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ttfoe HfailS ftetttuCkifcn
oa U XAXAX an a i
P M6nth
Teddy Roosevelts Rough Riders
ware at San Antonio Texas and arc
about ready to swim the gulf
V The remains of Ensign vtortn
VJBaglcy were buried at Raleigh N
iaj wiui tne nonors oi u
-Leslie Combs the new pension
agent for Kentucky took charge at
2 Louisville yesterday
The Kentucky soldiers are ready
i lo shake with Blanco on one
sition at least
v w ar supplies
Blanco is short of
The Hawaiian government has
decided not to proclaim a neutrality
decree but to become to all intents
KfSJ V- and purposes an ally of the United
- States
3 The Naval War Board has de-
tided to suppress all news of what
it is doing but this will make
i little change
to the public
tne news
Aside from the fact that the hate
f ful Spaniards are doing it the
It must be very mortifying to
those smart New York newspaper
jnen to be exchanged man for man
with Spanish officers under the
rank of Captain Generals
The next time we send an expedi
tion to Cuba let it be one strong
enough to land at Havana if it
wants to The Gussie business is
prisonment of a young man for
rnine years in Cuba for operating
- a kodak will not excite much sym
The colored man from the coun
try who crashed into a vehicle on
Main street Monday while violat
ing the ordinance against fast driv
ing was not coming to town to en
list in the army
Polo has been given to under
stand that his continued residence
in Canada is unsatisfactory both to
England and America If he
doesnt take the hint promptly he
will be ordered to leave
A good many of the papers are
devoting much space to instructing
their readers how to talk Spanish
This is well but what we need to
know worse is how to shoot Span
The Knights Templar are hold
ing their State conclave at Mays
yille and the Louisville Comman
deries reinforced by many Knights
from Western Kentucky went up
the river on an excursion boat yes
terday and had a great time
One of Spains invincible tor
pedo boats the Terror is broken
down at Martinique and unable to
secure repairs for lack of money
This is the kind of an adversary
we are fighting and yet it has taken
us a month to decide whether to
attack first by land or sea What
we need is a little ginger at Wash
The great battleship Alabama
now being constructed at Philadel
phia will be launched to day with
simple ceremonies The Alabama
press association will attend in a
body and congressional committees
will be on hand Miss Mary Mor
gan daughter of the Senator will
christen it with Alabama winp
A Spanish transport convoyed by
a gunboat attempted to leave the
harbor of Havana Sunday night
and was driven back by the yatch
Mayflower after a brisk exchange
of shots ten of which were fired by
the Mayflower The Spanish gun
boat and the transport fired a still
greater number of shots none of
which took effect The Mayflower
is now the hero of the blockade
The engagement was the first op
portunity the yatch originally in
tended for purposes of pleasure has
had to distinguish itself and to
rout off the crack gunboat 6t Ha
vana harbor under the circum
stance was a notable feat
DlltredbcrrktojUl prtq of tke city at
10 tmxx m www
Sons of Gen Pickett and Gen
Long street have applied for staff
appointments It the front
Per Week i in
For the purpose of
quickly and creating a large de
Licut ES Vrlght of the United
States army will be in HOpkins
ville tlext Saturday to secure cav
alry recruits for the regular army
There are a great many young men
in this county fitted by nature and
inclination for this branch of the
service Indeed there was talk
some time ago of organizing an en
tire company of cavalry How
Lieut Wright will succeed in his
muster remains to be seen
Judge John 15 Garner of Win
chester has announced himself a
candidate for the Democratic Con
gressional nomination in the Tenth
district now represented by Thos
Y Fitzpatrick Judge Garner is
one of the ablest men in his district
and one of the best and truest Dem
ocrats in Kentucky He will be a
strong candidate
The Frankfort State Officers Dont
Like the Election Law
Courtland Chenault Secretary of
the State Board of Election Com
missioners called on Auditor StOne
and made a formal demand for re
cognition of the board in the way of
purchasing supplies with which to
begin work
Auditor Stone stated that he
would consult the Attorney General
and would act upon nn opinion of
Gen Taylor and would be guided
entirely by his opinion in the mat
ter It may be said that while it
is improper for the Attorney Gener
al to speak before the communica
tion reaches him the State officers
will refuse to recognize the board
and suit to test the constitutionality
of the law may follow at once
United States War Ships
mand the publishers of Ansons
Historal Series of the United States
War Ships will send the readers of
this paper who will agree to show
them to five of their friends the en
tire twelve parts containing ninety
six handsomely engraved pictures
for the special low introduction
price of ten cents each the regular
price being fifty cents The parts
are published semi monthly and
readers of this paper sending five
two cent stamps now will receive
Part One and have the privilege
of securing the remaining eleven
parts as published at the same
rate providing they will show same
to friends who might be interested
in navmg a set Remember this
special introduction offer and you
must answer quickly before this
offer is withdrawn
A glance at these minute por
trayals of Americas Modern Sea
Fighters and a perusal of the
copious descriptions will fully ac
quaint you at once with their san
guinary and destructive character
The pictures of the officers and men
in their various attitudes at work
on the guns firing at sea bombard
ing torts the marines at drill on
shore and the hundreds of evolu
tions of -the attendants on these
colossal Goliaths of the ocean are
things to be marvelled at and re
membered by the beholder for all
time These views are not to be
obtained from any other source ex
cept at enormous cost Send today
as the number to be sold at the in
troductory price is limited both in
time and number Address
Anson Puulishing Co
142 Monroe St Chicago 111
He Hade Kodak Pictures
Washington May 17 The Brit
ish Embassy was requested re
cently to secure information con
cerning the Porto Rican corres
pondent of the New York Herald
named Halstead a British subject
who was said to be undergoing tor
ture at San Juan On inquiry of
the London Foreign Office the Em
bassy is informed that Halstead
was convicted of makinir photo
graphs of the Porto Rican forts
and was sentenced to nine years
imprisonment The reports of tor
ture arc denied
Boilers and Treasury Busted
St Pierre Island of Martinque
May 17 The Spanish torpedogun
boat Terror Which has been under
going repairs at Fort de France
since she arrived there with the
Cape Verde fleet under command of
Admiral Cervera is still there Fort
de France with disabled boiler
tubes and prppeller and no money
to pay for the necessary repairs
This statement as to the Terror is
the latest advices
6it KMfiCttn at ttM SUte letting
Mtiysville ICV May IV The
Kentucky Medical Association elect
ed officers as follows president
DaVid Barrow of Lexington Vice
President H K Adamson of Mays
ville Second Vice President James
UUI1ULU1 lUUIt - iiuinuitii
C W Aitken of Plcmingsburg Li
brarian B W Smock of Louisville
Advisorv Board B L Coleman of
Louisville L L Robertson of Mid
dlesborough T J Schumncker of
Morgan field T B Greenley of
Meadow Lawn N H McNue of
Carlisle The meeting was largely
attended and a very successful
ens Louisville was selected as
the place for the next niccting
Iowas Cirl rMayor
Miss Jessio Parker is 22 years
old and Mayor of Kendrick ta She
is the youngest handsomest and
most womanly mayor in the busi
ness and the voters of the town
think she hna ability enough to
run things two years She was
elected in the usual -way after a
naru iougm campaign tnougli one
happily free from recriminations
and defeated the man who ran
against her bya good round ma
jority The girls exceptionally
bright mind and marked executive
ability drew attention to her She
was urged to make the race and
was nominated A crowd went
from the convention to Miss Par
kers house Hurrah for Miss Par
ker our nextMayor they shouted
At the campaign meeting they
shouted Whats the matter with
Jessie- and assured themselves
loudly that sjie was all right
She got used to it The issue was
womans fitness Judging by the
vote Miss Parker got tKe best of
the argument She will appoint
the policemen and cast the deciding
vote when there is a tie She is
for improvements and law and
Married In Alaska
Prank Brady of Mbntana and
Marie isharov a Polish girl were
married at the Summit of Chilkoot
Pass Brady met the girl who
was travel ng with her father at a
camp on the trail Hg proposed
apd was accepted anU the wedding
day was set The arrangements
were in the hands of the grpoms
friends They decreed that there
should be a wedding procession it
began at the scales with an ac
cordionist playing the wedding
march A great crowd followed it
up to the famous steps cut in r the
snow and ice by the tread of gold
seekers gone before At the sum-
mit the party was met bv -Rev
Christopher L Mortimer
souri minister who is
11 it Sf
weaun in tne luonuiKe Witlvtneir
feet on American soil and then
faces turned toward the lamgf
the stars and stripes the handsome
Montana man and the beauftfiil
Polish girl were married and jour
neyed on into the gold land -together
The bride was sensible
attired in a closely fitting Klondike
costume of fur
Prayed For Peace
Atlanta Ga May 17
Vincente de Cortijo and his
low prisoners of war joined tjwith
Father Louis D X Bazin
in prayer for peace
Father Baih
Who is pastor of the Church ofJthe
Immaculate Conception went oiutfto
Ft McPherson to minister tdtne
spiritual welfare of the captivfe
Spaniards and mass was readjjUy
the priest and at the conclusionjgf
the ceremony he delivered a sermon
in French which was translateHni
to Spanish by Colonel Cortijo fogftSe
other captives
Father Bazin said to day iSps
an outrage that white mens luuiid
be subjected to the humilationflo
Vimtltw nnfty 1a JHfT
iniu uciu yuiuus uvcr uiem
lnese prisoners are gentlemen
They have committed no crjm
They are Spaniards and it ypfs
their duty to light for Spain justfas
it is the duty of our men to hglit
tor tne United States
Shot From Ambush
Greenup Ky May 11 Sherman
Patrick and R B Allen of near
Argillite this county had a fight
About two hours afterward Alfen
got his Winchester and sneakng
up in the brush near Patricks
home shot him through the breast
He died shortly afterward The
sheriff and posse are scouring the
county for Allen
W P IIHIhWWWl Ml iHWIWUII W IMHilMPMWWIfWWi Mil KIWI nl nljllii 1 urn twa ujfiwwywniBl l
Tf etnetidous Sacri
The Great Hopkiiisville Mecca
For Economical Btivers
1 invited to inspect my krge stock of Spring Dry Goods Notions Cloth
ing etc before making their purchases Everything new and up-to-date in all
See Our Ready-To-Wear SuitsS r
Ihey are uDandies made by the best tailors and from THJC BEST OLOTH
IN SHOES we km lie Best All tic Latest Styles
Remember the PaceNext Door to flardwicks
Ladies Plain Needle and Coin
WORTH 75c 100 1 25 and 1 50
i i i
Arc you interested in the prices of Ladies and Childrens Slippers
IP SO this is an opportunity that you cant afford to miss To close these lines
out right away we have decided to cut the 3 2 U TWO- AIL of otiv ladies and
childrens slippers -
Our Little Giant shoes and slippers are the best wearing goods brought to this
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Toe Slippers
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button spring heel shoe sizes from 5s to 13s at same big reduction Half Price
REMEMBER WG are 8fci11 SelHnS lothmS at Prime Eastern
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pering We will send you freo
a largo selection of samples from 3c
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in evory town to soil on commission
from largo sample books Nq capital
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add row
S Wolf
717 768 Njnth Am N J qfky
1TJ - n T o s
Is the Only
St Louis Paper
With Its Own Staff Correspondents
at all Iointsof Interest
At Havana
Mr Sylvester Scovol
at iusiuriu
Mr A E Houghton
At Washington
Mr Stephen Bousal
At Now York -
Mr Morton Wntkius
Millinery Millinery
Outdoing others Outdoing onraolvca iirvnluo giving Groator Urn
gains moro Bargains Uinn over before We ufo soiling chooper hecauao
wo are selling moro We have
- Hats trimmed in the latest styles
Sailors in all the new shapes and colors
Ribbons flowers veilings chiffon and nets for trimming
Have you seen our line of new belts vCi
Jewel belts leather belts kid gloves corsets
Hosiery handkerchiefs etc Bargains speak for themselves
n -
ISee them before buying
n r
1 Writ r
Mrs A da Ijame
- LtAltlv
Will have a few choice summer patterns on display
- 5 1

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