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Wins Another Victory
Of 500 Prisoners
He Captures Subig Bay and
Frustrates Some Slick
Schemes I
jw i
Washington July fol
lowing under date of July 10 lias been re
ceived from Manila
Admiral Dewey has won another impor
tant victory in the capture of Grande Island
in Subig Bay Island of Luzon This is also a
chief harbor of the Philippines
Gen Aguinaldo on July 6 informed
Dewey that the insurgents had possession of
Subig Bay except the island controlling its
entrance which was occupied by a strong
Spanish garrison Dewey on July7l dispatch
ed the Raleigh and Concord to take the is
land and capture the garrison They shelled
the principal points of the island destroying
the fortifications and torpedo stations Ool
Rio the commander surrendered the 500
men comprising the garrison who were made
prisoners Forty thousand rounds of ammu
nition and one Etotchkiss gun were also cap
This victory gives the Americans control
of the Subig Bay a Spanish strategic point
and frustrates the Spanish plans to prolong
ieir dpininion in the Philippines It also de
feats Germanys supposed plan to interfere
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More Honors for Schley
His Birth Place Has a Blowout
Frederick Md July 13 Special
Schleys victory at Santiago was celebrated
in avgrarid parade and open air meeting
with songs and speeches This is Schleys
A Great Spanish Victory
- v v News via Madrid
Havana cjispatch thismorningsays
Americans attempted to land at Toyabacoa but the Garrison re
pulsed them They took refuge on the warship which had fired over 200
shots to cover their disembarkation Another attempt to land a short
distance from Toyabacoa was again prevented
An American transport is aground at Punta Coney
M Patternore the French ambassndorhad a long conference with1
rAltnodovar De Rio Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday
Malagators Grape
An Appeal Made to France
Madrid July llHRsnecInU It is declared that the American con
suls at Gibraltar andajfefr have boucrht enormous quantities of coal
It l repprted that AinerlcjSSfegjiiers are between Cape Spartel and Cape
vincent The French Cpfeicompany hms asked the French qn
tjMfSjr t uQurp appeal to Fr
pruTe tfftirevuqt tl Itanltalmont pv blpfck
A n
I3anvilleKyVrjulyl3 Special
The Congressional Convention ad
journed last night in a deadlock un
til this morning
The situation remains unchanged
It looks as though Gilbert -will be
thenominee unless McCreary throws
his entire vote to Crutcher which
seems now impossible as there are
- - P
several members of thcj Lincoln
county delegation who will vote for
Gilbert in case the contest falls be
tween Gilbert and Crutcher There
appears to be a close alliance be
tween Crutchpr and McCreary but
in the Jessamine county delegation
there are seven members who will
in no case vote for McCreary and
this indicates that he has nochance
to win the nomination though his
friends are keeping up a brave
front and will not admit that their
candidate is beaten
There seems to be but little prob
ability of a nomination before to
night as there is no chance to
bicak the deadlock until Crutchers
friends are satisfied that iheJUas no
chance of a nomination L
Wns Not Suicide
The Elkton Progrcsswrote up
the drowning of Frank Ostein at
Johnsons Mill Saturday as a case
of suicide The drowning wts un
doubtedly accidental as Reported
by the only two witnesses Ostein
died crying for help and struggling
f 1 J
Cuban Editton of New York
Journal at Siboney
News of Army and NaVy and Disi
patches from Home Create En- f
thusiasrn AmongTroops J
Siboney July 13 The first
American newspaper published on
Cuban soil the Cuban edition of the
New York Journal was issued
Monday It astonished the camp
and the flotilla and the Jackles
joined with the army boys in cheer
ing the paper and celebrating the
The number was distributed in
the trenches all along the fighting
line went to the wounded men in
the hospitals and was preserved as
a souvenir by the officers It gave
to the flotilla news of the army and
to the army news of the ships It
reached every vesseland every com
pany Everywhere it was greeted
with approval and comments like
Thats American enterprise for
you Well soon give you a
chance to shout Extra in Sanr
The navy news was gathered by
correspondents on the dispatch
boats Silvia and Simpson while
Honore Laine George Clarke Mus
grove J K Mumford and Walter
Howard collected items about the
army from the commanding gen
erals tent to the remotest outpost
overlooking the trenches of San
tiago The printing was
tended by George Pancqast ajl the
type and machinery necessary1 for
getting out a complete newspaper
havingbeen sent from the front by
the Journal from New York
Af fhp Tipnrl nf thp firsf nnm ig n
- tta
Doubt That it Has Broken
Out at Santiago
Extent of the Fever is Not
Made Known by the
f -
Washington July 13 Special
fever has undoubtedly
bfjoken out among the troops in the
vicinity of Santiago
Dispatches containing this infor
mation were received to day
iEvery precaution will be taken
to prevent the spread of the dis
- Hospitals and special quarantine
camps will be established Infor
mation as to the extent of the fever
is refused It is supposed to have
started at Siboney
Fourteen Cases Among the Amer
I ican Troops
Washington D C July 13 Gen
Toujas EstradaPalnler
gate plenipotentiary of the Cuban
republic in New York who left
seven column line in prominent there July 3 for Tampa
type Unly a Step to Santiago
and President McKinleys greeting
to the army and navy is promi
nently displayed -V
The news from home furnished
in condensed form created great
satisfaction All the important
happenings in all parts of the
United States were included in the
issue -
McCreary 64 Gilbert 54 Thomp
son 23 and Crutcher 14
Washington July 13 Surgeon
Walter Wyman of the Marine hos
pital service has received informa
tion that there are fourteen cases
of yellow fever among the United
States troops at Siboney It is un
derstood that the government will
abandon the Dry Tortugas as a
military station and give it back to
the Marine hospital service
T Estrada Palma Raising Regi
ment for Alger in the South
where he
joined Senor Moreno de la Toore
the Cuban secretary of state is
still in the south executing what
his friends term a commission in
trusted to him by the war depart-
ment here It is said that in accor
dance with arrangements made
with Secretary Alger and Gen Cor
bin he is superintending the prep
aration of a series of expeditions of
Cubans in Key West and southern
Florida who will accompany
ican troops in various parts of Cu
ba These troops it is reported
will be enlisted and equipped by
the United States and commanded
by Cuban officers who will be
brought over from the Cuban army
of liberation on the island They
will accompany various sections of
the American army to Las Villas
Matanzas Havana and Pinar del
Rio for scouting and guide duty as
well as for fighting
Wounded Soldiers Arrive
Newport News July 13 Spe
cial The first transport bring
ing wounded soldiers to the field
hospital at Old Point Comfort ar
rived tliis morning
Crowds doing Abroad
New York July 13 Special
Great crowds of American tourists
are now going to Europe for vaca
tions feeling that peace is near at
j J
Rend Th TfTt CW
X J fr MVB tfflWS
HrtMrin I HE i imm IV FHTITfRian
10 Cts a Week
fc M T Tjr t V F ll w fc BOMqn qpto p
On Every Pap
We Set The Pace
Over Yellow Fever Re
ports Prom Ciiba
War Board Holds a Secret
Meeting and Keeps
Washington July 13 Special The War Department this morn
ing received a dispatch from Gen Miles Most of its contents were with
held bdt the information is given that the situation at Santiago is prac
tically unchanged
There has been no fighting since 2 p m Monday
The officials are very reticent about the yellow fever reports Con
gressman Hilburn of California says the report is true and that the
War Board met this morning The meeting was very secret
Washington July 13 Special Gen Shatter telegraphs to day
that he has had an interview of an hour and a half with Gen Toral and
has extended the truce till to morrow He told him surrender was the
only thing to be considered and that he was without hope of escape and
had no right to continue to fight in the face of such facts
Shafterhopes for surrender but if Tdral refuses he will open on him
with every gun with assistance of the navy which is ready to bombard
the city with 13 inch guns
The meeting was held between the lines and Shafter Wheeler and
Toral were present The latter claims he was unable to act without
authority of his government but had received authority to withdraw
and surrender the harbor ports munitions of war and the Eastern por
tion of Cuba He urgently requested until to morrow at noon to receive
the answer from his government regarding an offer of our government
to send his forces to Spain if surrendered
Sec Alger has telegraphed Gen Miles that Torals request for per
mission to withdraw is declined
Augusti Sends Bad News
Americansare at it Again
Madrid July 13i Special Official dispatches from Iloilo say the
German cruiser that left Manila July 5 brought a letter from Augusti
which says the Americans are ready to act against the island of Man
donoa Inhabitants of the island of Luzon have arisen en masse
Two native chiefs were shot for rebellion
On a Cattle Ship
The Spanish Spies Left
Montreal July 13 Special Du Bosc and Carranza the head of
the Spanish spy bureau in Canada sailed for Liverpool on a cattle ship
to day They received peremptory orders to leave the country
The Nichtheroy Useless
Except for a Collier
Washington July 13 Special The Buffalo formerly the Nich
theroy will be used as a collier It will cost 5300000 to convert her in
to an auxiliary cruiser which is regarded as too expensive
Shot By Officer Geo Lander Yes
terday Evening
A big thoroughbred St Bernard
dog the property of Masters Hen
ry and Jack Stites was killed af
5 oclock yesterday afternoon by
officer Geo Lander He was at
Gajther Wests warehouse at
the L N Depot and ran into the
street barking at the officer who
passed on a horse and he drew a
ritetol and shot the dog killing
him Jle was perhaps the finest
dog uvtho city being a pedigreed
Jecimn of the St Bernard breed
and was valued at 75
He was only two years old but
very large and playful His name
was Cristo and he was very
much admired by all who saw him
Of late he had contracted the bad
habit of leaving home and this got
him into the trouble that prided his
May Elect To Night
Frankfort Ivy July 13 Special
Prison Commissioner Fjnnell
joined Chairman George here yesterday-
Commissioner Richardson
will arrive to day They will elect
officers to night or Thursday
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