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Twenty-six Girls and 19 Boys
Receive High School (
Diplomas. j
.Diplomas Awarded By the
Principal, Prof. G. C.
' Class Day Exercises of the High
School we're held at the Tabernacle
' Thursday morning. The program
foretold in the Kentuckian was car
ried out with much credit to each
the performers as follows:
Plana Solo. . . Miss Frances Garnett
President's Address. .William Tandy
Class History. . . .Miss Grace Richards
Duct Selection
Manning Brown and David Hooser
Class Giftorian Mary Campbell
Class Prophecy... Miss Doris Claggett
Class Will McFarland Wood
Faculty Giftorian Potter Lackey
Duct Selection
Manning Brown and David Hooser
Last nitrht the commencement cx
.crcises were held with the class ad
dress delivered bv Prof. J. A. Dick
ey, of Bowling Green.
The High School orchestra ana
chorus rendered some fine selections
and the diplomas were awarded
Prof. G. C. .Koffman to the following
45 graduates?!
Misses Juanita Bartley, Imogene
Bartlev. Marv Belle Bible, Louise
Breathitt, Mary Campbell, Elizabeth
Cayce, Doris Claggett, Mary Fox
Clardy, Amma Nell Earle, Frances
Garnett. Brentwood Gee, Eleanor
Henrv. Ruth Hadden, Elizabeth Mc-
Pherson, Sallie Mayes, Bertha Means,
Buby Morris, Mary Belle Radford
Grace Richards, Anna Scheifer,
Myrtha Southall, Amelia Starling,
Bessie Walker, Annie Waller, Myra
"Winfree and Lillie Mae Wortham
Messrs Robert Winfree, McFarland
Wood, William Thompson, McHenry
Tichenor, William Tandy, Phil Rob
erts, Joe Moseley, Lee Oldham, John
Metcalfe, Potter Lackey, David Hoos'
cr, Livingston Leavell, Earle Fowler,
Petit Fentress, Bryant Charlton, Man
ning Brown, Mitlon Buckley, Edward
Breathitt and Robert Brumfield.
Always Wishing.
To bo always -wishing for something
wo cannot get Is tho worst possible
way to spend time. All of us have
blessings which are enough to mako
us happy if only wo aro so wiso as to
enjoy them instead of fretting for
something more. Take tho pleasures
of today with a grateful heart, and
never waste time in hoping yoa will
have something better tomorrow.
Dally Thought.
The mind that Is cheerful in its pres
ent state will bo adverse to all soli
citudes to tho future, and will meet
tho bitter occurrences of Ufa with a
placid smile. Horace.
This is the Store For
Everything You Wear.
Redfern Corsets,
Warner Corsets,
Muslin Underwear,
Knit Underwear,
Gordon Hose,
Coat Suits,
Rain Coats,
Everything Ready Made
J. T. Edwards Co.
KD 'h1 if mTTT TTHfT
Who will arrive next Tuesday to
the First Baptist church, in a revival
Tobacco Reaches The Aver-
age For The Week of
Something more than 200,000
pounds of tobacco was marketed this
week at highly satisfactory prices, the
average running to nearly $9. The
receipxs are very light now as the
season is almost over.
Week ending June 1, 1916, is as
as follows:
Receipts for week.
0 Hhds.
78 Hhds.
245 Hhds.
Receipts for year.
Sales for week
Sales for year
Sales week 203,625 lbs.
Sales for season 13,707,190, lbs.
Sales for same date
1915 11,773,070 lbs.
Average for this week $8.80
Average for this season $6.16
The schedule of the prices for the
week was as follows:.
Trash $5.00 to $6.00
Com Lugs $6.00 to $7.00
Med Lugs $7.00 to $7.50 -Good
Lugs $7.50 to $8.00
Fine Lugs $8.00 to $9.00
Low Leaf $7.00 to $8.00
Com Leaf $8.00 to $9.00
Med Leaf $9.00 to $10.00
Good Leaf $10 00 to $11.50
Fine Leaf $11.50 to $13.00
"So Blank lias gono west to de-
elop his gold mine. Has he taken
his wife along?"
"los; he says she'll be suro to find
he pockets if there aro any."
"I am going to tell that fellow I
will mako him eat his words."
"Don't. That will be just pie to
Knicker Where did Jones make
his speech?
Bocker From the rear platform
of a train of thought.
' Wife Aro my doughnuts like
thoeo your mother used to make?
Hub (sampling them) Well
er th! holes are just the same.
From my farm three and one half
miles north of town on tho Madison
villo road, two bay mules 15-3 in.
hands high. Any information re
garding the whereabouts of same
shall be liberally rewarded.
Phone 512 . C. C. CURTIS.
assist Rev. C. M. Thompson, pastor of
meeting, which starts tomorrow.
State Now Has 1920 Employ'
es Who Draw Average
of $703.67.
(Frankfort State-Journal)
Kentucky's 1,920 employes draw
an average salary of $703.67. This
includes the pay of the Governor,
Secretary of State, Auditor, Attorney
General, State Superintendent, Clerk
of the Court of Appeals, Commission
er of Agriculture, Appellate Judges
and their office forces, heads of the
State University and Normal Schools
and faculties, members of the State
Board of Control, Prison Commission
ers, btate Hospital officers and at
tendants, prison officers and guards,
fame, lorestry, geological survey,
j ivd of Health,, tuberculosis,
banking, iiun-rauce, insurance rating
board, agriculture, State Fair, ru:to
mobile, Capitol custodian, historical,
hotel, library, railroad, public road,
racing, mining, inspector and exami
ner, fire marshal's, pension, and
printing departments, military de
partment, home for the blind, home
Jor the deaf, the Confederate Home,
Children's Home Societies, home for
incurables, Kentucky Normal and In
dustrial Institute, the State Experi
ment Station and the State Board of
The payroll of the State, according
to the report ordered by the General
Assembly and just completed by State
Inspector and Examiner Nat B, Sow
ell, is $1,351,053.03, aside from cer
tain part-time employes in sonic of
tho departments engaged by the day.
Some of these departments pay their
own way.
Added to the payroll besides theso
are the 35 circuit judges and 35 com
monwealth's attorneys, who bring
the number of employes up to 1,970,
and the payroll to Sl,530,55303.
Sent Over the Telephone. v
Mistress "Goodness, Bridget, whero
is our telophonor Bridget "Mrs.
Jones sent over, mum, askln for tbo
uso av It, and I Bint it over, hut I bad
tbo dlvil's own tolme glttin' it off tbo
wall, mum." Toledo Blade.
Good In Cheerfulness,
Cheerfulness, tho character of com
mon hope, is, in strong hoj9, like
glimpses of sunshine on a cloudy day.
Always C;
Call Before 8 a. m.
With "Self-Adjusting" Hoop and
Door Fasteners.
Tecktonlns Self-Adjusting Silo
- Fasteners have
construction, by giving the wood slid
all tho strength and rigidity of steel
' or concrete, at tho sarno'tirae posscss-lng-tho
better silage making proper
ties of wood.
No other r,Ilo has tho equal of theco
- or other Tccktonlus matchless equip
ment no other gives tho length,
quality, or convenience of service
When you know bow vastly super
ior these essential Tccktonlus Silo
Features arc over corresponding fea
tures 'of other silos, you will then
know "All Silos arc hot Alike." Send
"Broadside" Folder and
"Silo Facts"
posting you fully on Tccktonlus Silo
All Silos and why silo 13
big paying investment for
you. They aro worth dol
lars to you.
Both aro Free Send
for them today.
Poverty and tuberculosis tubercu
losis and poverty! These are the
essential facts which force themselves
to the attention of every investigator
who faces the problem of that dis
ease. The tenement house district of
Cincinnati yields a tuberculosis mor
bidity just three times as great as the
areas whero better housing prevails.
In 197 families in which tuberculosis
existed the average monthly income
for a family of four was approximate
ly $57. After paying the prorata share
for food and rent, a balance of $5.13
remained for each individual to meet
all other expenses. Such a low sub
sistence level works like black magic
in the spread of tuberculosis. More
over, ana tins is a point over wnicn
the public should ponder, the home
of the average wage earner was fojund
to be far less sanitary than the aver-
m T. .
age factory anu worKsnop. in re
gard to all the factories which make
for healthful living, ventilation, suf
ficient light, proper temperature, and
freedom from over-crowding, he
score was in favor of the factory in
nearly every instance.
The city of Cincinnati realized that
icr tuberculosis ueain rate wasou
per cent, above the average and that
it had failed to manifest a tendency to
decline. Sho felt no qualms in ma
ing this admission. Rather, she de
termined that she would learn why,
with an efficient health department
and favorable climatic influences, she
was suffering from twice the mortal
ity from that disease as her neighbor,
Pittsburgh. Accordingly the United
States Public Health service was re
quested to make a thorough study of
the situation and submit a report.
To show that something more than
mere academic interest obtained, 10,
932 workers in 154 factories of the
city voluntarily submitted to a physi
cal examination.
Tho conclusions reached, point di
rectly to the close connection be
tween poverty and tuberculosis. Tho
great factor underlying tho entiro
problem was seemingly tliat of eco
nomic conditions. One sixth of all
tuberculosis cases came from cheap
lodging houses. Alcoholism was a
prominent cause, and often accele
rated the course of the disease. Oc-
"All Silos not Alike"
.Tho wood silo Is demonstrably superior 'to all other, material In
, .sllago making. Tho ovldenco on this scoro Is overwhelming. When silo Is
empty and weather dry and hot, Uio staves shrink and hoops expand,
causing hoops to get looso on many silos. Thcro Is ono silo construction'
-and one only that Bolves this problem of keeping hoops always tight
and securely In place during all changing weather and scrvlco condi
tions. That ono Is tho '
.revolutionized 3II0
Licensed under Hnrder Patent
.No. 627733.
Tccktonln "Self-Adjusting" Silo Fastener
automatically adjusts sllO'to all stave swell
Ins and shrinking. Only one of many Tcek
lonluK Exclusive Silo Features.
cupational hazards and bad
conditions were apparently response
ble for about 20 nnr rent, nf Hia
cases, but in the majority of instances
these hazards were not necessarily
inherent in the occupation. Previ
ous tuberculosis in the family oc
curred in practically a third of all the
cases investigated. Dissipation, over
crowding, bad housing, and innate
lack of personal responsibility, were
also listed as causes.
An interesting feature of the re
port, and one which has not previ
ously been dwelt upon in studies of
this character, relates to the effect of
immigration and the rate of growth
of the population of a city upon tu
berculosis death rate. It is shown
that cities with a population composed
largely of racial stock having
I! 1- 11 .
niiuieu resistance 10 tuoercuiosis aro
subject to a high mortality rate from
that disease, while centers havincr
siuw rate 01 population increase are
1 L P t 1
likewise subject to a high tubercu
losis rate. The evidence issubmitted
in a comparative table covering 'six
teen American cities. Almost with
out exception those with a high per
centage of Irish, Scandinavian and
German stock, and those in which the
negro population is relatively lame.
have a correspondingly high' mortali
ty, while those where tho Italian and
Jewish element is proportionately
great to have a low tuberculosis defth
rate. Similarly, such cities as Tin.
troit and Cleveland, with high rates
ot population increase, show a low
tuberculosis mortality, while Cincin
nati and Baltimore with a relatively
small population increaso have a high
tuberculosis rate. Doubtless the true
explanation of this discrepancy is that
advanced by tho authors, namely,
that whero tho population increase is
rapid new buildings aro erected to
take the place of old insanitary struc
tures and better housing conditions
prevail. t
Must Run.
Unless Col. Roosevelt lands the Re
publican nomination for President, or
is given permission to name the Re
publican nominee practically, ho will
make the race for President on the
Progressive ticket, according to Dr.
II. M. Goodnian, head of the Roose
velt Republican Leaguo, Louisville.
Children Ory
m t
Miss Sarah Davie, who attended
school at Murfreesboro, Tenn., dur
ing tho past session, returned Thurs
day night to spend the vacation with
her mother, Mrs. II. VV. Young, near
Miss Edwin Elliott has gono to St.
Louis, Mo., for a visit to relatives.
Mrs. J. L. Gant, of Pensacola, Fla.,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. Gunn.
Mrs. Leslie Haydon returned to her
home in Hopkinsvilie Monday after a
visit to her son, Mr. Hugh Haydon,
and other Trigg county relatives.
Judge W. H. Hooks, T. O. Turner,
J. Frank Ladd, H. P. Atwood, Dr.
W. H. Jefferson, G. W. Ryan, Joe
Hoy Hopkins and P. A. Blane were
in Hopkinsvilie yesterday to attend a
meeting of the State Tax Commission.
Cadiz Record.
Thomas R. Underwood left for
Lexington yesterday, to work for tho
Lexington Leader for the month of
Miss Bennie Meacham, of Gracev.
attended tho High School graduating
exercises at tho Tabernacle last night.
The Still Small Voice.
Tho most potent and beneficent
forces are stillest. The strength of a
sentence is not in Us adjective's, but
In its verba and nouns, and the
strength of men and nations is In their
calm, sano, modltatlvo moments. In a
tlmo of nolso and hurry and material
ism llko ours, tho gospel of tho stilt
and small voice Is always seasonable.
John Burroughs, In the AtlantlcA.
Dr. C. O. Wagner, ,af Elkton, arid
Miss Addie Peace, of this city, were
married at the scctory of the Catholic
church, yesterday afternoon at 5
o'clock, by Father Welch. They left
-.17 f iiii'k iiir iinnir rx a,inii it
i rifi - i .....
groom's relatives.
Berlin reports a sea battle ""'flrlfrrt'
British fleet, in which tho BrUkffifet (
ono battleship and four cruisers and
tho Germans ono battleship, on
cruiser and another cruiser missing.
London admits three cruisers were D
DtHy Theujht
Is tklfl world a mux mvat k itkM
,'fcBTU or, fcyrawr. T omftjtoT.
J; I

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