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opkinsvillc KcnturAia
"Goodnight to Cora Paint Com
Pwl Off With -OeU-If
"Sar, a-lrla, r can laaeh at
tlffM ahoae, or damp. rom-puilln
vaaiti.r, bi bumpy corn. ral.ue
a Ih. enlaa at your 1t, eorne ba.
wmi tha luae, hard anil soft ccraa.
1T A. Off Wkk TWfci rupta Cam rW
C.ai tf laMaaMh"
If you wtll J out teach the Mm er
llae with a faw drop of "Oate-It.'
.avuat a blaae.il rallaf It
orn palne! Ton won't limp anf
nor; you (U anjoy tba dance
vary mineta. Than to now
that rem or callus will coma r1ht
IT rompl.te. Ilka a banana paal and
wlthoat lha laaet pala, la ju won
darfuL Uats-If la lha blsiraal
mono; rwrn raiaov.rs In the world
Soday, aimply bacaaa II ta eo won-4-rtuUr
atnipla an.l always work.
aura you cat jete-lt.' "
- m.te-Tt" la aold at all drorxlale
fyoa n.ed pay ao mora than II ranla
a bottle), or a-nt on racaj.pt af price
by B. Lawrence Co, Cblcaro, lit
3dW in H-jpklnsville and reccom
ir.cnJed a th world's best corn
remedy by L. L. Eigin.
purely Personal.
Mrv William Kimmons and littl
daughter, Anne, have joined Mr.
Kirr.mons in St. Louia for a stay
f several week
Mrj. i. T. Hanbery. of Hopkins
eil'e, was the truest of Mr. and Mrs.
John B. Chilton, at Kentucky Pen-
itentary this week. Eddyvill Her
Ed. J. I-awson, of Columbia, S. C,
is here having been ctt:lei by the ser
ine illness of his mother, Mrs. R.
C. Lawson.
Rev. Paul S. Powell, of Memphis,
is at the bedside of lils father, Dr
Lewis Powell, who has been ill linco
Sunday n iRht.
Mrs. Frank Rives has returned
from a lengthy visit to friends and
Jjhn Crecn EdwarJs arrived yes
terday from a stay of eight years
in California and Arizona and will
b with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.
B. E.'.r.-jnJa, fcr somo time.
Col. Ed D. Jones, who is at the
home, of Mrs. R J. Cam t hers, his
laughter, Is able to be up and about
strain after a day or two of illness.
Miss Ruby M. Breedlove, of Nash
ville, Tenn., is spending several days
in Hopktnsville the guest of Mrs.
C. P. 6mith, of 303 S. Clay street.
David Smith, of Fruit Hill, who
was quite sick last week, is aDie
to b eup.
G. P. Thomas and John W. Kelly,
f Cadiz, were here yesterday at
tending court.
Mr. John B. Trice was expected
home from Florida last night.
Fucal Court By Partj Vote
Refuses to Make Appropriation.
Court to Hold Two Sessions
a Month First and
Third Tuesdays.
The Christian County Fiscal Court
met in regular monthly session Tues
day March 6. The session lasted
through Wednesday. Most of the
session was taken up wun routine
matters of allowing claims, making
orders, etc. The court voted to hold
bi-monthly sessions on 1st and Srd
Tuesdays beginning with April term.
A motion passed unanimously to
purchase for the county a Duplex
Burroughs Adding machine.
The old smallpox pest house at the
County Farm was ordered repaired.
Geoffrey Morgan, State Farm
Agent, and G. T. Wyatt, District
Farm Agent, appeared before the
court and asked for an appropriation
of 12,500 from the county to assist
n employing a whiU and a colored
farm agent and a canning club dem
onstrator. This was defeated by
strict party vote, the four Republi
can magistrates and Judge Champlin
voting against same.
It now looks like this county will
have to be without a Farm Agent
and canning club demonstrator for
this year. This is to be regretted
seriously and it is hoped that th
Fiscal Court will change ita mind
in time to prevent our taking th
backward step fn agricultural pro
gress of the nation.
J a Tonai'.ltie f arfle
with warm, salt water
Q thaw apply-
C0;.iES TO
Session of County Agents of
Western District Prores
Profitable One.
Flight Officer Killed.
Lawton, Okla., Mor. 6. Flight
Lieutenants Paul and Whitney from
the aerial school at Fort Still were
Monday, ten miles north of the avi
ation field, when the gasoline tank
an their airplane exploded and the
itfehine crashed to earth from a
great height. Initials and heme ad
dresses of the two aviators could not
te obtained in first report.
March 4, 1918.
Wheat is looking well.
Tht big snow left our road in
a deplorable condition, but they are
slightly improving.
Several crops of tobacco have
changed hands in the last few days
at prices ranging from 115 to f 16
A good many plant beds were
burned last week, and with favorable
weather the work will be pushed to
a finish. -this week.
Mrs. W. A. WhiU. who suffered
a nervous break down last fall, has
improved but little.
Mr. Lee B. McKnight. who came
out from West Arkansas about a year
go, returned with his family to
ciR-ir Arkansas home last week.
Mr. Dan Rumble, of Indiana, who
a large block of oil land in
: - winity lust year, has returned
' t .- fton and will begin prospecting
. .1 within a few days.
1 Mine and Smelura 'chop suey proprietor, to two deputy
it Magistral, Durano. I:, riffs had too much of a "kick
ino Ski sr.! IVr.-.ano in ... Charlie and two other Celes-
Ll rio. Tex., Mar. C V.lla fol
lAM.rt dvnamiieJ the power plant of
-. . -
the National
Company at
kilW Catcrino
Suucrda and burned two ore trucks,
according to a rneasag received
here from 1'nrraL The yower plant
cost $1,600,000. All tha Americans
The election of officers for Elks
Lodge No. S4S was a series of promo
tions with no contests, as follows:
Ira D. Smith, Exalted Ruler.
John W. Breathitt, Leading
H. L. Lebkuecher, Loyal Knight
C. F. Guthrie, Lecturing Knight
T. C. Underwood, Sec.
Bailey Russell. Treas.
Sam Ficken, Tiler.
W. M. Hancock, trustee for long
term, succeeding W. R. Wicks.
John Breathitt who is going to
aviation camp before April 1, was
installed at once, Mr. Smith resign
ing as Leading Knight.
Dr. Lewis Powell, who was dan
gerously ill for several days, is now
much improved and getting on nice
ly, according to his physician.
Clause Hermlon, a boy working
n the Kentuckian oftke, fell a dis
tance of nine feet from on elevator
yesterday and was knocked uncon
scious for several minutes. His in
juries are not considered serious,
though he was painfully bruised.
In tt.e case of the Commonwealth
vs. stamper which was tried last
week and a verdict ot a $400 fine and
six months in jail was returned, a
new trial was granted by Judge
Bush and the charge reduced from
assault with intent to kill to mali
cious striking. The case was then
submitted to the court and a judg
ment of $250 assessed.
The case of Edgar D. Mitchell vs.
Chas. Stowe was tried and a judg
ment of $22.50 returned for plaintiff.
(lataraatioaal News S ervlce
Washington, March New in
formation concerning the wide use
of various essentail articles reached
her through official channel.
Some of the articles now being
manufactured almost exclusively of
paper are shirts, handkerchiefs,
scarfs, towels, children's clothing,
aprons, women's purses, nets, bags,
tablecloths, napkins, rugs, trimmings,
This Is only a partial list. Un
derwear, men and women's articles
of clothing and a numerious list of
essentials are being made of paper.
The articles art made from paper
yarns, raw and colored, which are
used for knitted goods hosiery,
gloves, cravats and suspenders. Re
cent dispatches mention paper trous
ers. Paper trousers held up with
pa pec suspenders mi-ke a comfort
able and mind-restful costume for
the boulevard.
Other materials being utilized are
cocoanut fiber, oiser bark, hopten
drils. herbs from marshes, nettle
stems, peat, boom, rftc.
' To encourage the use of the new
styles a recent exhibition was held
at Chemnitz. Saxony. .. ..
The German Society of Manufac
turcrs, f Underwear, which has its
seat, so to speak, at Chemnitz, ar
ranged for a series of demonstrative
lectures on the articles 09 exhibition
and the great extent to which they
can be utilized.
German weavers, because of lack
of yarns, are reported to be making
increasing use cf paper yarns. The
Ciovcrnr.icr.t is even expected to re
quisition the puper jrn stock f
army needs. It is said that the ccn
sumption is so large that the mills
cannot meet the demand.
The Russians have begun destroy
ing bridges on the trans-Siberian
railroad between Lake Baikal and
the Chinese frontier. John F. Stev
ens, chairman or tne American
Railway mission, reported ' to the
state department. TVs may prevent
Ambassador Francis from reaching
While without details, olF.ciuls be
lieve the Russians are destroying the
bridges to prevent an expected ad
var.ee of Japanese troops. A large
number of other structures have
been mined, Mr. Stevens also stated
Philadelphia, Ta., Mar. 6. "We
will not be a strictly free people un
10,000 German propagandist in
this state have been banged to tele
graph poles and shot full of holes.
This statement was made by itow-
rd Heinz, federal food administra
tor for Philadelphia, at a lunched
food officials.
The first German Baptist church
of Louisville has decided to change
ts name to the East Broadway Bap
tist church and to hold all services in
the English language.
Rev. J. T. Neal, pastor of the
South Elkhorn Baptist church, near
Lexington, has accepted a call and
takes charge Sunday.
Wednesday morning Mr. Samuel
Fuller, aged 24, and Miss Ellen Rey
nolds, aged 17, appeared at the
County Clerk's office and procured
a marriage license, iney weni im
mediately before Judge Green
Cliamplin and were married in the
prsence of the Fiscal Court which
was in session. The groom is a
young farmer of near Crofton and
the bride a popular neighborhood
(By lataraatioaal News Service.)
Springfield, 11L, March 6. Tea
sold by Charlie Sam, a Springfield
tiaU re given a berth in the coun
ty iail n a charge of bootlegging.
The stuff was camouflaged in regular-
tea pots nd looked innocent enough,
the deput es said.
A wireless outfit sufficiently pow-
rful to communicate with Germany,
which was in possession of Richard
Pfund, former manager of German
telefunken plants at Sayrille and
Tuckerton, was seized in New York
by Federal officials.
Th three dsy session of the Dis
trict Farm Agent Meeting which
met Monday in thin city cam to
an end yesterday afternoon after a
Jay of routine discussion of reports
and plans for work.
Yesterday morning N. K. Elliott,
of Lexington University, who is at
the head of th horticultural work
of th Department of Agriculture in
Kentucky, addressed th county
agents on th growing of vegetables,
berries and small fruit.
Th District Agricaltaral Board as
organised will b composed of th
Simpson eounty F. S. Smith and
S. 1. Allen.
Todd county W. A. McGraw and
John W. Keeling.
Christian county J. W. Dougher
ty and O. S. Denny.
Webster eounty T. W. Johnson
and W. T. Baker.
Caldwell county II. W. Nichols
and Henry Rice, Sr.
Logan county Thomas Logan and
ft. N. Nance.
Trigg county John 3. Crenshaw
and J. Frank Ladd.
Union county to be supplied.
Gamer E. Dalton is acting secre
tary until an election can be held,
which is subject to calL
Hopkinsvill will be the head
quarters and meeting place of th
district beard.
' Much time was devoted to th
question of getting good seed corn
and a plan has been worked out
whereby the government will put an
expert in each county for the next
30 days to assist the farmers in test
ing all seed com before planting
same. John W. Keeling will have
charge of the work in this county.
It appears from tests and reports that
there is only a small percentage of
corn that is matured well enough to
germinate and come up.
This is a very vital matter for
the farmer to consider and it is hoped
no person will be so short sighted
as to put seed com into the ground
without first knowing whether it
will sprout and grow.
(By lataraatioaal News Service.)
Milwaukee, March 6. Because he
is alleged to have broken his New
Year's resolution to the effect that
he would be a model husband dur
ing 1918, Winfred Mortimer, garage
proprietor, has been made defendant
in a divorce action brought by his
wife, Leone. She alleges that he(
Every domestic fowl in th city
treated her cruelly, cam horn in
toxicated and told her h was in
fatuated with another woman. AU
this after the resolution she says.
(By lataraatioaal News Service.)
San Diego, Cal. March 6. An un
usual case of duel identity has de
veloped at the United States avia
tion school on North Island nearj
here. Joseph J. Novak, age twenty-.
eight, enlisted as a private in the .
Aviation Corps at Kansas City, Mo., '
November 7, 1917. Joseph S. No
vak, age twenty-eight, did likewise
at Detroit on the same day. Both '
were assigned to the North Island
school, reported there on the same '
day and were assigned to the same
company. They are not related.
The two men had never met before.
They were born on th same day.
There was much confusion during
roll call and in the enlistment rec-
rd at the school until the identity
of the students was fully revealed.
( By lataraatioaal Naws Service.)
Montrose, Colo., March 6. The
Uncompahgre Valley Cattle and
Horse Breeders' Association has de
cided to present every enlisted man
with a thoroughbred cow and call,
and Adam Thimas, a wealthy ranch
es, has agreed to care for the ani
mals until the soldiers return from
the battle fronts. In case any herd
increases it will remain the property
of the man to whom the cow was allotted.
(By lataraatioaal News 'Service.)
San Francisco, March 6. Patrick
Murray, mechanic by trade, but pick
pocket by avocation, according to
the police, is facing a penitenUry
term as th result of hi following
Sherlock Holmes' injunction to do
ust th opposite from what is ex
pected. Murray was picked up by a
patrolman on suspicion. With a num
ber of others he was placed in a
patrol wagon. Keeping his eye on
the guard be deftly abstracted sever-
articles from th pocket or tne
man next him. The chauffeur of the
'hurryup wagon" saw th whole
performance, and when the prison
was reached Murray was charged
with grand larceny.
The deepest well in the world, al
ready 7,303 feet deep, is now being
drilled on the Goff farm, 8 miles
northeast of Clarksburg, in northern
West Virginia. They have reached
a point where the temperature is
152 degrees and increasing a degree
every 61 feet This Is the best
place to drop th kaiser, so far
(By lataraatioaal Naws Service.)
Denver, Col., March 6. Chow
dogs, Pomeranian pups, monkeys and
chameleons may Lav to fight for
their mastery as household pets.
In the "pet section" of the recent
National Western Stock Show, held
here, two modish litt1 animals were
on display "to take the place of th
luxurious lap dog."
The enterprising rancher ex
plained that they were a sort of me
phetic mateloid carnivore, blandly
assuring visitors that the skunks
had been properly deodorised.
i, . " I seta
A ru:j c: c-::i:::::j
(iH ''hlihl l:fi :
Tne evae owiim '"
Ty pmlB bolter eropa. Yonf rstsowlna"
wlil onartora yna. Aak roar daafcMV
toutsvuia att
tUivikka, av.
Fertilizer for Plant BaS
Feed the plant and the plant will
feed you.
I have the fertilizer that will feed
at 1
uic pianis. xi
John McCarley
Ninth Street Hardware and Seed Store.
Don't Monkey With" a Quack '
tin "
, wnen your stove's out of order, no matter 5
from whora you bought it, our physician 2
can diagnose the case and administer the J
proper treatment. 'V
. Incorporated Phone 249
Phone 249
Mr. Farmeri,
. lit T
Why Pay More?
We are in a position to sell
you Lard, Coffee, Meat,
Cabbage, etc., for less
money than you are pay
ing now. Come to see us.
We will make you a price
in any quantity. Large
or small.
G. R. Clark & Co.
City Bank&Ti ustCo.
Capital. Surplus and Undiv..: d Profits
Bank Assets Ovr
The Largest of Any Bank in CI. stian County
The Long and Successful Cart r of This
Bank Recommends It As a Safe rpository.
V T. TANDY, President
JNO. B. TRICE, Vlce-Pres.
IRA L SMITH, Cashier '
J. A. BROWNINO, Jr., Ain Casl.ier

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