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Published every morning1 except Monday y
r -
Newport captured
quete and Pirineo
it The Secretary of War
tailed Lieut Herbert S
ii IfT i
1 iJfti M
In presenting the first issued
Thk Daily Kbstockias we do not
feel that a salutatory l nces
hary Tub Kkstuckian is now In
its twentieth year and it enjoys the
distinction of being able to point to
its past as an unbroken record of
success It has always endeavored
to meet the demands of its constit
uency and it now finds it necessary
to publish a paper oftcner than
twice a week The daily ivkn
tockian will be issued every morning-
except Monday and its news
bervicc will cover the field at home
and abroad up to 2 a m As to the
character of the paper it is here to
speak for itself It starts out with
a circulation of five hundred copies
ancLifa future is bright and hope
fujJBt will endeavor to merit the
support and good opinion of the
people among whom it circulates
and in every respect fill the de
mand for a bright newsy and pro
gressive morning paper There is
room for such a paper in Ilopkins
ville and we shall not be satisfied
until Thk KenTuckiax has found its
way into every home in the city
No pains has been spared to make
it typographically attractive and
no expense will be withheld to
make it a faithful record in brief of
the days news
It will be issued at an early hour
in the morning several hours in ad
vance of any other paper of the
same date and the price is so low
that every one can afford to
take it Thk Kkntuckian earnest
ly hopes to retain the friends it
starts with ana gam many
from day to day
The work of seizing Spanish mer
chantmen is going ahead and about
ten have so far been captured
This week the Mangrove caught
the big steamer Panama and
the sloops Pa
ti secured the flrt prisoners of war
two officers who were trying to run
the blockade in a small vessel
1 The West Point class of 1898
hfty five young men were grad
uated ahead of time this week and
will be at once assigned to active
duty Of the first ten men six
were from the South Frank
Boggs of Pennsylvania stood
first and T IS Merrill of Ken
tucky ninth in the class
The first American soldier to
plant his foot on Cuban soil was
Lieut Jno C Fremont the eldest
son of the Pathfinder and a can
didate for President nearly forty
years ago lie landed from a tor
pedo boat of which he is comman
Many lawyers are in Frankfort
this week to defend the one hun
dred or more corporations indicted
for failure to report to the Secretary
of State The defense will be that
the offense was not willful but
The first issue of Thk Daily
Kentuckian arrayed in a hand
some new spring dress and as full
of news as an egg is of meat will be
out this morning by daylight Take
it and keep posted
has de
o mufrfr into service the Kentucky
trponftjlled out by the Presidents
proclamation He will report for
dutyatfyiuiBville without delay
-- l
Walter S iliatt of the Lexington
irerald lias gone to Norfolk Va
r Hn theregularanny He is the
first newspaper man in the btate to
lay down the pen for the bayonet of
a private Boldier
The Chicago Record sayi the on
ly man of prominence whd Jms so
ar volunteered to go as a private
la William J Bryan ofNebraska
AU the rest want to raise retri
Eit Week
Zhe SDails Utentuchiari
The Prize Court of Inquiry to ad
just questions relating to captured
vessels is in session at Key West
Its sessions are secret and its find
ings will not be announced until all
the cases are settled The crews
of the captured vessels are to be
quartered in the barracks at Key
On Saturday the United States
will strike the contemplated blow in
Cuba to establish a base of opera
tions for the purpose of distributing
supplies The insurgents are said
to be gathering in the vicinity for
the purpose of aiding the American
fleet Simultaneously the force at
Havana will be engaged
The blockading
mains passive before Havana and
does not intend for the present to
begin bombarding or draw the fire
of shore guua There js said to be
no intention of sending any of the
vessels of the squadron to protect
North Atlantic port
Delivered by carrier to all paftn t the tlty at
18 CBWtfB WJX wxx
a S0Qtf hree Months
x u nnuw - qvwu ltp7
If Spain has a Phillipina handy
Uncle Sam is about rcacly to eat
one with her
The bond issue of five hundred
million dollars lias been fully de
termined upon The bonds will be
ten twenties payable in coin
If Lieut Carranga at present of
Toronto has not succeeded in get
ting up a fight he might go to Cuba
and try Fighting Rob Evans
Tin Daily Kentuckian is not as
large as Some of the New York
dailies but it must be remembered
it is only a day old
pecause we start on Friday it aby wtj
was done by
our lucky day
Friday is
In the War Department the be
lief is growing that the campaign
proper in Cuba will not be in full
operation before next fall
Gov Taylor wants to command
the Tennessee troops in person and
has offered his services to the Pres
ident The militia is mobolixed at
three points and ready to move
A Spanish warship and a torpedo-boat
destroyer are in the Straits
of Gibraltar on the lookout for
American vessels
A telegram from Madrid says the
Spanish iieet will nut be directed
ioward lifting the blockade of Cuba
but will be employed elsewhere
The spring thaw in Alaska is at
hand nearly a month ahead of time
and the premature breaking of the
ice will cause the loss of much
The President lost no time in ap
pointing Win R Day as Secretary
of State The new Secretary is un
known to fame but there is no tell
ing what a Day may bring forth
The aggregate value of the Span
ish ships captured is now some
thing more than 3000000 At this
rate we will soon even up the Maine
score so far as the pecuniary loss
is concerned
The lines of the blockade are
closely drawn and Havana is suf
fering from scarcity of provisions
One of the Spanish officers re
leased on parole bore a message
from Admiral Sampson to General
The State Department has been
officially informed that neutrality
proclamations have been issued by
Italy the Netherlands Russia
Switzerland Norway Sweden and
Colombia It is unofficially known
that France and Great Britain
have done likewise
Measures are to be taken at once
to recruit the regular army and the
battalion of engineers The army
will be recruited to the full strength
of 61000 men The Louisville re
cruiting office is one of those at
which enlistments will be made for
the battalion of engineers
The Call For State Troops Consid
erably Changed
LEfS a
Ky April 28 The
dHciaLcall from thewardepartmenl
Hlnn in 4Un nimilinr n men Titi
tucky would be expected to send to
the front and assist in protecting
the honor and dignity of the nation
was received by Gov Bradley last
night and is very much different
from the reports that have been cir
culated and published throughout
the state add Kentuckys quota is
materially reduced Instead of
calling for 4000 as announced Sec
retary Alger only wants3240 men
all told There will be only eighty
four men to the company including
officers instead of 103 The regi
mental officers are also reduced
The Second and Third regiments
have now three majors but only
two are required The majors in
the Second regiments are ex-Con
gressman W C Owens Congress
man Colson and J Lmbry Allen of
Our friends need not be alarmed Lexington Mr Colston will
ithdraw and organize his
cavalry troops or v will be given
another office However he will be
taken care of Who will drop out
of the Third is notknown An ad
jutant or two will also have to step
down and out ari there will be no
battalion adjutants the regiment
adjutant performing all the duties
The cavalry companies are allowed
eighty six men each including offi
cers and both companies have en
listed 103 and seventeen extras will
be sidetracked for the second call
The governor is also instructed
that the government will receive no
man under rank of commissioned
officers under 18 years of age or
over 45 The attention of the
various captains is especially call
ed to this fact and requested to
comply strictly to ir before the
regiments are mobilized Each
regiment will be allowed a surgeon
and two assistants the latter to be
appointed by the governor and
they will have to be examined by a
board composed of a United States
surgeon and two other physicians
selected by the governor Lexing
ton has been decided upon instead
of Louisville as the site for mob
ilizing the three regiments and
they will probably go into camp
there the first part ot the -week
Secretary Alger who selected Lou
isville has been notified of the
change and will no doubt give
The Resolution that Was Passed
in Less Than two flinutes
The following is the bill passed
by both houses of Congress Monday
A bill declaring that war exists
between the United States and the
Kingdom of Spain Be it enacted
First That war be and tlie
same is hereby declared to exist
and that war has existed since the
21st day of April A D 188 in
cluding said day between the Uni
ted States of America and theldhg
dom of Spain
Second That the President of
the United States be and he here
by is directed and empowered to
use the -entire land and naval
forces of the United States andto
call into the actual service To i the
United States the militia of the sev
eral States to such extent as niav
be necessary to carry this act Jjnto r
Returns from Sunny Italy
Charlie Datillo the fruit vender
who left here July 4 last for jjaly
returned to this city this week He
was married to Miss Annie Bova
January 9 and the couple spenl the
honeymoon visiting relatives
They left Italy for the United slates
April 6 and were fourteen days
crossing the Atlantic Datilkfhas
rented a cottage on Liberty street
between Ninth and Tenth and
gone to housekeeping On arrival
here he assumed charge of his
former fruit establishment
the L N depot
Farmers will Welcome he Change
The I C local now arrives in the
city at 850 a m instead of 1020
This will enable those living along
the line between Princeton and this
place to come to the city carjy in
the morning and transact their bus
iness in time to leave on cither of
the afternoon trains The local
leaves half an hour earlier than
formerlydeparting at 430 p m
under the new wchedule Thefe arc
no other change thrutf friUu
on tin niili vJu uuu - Lv i
wimw TrVr MV f 3DMKVili
J J M J Vj
To the Driving Public
1 The assortment of vehicles which we jnow have on hand- is the
result of a careful study of the wants of the peoplTof this section
We have the elevated gear or country driving and the low hung
carnage tor city use
Be here to make our guarantee good
iA k i
d i A
-- - - k Affirm a
we nave the handsome cur under surreys for short burning
the plain jump seat the single seated phaeton and the knock about
cart We have some very stylish traps with adjustable seats and
single buggies by the car load In these we haveend side or coil
springs bracket front or piano bed Comfortable common sense
buggies with wide seats and E M T buggies for the courting
youths of this vicinity with rubber tires if you want theimthat way
11 -
i - v t jff
Among the high grade buggies we sell are Delkers Trovs
lu wvvuiiun wo uanuie a luimoer ott cheaD buf
Ames Singer Parry and Haydock
Buy Your buggies from us and WE will
w virK ri tt w tm -Sr m
vjr au
Those lookg out for self interest
economy on taking advantage- of this -cheap
sale of strictly first class fronda u r
At Manufaeturefrs Cost
is a rare opportunity for consumers at this season of the year Our iienutaWri hals
always been honest goods honest value the best that money canibTffafuT our mdttW
One price in plauffifflife
- y iM V
To everybody No jewing necessary
to g
oe given yu
f SJ
price Ask and
it wiP J
We want every man boy -and child in Clirisliapouiilyo getsoiiic of lmfm4
ATTrnH fcT
wM lf - mmm nMmt

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