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ftfoe ail ftentucMan
IaMOwi cms eretfag eaxL Sml T
Lieut Hobson has resumed his
duties on board the New York
ColABryans regiment has been
ordered to join Fitz Lee and vritt
probably see service in Vorio Rico
Caroara sailed through the Suez
canal and then sailedjjback again
at an expense of S116000 in canal
Miss Fannie Davenport the
tress is very low with heart disease
at her summer homnearDuxbury
Geo M Pullman Jr son of the
late sleeping car magnate has been
given a commission and will enter
the army
A carefully revised roll of the lost
and saved shows that of 714 per
sons on La Bourgogue 164 were
saved and 55 J drowned
The Chicago Record wants to
affixes the stamp on
deadhead telegrams sent under
Congressional frank
The third annual convention of
the National Association of Fire
Insurance Agents will be held at
Hotel Cadilliac Detroit Mich July
15 and 16
Colsons Smooth Walkers at Lex
ington have been enclosed with a
barbed wire fence eight feet high
to keep them from walking away
without leave of absence
The members of the State Exe
cutive Committee of the -National
Democratic Party of Tennessee
have held a meeting and decided
not to try to keep up the organiza
Urn A Hunter Dr Hunters
son aged 30 eloped to Jeiferson
ville a few days ago with Miss
Blanche Malkin an
girl There was no especial oppo
sition to the match
Maj Gen Miles has reached the
camp of the army at Santiago and
has held a conference with Rear
Admiral Sampson He also bad a
chat with Gen Shafter over the
Dr Jos Muir who captured Miss
Ella McPherson and her millions
in New Jersey was a grass-widower
After securing a divorce last
fall he changed the spelling of bis
name from Meuer to Muir
There will be a contest for the
Republican nomination for Con
gress in this district between Geo
W Jolly and W T Fowler Mr
Fowler is supported by the Franks
wing of the party and his nomina
tion is regarded as practically as
Secretary Alger has issued or
ders attaching the Hawaiian Is
lands to the military department of
California The First New York
Volunteers Col Barber command
ing will be assigned for the time
being at the garrison at Honolulu
Col Barber is considered an espec
ially good officer for the coast
Chas D Jacob Jr of Louisville
is reported in the official list as
among the killed at Santiago He
was a son of Hon C D Jacob and
enlisted in the First Cavalry May
7 His father has not been notified
and is still hoping that the name
which was given as CD Jacobs
may not ihave been intended for
C D Jacob Jr
Admiral Ceyera and 53 officers
and 638 privates Spanish prison
ers from the wrecked fleet have ar
rived at Portsmouth N H on the
St Louis and will be contineu on
Seaveys island in the harbor The
officers all talk freely and speaK in
term of highest praise of the kind
manner In which tljey have been
keated by their captors The offi
cr are Hder parole except one
jw refuwkl to take the oath and
lire not ft Iil
IHra2CKrtsra fast t2ae a
locxarrx wanrxir
s P tJPW alO
t sMt tv 100 Pts Teib AOTiAfca J
H -
War ChU
j Spain has SflOOO gypsies
Patti made her debat in Caba
FriACo to Manila 6 C sates
Key Wet to Havana 93 sales
Spain has 2922G0 iababitaats
Cadiz to New YorJc 2jSi miles
Great Britain is boildinjr 303
ships I
Russias coomoa soldier gets
Our daily output f powder is
16000 toss
Cuba has 16KX0W acres of
War has doubled the price of
armr horses
Frisco Chinese are
making sol-
diers clothes
During our civil war there
3125 battles -
Italvs war DepaHmentTutilizes
545000009 a year
Cuba has 1631000 inhabitants
Philadelphia l350jp
War has raised the price of
quicksilver linen duck and crash
Prior to the war the annual net
revenue of cuba was SSO000000
Every Spaniard is liable to be
called to military service on attain
iag 20 years of age
Policemen in Boston have been
instructed to salute the flag when
ever it is carried past them in a
A Cuban insurgent in orderto
get cigarettes risked death by go
ing into a town filled with Spanish
More powder has been burned in
the San Juan bombardment and
the occasional small engagements
along the Cuban coast than has
been consumed for saluting pur
poses since the civil War
Captain Francis Martin U S NJ
is the oldest officer of the United
States navy now living as he com
pleted his ninety eighth year on
June 4 He is living in Detroit
Santiago De Cubd
Girls smoke
No trolley cars
Forest of mahogany
No wild animals except dogs -
Every body takes a nap at noon
Here is the highest land in Cuba
Lottery tickets on sale every
Most of the houses are one story
buildings r
Santiago is the Spanish form for
Saint James
Inhabitants 40000 less
roost Philadelphia wards
The beUes plaster their faces
with powdered egg shells
The harbor of Nipe embraces
sixty five square miles of deep
Copper mine have been workedj
since the seventeenth century
Tobago Island was so called by
Columbus from its fancied resemb
lance to the tobacco or inhaling
tube of the aborigines Our word
tobacco is thence derived
Judge Hobson will have a close
call in the Third appellate district
In the election for Clerk of the
Court of Appeals last year Shack
elford Democrat received 26916
votes and Bailey Republican
24699 votes and Hindman gold
Democrat Parker Populist and
Wallace prohibition combined
2553 votes of these Hindman re
ceived 1216 votes The Demo
cratic vote was a little short of a
majority though the plurality was
2216 over Baily
Some of the morning papers claim
that Gen Shaffers indulgence to
the Spanish commander in so long
extending the time for negotiations
has been rewarded by a character
istic bit of Spanish craftiness Ac
cording to the latest hews from the
front Gen Shafter believes that
Gen Toral has slipped out of San
tiago to the westward with all his
men and arms leaving a sacked
and deserted city as the only
trophy of the American army
Camara was allowed to coal at
an Egyptian port on the way back
after stating in writing that he was
bound or Spain
TTWffrT i -wag
It is a great summer It is bring
ing freedom for Cuba and fiir the
ftummcr wilowr at the Hamming
re MHter ftrraWiv Kt C tfc
KrfK Gsl Gr 3C5kr Urr
cy She wis wo is t tie el
e tie feotpilal asd taecal err
Jta b te great arj cf tie CaiteiJ
Stares Is a exprrieaced asd xbe
raqjesWMoier H l boai 69 jear
eSd ac d 2as a se record HeWgaaal
the bottom of tie Udder as aiststact
sarswra ia 1S1 la ie pro
seated to be a captaia asd in 3533 be
mu elevated to ai pieieat pontioa at
9 iHr
Beaa of tfce United States Hospital and
Medical Service
command as surgeon general with the
rank of brigadier general During the
civil war Gen Sylcca served la Oen
Banks expedition and was in charge of
the general hospital nt Cleveland when
peace wax declared in 1865 Since that
time he has been in the icrvice of Uncle
Sams army in the campaigns against
the Indians and in epidemics of yellow
fever He was a member of the Havana
yellow fever commission in 1870 and
was a delegate to the international san
itary conference in Kome in 1885 In
1887 and 1859 be was specially detailed
by the president to make Investiga
tions in Cuba Mexico and Brazil re
lating to the etiology and prevention of
yellow fever He is an ex president of
the American Public Uealtn association
and is a distinguished member of sev
eral Important scientific and medical
societies in this country and abroad
His knowledge of the conditions in
Cuba with relation to yellow fever and
other ills of that climate will make his
administration of the office he holds of
extraordinary value to the country at
this time
A Nevr Self Loading Pistol TVfelcl Can
lie Fired aa Many as 30
Times a Mlaate
The self loading pistol invented by
Herr Paul Mauser is meeting with a
large sale in England India and South
Africa The fact that a skillful man
can fire six or seven shotr per second
with it renders it a formidable rlralto
tho revolver The pistol is very com
pact in form the magazine being quite
Sat and it Is therefore easily portable
The magazines are of two kinds to hold
six and ten cartridges respectively In
action tho force of the recoil opens the
mechanism of the breech ejects the
empty cartridge case cocks the ham
mer introduces a new cartridge into
the chamber and closes and locks the
breech the shooter having only to aim
press the trigger and reload after six
or ten shots according to the capacity
of the magazine So much of the re
coil Ib utilized In this way that there Is
i 1 V WS n
It Can Be Fired Thirty Times a Minute
scarcely any shock to the hand and the
barrel very nearly maintainfl its origin
al direction The mechanism Is simple
and perfect so that when the magazine
is filled tho piece is ready to fire with
out further manipulation and whenlt
is emptied the shooter is notified by the
action remaining open
Another popular form of magazine
pistol is known as the Bergman which
in skillful hands can be fired 30 times
a minute The cartridges are inserted
five at a time and if desired another
empty cartridge can be carried in tho
barrel The weapon Is self cocking and
the spent cartridge is ejected automat
Queer Maalclpal Order
At Schkendltz in Prussian Saxony
the burgomaster recently gave orders
that on Sunday people should dress in
a manner befitting the day and when
a mechanic appeared in the streets in
his everyday working dress he was ar
rested and condemned to a fine of three
marks or one days imprisonment Tho
decision was set aside on appeal but
tho court admonished tho culprit that
he was an Insensate dolt and that the
grace of the Lord was not In him The
tribunal evidently leaned to the con
viction that he had got what ho de
served though the letter of tho law
did not sustain the penalty
Hm IB erolls Explanation
A good story is told of the wife of
Col Robert Ingersoll She was re
cently spending an evening with a
friend About eight oclock after in
ffectually attempting t smother sev
eiwl yawB Mm Ingersoll apologised as
follows You really must excus roe
but you know dear that J have aeodm
pauUd tha eoloiMl en a VMMtnt laoUir
tour and kav in onauiMtt o4 imUt
Jt habit falling aaWp at ata
- m m ln
irluai mm
Mmicy tooci at i per cent
cm ftfslCtesf real cslite for
alcrjB tf 5 years
We bare Tor sale some of the bes
bfriktiBg lots ie the city d on terms
to eait purchasers Prices rsHging
from f30 to 93000 They are located
ia Beady every ptl o Uw Uy We
also kare for sale farms ia this asd
adjouuag coualS These farms are
owned by parlies who wish to sell
Below is a partial Hsl of them
A File Farm sear Kensedy
Well improved sxxi Iaad well wa
teretl and timbered 180 acres
Price a 15400
A Farm of 350 acres ea Butter
milk Road
Two thirds in fine timber good im
provements well watered 8 miles
from the city Big bargain
Price 1900
Farm of 106 acres onBuiler Road
Three and one half miles from the
city well improved good orchard
ciuu never iamng water
Price 750
A farm of 20 acres on same road
3J miles from tho city well itnprov
eu a gooa poultry or market gar
den farm in good neighborhood
Price 100
Farm of 75 acres on Greenville
Six miles from the city The very
best place in the neighborhood
timbor tropd water buildings orch
trd and in a fine state of repair
Price 650
A very fine little Farm of 87 1 2
acres near Elmo
Twenty acres of timber the remain
ing in high state of cultivation All
the buildings in good condition
splendid neighborhood
Price 2200
100 acres 5 Miles From City on
Russeliville Pike
Well improved 15 acres of timber
near church and school
Price 1800
136 acres on Ducker Mill road
65 acres of bottom land 2 good
houses 2 barns well watered 15 acres
Price 1100
500 cash balance in one and 2
years at 6 per cent The beat farm
in the neighborhood
Besides these we have other farms
fur sale and will take pleasure in
showing any of them to parties wish
ing to buy Surveys Plats and AJj
stractfl of title furnished all purcbas
ers Now is the time to buy real
Three tracts of coal lands two
of the mines partially developed
Vein of coal 5 feet thick finest qual
ity Ono tract contains Q00 acres
one 175 acres one G5 acres All
wifbin i mile Illinois Central II It
Will sell at bargains and on easy
terms Here are fortunes for the
right men
For sale or exchange a good pay
ing hotel at tho famous Dawson
Springs Will sell at a bargain or
exchange for improved farming land
well located
For sale a good first class board
ing house at Dawson SnrhJKS Will
sell on easy terms or exchange fpr
good notes The owners business
compels him to reside elsewhere
30 acre ranch well improved near
San Diego Cal Will exchange for
property in Christian county Ky
William Robinson Agt
Office Webber Street
Hopkinsville Ky
Hotel Henderson
Entirely new and first class in all
respects Excellent sample rooms
asd servico uuequalled in the city
On Double Car Line
C F L F Kleidkbkr Props
Hondorson Ky
Formerly with Forbes Iro
We have concluded to go into bup
inees for ourselves and ofi our sor
vices to tho publio at the most reas
onable prices Paper hanging a spor
laity All work guaranteol
Leave orders at Qua Youngs
Telephone fri 2 rinjrs
in -
The Iyawreiiceburjr Christian
church lini purchaMttj apipeoqpaai
i i
-The JenttLokian 1 Year
AMdLtlieMew XattMew Sewing Machine
Modern Hi ai Mg lack
ThcHeid T fire and one MU lnche hSch
ad eight nd one hU leches long lnJde
nrareiMl TfolsLM high u any family
naeblsr rlaid nrait not be confounded
with the medium or so called hlgb m m
ehlaet Tfce bead pUte set Inloor level tilth
the tabic
The Needle Is straight leU acilts flat on
one aide and cannot be ee wrong
TheShatUe Isopfcn on the end cylinder
ihape and abiolnteir ef thrralintr
The Bearing Are a I steel well flue i and
dins table
Self threading The machine Is self-threading
and no hole to put the thread through
except the eye of the needle
The Feed Is posltlre Inaction and has no
wrings to iret nut of order
Automatic Bobbin Winder Will wind the
oobbln as smooth as on a spool of thread
TheStltch Is donblelocx stitch Therame
on both sides and will not ravel Can be
lengtbenedorshortened from eight to thirty
stitches to the inch
TheTension Is a flat spring tension and ad
justable to all sizes of thread
Hand Wheel Is nlctle plated and has a
loose -wheel attached to operate bobbin winder
without running machine
The Movement Is the celebrated eccentric
movements posltlveln action and fewer work
ing parts than any machine on the market
The Stand Has large balance wheel hangs
on two adjustable centers The treadle is large
and bangs in cone centers and all lost motion
esn be taken np asters under even end and
can be easily moved A nice dress guard over
With all tho latest ha
The bcei Machine for the
lcat money ever manufact
ured ht
Light running noiseless I
simpie uurauie
EvryiIacliino warrantnd I
iu years
A 350 Machine for for 521
and freight prepaid
Cash must accompany al
wheI to Veep dreu from getting on wheel
Attach - ents Are the famous Johnsons set
In a tin box and consists of tucker ruder
four hem mere binder qullter foot hemmer
and fellerundcr braider and sheerer oil can
andolItwolcrewdrirerg six bobbins paper
of needle thumb screw guage and book of
The Fnmisnre Is well made highly pol
ished and eletnt in appearance All these
machines will be sent out with oak furniture
unless walnut is specified Each machine has
a lock to tbedrawers and cover nice nlekel
plate drop rings to all drawers All machines
are well packed and crated
Th Xew Mathews Machine is warranted 10
years from date of purchase and thirty days
trial of it If perfect and entire satisfaction
is not giTcn the machine may be reshlpped to
tnnsatourexptmfe and the money paid hi
will be refunded promptly
Under this guarantee you run no risk what
ever In purchasing the New Mathews Machine
You have thirty days trial of It In your own
home and if for any reason you should wish
to return the machine It may ee shipped tons
at onr expense and the mosey will be re
All communications regarding the Ken
Mathews Machine should be addressed to
vno l1 anVHMllj vj
Hopkinsville Ky
Description ofr the Improved New Alatfaews Machine
This machine is manufactured with the view of supplying a long felt
want to wit A Modern High arm first class Sewing Machine with an late
improvements and of first class material and good workmanship including
the best and latest Attachments at a reasonable price A book of instruc
tions accompanies every machine
In making your remittance we prefer postoffice money order registered
letter express money ordes or New York Exchange Individual cheeks un
less certified to will not bo received
For Rates -
BOYD TURNEY Proprietors
ThiafttmouB health and pleasure resort the oldest iu Western Kentucky
is situated on the Ohio Valllley branch of the Illinois Central railroad 16
miles from Hopkinsville and 14 miles from Princeton
Hotel ftccoramodations Unsurpassed
Sulphur and Chalybeate Water in Abundance Six trains daily and
Reduced Rates First Class Italian Band Employed for the season
Tbe Baily Kentuckian
ThiB famous Kentucky SUMMER RESORT
ia uow open for guests uudor
A nractical hotolmnn has been selected to diroot nffairs Special nt
tontion civon to the cuisine Manv imnrovements havb beoti made
B - I J
hotel and surroundings Hotel rates reasonable
for you Rooms bright and well ventilated
Grand Ball Every Friday Night During Hie Season
vj y
r -
in tno
A pleasant time in store
A splemlid Imud of music in

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