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It is said
will be changed to Yale
Blanco Mistilsts the Cubans and Abandons
His Policy of Conscription
Rumored that Admiral Deweys Squadron Has Blockaded Ma
nilla But No Official Report Has Been Received
Rio Janeiro April 30 Special The battleship Oregon accompanied
Iby the gunboat Marietta arrived here at 6 oclock p m The Spanish
torpedo Temarario about which so much has heen said is now at
Buenos Ayrcs and has been left far to the south The talk of being de
layed on Sandy Poinkfor coal it now transpires was a clever ruse to
iconpeal the whereabouts of the ships The way is now clear and the
best baftleliip in the United States fleet will soon reach the seat of war
A New Capitol
Washington April 3Ql Special It is learned that Gen Blancos
order conscripting Cubans for the Spanish navy is no longer enforced
as he is afraid to trust any of the natives
President Masso and his entire cabinet will move soon from Cubitas
to Sancti Spiritus ready to occupy Matanzas as a capitol of the Cuban
republic us soon as the American fleet captures that port and makes ita
basejof operations for the army of occupation that will act in conjunction
with Gen Gomez
Still Passing the Hat -
Madrid April 30 Special The Spanish colphy in Mexico has
contributed 2000000 pesetas to the fund for adding a new warship to
the Spanish navy
- No Definite News Yet - V
Washington April 30 Special The report- that Manilla had
been occupied by Deweys fleet lacks confirmation
The Paris Gets In
New York April 30 The Amer
ican Liner Paris arrived this morn-
MngTrom Southampton after a rough
passage of seven days seventeen
Fhotirs and forty five minutes with
njne saloon forty two second cabin
E nntl rnnpfvPiirhfv Rfkrnre
Another Advance in Wheat
Chicago April 30 Wheat to day
opened quiet at c over yester
days close Liverpool cables
quoted that market unchanged to
34c higher the latter on Decem
ber wheat Chicago received 146
against fifteen a year ago
h J a
After advancing
that the Paris will opening July
c above the
back to
then advanced
charge her cargo to daahd will
be received by the naval authorities J L
higher at 933c touched 94c fell to
l ii
when her nm to
to morrow morning name if
i - oi a
iiiivi iuniuinil iu tVi inn
ruled steadily at 120
Corn opened a shade higher
advanced on general buying by pit
- traders The advance in wheat
minks th War Will Cause riuch helped July opened a shade high
Tribulation -
Chattanooga April
sen urooKe iruus acmress to tue
roungMen s Business League here
tailed attention to the short sighted
jlicy of this Government in not
jaintaining a largerstanding army
Itating that the army was now
Raited at Chickamauga because of
he insufficiency of its numbers and
fetimated that the delay in invest-
ig Cuba was due to the
redness ofthe army occasioned
the lack of necessary legislative
pr V
Let jglitHKe JV prophecyi n
ulip tHe rfiaid he many
pew will be6ttiewiuK ijioters
loe Hons nWkWethrtHtleir
hi before tliiluiPovei
TT i -
Ulr O H Aoarw hvifi HMim
U Aaiif jiittL 7V i i
er at34Xc and
34 c u
advanced to
Offer Their Services
Chicago April 30 In accordance
with resolutions passed at a meet
ing of Canadian American citizens
held at the Sherjnan House Col
George A Barnes chairman has
appointed an executive committee
to cany out the details for the
formation of a Canadian American
legion and will offer to the State of
Illinois several regiments of Canad
ian born citizens for service during
the war
A large number of letters have
been received from Canadian-American
citizens throughout the West
and Northwest endorsing the
formation of the league and offering
their services if acceptable to the
government A meeting ofthe com
mittee is to be called at the Grand
Pacific hotel at once
Hotel Latham Cant be Sold Mon-
day on Account of florrows
- x55
The rteathpf Judge Thomas J
Morrow wiTlJnecessitate a post
ponement 60JI stile of Hotel Lath
am This iahe opinion of ajrium
tter of qromineiittlawyers Thin
valuable property hs advertised
by the late Master Commissioner
lo be sold on Monday May 2nd
Since Judge JMnrrov death there
lit pq Master CouVmisaioner and
- - v-
uudife Cook Will riot appointbis bug-
ilm iiItLM1 th dWftteti fur fy
rr r - tnr
j Here are a numner ot applicants
for the responsible position ancktfie
fight is waxing very warm
Kaiser William Takes a Hand
Nagasaki Japan April 30 The
second class German cruiser Irene
carrying a crew of over 350 men1
has started for Manilla to protect
German interests She is a steel
vessel of 4000 tons displacement
and 8000 indicated horse power
built in 1887 and capable of steam
ing about nineteen knots Her
heaviest guns are four 59 inch
rifles and eight 41 inch quick firing
Delay In the Decision
Frankfort Ky April 30 Judge
Cantrill failed to render a decision
in the case of the Board of Prison
Commissioners vs Board of Sink
ing Fund Commissioners He will
adjourn this term of court this after
noon The Judge will probably
wrife his decision and send it here
out of term
A House Party
Mrs John Clardy of Graceywill
compliment a few of her friends
with a house party this week
Among the guests will be Misses
Letietia Fairleigh and Tony Ware
and Willie Rust of this city Mrs
Clardy s home will be a very popu
lar resort during the
visit of hcf
The General Quadrennial Confer
ence at Baltimore
Rev W K Pirir will leave
Tuesday morning for Baltimore on
a months leave of absence lie
will go to attend the Quadrennial
Conference of the Methodist Episco
pal Church South Services will be
held at his church to day and to
light as usal
Dusky Lovers Joined
John Parks and RosaVGrav
coitple of colored loverswalked in- track
j r ir rii - nr ii
w wuuuy wiciu i iwwsu S omen ii
one oclock yesterday afternoon and
announced ther desire to get mar
ried The groom handed over the
requisite amount for the license and
Judge Cansler quickly tied fast the
nuptial knot Jhey returned from
the Court house sjniling and happy
Lyon County Court
Circuit CourHwllbegin at Eddy
Frankfort Ky April 30 An
extra session of the Kentucky Leg
islature is imminent and the mobil
ization of the first volunteer brigade
f troops may not be effected until
it has been held and an appropria
tion made for the transportation of
the regiments to the Lexington
camn Ever since mobilization has
been talked of an air of uncertain
ty has prevailed in the office of the
adjutant general as to the exact
time and many telegrams have
passed between the governor and
the secretary of war- relative to who
Should bear the expense of trans
porting the troops to the place of
rendezvous No arrangement has
yet been made and it may be that
the troops may not begin to move
tbefore the middle of the coming
Paid Their Owri Expenses
The other States whose volun
teers have already mobilized them
selves furnished- the money for
transporting them and for their
care until they- were regularly
mustered into the United States
army This Kentucky can not do
as her military fund is less than
5000 while this would require not
less than S10000 and there is no
Thia fortiflcatlon lios just insldo of the en
trance channel to Havana harbor back of Mor
ro Castle A ouco powerful fortress nothing
now remains but ita partially crumbled walla
of granite Tho guna which loom from ita
parapets and poko tholr muzzles through the
portholes are of such an antique typo that a
Vankoo skipper would laugh at them Tho Ca
banas lias been for years tho prison houso of
Havana and within its grim colls and dark
slimy casemates havo beon confined politicul
prisoners and those unfortunato men who
formed tho Competitors crew Hundreds of
condemned political auspoots and insurgents
have been takon from the Cabanas aud shot
noar by
moneytfeot otherwise appropriated
in the State treasury to
meet the
HeardFrom Uncle Sam
Frankfort April 30 Gen Coll
ier saysftoinight there will be no
extra session of the Legislature
that the government will pay
the expense of the troops Arrange
ments for the transportation of the
soldiers have been completed
TheVSecond Regiment has opened
headquarters at Tattersalls and
will encamp there Monday The
Louisville Legion at Chautauqua
The Third Regiment goes to the
Prominent Cubans Join The Insur
gents To Escape Military
y Duty
V t
sale Before the sale can be made
it will -be necessary for a new fas
ter Commissioner to be appointed
to qualjfy by executing- bond and
then to readvertise the property
Should Judge Cook make the ap
pointment within the next few
weeks the Master Commissioner
will have time to take these
sary steps in time to sell the
in June
Kentucky Has no Money to go
to War With
An Extra Session of the Legisla
ture May tie Called to Foot
Santiago tie Cuba April 30
Don Aren5o Lianares PombQ Com
mandaivte Generate of this division
vj He to morrow morning- Judge of Cuba proclaimed four
Cook will arrive to day The term that every man between ii
will last two weeks -The docket is
light Commonwealths Attorney
Howell will leave lhvthe morning
She Smoked In Bed
MayavMe Ky April 30 At 4
oclock Airs Anna Ford aged
days ago
ntty yearsot age must enrou mat
night witi the volunteers for mili
tary servjee under penalty of ar
rest of military trial and death
SeuorGhucho Manduley Magis
trate the High Court of Santiagot
and known as an intense Spanish
RigUtyllve an inmate of the alms- sympathizer one of the most
fiouse lifhtd herpipe in beBdJneiitini in the city left for jfchk
Tm ioui yaA bMrnfct with ttKuftwx ripuderGnrf
m fa r J CSwrUS 3 w cfeompani94l
by several kinsmen and his going
produced a vivid impression
The exodus from the city has con
tinued by night the Spaniards makr
ing no opposition except that a few
men have been arrested as exam-
pies Five thousand persons have
left for the country since the pro
clamation fotlr fifths being women
and children f
The Spanish soldiery now assume
a bullying attitude and threaten Id
kill every Cuban man and outrage
every Cuban woman left in the city
when fhe blockade begins When
the American ileet appears asIt
daily expected to do all the nonr
combatants Villbe expelled
Yesterdays Ball Games
Pitlsbnrg 2 Cincinnati 11 Phil
adelphia 6 Brooklyn 4 Baltimore
4 Washington 7 New York 1 Bos
ton 4
There are nofilibusters bothering
Havana now
Those Spanish gunners at Ma
tanzas evidently couldnt shoot the
chutes well
Spain is now meeting some most
crushing defeats in the American
When the cry came To
arms the patriotic girls were first
to fall in
If General Blanco wants a little
fire for his Havana Commodore
Scmpson probably can accommo
date him
Yellow journalism sometimes
guesses very well but it overlooked
the first battle of the Spanish war
The Daily News refers to Senator
M ason as a bell i potent statesm an
but we suspect that the first word
is misspelled
Sagasta says Spain will wage
war to the end All right Uncle
Sam will help her to reach the end
at the earliest possible moment
If the Spanish torpedo boat Tem
erario over starts out to sink the
battle ship Oregon we shall not be
gin to feel sorry for the Oregon
A local clergyman asserts in a
sermon the other day that there
are only eleven or twelve real ideas
in the world That isnt one of
Mrs Sigsbeeevidently has a pret
ty clear notion of the fitness of
things she pasted in her scrap
book Senor Carranzas challenge to
her husband to fight a duel
Lillian Russell will not miss much
much by running over to Germany
this summer With war on our
hands marriageable men are likely
to be scarce
General Blanco a few days ago
promised to throw all the Ameri
can invaders into the sea The
Spaniards at Matanzas evidently
didnt think of that in time
Miss Birdie Adams has organized
a female cavalry troop of a hundred
women in Nebraska That name
is enough to strike terror into
Spanish hearts every where
A local contemporary asserts that
a Chicago woman has invented a
bed which at a touch telescopes and
forms a sofa This should prove
interesting for the life insurance
companies -
A Cuban war correspondent finds
time to tell about a Spanish girl in
Havana whose eyes rest upon and
follow you large dark and beam
ing half veiled with long lids and
lashes On to Havana
The Blsbee Arizona News says
We have had a tussle with one of
those infernal nuisances a book
agent and we are quite upset about
it So is he We losl a button or
two and got scratched up some
otherwise we are aljjja ight But
you ought to see the- H7jA Score
another point for American journal
The Kay Center Kim World
says This town will be- all right
just as soon aw it builds up It
needs a grist milli a lumber yard a
blacksmith shop a bakery a mil
linery Btore a boot and shoe store
pfquiujry a machine shop r bar-
Uftr nlwp a butchcrahop KHtl wme
wi i l Wi1 77
The War Department Will Keep
Its Plans Secret
Washington April 30 The War
Department is very seriously con
cerned over the publication in some
of the morning papers of its inten
tion to select Gen Shafter to com
mand the first detachment of troops
to be sent to Cuba To prevent dny
further disclosure of the plans of
the department Secretary Alger
this morning issued a most sweep
ing order directed to all bureau
chiefs of the War Department and
all officers on special duty from the
highest to the lowest instructing
them under no circumstances to
give any information to the press
on any subject connected with the
war While this seems to work a
hardship upon the newspapers that
feel compelled to aid rather than
obstruct the Government in its cam
paign it is said to be necessary to
meet the present conditions The
same state of affairs exists in the
Navy Departmeht 1
Who Will Look After the Govern
ments Interests in the Exami
nation of Volunteers
Washington April 30 Secretary
Alger today designated the medical
officers who re to examine the vol
unteer troops called cut by the
Presidents proclamation The ap
pointments for the South are
Alabama Capt Wm E Perley
Florida Maj Henry SKii
bourne surgeon
Georgia Maj D Taylor sur
Kentucky Lieut Col Wm IT
Gardner deputy surgeon general
Louisiana Capt C E Woodruff
assistant surgeon
Missouri Capt C A Ewing
assistant surgeon
Tennessee Maj AV F Carter
Texas Capt E A Kearns as
sistant surgeon
Cabanas Town Not Ft Cabanas
Key West Flu April 30 Incom
ing boats say that the firing by the
flagship New York last night was
on Cabanas a small port about
ten miles west of Marie The toiv
pedo boats Porter aad Ericsson
were scouting close to the coast
when a small battery opened fire
on them with rapid fire guns The
torpedo boats quickly withdrew
and notified the fiagalijpV which
was cruising slowly in a -westerly
direction The New York prompU
ly returned the fire sending in it
is said here about twelve shota
frpm her six and eight inch gUh
o 4- uuviwiibo ticuvfi qtitivu uif 4
sponse The firing was by no
V 3
means in tne nature ot a
ment une report sen put ttnjir tgjjc
i ort cauanas n Havana uaa been -
uomuarueu ami mihuciwus utaKe vv
pure and simple is
ready developingsomijnennv
Mr WooldrldcairConaitiMV
- Ai
The condition pA f 17 J C WWTj
dridge has changed for the worwd 7
duriuir the past fw day nnd is Jj
now of a nature la war trjC J
apprehefliiiA rft0A
very acnefti urKeMjexKui
was jeriftrpjd ftnuV ttpotry

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