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hopkinsville Kcr.tuckian.
Published Every Other Day
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Mornings by
Entered t the Hopkinsville Tost
office Second Class Mail Matter.
Established as Hopkinsville Conser
Tttivela 18G6. Succeeded by Hop
kinsville Democrat 1876. Published
t the South Kentuckian 1879 to 1889.
ONE YEAR 12.00
SIX MONTHS .. . 1.00
nrrtllnsj ! APlkatln
y1 S ) I M K I U U -..
M.rck 7, IBIS
(Copjriifht, Win. t t ) Mc-Our Mtw..
Dara, renew promptly, and not miss
a number. The Costal regulations
require subscriptions to bo paid
Hm paper has enlisted
withjhc government in the
cau$e of America for the
period of the war
With this iMue, tfie tri-weekly
issue of tht Kentuckian will be
dropped and for a few days all of its
paid up subscriber will receive the
tiaily, which begins Saturday. Those
whose aubscriptions bave expired
will receive a sample copy of the
daily, but will not be listed until their
wishes are made known. The paid
up subscribers will have choice of the
daily at 3.00 a enr or the weekly
at $1.00 a year. The weekly will"
not be issued until next week. City
subscribers will have their papers
delivered by cariers at 10 cents a
week, and the card system of week
ly collections used. City subscrip
tions other than those paiJ by the
year will be collected by the car
riers, and those who wish to receive
the daily and it is hoped all will
continue will settle once a week
with the carriers. Larce numbers of
names are being classified and the
routes arranged. Soma confusion
will be inevitable at the start, but
we will do our best to (rive prompt
and satisfactory service to all.
v , . . 090
"The Govirnment at Tokio will act
energetically, but it is impossible to
say in what way, it not being desired
to' have the enemy know anything
of i's plans," Gen. Somba, of the
Japanese army, is quoted in Rome
r.s'declariitg in an interview regard
ing the situation in the Far East
Viscount Motono, the Japanese For
eign .Minister, is also quoted as say
ing: "Should peace be actually
concluded," he continued, "it goes
without saying that Japan will take
steps of the most decided, most ade
quate character to meet the occa
sion." Now that Russia has actually
undertaken to violate her agreement
with the allies and nuke a separate
peace, interest len'vr on whit
Japan will do.
It is quite likely tliHt an invasion
by Japan will give the patriotic peo
ple of Russia the courage and op
portunity to attempt som? sort of
resistance and it may njt be leng
before a divided Rusiia will be l.neJ
up on both sides of the war, the
factions fighting each other, one
backed by Japan and the other by
Germany. Ai'.hough her plans are
being kept secret, Japan is from all
accounts ready to ac". and when she
strikes she will strike hard.
Rodriguez Al. es ws elected Pres
ident of Urusil with but little oppo
sition from any source.
Since Sunday the (iennrms have
left the Americana in comparative
iwuce in their sector near Toul.
I'robably finding that the.r attempted
forays were too costly they have
failed to launch further attacks, and
even have cut down materially their
artillery fire and gas shell bombard
ments. Again the American gunners
have worked l.r.vic among the Ger
mans by heavily s' lling a large can
tonment v. Jure th reserves were as
sembled. o.-
The nearest approach to a big
battle has occurred between the
Fran h and the Germane in the Ver
du'i ettor. Here the French car
ried out a brilliant attack against
the C Inline trenches and penetrat
ed tl.'i German trenches as far as
the'r fourt!. line Monday. The point
of penetration was over a front of
l.Ot' meters and to a depth of 00
meter, and 150 prisoners were taken
in the operation. Also near Warne-
on, kouthvast of Yprea, the Aus
trian'; liavu curried out a tig raid
against enemy posit'ons, killing at
least fifty of the German defenders
in their dugouts ant bringing back
pr Syxllcai.)
A .lit a had been In Cartervtlle for
Just two months, two long, lonely
months, during which she grew to hate
every dusty street of the shabby little
town. It was not all shabby, of course.
There were a few square white bouses
with green blinds.
Anita taught English In the Carter-
vtlle high school and as "teacher" she
enjoyed a sort of social eminent.
The Culture club had taken her In,
and the minister's wife askeJ her to
tea, hot the young people, n girls her
age who should have been her
companions, looked at her askance.
Of course, none of theae CarterrlHe
boys and girls would be poaslble
friends for her, anyway. Fhe told her
self this a Uttle vehemently, perhaps,
to still tie loneJy togging at ber heart.
At the eod of two months, however,
things be run to be different There
was a young man who boarded at the
ralace hotel, a nice-looking young
man with brown eyes and the sort of
nose one Imagines to be aristocratic.
Anita watched htm sometimes In the
dining room and sometimes she lis
tened to his hearty voice when be was
In the hotel office, talking with other
"What a pity," she thought "that a
mnn who looks like tnnt should oe
common, after all. lie talks to Jlra
Murphy as If he'd known him all his
life, and he oo so much slang!"
Ju-t what the stranger did In Car-
tervllle. Anita was not sure. Ills ime
she could not help hearing that
was Davis, Carlton Davis.
When there Is only one young man
about ; when he Is very good looking;
when he sits at a table near you In
the hotel dlnlmt room every morning
and evening, when you are a girl, and
lonesome. It Is hard to be bound by the
traditions of the rroudest of families.
Once, when she felt that he was look
ing after her as she left the room, she
was blinded by a sort of hateful self
consciousness that made her trip,
awkwardly, and fall. In an Instant he
was on his feet, helping her up.
"Are yon hurt?" he asked.
"Not at all. thonk you."
She was aware thnt her tone was
cold. Inhospitable. Tie bowed gravely
and returned to his seat neor the win-,
After that Anita tried to avoid Carl
ton Davis. She refused to admit to
herself that this man was the reason
for her enrly breakfasts, and late din
ners, yet deep In tuT heart she knew
tht. 5tSLi"Jli Ii t0 tnor
In silence, so near to him. '-
One evening when she could bear
the strain of depressed spirits no long
er without action of some sort, Anita
set out for a brisk walk. It was Just
supper time for Curtervllle: lights
shone from the unshaded windows, and
he eoiild see fnmlly groups about the
The girl senrcely noticed where she
was walking, the rough, unpaved
treets of the little town were no bet
ter th:in the country roads, and Anita
realized, with a sudden start, thnt she
hn.l wHked f:ir beyond the Inst house.
Terrs overwhelmed her suddenly. I
It not. to youth, n genuine grief to be
.denied the pleasures of youth, the sim
ple Joys of friendly living? Moreover,
there was something else that made
Anita weep, something thnt tugged at
her heart like- a wild longing, something-
tdie was powerless to stifle or
Suddenly as she snt there by tho
roadside, sobbing, n mnn approached.
She cmil 1 see him clearly. She shrank
back against a tree for shelter.
Hut as she did so a twig snapped
under hereet, and fhe stumbled, with
a soft little cry. The man stopped
"Who's there?" he called shandy.
It was very strange, but all fenr left
Anita the very moment she heard bis
voice, of course, she would be safe
with him. lie wns a stranger to her,
yet she wns snfe, she knew.
"It's I, Anita North," she called back,
nnd her voice trembled a bit
"Miss North Anita!" he exclaimed.
"What are you doing here nlone?" M,
bad taken ber nnn and helped her out
to the rond.
"Poor little girl." ho said. "Could
you tell me about It?"
She shook her bead.
"poor little glrll" he said at Inst.
"I wonder If you are lonesome?"
She tiodiled In the dark, and lie cnuie
a step nearer.
"So am I," he said slowly. "Lone
some for you."
After thnt they walked back to town
slowly, arm In arm. They passed light
ed windows, where happy family
groups were gathered about the sup
per tables, but neither of them no
ticed. Or If Anita did so, It wss but
to reflect thnt never, never again need
she envy them, never, never again
would she be lonesome.
Syi Hinon Lady Who, 0a Doc
tor I Advtcf , Took Cardoi
AfiJ Ii Now Well
Rlxson, Tenn. "About 19 yaars ago
I was..." ssys Mrs. J. B. Cartd, of
this place. "I suffered with a Mia la
mr left sl5, eould Dot sleep at night
with this pain, always In the Isft
My doctor told me to nse CarduL
took one bottle, which helped me and
after my baby came, I was atrocrtr
and better, but tne paia was su.l
I at first let It go. but began to gt
weak and In a rjn-dowu coalition.
so I decided to try some more Cardul.
wDirn i aid.
This Hurt Cardul which I took mad
me much better. In fart, eared mo. It
has been a number of Tears, still I
have no return of tills trouble.
I feel It was Cardul that cored me.
and I recommend It as a splendid t
mats tonic."
Don't allow yourself te become
weak and run-down from womanly
troubles. Take CarduL It should sure
ty help you, as it has so many thou
sands of other women In the past 40
years, fletdacbe, backache, sldesch
nervousness, sleeplessness, tired -out
feellntr. are all signs of womanly trou
ble. Other women get relief by taking
CarduL Why not yon? All drurrlsts.
; nc-ui
(Advertisement) '
Russia Originally Democrat!.
Six hundred years ago It was the old
Russia that arose out of Rurlk the
Norman's conquests, and bad Its cap
ital at Kiev. There were czars and
overlords after a fashion. But the
real government of Russia was Jn the
market place at Kiev and of every
Uttle town and village on tho great
wide steppes, where on the great days
of the year the peop-e gathered to
gether, warriors, traders, women, too,
chose their local officials. The original
heart of Russia was democratic to the
Aeeordlr.a to Oldflmers, Weather We
Are Getting Now Nothing to
WhstThsy Knew.
Edith Wharton, the novelist is do
toff war work of nil kin.ls in France,
and at a Taris dinner, apropos of the
coal shortage, she said :
"Well, let us be glad, anjhow, that
a French winter is not like a New
England one. Let us comfort our
selves, as we bend shivering over
chill radiators, with the weirdest
stories of New England cold. '
'I know an aged New Englandcr
who, coiled round the stove in the
general store at Croydon Four Cor
ners, talks about the cold in this
fashion :
" 'Cold f Shncka, yon roan fellers
don't know what cold is I Take the
winter of '67 now. Thar ye bad cold.
Why, In '67 it was so blamed cold
that if ye heaved a pot of bilin' wa
ter out of doora it frore solid in four
minutes' time. Bat tho queerest
thing of all was the way yer conver
sation would actually freeze up be
rore it could heard. Ue boys nsed
to have a practical joke we'd often
play on strangers. We'd slip up and
put a couple of armfuls of frozen
shriek and growla and cnasea in the
stove unbeknownst, and aa they
thawed out they'd yell and carry on
ke demons, and we d have a good
augh at the strangers' expense, they
bein' mighty ekecrt."'
Children Cry
importance or tne Follower.
Not nil can be leaders; some must;
follow, notes a writer. It may be that J
you are eminently qualified to follow
the leadership of some one. If so, foU 1
low gracefully. The follower Is nonet
the less honornl.U. none the less Ira-'
portant, noue the less admired.
i - -
Mr. Boctle Geel I'm glad
not a water bug this weather.
where he bus been
Be Ready for Bigger Job.
how by what's In you that you are
In a place too small for your talents
snd the way wUI open for your ad
vance, says the I'eunsylvsnla Grit It
doesn't pay to keep a ten dollar man
doing a three dollar Job. Hut you roust
make the boss see that you are worth
trusting with more liuportunt things
before he dare take a risk with you.
Tlesldes the fellow that'a always look
Ing rround enn't give the proper at
tetif.'.m to the task he's at. If he gets
real buy with bis present Job he will
be more- likely to k' opxrttniltj
h-n !t co:rs nnd he Is certainly l- 't
ter fitted to gnif'D It by the forelock
A Lone Tree.
On Plnls Island, In one of the lakes
of Klllarney, Ireland, Is a plane tree
which has the reputation of being the
only tree of Its kind In Ireland.
Ths Reel Rsston.
An Illinois woman wanted a divorce PLANES WITH FOLDING WINQ8.
because her husband snored snd talked j.-. rv,, - - -
In bis sleep. He's probably one of those J 7' , . . , ,
esasjN-rating husband; who talks In J In "ring or sheltering the usual
his sleep just enough to arouse her airplane there is a tremendous
curiosity, but not enough to tell her , amount of space wasted. This is due
to the fact that the airplane ia
shaped like a T, with the wings rep
resenting the cross stroke and the
fuselage the stem. Efficiently
handled, the airplane should take up
Lut little more room than tho stem
or fuselage 6pace. At least, so has
the storage and sheltering problem
struck the British authorities; and
they have developed airplanes which
are provided with folding wings. V"c
note a type of folding-wing seaplane
which ii being used at a naval Hying
school along th English const. The
planes, which are hinged to the for
ward part of the fuselage, can bo
swung back until they are alongsido
the fuselage. The elevating planes,
it will be noted, tit in between tho
planes and the struts. All in all, the
folded seaplane can be accommo
dated well within a space of 10 by
30 feet, instead of the usual space of
40 or more feet by 30 feet Scien
tific American.
Preferred Locals
Smithson Water delivered Tues
days and Saturdays. Phone C33 1.
Good Morning:. Have
You Seen Tho Courier?
Evansvitle's Best paper
WANTED Younjj man with some
experience to learn business of
printer-pressman, under draft age
and if possible without military aspirations.
At 104 West 17th street, 7 rooms,
bath, gas, eL'ctric lights and city
water. Garden and fruit trees. Im
mediate possession. $200 a year.
Dr. T. W. Perkins
Office Over City Bank, formerly
occupied by Dr. Fruit.
Office Phone 124-1 Residence 124-2
7th and Railroad Sta.
Cowherd & AltschuJer Sale Darn.
Phone 19. Hopkinsville, Ky.
Hotel Latham
Barber Shop
Fine Bath Rooms. Four First-
class Artists.
Mrs. Flatbuhh Why, you're two
hours late tonight, dear!
Mr. Flatbush Yes, I know it
"What happened?"
"Samo old trouble. Cranking the
"But it didn't take you two hours
to crank the car, did it ?"
"No, I had four other men taking
a turn at itM
"lie's an ingeuioua fellow."
"Yes. He even found out a wayj
to operate the electric train he
bought for his son at Christmas
lie The girl who marries
must have a sense of humor."
She And a darned queer one at
that J udge.
"After all our pleasure are only
"I'm tn-ing that theory out on the
folks aj tfcme. I've gut a thermome
ter fixed so that it will never register
acjthiu L'i than C9 degrees. "
We Don't Solicit
The business of every man, but J
. we want the account of the liable
and trustworthy only. Always
ready, able and willing to. assist'
those deserving help, we xhave
doubled our deposits in the last
two and a half years, and point
with real pride to the standing and
general character of our customf
ers. Are you one of them?
Of Hopklnsvlllo, Ky.
Fountain Pens J
VAre Sure to '
Birthday Presents that are Useful
Any girl or boy any man or woman
would appreclata a good fountain pan.
Every day ol the year almost every hour
of the day auch a present can be put to a
practical use.
There are many mahes of fountain pens.
And many styles and sizes In the various
xnahes. So If we can be of any service to
you In helping you choose the best fountain
pen on the marhet for your particular pur
pose. Just drop tn and see us.
Percy Smithson
Livery wS Board stable
Hopkinsville, Ky.
$ Phone 32. Virginia Street, Between 7th and 8th p
Daily By Mail
(Not Sunday)
Daily Kentuckian
(Every Morning Except Monday)
Your llome Paper ?:id the Best Known Dai!; Newspaper
( This Section.
An Excellent Combination'
Subscription crd r at this combined rate may be sent
to the office of the KENTUCKIAN or to L E. DARNES,
the Courier Journal aent, Hopkinsville, Ky.

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