Charlton, of Jersey City,
will be taken back to Italy this week
to be tried for the murder of his
wife three years ago, while t h e.y"
were on their honeymoon".
; If England wants to compromise
with thesuffrugettes. why not g ant
the ballot, to unmarried women only
who are over 30 years of age? There
would not be enough of them to
burn a church.
Henry Forrest Failed to Es
' tablish an Alibi.
Tuesday morning Henry Forrest,
col , was before Judge Knight on a
charge of assassinating Howard
Burnett, col., last Thursday night.
After hearing the evidence and a
At strong effort to establish an alibi
Jk. Forrest was put under $1,000 bond
to' await th actiqn of the September
wgrand-3ury. . ,..
Ora Lee Trice, the negro woman
mixed up in the case, was set at lib
erty, as there was no incriminating
evidence before the court.
Is Offering Fine Bills For To
day and Friday.
Manager Shrode presents a fine
bilhfor today and tonight. The
leading presentation is an Imp
drama, called "His Mother' Love."
Friday's bill is a thriller as a start
er for other good things. It is a 2
reel Bison, entitled "The Guerilla's
Menace," and like all western plays
catches the young and old alike.
There's something doing every min
ute. First Bnrial, Man Killed;
In 1881 when the new Riverside
Cemetery was opened, the first three
men buried in it were killed. Last
month the Cave Spring Cemetery
for colored people was opened and
the first man buried therein, Gilbert
Hooks, was killed at Casky. How
ever Hooks was not the first person
to be buried. The first grave was
for Lottie Trice, a young woman.
Got Out Alive.
A boy named Aries Bell fell into a
deep well at Dixon but was reecued
before he drowned.
Scraps of Wall Paper Clue To
The Identity of a Night Rider.
Henderson, Ky. July 9. Scraps
of wall paper clinging to the tacks
with which a night rider notice was
posted, furnished the clu which led
to the arrest of the first s-uspected
light rider.
The wall paper corresponded to
je wall paper in the home of Claude
ill, aged 28 years, a farmer, Hying
lr the Webster county lino; and
he was arrested.
The night rider notice had been
posted at the homo of Will Spencer,
ajwell-known Webster county farm
er, and was followed by the destruc
tion of Spencer's home by fire.
Spencer and his family barely escap
ed from the burning house with
their lives.
Public Library Directors Named
For Terms Beginning
July 1.
Heavy Expenditures For Sew
; ers And Streets Last
"The Council met Mmdnv night
with all priBent except Dr. li-auiey.
A contract with the L & N. folvthe
building of the 14 th street sewer un
der its right of way was ordered
signed by the Mayor.
The Library Board submitted a
report snowing what has been done
for the last six months in preparing
for the erection of the building. The
mayor reappointed the Board f6r
the full terras beginning July 1, as
follows: Mrs. W. A. Radford to
July 1, 1914; Frank Rives to July 1,
1915; Ira L. Smith to July 1, 1916;
W. T. Tandy and Mrs. T. C. Under
wood to July 1, 1917. The appoint
ments were approved by the Council.
The budget of accounts for June
contained bills aggregating $5,758 78.
about $4 200 for sewers. Judge T.
P. Cook was allowed $50 for services
in the Gee case nnd the Basebal
Club was given $200
The Assessor's report was accept
ed and the Collector's receipt for
$71,967 58 in taxes and apportion
ment warrants ordered to record.
" In anrer"to s-fcetition of citizens
and on recommendation of the Health
Officer the sewer traps removed at
9th and Main last year were ordered
put back at the four corners.
Citizens complained of horse trad
ing on Fourth street and "swapping
alley" was ordered removed to the
open ground at Edgewater Park,
near Second street and the river.
An order was made to provide the
postmaster with a new map of the
city for his use in routing the city
for free delivery.
Several pavement ordinances were
passed, including sidewalks on Jones
street, on both sides of Bryan street
to Clay and on west side of North
Main from Means avenue to Mrs.
Means' corner.
Charged With Killing Gilbert
Hooks, Near Casky.
A large crowd gathered at the
County Court room last Monday,
vhen the case of Will Thomas,
charged with killing Gilbert Hooks,
near Casky, some time since, came
up for trial. Unexpectedly Thomas
waived an examining trial and was
sent to jail to await the action of
the September grand jury.
John Bonte, of LvansvUle, spent
the first of the week here visiting
his mother, Mrs. W. T, Bonte.
The entrance of Hall into the
courtroom at Dixon was very dra
matic; Judge Henson was just de
livering a rigid charge to the grand
jury against night riding, when Hall
entered the court room to bo ar
raigned. Hall, in an interview, ex
pressed his intention to plead "guil
ty" to posting a night rider notice
on Mr. Spencer's house. He was in
great terror, His bail was fixed at
only $200, but no one appeared to
sign his bond, and he was confined
in the county jail at Dixon. It is
hoped that Hall will give informa
tion which will assist the officers in
securing o.thcr night riders.
Was Manifested at Business
'Men's Meeting Thursday
There were many speakers at the
meeting of the H. B. M. A. last Mon
day night and the talks along differ
ent lines were very interesting and
Mr. J. F. Bible said that where
there was a live business me'ns as
sociation much could be accomplish
ed that could not be done by others,
no matter how interested men might
be in anything looking to the wel
fare of the city. By united efforts
almost anvthing can be done..
Judge W. T. Fowler, who ia fa
miliar with what has been done by
agriculturalist Morgan, commended
him in most positive terms and made
the assertion that Mr. Morgan has
already saved the county a hundred
times what it has cost to have such
a man in our midst.
Mr. Morgan gave a most interest
ing talk, dwelling more particularly
on the northern part of the county.
He thinks that section is a. garden
spot and the proper cultivation of
the farms wi'l show that it is rich in
agricultural resources.
There were a number of other
speakers, nmong them President
Cooper Hon. Frank Rives and A. H.
Eckles. These gentlemen all know
the possibilities of the Association
for future work and spoke in glow
ing terms of what has already been
In California Are Hopkinsville
Young Men.
Everybody likes to hear of the suc
cess achieved in the business world
by Hopkinsville boys, who are to be
found in every part of the United
States, fighting their way from the
bottom round of the ladder to the
top. Charlie and Cliff Uvershiner,
who went to California many years
ago to grow up with the country,
have done remarkable well.
The latter is hers on a visit for the
first time in a long wbile and is now
living at Orange, Cal. By persever
and and close attention to business
he has risen to the position of assist
ant cashier of the National Bank of
Charlie Overshiner, who learned
the printing business in this office,
has long since been a newspaper pub
lisher and is now proprietor of the
Santa Ana Bulletin, He has made
good and will receive his appointment
to the postmastership of Santa Ana
in a few days. He has already re
ceived notice that his name will be
ssnt to the Senate and his confirma
tion is beyond question.
Realized By Eastern Star On
"From Manger to The
Manager Shrode, the ladies of the
Eastern Star degree and, it seems
to us, evecy-body4hat visited The
Rex during the two dayB while "From
the Manger to The Cross" was being
shown, were delighted with the pre
sentation. The attendance was all
that could have been anticipated.
Manager Shrode says that hot weath
er doe not lessen the attendance
when the bill ia good and ho is going
to have everything that is good if
he can get his hands on it- and he
can corneas near it as any man hand
ling the movies.
Mr. Shrode let the E. S. Degree
have all net proceeds for Monday
an; Tuesday and the ladies realized
8overu. hundred dollars, which will
be used for buying regalia, jewels
and other properties needed in the
lodge room.
Oldest Known Triplets.
Triplets at Btomington, III,, Free
man andllira n Rakeatraw and their
marrlsd sUter, celebrated their 59th
blithday Tuesday,
Of New Directors of II. B. M. A.
Will Probably Be Held
The following is the result of the
annual election of officers of the
Hopkinsvjlle Business Men's Asso
ciation held last Monday night.
President, R. E Cooper, re elect
ed; 1st Vice President, W. R Wheel
er; 2d Vice President, M. C. Forbes;
Treasurer, J. A. Browning, Jr. The
Secretary is elected by the Board of
Tiie Board of Directors elected
Monday night is composed of the
following gentlemen:
J. H. Bell, H. M. Frankel, Geo. D.
Dalton, G. E. Gary, E. H. Hester, J.
C. Johnson, H. A. Keach, J. D. Mc
Gownn, J. J. Metcalfe, I. M. Neb
lett, F. K. Yost, D. D. Cayce.
The Directors-will hold their first
meeting tonight in the rooms of the
, WANTS $1,100
For Damage to Himself and
Breaking Up Buggy.
Thomas West, early in the morn
ing of one day last week, while driv
ing out South Main street, drove un
der a rope stretched from the East
side to the West side of the street
as a blockade. The buggy body was
torn from the running gear of his
buggy;but it was not reported that
Mr. West's 'sustained any personal
Last Monday Mr. West filed a suit
against the city in the circuit court
in the sum of $1,100 for damages to
himself and his vehicle. The rope
wasjacross the strpet to stop traffic
on account of the critical illness of
Miss Annie Forbes and ' a red light
was hung upon it.
Are So Common That People
Don't Mind Them.
Though we have had 100 degree
temperature this week there has
been but little complaint. Tuesday
the mercury got up to the 10&degree
mark but a strong breeze during the
day made the heat bearable July
has made a good start to put it over
June. Three times out of seven days
the temperature registered 100. Mr.
Randle reports that the minimum
Tuesday night was 69. With cool
nights the people can stand the tor
rid weather during the day, when
the humidity is not too great Old
Sol has certainly been on the firing
line all summer.
By Hopkinsville Quartette at
School House On Clarks
ville Pike.
The Hopkinsville Quartette will
give a singing entertainment at the
scliool house in front of Fred Har
ned's farm,-on the Clarksville pike,
Saturday night July 12th. The
quartette is composed of L. E. For
t.er, Guy Barnett, E. W. Clark and
W. M Cate. Admission 25 cents for
adults and 15 cents for children un
der 15 years.
Robert Hille's Rise.
Mr. Robert E. Hille, formerly ed
itor of the News-Democrat, and
Mrs. Hille and little daughter, will
leuve Tuesday for New York, where
Mr, Hille will enter the journalist
field. Before going to New York
they will visit relatives in St. Louie,
MrT Hille came to Paducah about
five years ago, and has been editor
of the News-Democrat for four
j ears. Paducah Sun.
Mrs. Bettie Smith and children, of
Paducah, and two Umm Smith, of
Cadiz, are visiting Misa Johnnie
Brd, on East FourtMnth it,
Thirty Inches In Six Months,
Half of It Was In
Official Records As Kept . By
Weather Observer W. F.
Weather Observer Randle has fur
nished us with his report of the pre
cipitation for the first six months of
this year.
The report is quite an interesting
study to those that "mind the weath
er." During the month of January
the city had 9 rains with 5 traces of
rain that is under half an inch.
On the 6.h 2.15. 7th 2.15, 8.h .90,
11th 4 00, 12tb .90, 17th .90, 20th
1.20, 23d. 90. 'The total precipitation
for the month, including traces, was
14.73 inches. The total rainfall for
the other five months was only 15 71
ir.ches, against 14.73 inches for Jan
uary 1 inch more for the 5 months.
In February, on the 3d, 10th, 22d.
27th, we had precipitations under an
inch in measurement. On the 26th
we had 2 inches of rain. Total, 4.32.
In April we had but 2 52 inches of
rain. On the 10th the precipitation
was 1.18 inche?. On the 3d the trace
was .48. 8th .05, 9th .05, llth .18,
13th .05. 25th .18, 16th .30, 27th .05.
Total 2 52.
May and June were almost as dry
as the proverbial powderhorn. - We
had no rain in May, only traces, the
local showers never measured an
inch 68 on the 23d being nearest to
it. The traces were on the 15th,
16th, 17th, 20tb, 22d, 23d, 27th. For
May 2.18 inches.
In June there was no ra;n, with
traces on the 7th, 9th, 20th, 22d.
All the traces measuring .52 of an
So far in July there has been
of an inch.
Young Widow for the Second
Time Becomes a Minister's
Rev. J. P. Goodnight of Lincoln
III., and Mrs. Edna Whitaker Perry,
were married Tuesday evening at
the bride's father, Mr. D. M. Wh'ta
kr, i ear Casky, Rev. J. B. Eshman,
of the C. P. Church, pc formed the
ceremony. It was a quiet home wed
ding, after which they left for Nash
ville, and yes'erday proceeded to
Springfield, Mo., where they will
spend the summer. The bride was
the widow of the late Rev. H. F.
Perry a Cumberland Presbyterian
minister. Mr. Gnodniphf-. is n min.
jister of the same denqmiratlbn. He
has recently been in shvine under
treatment for his eyd
Mineral Wa er of Fine Quality
On L'our Sides of Hopkinsville.
It is not generally known that
HopkinBv.lleis only a few miles from
fine mineral wells on four sides. Ce
rulean, famed for 100 years, is 1G
miles to the west; SjlJ'lkria. is only
9 miles to the eaa JSfet
near Kelly, is a few Pe
north and the sulphur wbi .-. II,
Smithson is only five miles to the
south. Mr, Smithson about 15 years
ago dug a well on his place at Hebron
Church, near Church Hill, and at a
depth of 105 feet struck a fine stream
of mineral water that has medicinal
qualities of great value, especially in
constipation, indigestion and stomach
troublw. Recently Mr, Snalthaon
Purely Personal.
Mrs. Sue Shanklin -has returned
from a visit to her daughter, Mrs,
Grubb9, at Oak Grove.
Mrs. W. E. Glllenwater, of Na3h
yille, i3 the guest of Mrs. John Win
free, South Virginia street.
Miss Bessie Waller has gone to
Colorado Springs to visit Mrs, P. T,
Mrs. H. W. Scott, after a vtsifc Icr
Dr. and Mrs. M. W. Williams, hac
returned to her home in Monmontb,
Mrs. OdieT, Davis has gone to
Salem, Ind., to visit her parents and
will be absent for some time
Mrs. Jamfl3 McClure went to Nash
ville last week to visit relatives
From Nashville she will go to Col
umbia, Tonn., before returning
Mrs. Willie Goldthwaite has ro
turned from Elkton, where she visit
ed her daughter, Mrs. S. M. Russell,
Mrs. J. P. Lindsay and daughter
of Bardwell, are the guests of Mrs,
Clifton Harned.
Miss Linda McDaniel, of Louis
ville, is visiting her aunts, Misses
Katie and Lottie McDaniel.
Miss Mabel Oldham, after a visit
to her cousin, Miss Ruth Oldham,,
returned to Elkton last week.
Adrian Humphreys, of Louisville,
was in the city this week on busi
ness. Leslie Kelly, who has been making:
his home in New Orleans for some?
years, is here visiting relatives.
Mrs. J. W. Harned has returned
from a visit to Nashville.
Mrs. E. H. Barker and daughter
and Misses Cornelia Cowan and Dor
othy Eckles have returned fron
Dr. J. N. Prestridge came dawnr
from(uouijville Tuesday to visit the
family of Dr. J. D. Clardy.
Mrs. Jouett Henry returned from
Dawson Tuesday.
F. R. Dryer left for Los Angeles,.
Cal., Wednesday. Mrs. Dryer and
daughters have been in Los Angeles
for a month or more. Miss Bernice-
Dryer, who had been taking vocal
lessons in Berlin for two year3, had''
to return to America on account of
failing health and will be at the
family reunion at Los Angeles.
W. T. Tandy attended the funeral
of Joseph L. Friedman at Paducab
Tuesday. Mr. Friedman wac di
rector of the local water company,
Mrs. R. T. Stowe, Jr., went to
Roaring Spring this week to visit her
Alberts. White, wilh headquar
ters at Memphis, who is now traveling
for a large implement house, was ii
the city Tuesday. He said he just
wanted to see how much the city had
grown since he was here last and
hired a buggy and drove over to the
East Bide to see the High School
building and the many new rest
Idences over there.
Mrs. N. Sta.dleman has returned
from a visit to Louisville.
Will Cate and Miss Ruth Hayden
attended the mpeting of the Ed-
' worth League at Central City
W. S, Porter went to Springfield?
yesterday to put on a big sale for the
O. G. Sprouse Co.
has had the water analyzed and it
contains properties that make it
equal to well known sulphur wa
ters. The water is clear and coofc
and not unpleasant to the taste. It
has been tried with favorable reault
by a number of prominent citizen
of the city and county and all speak
in high terms of its v a 1 u e, Mrv
Smithson has decided to place the
water on the market &nd ha
ranged to have it delivered in the
city at 15 cents a gallon or 10 cmlo
at the well. The Coatw Drug Co. is
Introducing It in the city for Mr,
Smithson, He calk it the "Churcb
mi Mineral WU,'

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