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. 1 lypicul camuullao roud on tho Marne front. extending nv m.-tu;1 miles nnrt masking tlio movements of tho
French troops In that section. 2 Mnjor General Liggett, commander of tho lycstern division, which will hnvc four
training -camps containing from 30,000 to 40,000 men each, a A licet of Dutch and Norwegian ships held up In an
American port because of the food embargo. 4 Training men for officers of tho merchant marine nt New Lcdford,
Halg and Petain Start Another
Drive in Flanders and Ma!
i Big Gains.
Sood Work by ths Russo-Roumanlar
I Foroea teutonic Peace Move Der
rlded Agreement Reached on
Food Control BIII-rExemp-tlon
Boards Are Busy.
' After twenty days of tho most tre
mendous artillery Are of tho war, tho
Anglo-French armies in Flanders be
gan on Tuesday a great drive tnat
aroused the highest hopes for deflnlto
results. Great masses of troops dashed
.forward along a front of twenty miles,
I overran the enemy's first threo lines of
i defense between Warneton and Dlx
Jtuude and' captured eleven towns nnd'
'moro than 0,000 prisoners. They
crossed the Yser nt many places, the
engineering corps performing prodigies
5 in tho way of brldge-bulldlng under
jflre. Tanks and airplanes ,rlayed lm-
I nn.tll In till, torrlfll fYmtllot.
' JIViiUUb UliO M v . - - -"
2JThe Germans resisted stoutly and on
J0t Wednesday, when" tho allies' advance
wus checked by torrential rains, the
TTeutons by fierce counter-attacks won
, jback a little of the lost ground. Next
Vday the British again drove the Ger
jmans back, nnd tlun the artillery re
1 jammed the task of blowing Prince Itu
n .Iprocht's men out of tho supporting de-
-fienses to which iuvj uu """
r Generals Halg and I'ctaln exchanged
telegrams of congrattdatlon on the
success in Flanders, nnd- the knlser,
- not to be outdone, congratulated Itu
precht on his "great success" and at
once called n conference In Brussels of
his commanding ofllcers on the west
front nnd other officials. Tho German
losses uro reported to have been tre
. . mendous and thoso of tho allies com
paratively light. Several American
Uurglcal teams worked on the fighting
lino side by side ftith their uriusu ai
' les.
' The exact objective of this drive was
. not officially announced, but tho peo
a plo of the allied nations hoped and the
Germans assumed that tho Anglo
. French armies Intend to push along tho
IjJelglnn coast and, force the Germaus
to abandon their submarine bases.
' Such a movement would also turn the
right end of tho German Hue and
might well compel a general retire
ment toward the Ilhlne. If tho nllU3
could reach the Dutch border It Is be
Iloved Holland might be porsuaded to
uiruw iu ua i.vi, vw-.v
WfUCu uenuaujr uyiucuujr una .mini
for some time.
Conditions In Ruaala.
Tha disorganized Russian troops
,fccoatlnud their retreat eastward
4 llktirbugh Gallcla, and at some points
Sae pursuing Teutons and Turks
creased the Russian border. However,
Ua was a perceptible stiffening of re.
ltotance by the Stars, and further
"ftetth they held their lines fairly well.
Oa the noutejtnlan front tho Ruseo-
' Roumanian army fought bravely and
successfully! making considerable ad
"Hficee, IW i6od work may go far to
rd savlni the rich grain fields of
MN&era Xttlsii from the enemy.
. Meanwhile Kirensky and his cc4-
- leanes are working fast to avert dls
IMr, Their program, according to the
WUtkl nMdnJUMr. Is to restore tho
UrVs power by a clear definition of
J(th limits of Kwsla's present liberty,
W (hi taking of Ihe severest and most,
Wfrelless measures for re-establishing
Zm aOUUry discipline, aad the restoration
'it fiia shaken afithorky of Russia's
Writ disinterested and sett-sacrlfdclng
tfrBts, her officers. Hundreds of
iOeraan splea (n Itusslan uniforms
mlagUng with the soldiers have
KMea executed suaMnarlly, aad the mu
Mbow troops are being punished as
traitors. It is now reported that Le
aae has escaped from Russia, proba
My to detfcuy through KlaJsnd and
? -boats. One Ilritlsh warship, the old
rulser Ariadne, wn sunk by n torpe
do nnd 38 of Its ercw killed.
What Congress lo. Doing.
One nionlh behind time, the adminis
tration food control bill was reported
out of conference without the features
that were objection.!!)!? to th presi
dent. Its enactment within n week
vti:i eonlldently predicted. TIu thief
features that wen rllr-iln'.tpd wore 'ho
J congressional tfnr expenditure com
! mil tee and tho three-member food con
' trol bonrd. Tho price-Axing, nnd con
trol provisions were greatly restricted
nnd the prohibition section is less dras
tic. Tartly as a result of the compromise
on tho food control bill, the sennto
adopted 'the Sheppard resolution for n
national prohibition amendment to tho
Constitution. Tho vote C3 to 20
would have been much closer had tho
dry forces not consented to a provision
Hint the amendment shall not be opcrn-
I tlve unless It Is ratified by the states
within six years. The constitutionality
' of that limitation Is doubtful.
The dry lenders decided to nwalt the.
December session of cpngress before
trying to get the resolution through the
lower house.
Another eommendnble action of the
sennto was tho adoption of McCum
ber's resolution calling upon the presi
dent to-undertako to obtain the consent
of tho European nations allied against
the central powers to tho draft of their
subjects In tint United. States for the
war. It is believed the nlllcs will
quickly agree to this and that tho plan
wiff bo In operation before long.
The now wnr Industries bonrd, with
Frank A. Scotf Instead of Bernard Ia
ruch as Its clmlrman, has taken up
with vigor Its work of government
buying and supervision over the gen
eral Industrial activity. Mr. Scott an
nounced that proilt-maklng must now
yield to patriotism, extrnvoganco to
economy nnd selfishness to service.
The reorganized shipping board also is
speeding up and last week It made tho
' Southern plno producers promise
prompter delivery of tho timber they
have pledged, for tic board Intends to
build us many wooden ships as pos
sible. The cmbnrgo that Is designed, to shut
off Germany's supplied of food and
wnr munitions Is going to have nn ef
fect on tho supply of shipping. Nor
way already bus proposed to place al
most its entire merchant ilect nt the
disposal of the allies and promised to
export nothing but fish to Germany If
assured of receiving American food
products, nnd Holland, too, Is willing
to exchange ships for food If tho ves
sels are not to be Font Into the danger
zone. Sweden und Denmark, it is be-,
lleved, will follow suit. Tho effective
ness of tho embargo policy, however,
depends to n considerable extent, on
whether or not the shipment of food
stuffs from JUuxsln Into Oenr.r.ny enn
be pruvciiti-tl.
Tho shipping board last week pre-
pnrei t0 comranudeer nil American
shinning, auu I'resiuem wuson issueu
on order that has tha effect of cutting
off steel exports to Japan unless Jap
anese vessels are diverted to war uses.
Exemption Boards Busy.
The examination of drafted men by
' the exemption boards Is going on rap
Idly and smoothly, and under Instruc
tions from Provost Marshal General
Crowdor tho boards have tightened up
on tho exemptions. They have been
(told to keep In mind that tho two
- things to bo accomplished are the nils
'lag of armies and tho maintaining of
industries. Meanwhile tho federal and
local authorities all over the country
are rounding up tho slackers.
Continuing their work of co-opcrat-,lng
with tho Germans, the Industrial
Workers of the World stirred up vari
ous troubles for mine owners, lumber
producers and themselves, In many
Western localities. Some towns fol
lowed tho example of DIsbeo and de
i ported the disturbers, and one of their
leaders, Frank Little, was takes out
(and banged by masked men at Butte,
Mont Such occurrences, of course,
mjust be deplored theoretically.
The government cannot and will not
tolerate strikes that tie up Industries
that are vital to the successful conduct
I of the war, This was demonstrated by
(the quick ending of a strike of thou
sands of railway switchmen that
'started at Chicago. When the federal
authorities took a hand, both aides
found they could yield points and
that HIndenburg, having prepnrcd for
tha Gallclan affair with the aid of his'
tsples, promised the kaiser he would
,put Russia out of action within two
months. But Kcrensky, though he Is'
terribly handlcnpped nnd Is not n sol
dier, Is proving hinisolf to bo n much
greater mnn than tho German chieftain
and civilization still looks to him with
confidence In his ultimate success.
It was announced on Thursday that
General Urusslloff had resigned ns
commander In chief of the Russinn
rmlea nnd that General Kornlloft had
been made generalissimo, being suc
ceeded on tho southwestern front by
'General Tcheremlssoff.
j The heroic conduct of Vera Butch
mnreff s feminine battalion ' at the
front 1ms resulted In n popular move
ment for the formation of a grcut
'arpiy of Russian women.
Teutonic Peace Bunk.
The beginning of tho week was
, marked by tho ascension of three largo
pence balloons sent up by tho central
powers. Ono wns piloted .by Clinncel
lor MIchaclIs, one by Count Czeraln,
Austrian foreign minister, and ono by
tho un-American correspondent, Ben-
nett, acting for Mlchnells nnd Luden-
'dorff. The balloons went up swiftly for
n time, but, being filled only with hot
' air, they soon came to cnrtli again, the
descent accompanied by the Ironic
laughter anil cheers of the ftliled na
tions. Tho Imperial chancellor, to
abandon the nietnphorT"toId a vivid tale
of secret treaties between "Franco an'd
Russia looking to conquest, nnd Pre
mier Rlbot promptly branded him ns a
liar. Mlchnells uttered a lot more
claptrap about the wicked alms of tho
entente nllles and "the Justice of our
defensive wnr," and. "through the un-
-Amerlcnn correspondent, gave out n
mess of high-sounding phrnsos nnd
foolish accusations, and declared the
submnrlne warfare would continue un
til the British raise their blockade.
. Czemln gave an Interview that sound
ed more reasonable, and a couple of
doys Inter a Vienna paper announced
nuthorltatlvely that Germany would
gladly act upon peace overtures com
ing by wny of Vienna. Tho entlro
peace move of tho week, however, wns
declared by Washington, London and
Pnrls to be Insincere nnd evidently
made In tho hope of slowing up the
wnr preparations In America and the
restoration of nuthorlty and discipline
In Russia.
On Wednesday the knlser Issued two
'proclamations, to tho German people
nnd to tho German army and navy nnd
Jcolonlnl forces, In which ho deflnntly
iset forth his determination to prosecute
to a successful termination "this right
eous war of defense."
The German attempt to bunko tho
Poles with 'vague promises of a re
stored kingdom -has fallen through.
Dispatches from Berlin say tho Polish
legions have been disarmed and In
terned, because the Germnns found
themselves confronted by u mutinous
Polish army, while Austrian subjects
enrolled Jn the original legton Insisted
on taking the oath to the new Polish
kingdom as If Gallcla were a part of
America's Submarine Detector.
The problem of the submarlno Is
still holding first plnco In-the consider
ations of tho allied nntlons, for while
tho Germans admit tho U-boat cam
paign Is not reducing Engluud to star
vation, Admlrnl Jelllco admits the
submarine has not yet been mastered,
and says until tho effective antldoto Is
discovered tho allies must concentrate
on the building of patrol boats and
merchant vessels. Secretary Daniels
believes the Amerlcnn nnvy depart
ment has found a plan for protecting
American shipping and It will be put In
operation very soon. The department
Is working on a giant detector which
Rear Admiral Grant thinks will bring
Immediate results. The details of this
detector, of courso, are not revealed,
but It Is expected to be cffectlvo over
a distance of five miles, nnd If these
expectations are Justified the depart
ment will stretch the devlco across tho
waters In tho vicinity of the German
I bases and thereby locate submarined
as they start out. Meanwhile tho
'trained gun crews placed on American
merchantmen are giving a good ao
J count of themselves, generally getting
the better of any submarines that ven
ture to attack the vessels they are
guarding: "
The British admiralty's wsekl:
Dort showsd a decrease la
E.unv Oyo Hides, Lonw Jones,
Sianlcy Duke, Tom T. Whitman, An
drew Frvt', JewnlfMart, Wm. Bailey
Hammonds, Rei b -n C. Koith; Peter
WonsL'j, Milton Berry, Lewis Bell,
D.ui. Mitbrey, Robert L. Jones, Ed
die Ganf, Claude Young, George Mo
Wainp, Harry Bales, Ti-ni Wiley, Dr.
Roscoe T. Jelts, Richard Gat nett Mc
Cord, Tho-. Poster Mason, Alfred
C.u t, J o. 0 Metcalfe, Wm. Arden
Souil.il, Adilphus Wya'.f, Ddnus
Wednesday, Aug. 8.
Walter Bell, Herman G. Van Vec
tor, Henry H. Ruddell, Christopher
Norman, Omer Quarles, Grant Poole,
Jno. E. Pattilo, Hiley Cobb, Robert
II. Gray, Jas. -R. Thompson, Gus
McReynoids, Luther Buckncr, Frenzy
Bullock, Oloce Alexander, Orderly
Mason, Guy C Finn, Frederick Cata,
G o. D. Harned, Richard Newell, Ed
Vass, Jtsse White, TribueGant, Geo,
MeKnijjM, Geo. Kinj;, Lucien Lee,
Caude Cannon, Jno. Lanier, Eeslic
Parks Radford, Fate Williams, Jesse
Roach, Tandy Rogers, Millard F. 'Gil-
liam, Henry Allen, Morton B. Npnce,
Lewis H. Clark, Walker Cannon,
Eugene Caiinon, Rozzell Leavell,
Jas. Moses Word, Carl J. Orton, Da
vid A. Jackson, Jerry Folston, Alvin
Brown, Samuel Hunter, Walter W.
Wright, Robt. Broady, Adrian Cow
herd, E. H. Alexander, Arthur Lan
der, Luther Ford, Gordon Shepherd,
Newton M. Moss, Porter Tandy,
Herbert C. Miller, Reggie L. Jones,
Ruby Croft, Garrett Fortson, Jos. D.
Amos Davis, Ellia A. Durham,
Lewis W. Dunning, Harry Jones, E.
Trice Waller, Jas. W. Griffin, Hick
Dumas, Bell McCauley, "Lee Allen
Mqrris, Luther E. Ladd, Caleb R.
Wilkfns, Walter Ransome, James C.
West, AlunJ. Austin, Alphonse L.
Thomas, Geo.. Foster, Caleb Norwell,
Ed C. Curtis, FrcU Farley, Henry
Howard West, Claude Dunning, Jack
son Colston, Moiton Monford, Marion
Vt, Glyrence G. Gilkey, Sam'l. W.
Hard wick, Abje Allen, Chas. Horn,
Will Dade, Robert Mai tin.
i Corporal James Gorman uau oi coi
fax, In., member of tho Lafayette fly
ing squadron, who is now In Solssons
hospital after a single-handed battlo,
with eight German warplanes. Cor-i
pornl Hall was flying over tho Gcr-j
man lines when attacked by a Ger-j
man biplane. After a hot encounter
seven other German machines came' to?
tho assistance of the blplano and Ihj
that unequal fight nail was sho't(
.through the lung, ne managed. hoM
evr, wihi Krtrufc wuuniv wv.,vw,
to bring his machlno down within tho
French lines. Ho fainted Just boforo
landing, bnt had strength and presence
of mind to cut off tho gasoline and
easo tho landing so that tho machine
wns not destroyed. This daring mem
ber of tho corps of Americans flying
for Franco Jolnod the AmoHian squp''
ron recently after being wounded -tho
British army and discharged. Ho
Is the son of Mrs. A. W. Hall of Col
fax, and Is author of "Kltchenet's
Mob." Boforo tho war ho was anows
'paper man In Boston.
Everybody's Doing It
Said the near-cynic, "When a wc-ra
an gees shopping these days, although
she may be ths meat sedate little lady
la the world, she can't help hitting
tM high pMCML"
...... ..vWtafrmnMurii.iv.r'" Ji&IEOK
Koilmuuir u lux days after ills
Gould, Jr., youngest son of tho financier,
in Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Gould, Jr., Is
Just Twenty Per Cent. Draft
ed Kentuckians for Train
ing in September.
Only 20 per cent, of the men draft
ed for the national army in Kentucky
and Indiana will be called for training
at Camp Taylor early in September.
The same percentage will apply at all
of the cantonments.
The entire national army of 687,000
men will not be called to the colors
before the latter part of October.
The men at Camp Taylor will be in
training for approximately ten months,
and it is not likely that they will be
ready for transports for Europe be
fore September 1, 1918.
Insects Greatest Jumpers.
The beings that can leap the great
est distance in proportion with their
sizes are insects the lien nnd grass
hopper. The former can hop over on
obstacle 000 times Its height. Which
Is the same as If n man could hop over
n mountain 3,000 feet high. A grass
hopper can Jump 200 times Its length.
How tall are you? Four feet? Well,
if you were a grasshopper you could
leap 800 feet.
Make Haste Slowly.
Remember that some trailing Is
necessary beforo u." man can become
n farmer. Even potato raisers haVf
to know how to drill.
"Why shouldn't a farmer raiso fish
as well as chickens?" asks Secretary
of Commerco William C. Rcdfield,
in discussing means to increaso the
national supply of food. "Given i
proper fresh water supply and rea
sonable space for a pond, an aston
ishing quantity may be had in two
or thrco years. Tho fisheries bureau
has been instrumental in bringing
long-neglected food fish to the mar
ket at the rate of 20,000,000 pouncV
a year."
"But, my dear," said his wife, aft
er he had complained about tho food
tho new cook had brought in. "You
know during these terrible times it
is absolutely necessary that wo make
great sacrifices."
"Oh, of course, but what I object
to is tho cook's making hers in the
form of a burnt offering."
Willie Paw, docs X represent an
unknown quantity?
Paw Yes, it does in tho average
pocketbook, my eon.
"What did hoo when you told
him ho hadn't put a good f aco on tho
"Ho changed countenance'."
"What in tho world mado you jilt
"Oh, h5jpt on my nerves, always
asking permission to kisa mo."
Her Husband -Didn't I sco yoq
coming out of the 10-cent store?
i Mrs. Twitter Yes, dear; I wu in
brother Klngdons wedding, Ueorge J.
was married to Miss Lauru M. Curter
twenty - ono years old.
Men to be Subjected to Fumes
Stronger Than They Will
Meet In Battle.
American Training Camp in France,
Aug. 8. The issuance of French gas
masks to the American soldiers has
brought them a little bit nearer to a
realization to the proximity to real
warfare. The. men are looking for
ward to the' gas experiments with
the greatest possible interest as giv
ing a touch of adventure to their
training. The so called "gas house"
is completed and the men will be put
through a mixture of a deadly vapor
several times stronger than will ever
be encountered upon the field of
battle. Some German prisoners have
claimed that in their training they
have endured periods of from 5 to 10
minutes in a gas mixture fifty times
as strong as could possibly be. main
tained in, an open air attack. The
men areiput through the intense mix
tures to demonstrate to them that
with proper care and use of the
equipment they cannot be hurt by
any gas likely to be encountered in
the front line trenches.
Dr. McDaniel Enters Army.
Dr. R. F. McDaniel, of this city,
who has been residing in Florida for
more than a year, has been accepted
for medical service in the U. S. Army
in France. He passed a good physical
examination and was complimented
on his mental tests as well. Dr. Mc
Daniel is a veteran of the Spanish
American War. He expects to leave
for France soon.
Wife of Occupant Sustains
Painful Burns While Sav
ing Contents.
A dwelling on Mr. J. L. McGee's,
farm, near Nowstead, was destroyed;
by fire yesterday. Tha house was
occupied by Thomas, Meredith, aiten-
ant. Mr. McGee's loss is about
$700, with no insurance.
Mr. Meredith saved some of his
furniture. Mrs. Moredith. while as
sisting in getting out the household
goods up stairs was considerably
Durned about tho face and.hands, but
her injuries aro not regarded as very
When you want fire,
tornado, life or bond in
surance in the Oldest
Strongest Companies
office up stairs, over
Anderson-Fowler Drug
Store, Corner Nlul.aud
Office 395,
reside. 944
The New.Fanp.ted Way.
"What has become of tho old-fash
loncd man who used to whistle and
wait ,for his sweetheart?" arika an ex
change. Probably sitting la the front
room listening to hts son honk the tin
lizzie while waiting for Mayme to don
her motor garb. St. Paul Pioneer
Press. . , yjfrt
C MlttS

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