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m asmmt
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U Aft
- I
Ms still in Manila Bay
u rimfli niiil j wtrr rii
I AJ Putlkhwl every utorilntf fexcit Monday by
Wr J - a
flui war has lasted just one
jnonth to day and what has been
accomplished j
Qujba is still in possession of Spain
vSojs Porto Rico And both ate
harder to take now than they were
J jvlien President McKinlcy orderfcd
j V lliuiSpamards to leave t
Vfy lttftfblockade has resulted in the
capture of some merchant shis
at Matanzas Cienfuegos and
Cardenas the death of one
W can Officer and several of our men
iandjithe starvation of an unknown
1 number of recpneentrados to rc
felliev Whose bufferings was our first
iloclared nurnose The ulocicaue
l has been death to them and has
done the Spaniards no appreciable
Admiral Deweys brilliautvictory
at Manila which excited the world
and -evoked
1 A
its admiration
served chicilv to demonstrate how
incapable the Government is of
wlnjr an advantage Dewey
1ed precisely as he was twenty days
ago when he had sunk the enemys
ships and made himself master of
the harbor Troops to support him
haVe not yet left San Francisco and
thejfne cruiser that was supposed
to have started has gone back to
Mare Island for leisurely repairs
Admiral Sampson Commodore
Schlcy and Commodore Watson the
commanders of om Atlantic squad
rons are chasing around the seas
in search of a Spanish ileet that tip
jo date has been clever enough to
keep out of their way
The Board of Strategy the Sec
retary of the Navy the Secretary
fofWar and President McKinley
f Commander-in-Chief of the forces by
iSea and land and empowered to re
i move nis aias at wm may oe
fifi i ni m iu tu
Luuiy saw mu wui um uiuinu
GSyyork but nobody else is
m ne nuiriect tn stinnnrr ewiv is
Wi o isr j -
a disirraceful exhibition of mindless
W xne oiocKaue wlucli starves our
friends and leaves our enemy all
Jrthe time he needs to strengthen his
defences and perfect his means of
communication is fatuous
The employment of the better
part of our navy in a chase after a
quicker sailing Spanish squadron
is beginning to appeal to the nat
ional sense of humor The chase is
all right but why use so many
ships ships that could be turned
to better service
Havana is still where it always
has been San Juan doesnt jro off
on elusive cruises Santiago and
Cienluegos are obliging enough to
stay put Why not leave the pur
suit of the Spanish ships to one
American fleet and open the guns
of our other war ships on things
that standstill the important ports
of Cuba and Porto Rico
Rouse yourself and do something
Mr McKinley Dismiss the timid
men the over wise men the to
learned strategists who surround
you Get rid of the solemn incom
petents and put the conduct of the
war into the hands of professional
lighters who know that war ought
to be rough and hot work and who
really want to light
Feebleness of purpose bewilder
ment of mind and an amazingly un
sanguinary disposition mark the
Washington end of this conflict
A whole month gone and nothing
done Nothing but the Manila
tpry the great blae of which nqw
lights up the astounding lethargy
of the Government The world is
beginning to laugh at us
Whats the matter Mr McKin
ley Ypu are the Chief Magistrate
of a great country You can have
all the men arms and money you
want for the asking You know
that yet you do nothing
Instead of the roar of guns knock
ing Spanish fortifications about
Spanish ears in Cuba and in Spain
itself we have what
A hnore at Washington
Wake up Mr McKinley wake
up If you cant rise to your task
acknowledge it to yourself If you
dont know what to do call in
somebody that does and then let
Jifin alone Sit down on the poli
ticians and give the Admirals and
dpnerala a freq rein They know
mc gatl Itentuchtan
Delivered by cartler to alt parts ol tbo city at
10 anxv NX WZBX
Pkr Wkek j 10
their business
If the past month gives a true
measure of the vigor and brains of
the Administration as a war maker
the war wont be over for years
Do something Mr McKinley do
something New York Journal
Capt Walter B Barker the for
mer Cotisul to Sagua la Grande
Cuba is on a sick bed at Washing
ton by reason he says of the
change of climate from Cuba to this
country I hardly suffered a
days illness durng my three
years sojourn in Sagua said
Capt Barker With proper sani
tary conditions Cuba especially the
mountains thereof is more health
ful than this climate I see bv the
newspapers that the idea prevails
largely that our unseasoned troops
will suffer more from the ravages
of infectious disease than from the
guns of the enemy This is erron
eous There is no more delightful
country in this section of the world
man uuoa in tne summer it is no
more disease breeding than some
of our Gulf States and certainly no
reasonable fear on this account
should avail among Southerners
who are about to enlist in the
The Charleston sailed Sunday
from San Franciscofor Manila and
the City of Pekin and the Monterey
were due to leave last night The
Pekin was loaded with the First
Regiment and a number of volun
teer companies These are the first
of 12000 troops to be sent to Manila
These include volunteers from Min
nesota Wyoming Nebraska Kan
sas and Colorado The trip will
take about 30 days the distance
being 6200
Everybody familiar with the po
sitions of the American ships knew
at once that there was no credence
to be placed in the report Sunday
that a great battle had been fought
off Hayti Saturday morning The
squadrons of both Sampson and
Schley only left Key West Friday
and Hayti is 1000 miles from Key
Louisville MusicFestival cleared
336 and the Directors are very
much pleased at the success of the
undertaking Preparations for a
bigger one next year are already
under way
Jeff Justice of Prestonburg Ky
dropped dead while taking a drink
of water Now look out for a fresh
crop of alleged jokes about that en
tirely original subject of drinking
in Kentucky
The suggestion in some of the pa
pers that Grover Cleveland be ap
pointed Brigadier General is not be
ing taken very seriously Ducks
and not Dons are Grove rs strong
Cervera who sailed into Santiago
Thursday sailed out again Friday
and is now on his way to Martin
ique where he will coal his Ileet
again provided the French authori
ties raise no objections
Lou Emma Chandler a 12-year-old
convict from Owsley county
has been pardoned by the Gov
Cap Stewart M Brice a son of
Calvin S Brice has returned from
Europe to serve in the Commissary
The Kentucky and Kearsarge
will be ready for service by Novem
ber 1 unless some accident occurs
to delay the work
Teddy Roosevelts Terrors are to
be armed with Cuban machetes in
stead of the regular cavalry swords
They will be ready to leave San
Antonio the last of the week
Will Receive Bids
We will be at the mouth of the
Locust lane near Beverly Ky on
Monday May 231898 at 9 a m
to give specifications to those who
desire to bid on contract for grad
ing metaling and re metaling the
Palmyra road from the end of Pal
myra pike to Liberty church
Kight reserved to reject any and
all bids
Y Owhtry l
f n
Taos II Major
c t
wiPwf iwUftmiW 1iWJit iij
Admiral Sampsons Cruisers Fur
nished With the Article
Washinerton D C May 23 Ad
miral Sampsons cruisers have
been furnished with smokeless
powder the first lot delivered oV a
250000 contract given the Du
ponts three months ago flhe ter
nble smoke made by the -ordinary
sJLt 5-
brown powder used in heavy guns
makes it impossible to see twenty
yards after the second round Ad
miral Sampson reports that the
faces of the men handling the guns
at San Juan Matanzas and
denas were covered with saltpeter
at the second round from the 8 inch
and 13 inch guns while the thirst
created from the smoke and gas
of this burnt powder finder the
heat of a tropical sun s absolute
ly unendurable1
Within a fortnight the entire
ileet 13 inch guns and all will
have an abundant supply of this
new powder
A Third Spanish Squadron
Gibraltar May 23 -The Gov
ernor here will not allow war ves
sels parsing the straits to be re
The Spaniards are preparing
what they call their thirdsquadron
vhich will consist of Princess de
Asturias of 7000 tons and with a
speed of 20 knots now at Cadiz
the Cardinal Cisneros at Ferrol of
the same size and speed the Le
panto at Cartagena of 5000 tons
and speed 20 knots and Numancia
and the Vitona which is being
newly armored and engined There
are also at Ferrol the torpedo gun
boats Dona Maria de Molina the
Marques de la Victoria arid the
Don Alvara de Bazan each of 800
tons and 20 knots speed
Unless the American Governmept
moves quickly it will have the fore
going to contend with in additidn
to Admiral Cerveras and Admiral
Camaras squadrons The latter
is expected to leave Cadiz within a
few days His destination is un
known but it is probably the Antil
les notwithstanding that the news
papers say the Philippines
liopkinsville Produce riarket
Cash prices paid by Hopkinsvillo
Bams country 78o
Shoulders 4J5c
SideB G6jtc
Lard 5i6c
Country Produce
B utter 16c
Eggs 8c
Now f oathora 3fJi32c
Beeswax 2022c
Tallow 8c
Ginseng per lb 2225
Honey 10c
Tub waBhed wool 2830c
Greased 1320e
Burry wool 10lkc
Old chickens live per lb 5J6c
Roosters 2Jq
Turkeys per lb Re
DucUb do1
Clover per bushel 8
Oats homo grown por bu 8588o
Corn S5o
Wheat 95c
Livo stock
Hogs 3350
Sheep 250350f
Cattle 2r504
Calvea 53504
HideB and Fure J
jieuu muus Uai0
Green salted hidoB 8o
Dry flint 1012o
New potatoes per buBhol G0o
Cabbage per barrel B0o
That great Philanthropist T M
Edmundson is still in the riug for
the euchantmoiit of distressed hu
manity He is dispensing at his old
Htand tho following popular brands
Old Prentice Early Times Old Bar
ber Ilaokley Mehvood MoBrayer
tho best on earth for medical purpo
ses Como aud aoe mo all of you
who are weary and heavy ladon and I
will give you rest
Rev J U Spuriin will meet his
friends and neighbors and all who
will attend at Sinking Fork church
next Sunday in a fitting service to
commemorate the fiftieth anniver
sary of his settlement in that neigh
Tremendous Sacrifice
The Great Hopkiusville Mecca
For Economical Rttvers
Is invited to inspect my large stock oj5 Spring Dry Goods Notions Cloth
ing etc before making1 their purchases Everything new and all
See Our Suits
JSf 2m
Dandies made by tho best tailors iand from THE BESTOLOTE
we lave the Best ill flip M Styles -
Remember the PlaceNext Door to Hardwicks
Ladies and Cnildrens
sjilppol u
Arc you interested in the prices of Ladies and Chiidrens Slippers
P SO this is an opportunity that you cant afford to miss To close these lines
out right away we have decided to cut the 1 2 Bfti TWO- All of our ladies and
chiidrens slippers
Our Little Giant shoes and slippers are the best wearing goods brought to this
market and every one who has ever tried them will testify the truth of this assertion
Ladies Plain Needle and Coin Toe
WORTH 75c 100 125 and l50
CUT PRICE 40c 50c 65c and 75c
250 pairs chiidrens black kid and tan oxfords worth worth 75c 100 125 and 150
CUT PRICE 40 50 65 75 CTS
We will also put in this sale our entire line of Little Giant black kid and tan
button spring heel shoes sizes from 5s to 13s at same big reduction Half Price
we are still selling Clothing at prime Eastern
New York Cost
Is the Only
St Louls Paper
With ItB Own Staff Corrospoudeule
at all Poiuta of Interest
At Havaua
Mr Sylvester Scovol
At Madrid
Mr A E Houghton
At Washington
Mr Stephen Bonsai
At New York
Mr Morton Watkina
15 cents a week seven daya if de
livered by agent 60 cents a month
if sent by mail
Commissioners Sale
Monday June C 1898 11 a m
Those desiring to purchase homes
farm property or to invest in any
kind of real estate would do well to
attend this sale on aboye date as
there is some desirable property
both farms and city property to
be sold Fkank Rivks
Master Comr of the C C C
Humiuur Excursion Hilton
Tho I 0 R R will sell summer
excursion tickets as follows
Coruleuu Sprincs androturn 80o
Dawson Springs aud return -170
Orittendpn Spgs uud return 826
Grayeou Sdringd and return 580
Return limit 90 dRva from ditto of
tudu EL M Shrkwood Ast
a iiw iimi ii nr ihuiiimmi iiwii
Millinery Millinery
1 i -- - 1
Outdoing others Outdoing ourspjves in vnluo giving Greater Bar
gains moro Bargains than ever beforo Wo aro soiling cheaper because
wo are soiling more Wo have t
Hats trimmed in the latest styles
Sailors in all the new shapes and colors
Ribbons flowers veilings chiffon and nets for trimming
Have you seen our line of new belts
Jewel belts leather belts kid gloves corsets
Hosiery handkerchiefs etc Bargains speak for themselves
Mrs Ada Layne
g Until you have seen my new line ot imported
fc I guarantee QUALITY STYLE and WORKMAN-
g SHIP the best thatmoncy can secure
JL Tobill Tailor
No 14 South Main jJF1

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