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York Mother Finds Ideal Cold,
Treatment For Her Little Boy
Xetkisg to Swallow You .Just
ud it ua.
. J
"Mothers everywhere 'will bo Inter
Mtcd: la ih expeneoco cu Airs, unas.
fcSillh. 623 Wo&t Gas Allov. York-.
Mrs. Smith tried tbo Son thorn
r&wedr Vlek'a Vanonuu Balve. when
It wu first introduced In York, end
"Our little four year old boy had
& cough for about a week. Wo travo
him everythlBfc wo knew, and noth
ing eeeBfiea 10 ao any good. So
whea we got Vick's VapoRub I
rubbed it on his chest well for two
Bights and I haro not heard him
cough since. I think It Is tho best
Medicine I havo over had la the
VapoRub comes In calvo
wbon applied to the body
neat, the ingredients
are released In vapor
form. Theso vapors aro
i& haled with each.
da& Tick's
n torn, ana
llllilW!lllIHIIIllll l!lilillllllillil!l,li;hH:
breath, opening the air nassaces and
loosening the phlegm. It's a real
"Bodyguard In tho homo" against all
forms, or cold troubles. 25c. EOc.
At all druggists.
Kp a little Bodv-Guabo in VOUR hornt
Weather For Week.
Washington, Dec. 10. Weather
predictions for the week beginning
- Sunday, issued by tho Weather Bu
reau are: For the Ohio valley fair and
' ' cold.
Told of Relations.
The story of his relations with Miss
Harriet A. Varriey; a nurse, who is on
trial charged with tho murder of his
bride of eight months, was recited on
the witness stand by George H. Keyes
'husband of Mrs. Pauline H. Keyes,
"who was shot to deathin their Brook
Jin home on June 19.
Something In a Name.
A healthy drafted man was discharg
ed from military service at Camp
Zachary Taylor in place of a man re
commended to be sent home as physi
cally unfit, because of an error thro'
.the similarity of names. Camp auth
Dies are anxious to get the healthy
"nun returned, but lawyers advise that
this is impossible as ho is now exempt
and immune to tho draft.
' i
Thaw Gets One.
Paris, Dec. 10. Maj. William Thaw
of the Lafayette Escadrilie, brough.
down a German airplane in a duei
over the enemy's lines on Wednesday
Indiana 5ilo
Tkn QSlrt ihnf olves vou one
TZi X llw -
ifTW m
, J- hundred per cent food valus.
II Made of California long pine
&and red wood, also Oregon
; Robertson & Co ,
T Adams, Tenn.
New Officers Chosen.
Hopkinsvillo camp, 11533, Modern
Woodmen of America, met Friday
night and elected tho following offi
cers for 1918:
Counsel J. F. Boyd.
Banker J. T. Hill.
Clerk-W. W. Allen.l
Escort Vestoe M. Overby.
Watchman J. U. Brasher.
Sentry Claude Wade.
Trustees Rev. J H. Hines, Henry
Blumensteil, Jstmcq H. Kodgers.
Pearl City Camp, No. 5, Woodmen
of the World, held its annuil election
of officers Friday niht, with th fol
lowing result:
L. R. Bailey, Consul Commander.
H. G. Campbell, Advisor.
Roy J. Baker, B inker.
J. B. Clark, Clerk.
W. H. Cobb, Watchman.
Ernest Witty, Secretary.
H. W. Cole, Manager.
John P. Campbell V.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cunpfcel:, m
Pdducah, a young couple with i.i my
friends here, are the parents of a son,
born Saturdjy, whu has bjeii named
John P. Campbell V. Tlie infant's
grand father was born in this ciiy
and died in Baltimore tw i years ag.
Suvuial generations oLtlio C imp jell j
were ideutilied with the history ui
Hopkinsvillo. Mrs. John P. Camp
bell IV was formerly Mits S.ide
Smith, who, ns a Paducah Hi.jn
School girl, was much admired here
soverjl years ago.
We invite comparison of our
Blakey, Bass & Barnett.
Christmas Goods
Millionaire's Sons
Capt, John Wannmuker, Jr., U. S.
R., utiacued to Camp Dix, ;i canton
ment cf the National army, and Cor
poral Kingdom Gould, also of Camp
Dix aro Millionaire's sons.
Captain Wanaimker and Corporal
GiuM are both newlyweds. Captain
Wanamaker married Miss Pauline
Disston of Philadelphia and New York
at Newport and Kingdom Gould sur
prised the society world by marrying
Miss Aununciata Camilla Marie Lucie
on Jnly 2nd.
Gould is attached to the officers of
tho camp but that does not hamper
his training as a soldier. Ho takes
his work of learing to bo an efficient
soldier seriously and ho is developing
into n first-class'fighting man.
I r.
,Ve have in stock Raisins,' -'m h
I j Mr. W. B. Anderson purchased a
MJvftfl Nuts. Oranges, Lem- 203 .khj.hJ hog at 12 cents per pound;
9 W w r
ons, Chocolate Candy, Cream
Candy, Marshmallows, Fig?,
Dates, Apples, Package Can
dies, Fruit Baskets, Prince
Albert smoking tobacco put
up in half pound and pound
b&s, good line cigars.
L inches at all hours. Give
3Br. .all
P. J. Breslin,
t o c- ii. Ciwi.
fed it :)u d.if, at the end of which
tiiiK it weighed 490 pounds, taking
on 4 I (3 lbs. per day, and he sold it
for 1(5 cents per pound. If any one
hua excelled his SO days improve
ment, let's hear from him, as it makes
interesting reading for Hie progres
tsive farmer. Georgetown Times.
Sterling Silver Hat Pins.
New designs in Beautiful' Gift
Boxes Special Value
25c the pair.
Blakey, Bass & Barnett.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
tnvsntert Have Untlmlted Oppor'unl
ties to Think Out Death-Dealing
Machines for Government.
The statement is often mado thai
tho war has developed no invention
of military value. This, of cours
is nonsense, says the Illustrated
World. Trench periscopes, gas bombs,
liquid fire appnratus, low visibility
striping for warships, mierophoni
tlctceton for use on submarined, seis
mographic detectors for hidden bat
tery locations, synchronism for rapid
fire guns and battle plane propellers,
tho perfection of tho submarine it
pelf, arc all examples.
There aro a thousand little inven
tions needed to help in ending the
war things you or I might invent,
if wo knew how.
For instance, a gun sight as effi
cient ns the telescope and as easy
to use as tho open sight. A tele
scope that can see around a corner.
A wirclefs field phone as efficient ns
a wired phono, a gas as deadly as
chlorino and as invisible as air which
can bo cheaply and quickly pro
duced end projected, ear protectors
which save men from the effects of
heavy gunfire without preventing or
dinary hearing, a means for detect
ing the presence of submarine
mines without getting blown up in
tho process, a searchlight which will
project heat as efficiently ns present
ones do light imagine what such n
device would mean in protection
from aerial raids. Iraagiuo a
searchlight beam two miles up in the
air hot enough to set fire to anything
it played upon.
On such problems aa these inven
tors may work with the full knowl
edge that if they really discover
something worth while they will do
an incalculable good to humanity
and, incidentally, feather their own
nests to the limit of their desires.
Miss Oldgirl .When I wouldn't
give him a decided answer to his pro
posal he asked me if I couldn't learn
to love him.
Miss Caustique Why don't you
try ? One is never too old to learn.
A stale egg caused a riot at Tort
land, Ore., the other day. Two mcu
were moving furniture, when a prac
tical joker threw an egg at them. He
missed tho men, but hit an uphol
stered chair, leaving a splash of yel
low upon it. Tho owner of the fur
niture then seized an ax, and ran at
an innocent standcr-by. He seized
a stick, in defense, and presently the
.fight became general, bricks bein
ireely thrown. Eventually tvo n
.licemcn quelled it by using . .
"I was just reading about a cot
tago in England that has been occu
pied by one family for 000 years."
"Tho landlord ought not to kick
on papering it in the spring."
lira. Eie John, I loaned out
colored cook some money to get hei
worthless husband out of jail.
Hxe A liberty loan, eh?
Mutt Boys will bo boys.
Nutt What about girls?
Mutt Oh, thoy have to bo what
ever fashion dictates.
He Do you know, I generally
danco on au impulse.
She You diuii'tlast nightj yob
danee.1 on my feet.V
"There is a famine just now to
"QuVr, and a plethora of dieta-.
Horrors increased
A fierce blizzard sweeping devastated
Halifax, forcing rescuers to abandon
their work, added to the stricken city
'which also Is In darkness and with
only ono wire of communication with
the outside world open SatuHary.
This threatens to snap any moment.
Tho prompt arrival of relief trains
with n rses, doctors and sorely need
ed supplies also was menaced by tho
storm. Identification of the dead is
proving exceedingly difficult. No
change has been made in the estimate
of 2,0 0 He d 3,000 njured
You may have
already discov
ered the conven
ience of bifocal
Looking Ahead.
The American Society of Mechanical
Engineers is expected to bear the
brunt of training crippled soldiers in
profitable occupations and solving in
dustrial problems in America brought
about by tho introduction of woman
Relatives and friends here have re
ceived invitations to the marriage of
Mrs. Martha Bronaugh Amoss, form
erly of this city, to Mr. Emmett Urey
Jackson. The wedding will take
place at the home of tho bride's grand
parents, Mr and Mrs. Cyrus Marsh, at
Ahlund, Va., Wednesday December
12. After January 1 Mrs. Jackson
will be at home at Burkesville, Va.
Pembroke Jnurnal.
The next step is the comfort and
good appearance of Hardwick's
Hand Ground Bifocals.
Let Us Show Them To You.
Owensboro, Ky.
Hopkinsville, Ky.
Accept Armistice.
Rumanian troops have decided to
Join the armistice, although thoy have
rej -cted gll attempt at fraternization.
Th s announcement is made officially
from Jassy. Hostilities have been
suspended on the whole Rumanian
front, It is stated.
Kerensky Siberian Premier
Petrogard, Dec, 6. The temporary
independent Government which has
been organized in Siberia has elected
Alexander F. Kerensky Minister of
Justice and Is determined to complete
a coalition Cabinet.
"Necklaces from $31 to $50.
Blakey, Bass & Barnett.
Miner Killed.
Clarence White was instantly killed
at Crabtrce mines Thanksgiving day
by falling slate. His neck was brokoa
and tho body badly mashed. The
young man was raised In . Webster
county and was the son Jos. White,
State Fair Date Fixed.
The Kentucky State Fair of'mS,
will be held September 9 to 14.
C "fa "-&r ites. e- ."wl
xtr . "V- i .
fi&t w e are nor waiting ror our Amas siock to
LJ come in-WE HAVE IT NOW.
py Our Stove and China Department is chuck full
Ul V VU.4VJ11,11VC11) ObllOlUl gll lO X VJJL jrVFUUgy UlUj 11V11
and poor. Everything from a MAJESTIC RANGE
to a tooth pick holder.
Be careful in doing your Xmas shopping this
year. Make every dollar go as far as possible. We
want you to go through our Hardware Depart
ment whether you buy anything or not. We have
?Y put in the most up-to-date line of Christmas offer-
ffi ings in this department that could be found on the
I Eastern markets and we invite you to call and look
CP it over. Don't forget we handle all kinds of
iug mi a uu.
lgfAmv&vfjt (U iMtWAUX. SmJj JA SJ
5,000 Turkeys This Week
We guarantee to meet all legitimate competition and pay as much as
any one for produce. We will pay this week as follows:
Eggs, fresh, per dozen 42c
Butter, per pound 25c
Hens, perjpound 14c
Roosters, per pound 8c
Guineas, each 25c
Tom Tuikeys, 12 lbs. and up, per pound 21c
Hen Turkeys, 8 lbs. and up, per pound 21c
Green Hides, Horse Hides, Tallow and all kinds of Furs at market
Tom Turkeysmust not weigh under 12 pounds and Hen Turkeys under
8 pounds. See, phone or write us before you sell.
Yours Truly
4 KK

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